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Are you content with where you're at in life right now? Why or why not? in case you dont mind going on details aboutyour life


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My only real goal in life is to become better morally. I fail everyday, but I am content because I know I'm on the right path.


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Oh my friend that sounds a nice goal just keep up with small things

also dont forget to take care of your self and make sure that you re in the best state and health possible


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Thanks, friend. Your advice is good. It can be very easy to form unhealthy habits and get stuck. I'll try to be careful. What about you though, are you content with where you're at in life?


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I have no plans or goals in life im content with everything that i have

i just want to start developing more healthy and non escapist habits as such breath exercise and meditation in order to manimize my suffering and maximize my happiness

i know my life philosophy seems rather egoist and selfish compared to yours but its just what it is XD


Pretty much yes.

I've a stable and secure (?) job and I live with my parents so I'm saving up a lot of money for when I'll be old in case I need it.

For fun things I'm just doing what I've always done when I was studying plus some extra cash.

Everything else is as it has always has been, nothing changed much. So as of now I'm doing quite good.


I try to keep both contentment and restlessness in perspective. Things get better daily, but there's always further to go. You might be safe today, but you don't know what rug will be pulled out from under you tomorrow.

And of course, sometimes you have to look at what you've worked so hard to accomplish, and wonder if this is really what you're here to do.
I'm always reluctant to sit down and meditate, but almost every time I'm like "this was better than I expected and I should do this every day" afterward.


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I'm not content at all. Everything sucks right now. I'm moving soon, and I'll be an hour drive away from all my friends. I've been holding off on getting a job because I don't want to have a long ass commute to some shitty fast food job or something. I'm bored after doing nothing for an entire year, and I'm ready to make some moves and do my own thing, so hopefully I'll get to it once I move.


Not quite. I'm almost a wizard and still haven't moved out of my parents' house. On the other hand, I don't think I'm that far off from being able to make enough money to do so.

I'm going to miss all my free time.


Well dataminer-kun, once I lrnd2code, all my previous mistakes in life suddenly became irrelevant. Now I could suddenly hold my own with say, the average US truck driver for instance.


I was extremely happy with my situation about a week ago, but now, thanks to my job deciding to ruin things for me after I spent years getting in to a spot I like, I am not.


I'm not, but I'm making steps towards fixing myself. These things take their time though so I shouldn't be too obsessed about it.

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