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Do you wear glasses?!


Thankfully my eyesight is great, so no. Might have to when I’m older like both my parents


I have five pairs of glasses


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Not anymore. I used to for most of my life as I am short-sighted, but like two years ago I started noticing that I kept peeking out over it, so I stopped wearing it and now I can see all the far away things pretty well. I really need to go to an optometrist to get an official opinion on it but I'm too lazy to actually do so.


I used to have glasses, now I use contacts. I still use my glasses sometimes for when I want to play vidya and need proper clarity, but forgot to put contacts in


Yeah. Since I was pretty young. My vision isn't bad for most things, but I can't read most things more than about 2 feet from my face.
Even if my eyesight was adequate, my work requires safety glasses.


No, but I think I need one pretty soon. My left eye is normal but my right eye can't look far without it being blurry.


Only when driving.


only when using my pc


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>Do you wear glasses?!
Of course i do. Safety first!


I used to. But then I shot a laser into my eyes and now have 20/20 vision

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