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¡Hola mis amigos! I thought it might be a good idea to create a language learning thread for any of us here that are learning another language so that we can pool our resources together and possibly help each other out. I'm assuming that not everyone that posts here is a native English speaker, so for those of you that aren't and feel that your English might not be up to snuff you can hopefully get help from those of us that are native English speakers. So regardless of what language you're learning or wanting to learn I'm hoping that we can use this thread to help and encourage us in our language learning endeavours.

I'm learning Spanish. I'm using a mixture of Duolingo, Memrise, Busuu and Lingvist to gradually learn the language. I have downloaded a bunch of ebooks about learning Spanish but I haven't actually started reading them. My current attempt at Spanish started almost 220 days ago (at least that's how long my current Duolingo streak has been going for) and although I'm still essentially illiterate in the language I have noticed I'm understanding more of the language. Despite Duolingo focusing on Latin American Spanish I'm more wanting to focus on Castilian Spanish, although I'm not particularly picky either.

Besides Spanish I have also started messing about with Italian a bit since I personally find Italian to be one of the nicest sounding languages out there. Italian is more of a side thing though.

So anyway, that's all I can think of for the time being. Good luck to everyone out there.


Thought I might try making a post in Spanish and see how I go, I don't really have anyone to practice Spanish with and I'm nervous about going out of my way to find some sadly.

Soy Australiano y tengo 27 años. Vivo con mis abuelos y planeo estudiar en el futuro para convirterme en un asistente de enfermería. He estado aprendiendo español desde principios de año.


File: 1596373722668.png (695.21 KB, 1345x1060, 242a55d7f2fee6df6a6a402944….png) ImgOps

I'm a native english speaker, but I live around a lot of people who only speak spanish. It feels weird not knowing what is being said around you. Therefore, I would like to learn at least enough to eavesdrop effectively. Where's a good place to start for someone like me?


File: 1596378183226.png (417.83 KB, 472x710, Vestimenta_de_Viola_al_fin….png) ImgOps

Hola amigo australiano, ¿cómo estás? Yo tengo 30 años, vivo en España y puedo ayudarte a aprender español, si quieres. Espero que tengas un buen día, saludos.

Your Spanish is mostly good, congrats. There are some minor mistakes: australiano*, not capital letters there; and convertirme*. Keep going fren!


File: 1596381370938.gif (261.74 KB, 200x200, 2007-10-03-73836.gif) ImgOps

>>969 Tengo 19 años y vivo en Chile, al igual que >>978 puedo ayudarte a aprender español.

Your spanish is really good, congrats fren!! I'm a native spanish speaker. I learned english pretty much exclusively through media (I've been using the internet since I was a kid, also my parents used to watch movies in english/listen to english music all the time). On top of that, I also learned english in school, but I don't think it helped me as much as learning through the culture itself. If anything, english class helped me with pronunciation and actually putting my english to practice. I'd say it was 80% media and 20% school for me.
I feel that my english has hit a wall as of late, my pronunciation has been getting worse since I don't have to attend english classes anymore, but I'm satisfied with just getting myself across.


File: 1596384289830.gif (427.46 KB, 400x300, 1595832398867.gif) ImgOps

Same as this guy country next to him, I haven't really practised english since many years and I feel like it's getting too oxidized (repeating words in the same sentence is my biggest gripe).
Personally I'd love to learn polish but I don't know which resources should I use, don't have much faith in Duolingo


I got a quarter of the way through Japanese on Lingodeer but then decided to start learning Czech. Since Lingodeer doesn't have Czech, I had to go back to using Duolingo. I've found it nowhere near as effective and more like a supplement than anything. I think I'm just going to give up on Czech for now. Maybe I'll just go back to Lingodeer but work on my German skills instead of Japanese; I took a few years of German when I was in school.

Ideally I'd like to become competent at all three of those languages.


Busuu teaches Polish, the free version is pretty limited though.


Ay, mi espanol tampoco es genial y ha pasado muchos anos en centro america, jaj. Hispachan sientes como es mucho por mi nivel y bien perverso y normie por mis gustos. Los libros en espanol me han ayudado mucho personalmente.

Anybody here have experience with Zhongwen? I got assimil in the mail last week and have yet to put it into my computer.


Quero un helado de chocolate


Pensado en hacer pico de gallo.


Tenía helado de mango.



File: 1596487662108.jpeg (103.36 KB, 826x620, pico de gallo.jpeg) ImgOps


You should've made your sentence more coherent, though I can see why you've written it like that
>Thought of making Pico de Gallo =! Pensado en hacer pico de gallo
You should establish a sustantive.
He pensado en hacer pico de gallo.


*Indirect sustantive


Sorry. Thanks for the help.


Haciendo nachos perezosos para la cena. Muchos frijoles.


File: 1596713694819.gif (337.14 KB, 420x420, pandereta.gif) ImgOps

Algo nuevo bajo el sol Australia?


Misma mierda, día diferente.


File: 1596766423865.jpg (478.39 KB, 849x1200, 57533128_p0_master1200.jpg) ImgOps

am i allowed to post here


File: 1596767109908.jpg (622.7 KB, 800x566, 1c3388a9c52d1e58222efa94ca….jpg) ImgOps

¡Claro! ¿Cómo estás?
Of course! How are you?


File: 1596767979202.jpg (97.17 KB, 817x1000, sample-11fa19f40c55a620067….jpg) ImgOps

i am tired friend
how are you?


Mismo. ¿Es RE:Zero bueno?
Same. Is RE:Zero good?


File: 1596770741038.jpg (62.93 KB, 429x429, 55dfb9da8335dca3acc5ba4c96….jpg) ImgOps

es muy bueno.
but i must dormir
buenas noches


Please don't avatarfriend on /kind/. Thank you.


File: 1596815641644.jpg (6.94 KB, 224x225, pepe-chan.jpg) ImgOps

>ese sentimiento cuando no tienes cariña novia
Siente mal, hombre.


>cuando no tienes cariña novia
Cuando no tienes novia cariñosa
Cariño is kindness, kind is an adjetive after all


File: 1596842157753.jpg (114.01 KB, 881x896, 973d5c34780f0c354d0f1e77f4….jpg) ImgOps

lo siento, soy estupido


Ay, gracias. Tenia la intencion a traducir qt pero ese frase ilustra mis feels por la misma manera… I really have to work on my grammar and conjugations, kek.
I was just thinking: is there an easy way of typing out accents on windows? I know on osx there's this keyboard setting called "ABC extended" that let's you hold alt and press a, v, e or ` for accented characters but I never found an equivalent for windows other than memorizing alt combinations.


File: 1596846306628.jpg (216.02 KB, 500x363, Spain.(Female).full.113026….jpg) ImgOps

¡Hola mis amigos! Espero que todos tengan un gran día. Está lloviendo hoy y es muy cómoda. Voy a tomar un café ahora.


I use the SpanishAccentsCapsLock program. When it's on you just hold down caps lock and whatever letter to get the Spanish accent version of it.
e = é, i = í, o = ó, u = ú, n = ñ


oh that's neat


>Tenia la intencion a traducir qt pero ese frase ilustra mis feels por la misma manera…
Tenía la intención de traducir qt pero esa frase ilustra mis feels de la misma manera.


여기 한국인 있어요?

I only studied the basics of korean and I dont even really watch dramas or listen to k-pop, I just like asian languages and this one seemed the easiest.
It actually is the easiest but I am lacking in practice severely. Its honestly very fun.


File: 1596989069385.jpg (624.04 KB, 2003x3162, __original_drawn_by_treewa….jpg) ImgOps

I'm leaning classical Latin!
Este post me hizo preguntarme, ¿cual sería la traducción mas correcta de "comfy" al Español? Soy de Argentina y ni siquiera yo lo se.


Are you using the "Lingua Latina Per Se Illustrata" books to learn Latin? I think that's probably the best method.

Sobre comfy, una traducción no literal pero precisa es complicada porque la palabra tiene muchos matices, un combo entre algo cómodo, que sea satisfactorio y que goes with the flow in some way… I dunno.


File: 1597017308864.jpeg (29.16 KB, 255x392, Nova_Vulgata,_1986.jpeg) ImgOps

>Are you using the "Lingua Latina Per Se Illustrata" books to learn Latin?
I am! I'm also using an Español-Latin dictionary while reading the Nova Vulgata.
>traducción no literal pero precisa es complicada porque la palabra tiene muchos matices
El estar tantos años en imageboards me hizo darme cuenta de lo difícil que es traducir los términos que usamos normalmente.
Me sigue pasando con el Ingles, cuando voy a responder a algún anon, muchas veces dudo demasiado sobre como expresarme.


File: 1597026919583.jpg (83.65 KB, 512x448, bbbbbhgu.jpg) ImgOps

I have a request. Do you have an information sheet with japanese games, rated from 1-star to 5-star, denoting overall complexity of storyline and kana/kanji? Pic related, its one of the games on this list.


I have no idea. I haven't learnt the word comfy in any of the stuff I'm using to learn Spanish so far so I just used SpanishDict for it.
I'd love to learn Japanese, that game looks really comfy, whatever it is.


File: 1597056713040.png (1.62 MB, 768x1024, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps

>¿cual sería la traducción mas correcta de "comfy" al Español?


File: 1597058480624.jpg (91.03 KB, 800x1016, verdvorte_by_aznara_dddfh2….jpg) ImgOps

Mi studas la lingvon de amikeco internacia, Esperanto!


I couldn't find the specific list you're talking about, but I've played this game and I'm curious: Do you remember what rating it was given? I don't recall struggling too much with it, but I still had to look up some words. And if you've played it, what did you think of it?


Unfortunately, I don't remember how many star ratings it had. Also, I have the game - but I've never worked up the courage to play it.

Definitely this weekend…


Hoy voy al gimnasio. Estoy levantando de pesas para conseguir una hermosa novia latina.


File: 1597295204706.jpg (40.92 KB, 429x314, helmet.jpg) ImgOps

Who else otaku here?

I'm grinding my way through kanji, JLPT N5 to N1. I perfected N2 a few days ago and now have 1152 to go in N1. It's not hugely satisfying to have gotten this far; there's a limited correlation between the "meaning" of a kanji in isolation, and its meaning in actual vocabulary, so I'm often nodding at text thinking "yes, I can see why she would be heart-distribute about that."

And yet, it seems indispensable! I find that lacking even an approximate grasp of the individual kanji makes understanding compound words even less tractable. Sort of like trying to understand a word in a Romance language without understanding its etymology: you might be able to jam the 'what' of it into your head, but having the 'why' makes it stick better.

I've been making an effort to read raw manga, since there are those where all the text has furigana, and are thus easier to do lookups on. Another upside of that other than big ol' anime titties is that I end up with a very finite list of terms, which is much easier than the exercise in drinking the ocean that the kanji grind is. It's a pain, though.


That's cool, I'd love to learn Japanese. What resources are you using to learn it? Or are you just using the resources that the DJT on 4chan provide?


Mostly an app called Kakugo. nihongomaster.com is pretty good for desktop lookups since it's extremely fast, and flexible enough to take romaji and match inexact spellings to some extent. On my phone I use jisho.org, which has a lot of supplementary stuff like radicals and examples, which I like when I'm trying to memorize the kanji on a deep level. For grammar, I've been going through the "Japanese Ammo" youtube channel. Most of what I've seen there is thorough without being too rudimentary, which is great. For the basics, I read Tae Kim's Guide to Japanese and watched Let's Learn Japanese years ago, and would recommend both.

Beyond that, I think the best thing to do is streamline the process of accumulating vocabulary: read text, look up the unknown words in the text, memorize the looked-up words via flashcards. I don't know what to recommend for that besides "just like make program" since it doesn't seem like any extant web-based or desktop software would be ideal for such purposes.

Easily digestable media is also important, I'm finding. Retrogames often didn't have kanji, which may or may not make them "easier" to understand deponding on who you ask, but ideally whatever you try to read should have both: furigana. More recent platforms have the resolution for that, so I've been watching this rather smug-looking cat play through the latest Mario RPG, and it's a pretty good time.


And if you're absolutely new and don't know the kana, you can learn it in a day or two with ye olde Slime Forest.


Gracias, mi amigo. I'll have a look into all of that later, when I'm not so sleep deprived.


>>1244 (me)
>now have 1152 to go in N1.
152 down, 1000 to go. ~10 per day is nothing onerous. Planning to ramp it up to 15, and hopefully finish in two months.
>there's a limited correlation between the "meaning" of a kanji in isolation
I'm finding this less troublesome as my knowledge broadens, and the meanings of things become more intuitive.
>I've been making an effort to read raw manga
This is also getting easier with experience. My interpretation is still pretty faulty, but I got to read the latest Chainsaw Man before the translation came out, which is pretty nice.
>read text, look up the unknown words in the text, memorize the looked-up words via flashcards. I don't know what to recommend for that besides "just like make program"
I've made something basically serviceable. Kinda sucks, tho— to have any advantage over generic Anki software, it should allow the user to add cards without having to manually edit the "cardfile". That is, lookup and insertion into the practice list should be one action. I can manage that sure enough, and hopefully the result is portable.


File: 1598401297372.png (1021.92 KB, 756x4400, 1596262484493.png) ImgOps


I was about to make a reply in Spanish, but I couldn't string together what I wanted to say, anyway. I took AP Spanish in high school and I was pretty decent, but I forgot some of it. I'm starting to read newspaper articles from Spain to brush up though, I think if I just read an article a day I'll be in a much better position in a month's time.

I am also trying to learn Japanese. I only took Japanese 1 in high school and it's been some time. I haven't been able to take any classes in college so I want to teach myself. I bought a copy of "Yotsubato!" and I downloaded a reading pack onto my laptop to follow along. But I haven't done it yet.


Greetings, and well met. Thou arth verily, a Scholar and a Fellow of Culture.


Yeah, I guess I don't really belong here, do I?


File: 1598468824472.png (2.19 MB, 1665x1200, d67dea7bce04c2721a67e5cf9f….png) ImgOps

Why wouldn't you belong? We are all friends here!



Of course you belong here, in both this thread and the board as a whole.



On humble bundle there is language learning bundle: https://www.humblebundle.com/software/learn-a-new-language-for-kids-and-adults-software

Does anybody has experience with these video courses? Are they worth the money?


File: 1598749349367.jpg (88.11 KB, 750x1158, https___i.pinimg.com_origi….jpg) ImgOps

Fren, why are you silly? Of course you're here regardless of which language you're learning.


No experience with these but I'm tempted to try them out.


got the bundle! will report later how good it is.


Since I wrote this post I ended up moving on to Spanish just because it seems more useful in the long term. The Lingodeer program seems much less hefty than the Japanese course though. Maybe when if I finish it I could try a bit of Portuguese, just because I find Brazil to be an interesting country (although I wouldn't want to live there, even if the South Region seems nice).


File: 1607807579245.jpg (71.08 KB, 757x426, Portunhol.jpg) ImgOps

ola estou aprendendo a falar portugues. Isso é bom? Meu espanhol já é bom o suficiente para sobreviver.

Hola estoy aprendiendo a hablar portugués. Mi español es lo suficientemente bueno para sobrevivir

I like Portuguese better but it's much harder than Spanish. Is Latin America fun to travel to?


File: 1607825239401.png (199.31 KB, 500x500, 1599427981942-0.png) ImgOps

>Is Latin America fun to travel to?
No, stay the fuck away from this hellhole.


>Is Latin America fun to travel to?
i have enjoyed traveling there for extended periods of time, but i spent most of my time visiting rural locations. i live in a big city in the usa, so when i travel i prefer the countryside for a change of pace. if someone asked if they should visit the big city where i live here, i would also tell them
>No, stay the fuck away from this hellhole.
>I like Portuguese better but it's much harder than Spanish
this. because of where i live in the usa, i can speak spanish decently. i have learned the most from conversation with friends. being able to understand the context of many slang phrases commonly used in mexico opened many doors to me while there. i can parse some latin because of a catholic background and that helps with being able to read romance languages in general. yet writing well in spanish is still a challenge for me. the ear vs. the eye, i suppose. also, straight up lack of practice. but yes, portuguese has been very confusing for me too. i could understand, but not understand at the same time. the rhythm was different to my ear and i was lost as far as the slang was concerned. i've been able to get by in areas where portuguese is commonly spoken, but find that i am not able to have as many intimate conversations, unless the portuguese speaker can meet me half way with english or spanish.

one of the most confusing times i had was on a trip through southern mexico, visiting yucatan, belize, guatemala, and honduras. there, me and a friend, who had grown up in michoacan, met people who spoke mayan dialects. we were both at a loss, lol. but everyone was very kind and helpful. i will probably travel there again. visiting the remote southern areas are a goal of mine. i would like to see the far south in chile and argentina some day.

i've never used any apps or online platforms to learn another language, but might check something out in the future. i don't know if it's uncommon, but i don't consider myself to be an auditory learner in my native language of english, but that seems to be the case with languages that are foreign to me. any friends have any recommendations for someone who seems to learn languages more quickly by listening and speaking as opposed to reading and writing?


File: 1607887611296.jpg (434.2 KB, 1280x720, 1586688408046-0.jpg) ImgOps

>i would like to see the far south in chile and argentina some day.
Pro tip: Quedate en Buenos Aires lo menos posible. El único aeropuerto internacional está acá así que no te va a quedar otra opción. Tratá de salir para la patagonia ni bien llegues, no te quedés dando vueltas por la ciudad. La gente está bastante loca y desesperada en este momento así que ahorrate que te estafen/boludeen/roben si podés pasando el menor tiempo posible en Buenos Aires y llendo directo para el sur.
Si te la das de polenta acá la vas a pasar mal. Ya unos macacos mataron a un turista sueco el año pasado. Asumo que si anduviste por Guatemala y Honduras más o menos sabrás como cuidarte pero bueno, eso, cuidate.
No se cómo estará Santiago en este momento después de las manifestaciones de los últimos años pero asumo que está más tranquilo que Buenos Aires. Hace rato que no voy.


Estoy pensando en visitar España el próximo año. Tal vez en Navidad y años nuevos. No sé dónde específicamente.


Hola mis amigos. Es treinta y tres grados centígrados en mi ciudad hoy.


File: 1608444022901.png (333.11 KB, 617x599, 1222442617284.png) ImgOps

>año nuevo
Is singular.
Otherwise the sentence is fine. I personally recommend visiting the north; Asturias, the Basque country and the like.
>Hace treinta y tres grados
In Spanish you use the verb "to do" rather than "to be" when talking about the weather. It's easy to mix up if you're an English speaker because, for example, you could indeed translate "It's hot" as "Es caliente", but that refers to a specific thing being hot and not the weather (e.g. "el sol es caliente"). If you want it to mean that the weather is hot you say "hace calor".
Otherwise the sentence is fine as well. Also, that sucks.

Not trying to be a smartass or anything, just thought it might help.


>Is singular.
So instead of "New Years" like in English, it would be like saying "New Year"?
I'm not trying to say "it's hot" though, my attempt was to say "It's thirty three degrees celsius in my city today".
Thanks for the help though.


>So instead of "New Years" like in English, it would be like saying "New Year"?
>I'm not trying to say "it's hot" though, my attempt was to say "It's thirty three degrees celsius in my city today".
I know what you were trying to say, I was giving you an example wherein the same rule applies. When you're talking about weather, it's "to do" not "to be", be it a generalized statement like "It's hot" or a specific measure like "It's thirty three degrees". Eitherway it's "hace" not "es".


Ah, okay. Thanks.
Hace treinta y cuatro grados en mi ciudad hoy.


>Not trying to be a smartass or anything, just thought it might help.
Also don't be worried about this, I'd prefer having my Spanish picked apart in a constructive way.


Any recommendations for an English-Latin dictionary?


Cassell's is the one I own.


File: 1609463443875.jpg (136.79 KB, 1170x1130, media_348438309402.jpg) ImgOps

Does anyone have recommendations for learning Pali and Sinhalese?


Spanish ESL here. I tried playing Dragon Quest, Tales of Vesperia, Code Vein and Final Fantasy 7 on the XboxOne but they didn't have an option for English subtitles only Spanish and I had to stop playing all of them because I couldn't stand all the idioms and slangs. This doesn't happen when I play or watch something with English subs for some reason but I wish it did so I could have motivation to learn Japanese.


Qui es, amicus? Quae qualis tui transferendum?
My Latin is a bit rusty, hopefully I still got the message across


Hi everyone, newfriend from argieland here. I'm interesting in learning japanese and latin, after a quick glance at the thread it seems there are some people interested in learning spanish as well, I wouldn't mind helping at all.
At the time being I'm configuring the jap keyboard on my linux (I use arch btw) installation. kinda messy to deal with a lot of input methods but it's manageable. On android it's way easier, lol, I guess google streamlined the whole thing.
For japanese I'm following itazuraneko dot neocities dot org, as for Latin I'll use LLPSI and probably read the bible as well as I'm catholic.

Be well everyone.


hello, does anyone here knows inuit???


i wanna learn all the language… is that actually a useful skill




Здесь есть другие студентки русского языка?


лол, *студенты


Those seem like such obscure languages that I don't even know what resources would be out there to learn them.


File: 1620007389118.png (19.3 KB, 436x367, tbo_dorothy.png) ImgOps

>started learning Russian
>gave up
>started learning Japanese
>gave that up too
>haven't touched either in years
I'm learning Farsi now because of my newfound interest in Aryan Iran and Scythians, and intend to truck through it as knowing it would be useful on imageboards when the scenario sprouts but the Arab alphabet is taking some getting used to as vowels are sometimes exempt in writing and you have to know the word in the first place to pronounce surely. For any Slavic speakers here why are there so many English loanwords when your own words would suffice perfectly. And for anyone learning Japanese could I learn Kanji without knowing kana and read the language if the entire sentence is Kanji or is there not Kanji for every concept. Katakana's existence seems redundant too.


where do i find a single guide thatll deal with a language completely from writing to grammat etc?

not a 1 2 3 4 5 books series

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