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Sneks are cute.
Sneks will defend from bullies.
Sneks are symbol of freedom.
Sneks just mind their business.
Sneks are /kind/.
Post sneks


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Sneks are cute!


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sneks are a programmer's best friend.


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It looks as if it was made out of magnets! It's cute and pretty!


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> Sneks are symbol of freedom.
I'm curious about this. Is it based on just the Gadsden flag? Where I live snakes are considered evil, because of the biblical story about one tempting Eve to eat the forbidden fruit.


Some satanists say the snake gave mankind freedom to commit sins by tempting eve to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.


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Is snek getting bullied by monke or is snek bullying rodent and monke is going hardcore anti-bully ranger to protect rodent fren?
>Garden of Eden
There are some Gnostics who don't believe in the typical Christian interpretation of Satan who have a similar take. They hold to the idea that any supernatural force that would try to keep humans in a state of ignorance was an imposter god with ulterior motives. So they see the snake in that story as an emissary of knowledge and liberation and not necessarily evil. In that view, both conventional Christianity and Satanism are both misguided limited hangouts.
But I don't know that Gadsden flag has anything to do with any of that.


There's also the fact the Gadsden flag was directly inspired by that "Join or Die" political cartoon used during the American Revolution where the rattlesnake is divided into 13 pieces, so as far as burgers go the rattlesnek specifically is associated with muh freedumbs and some people probably mistake that as others having a general interpretation of snakes as representing freedom instead of that one specific type of snake.


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An alternate Christian interpretation is that, while we as humans may use the image of animals to symbolize a concept, the animals themselves are not inherently good or evil. All animals are worthy of kindness and respect because they are all creations of God. At least that's how my mom taught me.

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