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What are you all reading these days, friends? I am currently enjoying reading How to Eat, written by the Zen Buddhist monk Thich Nath Hanh. It is a very comfy and peaceful book on how to enjoy eating more. Here is an excerpt:

"Six food contemplations for young people:

1. The food is the gift of the whole universe: the Earth, the sky, the rain, and the sun.

2. We thank the people who have made this food, especially the farmers, the people at the market, and the cooks.

3. We only put on our plate as much food as we can eat.

4. We want to chew the food slowly so that we can enjoy it.

5. This food gives us energy to practice being more loving and understanding.

6. We eat this food in order to be healthy and happy, and to love each other as family".

I hope you all have a good day!


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Sorry OP /kind/ is actually illiterate.


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I wish I knew how to read these posts…


Oh shit, reading this post reminded me that I can't read.


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I cant even read manga.


I can't even read between the lines.


i csnt evwn see


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I'm reading this thread.




Practice of Perfection and Christian Virtues, by Saint Alphonsus Rodriguez.

>The true wisdom on which we ought to set our eyes is perfection, which consists in union with God by love.

There's a librivox.org recording for you poor illiterates.
Nice. Reminds me of the Tibetan Buddhists. https://youtu.be/5GSeWdjyr1c

I guess I'll also embed some Watts, since he made the inaccessibility of it so accessible.


This is hardcore /kind/ stuff. Where can I get a pdf?


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I tried reading Albert Caraco, but it made me really sad so I stopped.


I just finished a biography of Alfred Kinsey and came out disliking the guy, even if I can relate to him in some ways. He had a lot of compassion for sexual outsiders, but he could be a pompous, overbearing jerk to anyone he considered beneath him.

I guess in some ways it's an example of how not to act.


So you'd rather be patronizing to those beneath you?


He was snobbish and contemptuous of people over relatively trivial differences. For example, he'd ridicule his students in his pre-sex research days for their Indiana accents. He had a pretty domineering personality. It's not like other people were acting in a way that warranted it either. He would snub or get downright hostile to others who had been nothing but cordial with him, like Robert Yerkes of the National Research Council.

It's one thing not to mince words and to be upfront about where you stand, but it's another thing to act as callously as he often did.


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I'm reading The Pragmatic Programmer: From Journeyman to Master, it's a collection of tips for professional programmers, but so far it has been very boring and I'm not sure if I want to finish it. I'll feel guilty if I don't finish it but it is too long. And boring.

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