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Of all sorts, but don't forget to be kind!
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Nice. It's hard to find videogame OSTs on Spotify but I think it's worth mentioning that Dark Cloud 1's OST is available.


Switchfoot is one of my favorite bands, and this is one of their /kind/est music vids tbh.



File: 1598742282363.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1028x1137, 7770ce18502ff627fe867f317….jpeg) ImgOps

It's nice to see a fellow dark cloud respecter around here. I use https://downloads.khinsider.com/ if I'm looking for a game ost and can't find it anywhere else.




This is a kind song



A nice practise of spanish for those who want to learn it






Do ya like bardcore?



Very cool synthpop!









No english sub but the video is enough


File: 1607918509295.jpg (35.73 KB, 640x360, 26 外見と内面 歌ってみた【鹿乃】.mp4_sna….jpg) ImgOps

*pic preview


Been stuck in my head these past couple of days.


LCD Soundsystem is good.


File: 1610247392583.mp4 (6.06 MB, 360x360, Hugs Not Drugs.mp4) ImgOps

Here's to anyone who is currently taking a break from drugs and alcohol for better health or is just enjoying a heavy drug free life ( ^ ω ^)









Wish I got into Hotline Miami 2 back when it was big. I remember being hyped by the game being announced but only now I played it because a kind anon gifted it to me.



File: 1611547566383.mp3 (6.57 MB, 04 Heart Goes Boom!!.mp3)


File: 1611550278937.mp3 (8.68 MB, 04 - Seishun Vibration.mp3)

I prefer this one


I've unironically been listening to throat singing.


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Very nice, thanks for sharing!


glad you liked it




long live brotherman bill


So moody



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