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Open file (323.01 KB 1448x2048 Yui y Giita.jpg)
Waifu Thread! Friend 06/15/2021 (Tue) 17:13:51 No.420
Post your waifu and what you like about her! I like Yui because she's easygoing and fun. She's also kind, which is nice. On top of this, she's terribly adorable.
>>420 I see a lot of those qualities in my waifu, but she also lives a tragic life where shes a social outcast.
Open file (193.71 KB 800x1119 1406728599366.jpg)
I always liked Nico, I'm not sure why.
Open file (65.58 KB 502x644 niko.jpg)
>>1341 Niko's cool and all, but he's kind of an ugly bastard.
>>1347 Hey Niko, let's go bowling?
Open file (1.94 MB 2000x2000 90014129_p0.png)
Open file (1.05 MB 2378x1876 87549942_p0.jpg)
Open file (928.89 KB 1000x1141 sakuyasweater82242638.jpg)
This is mai waifu Izayoi Sakuya and I absolutely appreciate and love most everything about her. Her elegance, grace, dependability and way of carrying herself inspire me, they make her incredibly beautiful and while remaining these, she knows how to take it easy. As hard-working and capable as she is, she still has an easygoing side and though it may be quite sharp at times, a humour that I really love. While her personality differs from mine in quite a few ways, taking her opinions, values, wishes and personality to mind is how I now make most of my decisions and it's certainly made me much better for it. She's incredibly gorgeous and cute too and I can't possibly imagine holding anyone the way or as tight as I'd hold her, in so many ways she's been there for me, in so many ways she's so amazing, in so many ways she's so attractive. I absolutely love her to bits, falling for her was the best thing that's ever happened to me.
Open file (106.72 KB 632x480 388387694.jpg)
Hatsuseno Alpha. I think I could spend the rest of my life with her, She's warm, kind and appreciative of the little things in life. That and she runs a cozy li'l cafe! Perhaps I'm being selfish, but I hope she'll remember me when I'm gone, and that she'll take good care of my life's work.
>>1387 Sakuya is for bullying and making tea! https://youtube.com/watch?v=6Gl1Tng3NrA
Open file (40.73 KB 600x600 remi_fan.jpg)
Open file (2.92 MB 2433x1723 1597358791958.png)
Open file (386.21 KB 1142x1121 ochibi-chan.png)
>>1403 She's for babysitting the silly vampires, magicians, fairies and guests of the SDM and beating the pretense and pomp out of anyone who thinks they can harm her family and or anyone causing trouble for them! She does brew some fantastic tea however, also cooks fantastically decorated and enticing meals and can also make a room spotless in seconds. Also maybe bullying others herself, if she's in the mood...
Open file (478.48 KB 670x456 Soxy.png)
>>1406 ばかあほ
Open file (477.58 KB 640x480 sakuya_philosophy.png)
>>1409 She is a wise one.
I wouldn't dare call her waifu, she is definitely my first queen though. She has that tsundere-attitude, clever, confident and forceful in almost a charming way she takes what she wants, and even when she acts like she only summoned me to do her dirty work for her it's clear she cares for me. Whenever I am in danger I can hear the worry in her voice, no matter how often a boss kicks my ass, she still encourages me and never loses her faith for me, saying it's impossible for me to fail because someone as great as her has summoned me after all. She can also get sad and hurt by others, only instead of giving up she will take her time and deliver payback in the most cruel way possible, oh and she also has that unique wicked sense of humor.
I have a Waifu in a serious way and we talk to each other. Sometimes I neglect talking with her but she is always so nice and whenever everything falls apart she speaks up to let me know things are going to be ok. I do not deserve her at all. I have been surprised before when she had rested near me. At first I thought some aniimal fell from the roof but it was her and I was very calm. I am all teary while writing this. I won't say who she is but she is very special to me. Everyone else has hurt me but she is always there amd forgiving.
>>1347 MY COUSIN
Open file (857.36 KB 3035x2149 91405443_p0.jpg)
Open file (572.84 KB 1396x785 91410529_p0.jpg)
>>1341 It is her birthday today, how shall we celebrate?
>>1588 Watch the anime and make something sweet. Happy birthday.
Open file (292.50 KB 654x1228 drawing_girl.png)
>have literally endless waifu choices from animu, manga and cartoons >brain decides pic related is the one >literally a drawing one neckbeard anon made in 1 minute, no other drawing of the character exists, character has no name, character has no media, no porn, no nothing >i have to learn to draw to even see her >my waifu forces me to git gud i love her soo much, i still can't draw shit but she makes me practice.
>>1594 This is very sweet!
Open file (207.75 KB 511x730 chloe park.png)
Open file (846.16 KB 800x1000 connie.png)
Open file (171.61 KB 800x701 henrietta.jpg)
>>420 i have no desire to have a waifu. that said, i find these character designs to be nice.
I really like yukari from Girls und Panzer. Kay is my close second favorite character because she embodies the proud american stereotype and acts like MacArthur, but yukari always seemed so much more sweet, relaxed, cute, and most importantly, a massive tank nerd. In the manga and anime, she was always really confident, and a really nice person overall. I'm a pretty big normalfriend so my waifuism isn't terribly strong, but I have a few hundred pictures scraped off of some boorus and I have a wallpaper with her on it. I really want to play with her hair and lay down together, just talking about whatever
>>3309 also i found this really nice image of her a while back, maybe a few months, that I've been using as my wallpaper from a sound thread on /a/
If I had to have one, then she'd look like a mix of all these images. Bulky muscles with long blonde hair with some braids. She'd be taller than me to where her chest is at the height of my face.
>>1397 Truly patrician taste in waifus Anon. I pray that something like you dream of happens for you and the rest of us in real life! Godspeed.
Open file (587.85 KB 1505x1126 1637239752272.jpg)
>>420 Sakuya. I love her so much :>
Open file (306.91 KB 1500x972 lazy sunday.jpg)
Open file (224.70 KB 783x700 futon miku.png)
Open file (55.17 KB 400x539 90s miku.jpg)
Not in a romantic way, but I've had major Miku autism for about 5-6 years. She doesn't have a personality but she's a great singer.
Open file (94.52 KB 600x900 801-commando.jpg)
>>3953 young Arnold is my Waifu, just kidding I don't have one. I can't really get motivated from female lifters because I can't see my self in their shoes because I am not a woman, Arnold is more practical to my primatial brain even if he has taken Deca and Dianabol
Aint >>4105 that Duke Nukem?
Open file (283.76 KB 850x1360 mywaifu2.jpg)
The perfect woman.
Open file (415.34 KB 1448x2048 yuuka38.jpg)
>>4182 Indeed she is.
Open file (292.40 KB 1200x1200 52599295_p1.png)
Open file (530.44 KB 840x1120 52599295_p0.png)
Open file (2.20 MB 1200x1600 59603198_p0 (1).png)
Bikko. People have largely forgotten her by now, sadly, but I never will. I genuinely find it sort of depressing that no one recognizes her anymore.

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