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of any shape or form, post here when you have something vidya related
I finished Star Fox for the SNES and I really loved that the game expects you to turn off the console after finishing it. Reminds me of other /kind/ games like Earthbound, Mario Kart 64 and Undertale
The theme of friendship is stronger on 64 though.
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You should play some comfy jrpgs. Highly recommend Ys8 and Tales of the Abyss.
If you want some older games I recommend super Mario rpg, chrono trigger and FFVI.
If you want to punish yourself then there is horror JRPG SMT series.
In any case, I hope you feel better. Be little more brave today than yesterday. Or at least try.
Fighto friendo


Anyone knows any kind vidya? I can't think of any


Interesting question. I don't think I've played many explicitly kind video games. I'm sure there are a lot out there. I'm not that knowledgeable about the genre, but aren't there a wide variety of visual novels about various topics? Wholesome visual novels must exist, right? Puzzle type games? Also, I guess city builder games are kind in that they're not adversarial or anything. Give your citizens a better life! The Sims, maybe? Racing games like Mario Kart and Super Tux Kart or whatever are fairly wholesome… like, you might throw out a banana peel or something, but it's not like you outright kill your opponent. They are competitive, but they're usually good games for having casual fun with friends at parties and probably not a huge source of bullying. There are those walking simulator things and conceptual indie games at sites like itch.io that, though they may not be explicitly kind, they're not explicitly mean spirited in anyway either. How about Minecraft or Stardew Valley maybe?


File: 1598828504170.png (598.78 KB, 640x480, 2b1b9c60fb6429ac47553fe955….png) ImgOps

Key VNs are pretty /kind/ and wholesome. Most are about a sarcastic/jaded protagonist with a heart of gold who befriends and helps quirky girls with their problems.


I think I love Silent Hill 2. I haven't completed it, I've had to restart even, because I'm a shitter, but it's so aesthetically amazing, I can help but like it and think about it. It's just too cool!


I just recently got Animal Crossing New Horizons and it is definitely a very kind game. Need to get iron nuggets to upgrade/build the shop, but there's not many rocks around to hit to get resources, and you can only hit them 3 times per day for resources, so it might take me a while to get to the 30 needed.


File: 1601258314383.jpg (19.77 KB, 317x315, Boku_no_Natsuyasumi_Cover.jpg) ImgOps

Surely this the /kind/est game.


File: 1602037186752-0.png (1.33 MB, 1440x900, Screenshot (280).png) ImgOps

File: 1602037186752-1.png (8.27 MB, 3840x6335, 93f5a1ad9ba04b6d695f8bbf43….png) ImgOps

I've been playing genshin impact its pretty fun, Amber is cute, and I'm kind of addicted. What has /kind/ been playing recently?


I'm playing Yakuza 0, yesterday I got to a part that made me cry…


File: 1602083704798.png (183.82 KB, 288x266, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps

Play Starwish


File: 1602143567420.png (1.35 MB, 1024x768, late.png) ImgOps

5 years ago when I still played CS: GO I got into a match on Zoo where the 5 of us were doing poor (Purple had a deep voice and rarely spoke, and his profile picture was the professor from Nichijou) and one try we decided to stack on top of each other in spawn waiting for the CTs to find us, and we lost another round.


File: 1610088312761.jpeg (92.44 KB, 640x908, 6d3fbd9c-ef5d-4c61-ab9e-3….jpeg) ImgOps

I finished Katamari Damacy today. It's really cute, and simple fun. So if you're looking for something simple, fun, and light hearted; Katamari would be a good option. Oh, the soundtrack is pretty cool too.
Apparently it got a remaster very recently too, so it should be easy to get your hands on. Definitely check it out!


>that pic
lol wtf japan


I'm playing rune factory 4, recently decided to buy my first console and settled for a n3dsxl, pretty happy with it.

rf4 is about frens, though there's a dating aspect but I haven't explored it yet, so I go my day about memeing monsters, farming, etc. Pretty cute.
Ever oasis is a good one as well.


Been playing a translated version of Metal Max lately.
It's pretty gud


Been playing Galaxy Angel 2 games, currently on the third one.
Aside from that I play Splatoon 2 from time to time.


I've been playing Bully the past two nights. It's pretty fun. If you don't know, you pretty much bully the bullies to end bullying at the school.
Unfortunately my game crashed, and I don't think I saved within an hour or so, so I quit for tonight out of frustration.
I was also playing through Silent Hill 3. Amazing game, but I find it a bit stressful in a way. For me, it's a better horror game than the first two games.


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I'm scared. Every time I sit down to play games I get this feeling like there's someone close behind me.
It makes me really uncomfortable.
I just want to enjoy video games.


I've been playing Gran Turismo 4 here and there, and while it's fun and cool, I hate the endurance races. No, I don't want to leave my PS2 on for at least 24 hours. The worst part is, I always want to play something after a few hours, but by then I would have wasted all that time.


File: 1612453483254.jpg (662.21 KB, 800x800, f5388bd78910ce187b8740a170….jpg) ImgOps

Touhou is very comfy, especially when you have a cold.


I beat Final Fantasy IX today, hadn't played it since I was a kid. Beat all optional bosses and finished all sidequests and now I feel a little empty after having spent so much time with it. Thinking of either playing Final Fantasy Tactics or Legend of Dragoon next since I've never played either before.


File: 1612490775414.gif (1.04 MB, 498x249, flandre.gif) ImgOps

>bullet hell


File: 1612495674806.jpg (70.18 KB, 820x594, heather.jpg) ImgOps

I beat Silent Hill 3 last night. It's a great game.


File: 1612519147796.png (995.6 KB, 875x975, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps

let me see
>nice music
>nice graphics
>nice characters
>zen-like gameplay
fits the comfy criteria to me


File: 1612536414284.png (191.29 KB, 507x327, 5903362078451.png) ImgOps

>nice music
>nice graphics
>nice characters
>zen-like gameplay
For me, the only zen I've found in danmaku is a sadistic zen master repeatedly hitting me over the head with a keisaku. I completed one of them out of sheer spite, but I do have respect for players who can occupy that headspace and succeed in those games. Should make a point to check out some of the other Touhou games in other genres. Been re-reading the manga this winter to pass the time. Touhou is comfy ;^)


What kinds of games do people here play while listening to podcasts, music or Youtube vids?




I picked up PokeMMO. I'm not a huge pokemon fan or anything, but it's a nice laid back game to play.


File: 1612624279902.png (14.29 MB, 2700x3818, 7eea298d8151699dd4859e36f9….png) ImgOps

For me FPS, gachas and action games. If a game has simple gameplay or mindless grinding I'll take the opportunity to listen to something.


I never understood the point of podcasts


I used to play turn-based strategy games. Puzzle games seem like they could be good for that, although it seems like it would be hard to get your mind acting on instinct.


>>4222 (check)


>What kinds of games do people here play while listening to podcasts, music or Youtube vids?
I get bored with most games sound design after having played through them a bit. I like podcasts for something like a grand strategy game, spreadsheet game, or a grinder where there is a lot of tedious tasks that need to be accomplished before any heavy concentration is required.
Sometimes I enjoy pairing the podcast with the game. Anyone else ever do this?
If playing Civilization or Hearts of Iron, then I might listen to something like Hardcore History. Or maybe political talk for a title like that. Recently replayed emulations of the old Nintendo and Genesis versions of Shadowrun while waiting for the bugs to get worked out of Cyberpunk 2077. Listened to Starship Sofa and Escape Pod sci-fi podcasts while grinding through those. Have put up lectures about architecture or city planning on a second screen while playing city builders. Certain episodes of something like Radio Misterioso or any ayylmao related conspiracy talk with a game like X-COM. Etc.
But if it's a FPS or something very hectic, I usually will go for a familiar music playlist, often instrumental, up tempo, but not too distracting.






Are podcasts not just digitally available radio shows? What's the difference?


You can't really get radio shows on demand afaik. Also, I'd imagine you're limited by what's available in your area depending on what you consider radio and not radio.


File: 1612765234250.png (93.72 KB, 356x291, iPod.png) ImgOps

Podcast is a weird term, but they can be distinct from what used to be thought of as a typical radio show in a lot of ways. Maybe unfortunate that Podcast stuck as a term because Apple pushed it and sold a lot of iPods. I don't know what it would be better to call them, but I listen to some audios from RSS feeds when I play vidya. Pic related of the Breakout game Easter egg on the early iPod.


Not sure why you lot are getting so caught up with the term podcast, good lord.


File: 1612773119980.jpg (47.82 KB, 592x586, 1611879144125.jpg) ImgOps

Conversations often branch off into discussions about more specific topics. This is completely normal and definitely not anything to be bitter about.


File: 1613290479554.png (129.02 KB, 340x219, HeatherSunset.png) ImgOps

I've finished the first three Silent Hill games, and I have to say, they are easily a few of my all time favorites. Each of the three stand out in a particular way for me.
The first game had the best atmosphere and environment. The PS1 graphics really work well for it. "Realistic" graphics and unrealistic things don't work all that well, as it leaves less to the player's imagination, they can't create their own horror.
The second game was the most immersive for me, particularly after the hospital. It's hard to explain exactly why, but things get disorienting in a way I've experienced myself before. It's also a really cool game in general.
The third game was the scariest, and also the most fun for me. Heather's cute too.
This will be my final Silent Hill post.


I've been playing Civilization IV lately. It's something I come back to every once in a while and then drop when I get sick of the enemies' unit stacks of doom. I love the game otherwise but honestly preferred the combat in Civilization V from what I played, despite finding that game inferior in almost every other way.


File: 1613455368317.jpg (190.31 KB, 600x600, 1592519260413.jpg) ImgOps

I've been slowly making my way through Fire Emblem: Geneaology of the Holy War. It's pretty good storywise, especially comparing to the more recent games. I like that it's not constant victories for your group. It's not bad, gameplay-wise. I like that units are really unique, but it can lead to some mistakes if you're even a little careless. Not that it's a huge deal for me, but the massive maps can be a pain in the ass, and waste time if you want to avoid risk.
It's a pretty game, and the OST is excellent.
I've never played Civ 4, only 3 and 5. 5 had good combat, but I feel like they should have allowed certain units get defensive units. Siege units in particular. I also didn't like cities having health and being quite capable on their own. I think cities should have had garrisons, starting with two units, and getting an additional slot for every fortification building the city has. Maybe my idea's stupid, I only ever play against bots after all.


Been playing Kingdom Hearts 2 for the 1 millionth time again pretty fun and pretty /kind/ for the most part.


>I've never played Civ 4, only 3 and 5. 5 had good combat, but I feel like they should have allowed certain units get defensive units. Siege units in particular. I also didn't like cities having health and being quite capable on their own. I think cities should have had garrisons, starting with two units, and getting an additional slot for every fortification building the city has. Maybe my idea's stupid, I only ever play against bots after all.
What I liked about Civilization V is how it got rid of the stacks of doom and made the combat feel like a more traditional turn-based strategy game. I only played it a little bit before going back to IV and don't remember cities being independent all that well, but that does seem stupid. Civilization IV is easily my favorite game in the series, but I really hate the combat. Not even just the stacks of doom, but on top of that the fact that archers and artillery units don't have actual ranged attacks and are instead treated like special melee units.

I'm not sure how they could have fixed things, but maybe they could have given cities and such big defensive bonuses and be able to stack a certain amount of military units while everything else is limited to one.

It just sucks because I love the game other than the combat. I usually go for culture victories and love building up my borders, but it feels like a big chunk of the game is lacking for me. If they were able to pull off something similar to Advance Wars and somehow make it work without overwhelming the peacetime game aspects, I'd find it even better. As it stands now, I prefer II and III aesthetically, IV for the overwhelming majority of gameplay elements, and some of V's combat changes.


>I don't remember cities being independant all that well
Cities couldn't hold off on their own or anything against a real force, but it certainly makes it easy to ignore military altogether (with the unaggressive bots). Realistically, you could leave your cities undefended entirely in 5, so long as you don't get into a war with a neighbor. Worst case scenario you get attacked by a barbarian or some other miniscule force, but you could hold off a few turns for a unit to be built. Realistically, if any force entered a city without any sort of organized military, the city would surrender to avoid unnecessary casualties. It punishes aggressive players by slowing down their forces in a stupid way. It would encourage the stacks of death more, if they allowed it, instead you have to hold off until later when you get units that can move after combat and slowly move a huge mass of units that can efficiently conquer.
>archers and artillery units don't have actual ranged attacks
Yeah, that's pretty stupid. It makes it pretty much impossible to have archers act to support the melee units by thinning the enemy a bit, as they actually would. I do really like the proper ranged combat functions of Civ 5.
>I'm not sure how they could have fixed things
It's hard to balance it in a way that pleases everyone. You have people that only care about combat and people that hardly use the combat features. Personally I'm closer to the former, even if I prefer culture victories and the like. It keeps things from becoming stagnant, as opposed to taking the most efficient path through the tech tree.
All in all, they're fun games, and I like both 3 and 5. I realize it'd be impossible for them to make a game that does things perfectly because there's people that enjoy other aspects more. I like 3 more because it feels a lot less restricted that 5.


Just finished Shovel Knight. The ending was very heartwarming.


File: 1613913437680.jpg (161.89 KB, 708x1000, 6951bb20465f7beb61d8c1aabf….jpg) ImgOps

Started playing shadows of valentia but can't get passed the beginning because spring radiance is too soothing.
defeated in the prologue zzz


File: 1614220831172.png (332.35 KB, 552x523, 8a3a03fd90eb3f4da8e5ec7ead….png) ImgOps

I'd join but never played multiplayer before and I don't know what to do what all the cobblestone after I am done collecting diamands or searching for lava whenever I play singleplayer. I just don't want to be an asshole lagging the game and ruining the fun for everyone because I stored 72 chest full of stone and dirt because I feel I like need to hold on to everything without even using it.


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You could play a game like CrossCode, its a regular RPG but its set in an MMO

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