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In honor of the friend from this thread >>4208 who whished there was more non-anime stuff here, I decided to make this thread.

Pleasant and aesthetically pleasing western art is definitely /kind/ material.


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File: 1612762717489-4.jpg (216.76 KB, 1200x938, roerich-armaged-1936.jpg) ImgOps

Contributing with some Nicholas Roerich.


File: 1612762747296-0.jpg (1.81 MB, 3065x2159, N._Roerich_-_And_We_are_Tr….jpg) ImgOps

File: 1612762747296-1.jpg (365.35 KB, 1280x900, 1280px-N._Roerich_-_And_We….jpg) ImgOps


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File: 1612819754271-1.jpg (519.59 KB, 1110x810, Colin_Campbell_Cooper,_Mai….jpg) ImgOps

File: 1612819754271-2.jpg (977.98 KB, 1600x1293, 1508116500672.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1612819754271-3.jpg (533.75 KB, 948x1200, 1508116577515.jpg) ImgOps

I really like Art Nouveau, especially the scripts.


File: 1612901298830-0.jpg (75.04 KB, 800x538, 1cb449f15d648460abab440ebf….jpg) ImgOps

File: 1612901298830-1.jpg (46.45 KB, 602x338, 2f682fc00fcfa1ba296db37210….jpg) ImgOps

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File: 1612903946158-1.jpg (65.05 KB, 600x387, jvgk.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1612903946158-2.jpg (742.46 KB, 1000x662, grandma_moses_1.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1612903946158-3.jpg (957.98 KB, 1024x827, grandma_moses_2.jpg) ImgOps

Outsider art can be interesting.


File: 1612916550833-0.jpeg (7.88 MB, 6699x4700, northern sea in the moonl….jpeg) ImgOps

File: 1612916550833-1.jpeg (103.9 KB, 1024x741, midday.jpeg) ImgOps

File: 1612916550833-2.jpeg (166.27 KB, 1204x900, the sea of ice.jpeg) ImgOps

Caspar David Friedrich is one of my favorites. I love landscapes in general.


File: 1612990777471-0.jpg (5.06 MB, 5042x2728, John_Constable_-_Wivenhoe_….jpg) ImgOps

File: 1612990777471-1.jpg (2.1 MB, 2123x1181, 85b87e40b0757953e54df61303….jpg) ImgOps

File: 1612990777471-2.jpg (3.54 MB, 2000x1504, 1505086100668.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1612990777471-3.jpg (484.24 KB, 1600x994, ZjS5DnQ.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1612990777471-4.jpg (217.2 KB, 985x680, F4MALCB.jpg) ImgOps


Those are Hitler's, right?


File: 1613096808878-0.jpeg (10.26 MB, 4999x3924, Van_Gogh_-_Grünes_Weizenf….jpeg) ImgOps

File: 1613096808878-1.jpg (762.43 KB, 1001x1280, tumblr_mk91hrBNI41s2kc27o1….jpg) ImgOps

File: 1613096808878-2.jpg (3.92 MB, 2120x2610, Claude_Monet_011.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1613096808878-3.jpeg (970.66 KB, 2945x2111, 1586790906735.jpeg) ImgOps

File: 1613096808878-4.jpg (336.51 KB, 977x1210, 1375319212233.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1613243325845-0.jpg (1.52 MB, 2000x1571, Noah's_Ark_on_Mount_Ararat….jpg) ImgOps

File: 1613243325845-1.jpg (796.49 KB, 2181x1384, 1396280618061.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1613243325845-2.jpg (244.22 KB, 730x960, d0353ea4b8d96d19ade136a694….jpg) ImgOps

File: 1613243325845-3.jpg (1.76 MB, 1800x1120, st-sergius-the-buildert-19….jpg) ImgOps

File: 1613243325845-4.jpg (5.29 MB, 2066x1600, Jan - The New World (Flamm….jpg) ImgOps




My sister loves that guy. She once tried to redraw that 5th pic with different colors, and it phenomenal. She thought that it was bad, but I tried to convince her that it wasn't.


File: 1613527025250-0.jpg (187.04 KB, 1280x863, 1280px-Cole_Thomas_The_Voy….jpg) ImgOps

File: 1613527025250-1.jpg (165.98 KB, 1200x798, Thomas_Cole_-_The_Ages_of_….jpg) ImgOps

File: 1613527025250-2.jpg (166.93 KB, 1000x658, Cole_Thomas_The_Voyage_of_….jpg) ImgOps

File: 1613527025250-3.jpg (95.76 KB, 1280x861, 1280px-Cole_Thomas_The_Voy….jpg) ImgOps

I first learned about him as a teenager when I learned he did set design for The Rite of Spring, and his strange style has stuck with me ever since.


I first noticed his name when I was reading my sister "At the Mountains of Madness" when I was 16, and she was interested when he was mentioned. We looked him up, and she fell in love with his paintings. I think they're cool, but she really likes them. Thanks anon, for bringing him up. I haven't thought about that time with my sister in a while, and it's good to remember. Thanks again.


File: 1613531539495-0.jpg (1.44 MB, 1559x2371, 1375465504522.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1613531539495-1.jpg (2.56 MB, 2717x3509, 1375465703531.jpg) ImgOps

>I first noticed his name when I was reading my sister "At the Mountains of Madness" when I was 16, and she was interested when he was mentioned.
I actually noticed that when I read that back in high school. I wasn't expecting that, since H.P. Lovecraft wasn't usually one to reference painters.


Yeah, it was a bit strange, but when I first read it, I was too invested in the story to take the time to look up a painter.

This conversation inspired me to go look for that old drawing my sister made, and it actually wasn’t a copy of the one you posted, but a similar one. I think that I’m going to call her tomorrow and remind her of this


File: 1613531962338.jpg (1.43 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_0570.JPG) ImgOps

And of course, I forgot to attach it


File: 1613947042661-0.jpg (2.55 MB, 1500x1098, Pieter_Bruegel_the_Elder_-….jpg) ImgOps

File: 1613947042661-1.jpg (627.6 KB, 1600x1368, lGI5jIbR0rA.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1613947042661-2.jpg (358.95 KB, 1464x1080, ancient-tower-babel-ancien….jpg) ImgOps

I like how she chose to take the original painting in a different direction instead of just aiming for an exact replica. It reminds me of how painters used to do variations on the same idea, whether it was their own or someone else's.


Yeah, she's a really good artist. And an even better photographer. She actually had the opportunity to get into SCAD, but she gave it up so that she could have a shitty job at a car dealership in order to work with her boyfriend. It sucks a bit, thinking of what she could have done, but it's what she wanted to do, and I don't fault her for it.


File: 1615463803858-0.jpg (415.48 KB, 940x772, Odilon_Redon_005.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1615463803858-1.jpg (1.99 MB, 1656x2000, 1900,_Redon,_Odilon,_Vase_….jpg) ImgOps

Odilon Redon is my jam. His flowers paintings are more tamed than his other themed works, and definitely /kind/.

Though I guess most flower still lifes are /kind/


File: 1616545323700-0.jpg (20.42 KB, 280x356, Forest_and_Dove.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1616545323700-1.jpg (319.25 KB, 1059x808, silence.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1616545323700-2.jpg (404.09 KB, 1285x1024, 100-52.jpg) ImgOps

Henry darger was a mad lad. I like that stuff.
>Classical & Western Art
Maybe not classical, but I also enjoy surreal works like the strange images that Max Ernst made.


File: 1616545370242-0.jpg (748.17 KB, 1600x1197, 1016958326747152.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1616545370242-1.jpg (270.11 KB, 1600x1340, Max Ernst - The Nymph Echo.jpg) ImgOps

Here's a couple more…


Wow, these are pretty interesting. I especially like the second pic with the greenish structure in the background. There's a strangely dreamlike feeling to it.
>Henry darger was a mad lad. I like that stuff.
It's too bad his work wasn't discovered until he was on his deathbed. With a little guidance from a more technically gifted artist, his work could have been even better.

His story is both depressing and inspiring.


File: 1619390263852-0.jpg (719.52 KB, 1192x1325, Wild Pilgrimage - Lynd War….jpg) ImgOps

File: 1619390263852-1.jpg (140.28 KB, 776x599, Expulsion from Eden, The -….jpg) ImgOps

File: 1619390263852-2.jpg (84 KB, 499x443, Sleeping Venus, The - Paul….jpg) ImgOps

File: 1619390263852-3.png (966.98 KB, 1300x867, Priest of the Devil - Nico….png) ImgOps

File: 1619390263852-4.jpg (165.84 KB, 542x700, Harry Clarke - Ligeia.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1619390400737-0.jpg (115.31 KB, 480x670, couple.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1619390400737-1.jpg (38.27 KB, 464x600, Domain of Arnheim, The - R….jpg) ImgOps

File: 1619390400737-2.png (934.19 KB, 2000x2819, Europe Ozymandias - Karbor….png) ImgOps

File: 1619390400737-3.png (321.23 KB, 871x1200, downloadromanfresco.png) ImgOps

File: 1619390400737-4.png (790.33 KB, 620x620, pain of mind artwork.png) ImgOps


File: 1619390580564-0.jpg (573 KB, 1200x1419, Oktopusvase 1.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1619390580564-1.jpg (117.89 KB, 430x640, Oktopusvase 2.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1619390580564-2.jpg (261.26 KB, 600x624, Oktopusvase 3.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1619390580564-3.png (93.42 KB, 345x425, Nocturnal Rome - M.C. Esch….png) ImgOps

File: 1619390580564-4.jpg (91.28 KB, 638x960, Martyrdom of St. Simon of ….jpg) ImgOps


File: 1619390657601-0.jpg (43.86 KB, 420x600, Profile of a Young Woman -….jpg) ImgOps

File: 1619390657601-1.jpg (3.2 MB, 1506x2109, Varusschlacht - Otto Alber….jpg) ImgOps

File: 1619390657601-2.jpg (137.97 KB, 650x896, Voice of Space, The - Rene….jpg) ImgOps

File: 1619390657601-3.jpg (139.2 KB, 1024x685, Christina's World - Andrew….jpg) ImgOps

File: 1619390657601-4.jpg (313.25 KB, 1255x1880, Magic Circle, The - John W….JPG) ImgOps


File: 1619390783998-0.png (511.6 KB, 1457x1699, randegg-in-the-snow-with-r….png) ImgOps

File: 1619390783998-1.jpg (205.03 KB, 800x600, Tatar Fruiterer, A - Niko ….jpg) ImgOps

File: 1619390783998-2.png (134 KB, 1576x2536, 1577501107645-1.png) ImgOps

File: 1619390783998-3.jpg (676.05 KB, 1154x1456, Dazzle-ships in Drydock at….jpg) ImgOps

File: 1619390783998-4.png (162.6 KB, 828x1337, 272521.png) ImgOps


File: 1619390926980-0.png (28.2 KB, 225x225, 105375914.png) ImgOps

File: 1619390926980-1.jpg (12.66 KB, 200x200, 200.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1619390926980-2.png (21.57 KB, 440x250, 33.png) ImgOps

File: 1619390926980-3.jpg (149.27 KB, 739x922, Hiveman, The - Gervasio Ga….jpg) ImgOps

File: 1619390926980-4.png (2.96 MB, 2120x1938, Aion et Tellus.png) ImgOps


File: 1619443105534.png (Spoiler Image, 1.19 MB, 788x488, ai.PNG) ImgOps

Reminds me of google's Magenta project.


File: 1619486942968-0.jpg (2.9 MB, 2305x1648, Pieter_Bruegel_the_Elder-_….JPG) ImgOps

File: 1619486942968-1.jpg (7.97 MB, 6819x4853, Pieter_Bruegel_the_Elder_-….jpg) ImgOps

Something about the fourth one has always felt kind of dreamlike to me despite its realistic style.
The snowy painting reminds me of something Pieter Bruegel the Elder would have done.
That first one looks like Trent Reznor.
Now that's what I call eldritch horror.


File: 1619488420489.jpg (433.08 KB, 1024x768, monet.jpg) ImgOps

Here's one of the most beautiful paintings I've ever seen in person.


File: 1619923817327-0.png (321.23 KB, 871x1200, downloadromanfresco.png) ImgOps

File: 1619923817327-1.png (533.99 KB, 1949x2015, 862567134308394.png) ImgOps

File: 1619923817327-2.png (60.86 KB, 663x800, 1084750291936896.png) ImgOps

File: 1619923817327-3.jpg (1.28 MB, 1249x1535, Song of Love, The - Giorgi….jpg) ImgOps

File: 1619923817327-4.jpg (265.64 KB, 1576x2719, Who Shall Deliver Me - Fer….jpg) ImgOps


woah, that looks cool. do you remember the name of the piece?


wait no I'm a fool, I found it through reverse image search (Reflections of Clouds on the Water-Lily Pond, Monet). I wanted to try to find it in a better resolution to get an idea of it looks but I feel like seeing it online might not do it justice.


File: 1620059378837-0.jpg (213.01 KB, 1153x785, Blow, Blow Thou Winter Win….jpg) ImgOps

File: 1620059378837-1.jpg (229.85 KB, 546x800, Caller Herrin'.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1620059378837-2.jpg (827.78 KB, 2380x1683, Chill-October.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1620059378837-3.jpg (144.42 KB, 843x1000, Christmas-Eve.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1620059378837-4.jpg (1.27 MB, 1536x1164, Flowing to the River.jpg) ImgOps

Some paintings by John Everett Millais


File: 1620059462290-0.jpg (214.56 KB, 704x1024, Glen Birnam.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1620059462290-1.jpg (862.42 KB, 1522x2000, Joan of Arc.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1620059462290-2.jpg (4.7 MB, 5000x3401, Ophelia.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1620059462290-3.jpg (504.62 KB, 2423x1652, The Eve of Saint Agnes.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1620059462290-4.jpg (307.88 KB, 1600x1011, The Vale Of Rest.jpg) ImgOps

Some more


File: 1620093148515.jpg (763.65 KB, 1920x1280, 1469230231930.jpg) ImgOps

Do Western-style paintings by a Japanman count as Western art?


File: 1620167256006.jpg (194.74 KB, 1202x919, Intellectual Expression Tr….jpg) ImgOps

I would say so. Also the painting comes from 52 Seats of Happiness. Why is Tor practically banned?


File: 1620180298482-0.jpg (198.5 KB, 847x1200, sdasdfefefghrgrg.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1620180298482-1.jpg (86.9 KB, 500x404, hiroshi-nagai-paintings-ev….jpg) ImgOps

File: 1620180298482-2.jpg (140.97 KB, 500x429, hiroshi-nagai-paintings-ev….jpg) ImgOps

I'm thinking about getting some Hiroshi Nagai prints eventually. I love his work.


File: 1620221121203-0.jpg (259.16 KB, 732x1000, cirno_makoizu.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1620221121203-1.jpg (213.2 KB, 767x877, portrait_of_an_old_hag.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1620221121203-2.jpg (328.37 KB, 1169x827, painting_portrait_of_an_ol….jpg) ImgOps

File: 1620221121203-3.jpg (702.7 KB, 1536x2048, kirisane_marisa.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1620221121203-4.jpg (647.45 KB, 1614x1754, marisa_reimu.jpg) ImgOps

>more non-anime stuff here
sorry to derail ;-)


File: 1620221198661-0.jpg (113.55 KB, 826x492, hakurei_reimu_kirisame_mar….jpg) ImgOps

File: 1620221198661-1.jpg (425.67 KB, 1347x877, 1618879615352.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1620221198661-2.png (1.87 MB, 1477x1113, TheEavesdropper.png) ImgOps

File: 1620221198661-3.png (3.21 MB, 1820x2570, remilia.png) ImgOps

File: 1620221198661-4.jpg (120.88 KB, 1500x1867, rem2.jpg) ImgOps


This is fine!


File: 1620266103047-0.jpg (513.21 KB, 1280x903, tumblr_ozavjaSEIr1ues1b6o1….jpg) ImgOps

File: 1620266103047-1.jpg (78.15 KB, 500x431, hiroshi-nagai-paintings-ev….jpg) ImgOps

File: 1620266103047-2.jpg (95.24 KB, 500x429, hiroshi-nagai-paintings-ev….jpg) ImgOps


File: 1620361795507-0.jpg (329.94 KB, 1280x1060, Hiroshi_Nagai_9.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1620361795507-1.jpg (132.55 KB, 1024x768, exhibition-hiroshi-nagaive….jpg) ImgOps

File: 1620361795507-2.jpg (739.41 KB, 1280x1797, ab9a85d0bd688101e57181defd….jpg) ImgOps


File: 1620442113017.png (7.32 MB, 4292x2414, hiroshi_nagai.png) ImgOps

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