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Iyashikei and Moe,a sub-genres of slice-of-life, typically they have my favorite anime titles. they re what I focus on because it gives the same feeling as getting lost in the pictures of Hiroshige and Hokusai!

I find wholesome idyllic and relaxing works of art to be the superior type of media or AT LEAST in anime and manga

I read both horror and tragedic books and children comfy books. This is because i want to immerse my mind into absolute horror and bliss.

understanding their distinction. The idea that only artwork that puts emphasis on the cruelty or melancholy can be high art is a part of the reason the modern age is becoming madder. it is true that this world leans more towards the darkness and cruelty

But when I immerse my mind into Moominavalley or Iddyllic and peacful work of art it becomes real. IMO it is the best to forget this world and cling to the jewels of idyllic children/MOE art work as safe heavens to feebly resist the mocking tides of fate.


Escapism isn't good you know. Or solely using escapism to cope anyway.
I know it can be hard, but you have to take steps toward getting yourself out of the pit of suffering that you're in.
Escapism will only serve to further detach you from the world around you.



Escapism is healthy in small doses but overdoing it leads to avoidance that only makes your problems worse.


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It's normal to enjoy escapism provided it's not interfering with making progress in your life and keeping your attention away from problems you need to deal with. Robert Anton Wilson supposedly said that we live through our myths but only endure our realities, and that sounds about right to me. Enjoying a healthy amount of escapism can give you the encouragement to keep on pushing ahead when things look rough.


Maybe it isn't possible for him to extricate himself from the pit for whatever reason.


Yeah, I'll admit, I worded that poorly. I did mean to say that you shouldn't completely avoid your problems, if you can do anything about it.


Music is the ultimate cope. Reading about two high schoolers in a happy relationship is nice, but I don't find that it changes my frame of mind much, if at all. Holyland did profoundly a decade ago when I discovered it, but re-reading it or reading similar things does nothing for me now. Music, however, reliably puts me in a bunch of different mindspaces. Songs from Castlevania always take me back to when I made the first small steps toward taking charge of my life. Kinobe (and I guess lounge in general) tends to make me think about the future in a positive way, like "what if there were a way I could live in a highrise somewhere in the tropics, where it's summer all the time and everything is beautiful and I watch the sun set over the sea every evening?"

Too many people think in terms of what they don't want, because they lack a clear vision of what they do want. Then they find that they have no way to a destination they haven't decided on, and get really depressed.

Curiously, a lot of "those people" I mentioned have managed to invert it so that reality is pretty comfy compared to what they see through their nightmare-goggles.

I guess, ultimately, consumption of a thing is only as good as the sense of agency it gives you— to act as the agent of your own well-being.


If I never found them, I'd be dead by now.

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