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Has anyone played anything new and exciting (to themselves)?

I tried out BallisticNG yesterday with friends. I always thought those sorts of racing games looked really bad to play, even though I do enjoy traditional land vehicle racing. I ended up having a lot of fun it even if I'm not very good. A welcome change of pace as I've been pretty bored of a games lately.


Racing games are a bunch of fun if you find the right ones.
I would recommend playing:

Next with your friends if you get bored of BallisticNG.
Racing games that don't take themselves seriously are the best, basically


Here I thought BallisticNG would be related to beamng but no.


File: 1672649380905-0.webm (139.24 KB, 500x500, 312c8de3d9ea6391a87759c7c….webm)

File: 1672649380905-1.png (3.89 MB, 1833x2840, 87710119_p0.png)

File: 1672649380905-2.png (3.65 MB, 1256x2324, 91267214_p0.png)

File: 1672649380905-3.jpg (1.49 MB, 1213x1000, 87682596_p1.jpg)

Since my last post about Blue Archive I've made a little more progress and become more familiar with the gameplay. I've made the mistake of playing through missions that suggest a level that is about ten above those of my current formation. I probably wouldn't have been able to do that if I wasn't so lucky with the characters I got from my first two 10-pulls. I have kept Yuuka and Suzumi since they were part of my starters and their damage type has been ideal for the current mission environments. I've replaced Chinatsu and Hasumi with Shun and Serina since Shun's damage type is suited to the enemies I've had them fight and Serina's healing is cheaper than Chinatsu's.
Adding to the team was Akari to have another student that does explosive damage and Kotama for her damage buff ability. I may or may not have gone about this ideally but it's worked out so far. I do plan on levelling up my current students, however, S ranks have been harder to get lately.
I feel kind of bad for having to replace Hasumi though. I tried out her second relationship story just today and her sweet tooth is very cute. Hasumi, Nonomi, and Shiroko are my favorites so far. Most of the girls have some way of being cute and funny, it makes the game very easy to enjoy and I'm enjoying it a lot more than I thought it would.


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I don't play much but I like to sometimes play one or two races in SuperTuxKart. As a quick distraction.


File: 1674163030618.jpg (3.13 MB, 3840x2160, 797e158360634cd4b7ac58d467….jpg)

You love delving in catalogs too?
It's a nice game. I prefer SRB2 but Tux's still decent, however i have never played it in multiplayer. Maybe now is a good time to try it out?


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BallisticNG is great, be sure to check the general on /vm/ for their great custom map list and music too. Plus you can join their weekly races
I just started playing Vikings, Knights, and Pirates and it's awesome. It's like Chivalry but way more fun. With full bot support. I love playing vidya with my bot frens


>I love playing vidya with my bot frens is the best place to be anyway.


I totally forgot this! Thank you, friend!
sudo apt-get install supertuxkart


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Just spent the entire evening playing 007 Nightfire (GC) multiplayer with my brothers, haven't done that in probably a decade or more. It was a lot of fun. I wish they made more splitscreen games nowadays seeing as I avoid single or online, the arcade mode of running around and picking up weapons and armor too. A lot more cozy to get together and order a pizza than sit in each of our rooms far away.


>I just started playing Vikings, Knights, and Pirates and it's awesome. It's like Chivalry but way more fun.
The first Chivalry is one of the only original commercially released games from the 2010s forward that I even enjoy. I might have to try that game since I see it's free. I doubt anything could replace Chivalry for me though.
Having grown up with both GoldenEye and then Nightfire, I consider Nightfire to be the better multiplayer game by far. That even goes for Agent Under Fire and The World is Not Enough with the little bit of time I spent with them, although I dislike the team system of the latter. What I do like about GoldenEye is the single-player mode. And the music too.


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See this was the fucking dark age of consoles. I had this on pc and now I had to search for the name explicitly to confirm I'm thinking about the same game as you.
People who argue about consoles vs pc never think about how far these two things were and how close they are now
Glad I was pc back then and glad I'm console right now. (Although being a pc player definitely made me more antisocial)

Splitscreen games still exist but I also agree there is not enough research nor attempts in the category
The latest game that surprised me for having splitscreen is Dirt 5
The worst offender is Halo Infinite. On top of killing off an Xbox crown jewel IP, they made splitscreen mode for all consoles but never released it officially. Technically you can glitch into splitscreen coop campaign (Digital Foundry made a video on it if you are interested)

Imagine splitscreen with today's
TV sizes and resolution. You could divide a huge 4k tv into four displays larger than the average pc monitor and do it with decent resolution.


>See this was the fucking dark age of consoles
Golden age. The late 90s early 2000s period has all the cult classics made for a different time when 3D was still taking off and standard formulas not quite discovered. I don't see how a search engine's results or differences for some games on pc/console would affect any of those lived experiences.
>People who argue about consoles vs pc
Haven't seen anyone argue about that.
They were both enjoyable for different reasons and the same remains true today.


>The first Chivalry is one of the only original commercially released games from the 2010s forward that I even enjoy
I love Chivalry 1, but this game is way more fun. Every class has ranged and melee options, and the parry system is amazing. It also becomes pure chaos in a matter of seconds. It's kinda like the Deadliest warrior dlc for Chivalry, since it has 3 teams faced against each other with different classes. The dialogue of the characters is the icing on the cake though, it feels like a late 90s era game that way. Though I agree, nothing can really replace Chivalry with it's good melee combat and customization. Shame they never gave it full bot support, when I last played it a few years ago it was on life support. Now that the sequel is out, I doubt more than a few dozen people play it
>Golden age. The late 90s early 2000s period
Personally I think the golden age was the 2000s to early 2010s, when developers had both the technology and ambition to make unique games. The 90s was great too, but the 3d tech limited a lot of great ideas for it to be the golden age imo. But 2D games peaked in the 90s-00s


>It's kinda like the Deadliest warrior dlc for Chivalry, since it has 3 teams faced against each other with different classes.
I never got to try that one before people stopped playing it. I was so preoccupied with the first one that I didn't really give it a thought.
>Shame they never gave it full bot support, when I last played it a few years ago it was on life support. Now that the sequel is out, I doubt more than a few dozen people play it
There was hardly anyone on there last time I went to play. I tried Chivalry II, but my computer had problems handling it and from what I played I didn't like the changes that were made.

I know it's asking too much, but I wish Torn Banner would just release the original game under an open-source license and let people go crazy with it.


Ah I played a good bit of Chivalry 2, it was completely unfinished. So many UI elements where missing in the menus. But the gameplay was utter casualized. With always online DRM and even worse bot support, I felt ripped off. There was only a few severs with any players and they were mostly filled with bots. The bots have a special class which gives them a one handed weapon without shield and half the health of a Men-at-Arms. It felt more like a first person beat em up then a medieval combat game. I also didn't like how the armor color was actually just 4 choices per skin, rather than the hundreds of options in the first. I haven't played Mordhau but I imagine that it's better than Chivalry 2


>Ah I played a good bit of Chivalry 2, it was completely unfinished. So many UI elements where missing in the menus. But the gameplay was utter casualized. With always online DRM and even worse bot support, I felt ripped off. There was only a few severs with any players and they were mostly filled with bots. The bots have a special class which gives them a one handed weapon without shield and half the health of a Men-at-Arms. It felt more like a first person beat em up then a medieval combat game. I also didn't like how the armor color was actually just 4 choices per skin, rather than the hundreds of options in the first.
Sounds pretty bad.

I didn't like the way it added a third team that ruins the classic "blue guys vs. red guys" dynamic. More importantly, the idea of adding healing abilities instead of autohealing makes it feel like a completely different game. Not in a good way either. If it came down to it, I would have preferred fighting over powerups like a classic FPS game to that. Other than that, for the extremely short time I tried it it just felt like an inferior version of the original. They should have just fixed some of the issues with the first game or something instead of making a sequel. Like you mentioned, the bots are awful.
>I haven't played Mordhau but I imagine that it's better than Chivalry 2
I'd think so too.


Vikings, Knights, and Pirates has 3 teams but almost every mode is objective focused and the maps accommodate 3 teams pretty well. Health, armor, and ammo are picked up from respawning powerups like in old arena shooters. They were going to add 2 extra classes per team including a healer but that was scrapped in development from what the wiki says. Though everyone does have an ability, it's almost always tied to their primary weapon. Like for example the archer shooting 3 arrows once. I'd recommend trying it out though, it's free after all


Yeah, I'll have to give it a try. It's not like I'd be out anything.


File: 1674891524228.jpg (142.3 KB, 760x984, __marth_alear_alear_and_al….jpg)

Tried out the new Fire Emblem. I didn't have high expectations after 3H, but I just couldn't do it. It's not for me.


File: 1675521895065.png (235.96 KB, 1200x1050, 1616382877378.png)

the only gaems i play nowaday is either monhun or ultrakill
monhun has a great preparation and execution thingy, ultrakill is nice, fast.
just wish i had more ultrakill content to play with, heard about neon white but games are expensive nowadays


File: 1675525327632.gif (103.5 KB, 275x275, Magikey Dance.gif)

Try the mods out for Ultrakill then, Nexusmods has a bunch of map packs. Then if you don't have Half Life, you could play Sven Coop with modded servers, or just play vanilla with a bunch of people. /vm/ has a sever running 24/7 that always has at least 3 people. Though make sure to get the skinpack if you do, so you can see cute anime girls and robots


File: 1675531552601.png (5.05 KB, 395x145, e.png)



I played some Crazy Frog Arcade Racer on the PS2 with my friend today. While better than expected, it's still wasn't very good.
They took away his penis which felt a little sad.


File: 1675597079740.jpg (38.04 KB, 500x500, __anchovy_girls_und_panzer….jpg)

Played CoD: WaW. It's pretty boring. It's just a bunch of shooting galleries with no difficulty because you can take all the time that you want and then some annoying sections where you actually have to try a little. Now I just want a fun WW2 game.


I wanna go back to being a kid, and playing Wii games with my sister


File: 1675608021045.png (14.77 KB, 1704x960, cc159b0c7e58d2a19db06f2384….png)

>but games are expensive nowadays
just sail across the ocean for it
the dev won't mind
I guess you want offline fun if you chosen a CoD campaign for some arcane reason
Ever heard of ravenfield?
That's a battlefield mockery with A LOT of bots. I am talking about hundredths
It's optimized better than most of low-poly indie games but still kinda chunky due to all the bots trying to process the most stupid way to die in a supressive fire
not every toaster is able to do those complex calculations with ease

Dev is also one of those lazy sacks that decided to outsource the development to moders (like the rimworld guy did) and won't even bother to merge them with official game (like the CDDA guys do)
The steam workshop of this game is a heaven for people who want to delve into some historical setting
Customize maps weaponry and bot behavior to your liking! (setting everything up may take a few days but it's worth the effort!)


It's (a+b)²=a²+2ab+b²…


File: 1675615401072.png (46.49 KB, 500x430, d807e64a1b00d748adb4025552….png)

the only thing i was sure about ended up being a lie…


Call of Duty has always been a cake walk on veteran except for some scripted events that are utterly unfair nor fun. For World at War there was the sniper duel part, it's a cake walk on normal and easy, fairly challenging on hardened, but on veteran it's just frustrating. Beating it requires a lot of cheese and waiting. Then they put you in the burning building which requires near aimbot levels of reaction time and accuracy.
The zombies is really bad even with the expansions, but the custom zombies is a load of fun. Especially with a friend or two. Think of it as a beat em' up but with guns, but with a little more challenge. You can install a bot mod, I recommend Bot Warfare since it was updated just last year. The multiplayer is pretty generic because nearly every fps to come out since just copied it. But the gamemode with the tanks is fun. Just don't play online outside of a private lobby with friends because of the rampant hacking

Finally check out this list to find a game: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_World_War_II_video_games
Ravenfield is fun but I hate how poorly optimized it is, even on lowest settings I can only get 30 bots before my fps drops to below 15. I really wish I kept the files for Battlefield 1942 since that was a way better game, I don't know where to pirate it anymore since Good Olde Games was nuked several years ago


File: 1675619913030.jpg (392.51 KB, 2000x2000, 3336fefee9e6a0abbbdc017205….jpg)

Don't worry my fellow sailor!
anonymous never forgets!
here's the mega link with a bunch of DOS and win98 games
battlefield 1942 included



File: 1675626741271.png (22.41 KB, 391x640, 1636830863199.png)

Expanding on this post, does Anon have memories of playing games with your family?
When I grew up with my sis we would be playing on a Dreamcast, an N64 or the Wii. I kinda miss it, we had such fun times playing Diddy Kong Racing, Power Stone 2, Marvel vs Capcom or the minigames in Sonic and The Secret Rings. Wish I could turn back.


File: 1675628129476.jpeg (99.47 KB, 720x540, conkers-bad-fur-day-n64-r….jpeg)

Yes, Friend, still do >>1454, but not as often. Usually N64/GC era games like Mario Party or Super Smash. Unfortunately we're all adults living away from each other and they're working a lot.
Miss how nice it was when everyone got home from school and sometimes would just play whatever new games we got together.
>Diddy Kong Racing
Our cousins from a neighboring country would always play this with us. It was very competitive in racing or the ice pyramid.


File: 1675628387227.jpg (175.13 KB, 1080x1080, 1664431426070808.jpg)

>just sail across the ocean for it
>the dev won't mind
Ehhhh, it's just time consuming. I'm at a point where I value my time more than my money lol


>Ehhhh, it's just time consuming. I'm at a point where I value my time more than my money lol
you are playing games and using kind moe
and how's it so time consuming?
like really downloading stuff requires almost zero effort with the modern pirating infrastructure
there are popular and trusted repackers on 1337 and rutracker so you just come take what you want and go
and sometimes stuff downloads even faster than on steam


Thanks friend
I only ever played Halo CE and 3 with my brother. Halo CE was fun because him and his friend split screened and teamed up against me and I almost won, it was the only time I ever played system link on console. The other times we used to play Halo 3 death match on the desert map with the slow invincible vehicle with the turrets on it. And a few times we played the custom janga tower game mode, where everyone stands on destructible blocks while one person tries to knock them off by hitting blocks up at them. I don't really miss it though because we never really played
You could use the Dolphin emulator to play online, I never had any success with it but I know it was a feature a couple of years ago, they probably made it work better since then. Also you could use Parsec if you don't mind a little delay, best for coop games since the delay can give a big advantage in pvp. Or just give the worst player hosting privileges


File: 1675630052526.jpg (1.28 MB, 1600x1200, 1653664293194.jpg)

>you are using kind moe
Frens are valuable
>and how's it so time consuming?
It's just convenient.


File: 1675631053155.jpg (241.48 KB, 1444x1162, ebcf74befeee3cbc1d755a13f9….jpg)

I've played both consoles online before, but it's all about the split screen soul. The planning, the ordering of food, the committing to sitting in the same room and yelling all night. It's just a different experience.


Yeah, can't beat local multiplayer. I don't bother playing online multiplayer anything. Not only do I have no interest, but the times I did play online multiplayer it just feels way more stiff. Local is way more laid back.


File: 1677975836970.jpg (414.24 KB, 900x900, checkem.jpg)

I've been trying out a bunch of new games that I can tell aren't bad but never really hooked me, some form of 'tism inside me only seems to enjoy overtly meaningful games or games that fit into my extremely rigid standards and taste aesthetically.

Recently have tried Persona 4, Sekiro, Yakuza 0 and Devil May Cry 5, and none of em really hooked me.

The only game that did hook me was Ender Lilies though, which I strongly recommend! It's a great game, anyone which likes the tragic souls-y aesthetic or metroidvania's should give it a try.


File: 1678270940761.jpg (1.22 MB, 1299x1813, 20230308_112127.jpg)

Never heard of Enders Lilies but it looks nice, I'll check it out!
I haven't played any new games lately, the last was Monster Hunter Rise which was fun but grindy, kind of like the majority of games nowadays. And the Metroid Prime Remake was great, I love the simple feeling of exploration and isolation with focus on only the important, would recommend but it's really also an old game after all.


Try Valdis Story : Abyssal City. The atmosphere of the game is really unique. Haven't been able to find something like it ever.


File: 1678587718651.jpg (154.82 KB, 390x600, a7ad34e8f29f0c434d3f8f91bd….jpg)

Probably been about a year since I posted about completing Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade on /2?kind/ and now I've just finished Fire Emblem: The Sacred stones. With this I have finished all 3 GameBoy Advance games (and not so coincidentally the only ones I've played in the entire series). I wish the main story was a bit longer for this one, but it's fine the story is decent and the chapter levels are well designed. From my gameplay values I consider Binding and Blazing blade the better games. The stories are connected and while you have slightly less classes the additional characters are for someone who doesn't use walkthroughs more mysterious as there are more secret unlockable levels that you might come across only by chance whereas in The Sacred Stones it feels like you have so many strong options that what you do has less consequences and no matter what you do you you're going to play the same chapters. Being able to train characters outside the main storyline also feels a bit too forgiving though you really shouldn't need to do it unless all your good characters die in which case you should simply just not let everyone die. It was a decent game so I need to end it on a positive note; Marisa was very cute so I stacked a bunch of upgrades on her just because.


Sacred Stones is fun, but I agree that it is probably the weakest of the GBA games. Also, it has a few cute girls, like pretty much every Fire Emblem game.


File: 1679833364882.png (7.02 KB, 240x160, team.png)

I played Touhoumon World Link this weekend. It's an updated version by a new author, so it doesn't have the horrible balance issues and bugs Another World/World Link were known for. I already played through original Another World, so I got the original experience.
Anyway, it was pretty fun. A bit more difficult than Emerald with the more interesting typings and having to kind of figure out what type every puppet has. I don't like some of the changes that were made to the available puppets from the original AW/WL, as there were fun additions like Miku, Rin, and Len. Also, they give you the ability to modify your team's stats and abilities too easily.
I don't know if I would recommend the rom hacks. I think anyone interested in them would come across them on their own. Also, you could just play Puppet Dance Performance, which I think is better in a lot of ways since it isn't just a Pokemon romhack.


File: 1680413127337.jpg (1.1 MB, 1920x1080, __kochiya_sanae_moriya_suw….jpg)

Trying Gekokujo mod for Mount and Blade: Warband. It's cool and a nice change of pace from the Touhou mod. It's kind of gloomy though.


File: 1680549792940.jpg (496.06 KB, 1920x1020, screen.jpg)

I've gotten into Warzone 2100 recently. I just beat a free-for-all game with three computer players on the hardest difficulty by walling up choke points and keeping units on standby to constantly repair the walls as they got attacked and some cannon halftracks for defense. I made a few regular mortar vehicles to shoot over the walls and then used them to seize the high ground in the middle while I started researching incendiary mortars. Once I started pumping those out, it was over for the AI players. Any time they tried to attack they just ended up having to retreat. I kept pushing closer and closer into their bases until I was blowing up their buildings, and then I made a fleet of aircraft to finish them off. I'm going to have to give one of the other AI types a try on the same difficulty to see if I'm even capable of beating them.

I really like the game so far and would recommend it to anyone with an interest in RTS games. When I first played it I wasn't sure that I'd like it, but it ended up growing on me.


File: 1680639985715.jpg (175.08 KB, 512x650, __marisa_fire_emblem_and_1….jpg)

Marisa unfortunately highlights the problem of Fire Emblem for me. She is so cute that I can't help but use her every single playthrough and I feel this way about pretty much every other female character, making the game very repetitive for me.


File: 1680690904892.png (499.32 KB, 1800x1276, gnome-mahjongg.png)

I like a relaxing game of mahjongg sometimes.


oh, and lichess.org is fun sometimes - against the computer, because i'm really shy.


File: 1680730558151.jpg (5.6 MB, 3325x2092, 267a5fb2309415d4f77e011e19….jpg)

Lichess is great. I play against random humans sometimes, and my dad. You can disable the chat so nobody says anything though I don't think most chess players type anything ever honestly. Worst anyone can do is be annoying with takeback requests (– not my fault you didn't think long enough!), draw requests when it's obvious they are losing, or the worst of all (but bannable), when someone is grumpy about losing and just waits forever making no move hoping you get bored and leave so they win on your timeout. I never speak to anyone on lichess other than my dad. We play correspondence games, don't talk much at all through the year other than through chess moves.
My favorite is to just solve a puzzle every now and then though, I got a pretty decent puzzle rating, but very average human ratings. It's nice to just spend half an hour solving a really hard puzzle that I would probably never see in a timed game.


File: 1680737354799.jpeg (125.9 KB, 1080x745, boat.jpeg)

>it's just chess
>there are no liches
I was expecting a very different game.


"Lichess" sounds like a kind of undead monster that would offer plentiful Rule 34 opportunities.


File: 1680764959361.jpg (1.42 MB, 1000x1246, 08f52460c6612c0457c0a0c285….jpg)

I always use the cute crit machine too. I also have a weak spot for the pegasus knights, so Tana, Syrene and Vanessa are always a must too. My units are mostly girls I like as well. Although it helps to view all supports for them, then I can start to sort them out if I don't like some supports and use new units I didn't use before. Still this is the charm of FE in my opinion, you can push the characters in a way you want and don't have an ending for them set in stone.


I've been playing Kenshi this weekend. I tried it before and it was okay. A bit too much management for my liking. I decided to try again, this time playing with the robots rather than boring old humanoids. It's much more my speed.
I was getting bored, as my guys got really strong for most areas, but then I aimlessly wandered into a very difficult, enemy dense area and had to slowly inch my way through their territory, and all for nothing. They hit a wall at the enemy base. There were far too many enemies to go further as things are.

To think you're hot shit, then fail hard after… It's not often that it gets you excited.


I've mostly been playing Minesweeper, Netwalk (a simple puzzle game), and jigsaw puzzles. A good website for jigsaw puzzles is jiggie.fun


File: 1684700869501.png (14.12 KB, 200x175, Maria-sama_ga_miteru_-_yos….png)

I played a fair bit of this around this time last year on minesweeper.online. Just knocked out a Hard NG with the slow time of 400+ seconds… A bit over twice as slow as my record in that category, but one step closer to the 50 NG Hard/Evil achievement at least. Only 9 more… It was kind of addicting, but I did move on after a while.


File: 1684849961879.jpg (180.43 KB, 1920x1080, Signalis.jpg)

Nobody seems to have recommended any horror games. Signalis is really good. A traditional survival horror experience with tough resource management, and combat that's best to be avoided. It's also got a really incredible story that manages to be a great love story whilst also being cosmic horror that I doubt I'll ever forget.

The direction style reminds me a lot of Evangelion and Bakemonogatari, which is of note since this board is filled with weebs.

Definitely recommend picking it up, might be one of my favorite games of all time, though it's not for everyone.


>Nobody seems to have recommended any horror games
Uhmm, you did notice what board this is, right friend? Hardly surprising IMO.
>though it's not for everyone
True. Very.


It isn't as though horror games haven't been posted on /kind/ before. I would know, I've made several such posts.


>notice what board this is
yeah sorry, forgot not many people consider horror stuff as a comfort genre, Signalis was very comfy though! to someone who thinks that it's brand of survival horror is comfy


Speaking of newer vidya, I tried Tears of the Kingdom out when it leaked. It's basically expanded/modder BotW. I thought BotW was a solid, but massively overhyped game and I don't know if I might say the same thing for Tears. If you enjoyed BotW, you'll probably enjoy Tears.
After many years, I finally played Sonic Mania. I had a lot of fun with it, but the final set of levels are pretty hard. I have to get good.

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