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I like to learn about things in my free time, does anyone else here do the same? Let's talk about what we are learning!

Discussion of non-free-time related studying is welcome too.


File: 1684663632078.png (3.36 MB, 1551x2380, 9803d43e6d11e1d44efaae2bb3….png)

Right now I am mainly trying to learn differential equations. I'm using this book: https://www.jirka.org/diffyqs/ but it's going slowly as it's pretty hard for me.

My plan is to learn some physics once I am comfortable with differential equations, but I'm not sure where to start with that.


File: 1684669077321.jpg (342.42 KB, 550x851, da4c3452c5ccb8b064419d6ced….jpg)

I am kind of a scientist or something
My experiments are illegal and involve animals so not a lot of credit
The fact that my third world african hellhole doesn't have any proper universities (i couldn't even get into a highschool) and makes things banned on a whim due to an ongoing war doesn't make it any better
I am currently into electrochemical machinery and electrolysis in general
I make weird shaped tubes for aerodynamical purposes
I was into rockets as a kid and they hooked me onto explosives. Probably going to die before 40 because of all the chlorine and hydrazine, i am sure my lungs are picked up by metal detectors after that aluminum accident
Into electronics but never made anything really complex or unique. Did some planes and various funny sensors for my bombs but nothing outstanding, atleast better than those muslim guys
Honestly my math skills are pretty bad
I can easily propel percentages in my head because of the need to constantly do so but even slightly complex algebra requires a lot of effort from my side


File: 1684700765824.png (615.71 KB, 788x1080, kobayashi panic.png)

>My experiments are illegal and involve animals
You are not hurting them, right??


File: 1684733979861.jpg (229.13 KB, 1000x1000, 4a0affea4166bd48bcb8523d20….jpg)

>You are not hurting them, right??
Not on purpose
Sometimes they do get hurt but that's the nature of living beings. There are times when i can't repair them anymore and i have to kill them painlessly, you get used to it with time
Honestly i am pretty pissed about the animal abuse laws, i know that what i am doing is probably "wrong" but still. You can dissect rats alive while stonning them on neurotoxins and lead but you get v& and send in jail for 5 years if someone sees you kicking a homeless dog
Really strange considering that you can legally kick an owned dog
>I should learn is self-discipline
Yeah i heard you can get far with that stuff, i lack it too. But when your house can explode if you won't maintain the pH of your electrolysis chamber you get those really strong bursts of motivation when you suddenly remember that
>I still hope that self-discipline CAN be learned
It can only be learned, no other ways. You basically have to brainwash yourself, humans aren't predisposed to this kind of stuff, they are wild and erratic. Civilization aren't really possible with that kind of mindset though, so people preach discipline, often kinda forcefully, i am not sure if that's a good thing
>Maybe I can come up with some self-punishment system or something
Yeah, don't forget about self-rewarding systems too
>But would God listen… to the prayers of someone like me…?
It depends on the god. If you mean that guy that was a father of jesus then yeah he probably will
I am not sure honestly they have so many books and rules it's almost impossible to comprehend all of this as an outsider


What am I reading…


Listen friend, I recently completed a master's that involved animal testing. I can 100% guarantee you that no, you can in fact not get rats high on neurotoxins (which don't get you high in the first place but I digress) and dissect them alive. Rats in particular have some of the strictest regulations in existence for academia, second only to those of people (obviously) and apes.
I don't know what your experiments are but from what I've seen it's likely "I wonder what happens if I do X" which you can most likely just look up. There are reasons why doing that kind of a thing are illegal to them.


>But is self-discipline really something that can be learned…? It is probably innate, right?
Do you really think a 4 yr old just sits down and stares at books over and over again until they learn to read? No. They gradually get it taught and beaten into them, and when they try to get out of it they get punished, eventually rewarded for getting it right. They then internalize it and it becomes self discipline. You, as an adult, can skip the first parts but it will be somewhat slow, like a child learning to read.
>praying and involving spooky spiritual god mumbo jumbo
yeah actually highly recommend it. there are many spirits / gods devoted to learning and knowledge, and if you take the approach of "it's all just archetypes that dwell in your mind man!!" then still speaking to those inner dwelling areas of your mind won't hurt either. Check out some of the /x/ boards.
If you're of a Christian bend there's "God" of course, but then there's also Gabriel the archangel, there's Hecate or Athena from Greece, there's The Librarian from 40 servants if you're of a chaos magick kind of guy, then there's Goetia spirits as well though I'd warn you to be a bit careful there.
>sleep is a luxury that someone like me does not deserve
You do understand that's 100% self deprecation + woe is me, right? If not intentional, it's what 15yr olds do on tumblr or whatever the site is nowadays. I don't mean this to be mean, but because it's important to know how you come across / sound to others.
As for the actual content of what you said, lol. You do not want to skimp on sleep if for the sole reason that sleep is when your brain consolidates the learning and experiences that it did during the day. You will not be able to adequately retain the knowledge or habits without devoting some time for your brain to do it's thing a la sleep.


It's not "learning" in the traditional sense, but I'm reading a lot of books recently, OP. Fantasy, isekai, you get the gist. In the past couple of months I've read three korean webnovels (in english, i'm not that 133t) of roughly 6000 pages each and several dozen LN. If you pay serious attention to it, you can pick up neat cultural insights and/or perspectives that can broaden your views on life (this is the case with any material really).
Here's one I would recommend:

As far as learning in the traditional sense… Just random bits of linguistic knowledge from the new words I come across I guess, like Dokkaebi being korean goblins who are closer to fae trickster spirits.


>Rats in particular have some of the strictest regulations in existence for academia
In academia
There are no academies here but there are animal abuse laws that don't care about most "pests" including rats
>I wonder what happens if I do X
All experiments are like that, they are conducted to prove a hypothesis or are just a blind tinkering with hopes of discovering something useful
>which you can most likely just look up
i wish
but sadly it's either not publicly available or not researched yet
like hydrazine salts can be toxic or can be very toxic
it's really hard to calculate that
and most of the existing hydrazine salts aren't even documented anywhere
>Check out some of the /x/ boards.
This stuff is too spooky for me i can't sleep at night after reading posts on those
>Do you really think a 4 yr old just sits down and stares at books over and over again until they learn to read?
Of course no. Unlike chemistry languages make no sense, have little logic and are practically impossible to learn on your own
Kid can come up with math on his own but he probably can't make his own language
You need to teach the kid alphabet first then he can learn to read on his own, it was like that for me


I really ought to learn about the various things that go into making a visual novel.
I've been starting a bit of writing for one, but the rest will be more difficult. Not that I expect it to be a masterpiece, as it's just for fun to write about and expand upon the scenarios I imagine anyway. I'd just like it to be nice.


File: 1684859869003.jpg (430.71 KB, 2039x2039, d14bd1830de6a70c38d44a4993….jpg)

>I recently completed a master's


File: 1684872591406.jpg (166.02 KB, 850x478, sample_80efb548987d86b5031….jpg)

I was a military man in the french army for almost 3 years. Always focus on political subjects (boring aaah shit) -> I decided to stop EVERYTHING to back to a normal life.

I want to study computer science! (Im starting soon).

I also study japanese with some books like : basic kanji book and the marugoto.

Since i visited Japan in january i want to learn tons of things so i could easily move there with a master degree in computer science + JLPT N3 at least!


Thanks friend, it actually means a bit to hear that, even from an anon. I think I can count the people I've heard some sort of congrats from on one hand ;-;
Between then and now I lost motivation to continue into PhD stuff but it's at least nice knowing the option is there I guess if I decide to get try to get a job again lol.


It depends on the style of game you want. There are stories told in rpgmaker that are pretty good, though it would force the game into one where you need to have variable and environments and the like.
If you want strict VN though, there are programs set up to make it easier to learn like Renpy.

Ganbatte!! Learning japanese is hard but I believe you can do it, especially if you were a military man for some years and regained enough sanity to still have ambitions after it.

What's the purpose of your hydrazine salt tests in rats? Also while I guess it may be legal in whatever country you're in, my purpose for bringing in academia is that the way it works now (for Europe and I believe the US), if your results are derived from a non ethically approved experimental set up, they will disregard your results / not accept them under the explicit reason of having not been set up under the proper procedure, so it's not a "study" whose results could benefit anyone except you. As an example, you do a simple behavioral experiment in a non clean room and it would be argued that "while the results may suggest X due to the effects of Y, it was not an isolated environment so it could easily be due to any number of other causes".
As such, it's limited to the "I wonder what would happen if" territory. Which honestly could be fine still as that's the basis for a lot of advancements, it just makes me wary because I don't see how that particular line (hydrazine salt rat testing) would bring benefits, though I of course can't say for sure not knowing the details.

>unlike chemistry languages make no sense

au contraire! as long as you have a base level language you already know so you understand things like how a sentence construction works, nouns, verbs, etc., languages make a lot of sense!
"I need this" -> [subject] [requires] [thing], or [thing is lacking] [thing is necessary]. All different ways to say the same thing with varying implications or nuances.


File: 1684896409845.jpg (321.3 KB, 1080x1080, hide-the-pain-harold.jpg)

If it counts as studying I am, and have been for a while now, trying to rationalize 3d spaces in regards to art. Perspective makes my head hurt and my guidelines always end up making a mess of lines in which I get lost on after a while. It's so tiresome. I wish it all clicked overnight and I wouldn't have to figuratively put by brain through a noodle maker.


File: 1684905286008.jpg (36.86 KB, 720x720, 11b1e3d1f3293996d6af5ec50c….jpg)

Relatively recently I read William James Varieties of Religious Experiences, which were a series of Harvard lectures given by a famous psychologist and philosopher. I guess the point was creating and categorizing psychological character types and archetypes of different religious figures throughout history in order to give some sense of psychological legitimacy to religious people's experiences, and create an overall psychological profile for certain characteristics like Sainthood, or religious dread, or feelings of things being beyond what can be sensed or naturally explained. It's the only technical psychological work I've really read, and it was pretty interesting despite being so specific. Reading about religious figures who use extreme forms of asceticism, or self torture as a form of equilibrium, or even for enjoyment and stuff like that is really interesting.

Mostly everything else I've read has just been fiction and classic literature, which I'm not sure is on the same level of being educational as like, hard mathematics, or science or learning something like changing a car tire, or something practical like that.


File: 1684934381132.jpg (179.8 KB, 1024x1571, IMG_0073.jpg)

>read has just been fiction and classic literature, which I'm not sure is on the same level of being educational
All fact starts as fiction


Yeah no, I feel you. I'm just not sure if reading a fiction book would really be the form of learning that OP means when there's already a book thread for stuff like that. I assumed they meant more practical stuff. I'm not saying reading fiction isn't worthwhile or anything. That's not what I was trying to say.


For a long time now I've been learning a lot about firearms, including their specific use cases, how to use them, their history, construction, and mechanics. I especially like learning about weird or 'over-engineered' firearms.
More recently, I've decided to learn Spanish and how to brew and distill alcohol. Spanish is actually useful for me, but the brewing just seems kinda like fun.
At some point in the future, I want to learn lock picking and clandestine explosive manufacturing. Not for any real reason other than it just seems like it'd be fun.


>I especially like learning about weird or 'over-engineered' firearms
all automatic firearms are over-engineered and bloated
rifled barrels are also rather complex
now they only make it worse with time to be honest
just like with CPUs
>lock picking
sounds fun but it's actually very frustrating (and usually bad for your back)
but yeah a nice skill to have
>clandestine explosive manufacturing
so many horrible ways to die in the process
are you planning on making subsonic pyrotechnics or reaching the peak of chemical explosions with 10000 meter fast blast wave and brisance way above TNT equivalent?
because in first case it's kinda simple and not so dangerous
like it's dangerous but usually because of explosions that's fine and inevitable
you can just limit yourself to chlorates nitrocellulose and potassium nitrate while playing with funny metals that you can add to make it look prettier
but yeah people who breach 1500 meter limit are usually very suicidal
that's like a mountain climbing without safety equipment but at home
start with chlorates
i think chlorates are the best for beginners
they are versatile (mostly) not shock sensitive and when they degrade they lose their explosive capabilities (unlike peroxides)
can be use not only in conventional explosives but also rocket fuel and smoke bombs
they are also rather easy to make by boiling bleach or electrolysis (you probably will need electrodes that cost half of your internal organs or a very tedious pH control but i believe that's possible for a beginner)
you can also easily buy them in most countries
they can breach 1500 meter limit with some fuels but those mixtures are rather safe
>this post is sponsored by the onion router and MKU


>all automatic firearms are over-engineered and bloated
Counterpoint M3 'grease gun' and some of the older AK variants. They're like a handful of parts and do the bare minimum of what they're required. When I say over-engineered, I mean guns like the AN-94 or H&K G11. Stuff that looks more like a clockwork nightmare than any kind of weapon.
>rifled barrels are also rather complex
Not really, and I'd say it's totally worth the complexity
>but yeah people who breach 1500 meter limit are usually very suicidal
Thank you for noticing! But seriously, if I do make any explosives, I will start at low explosives. Actual detonations are a maybe at best.


>yeah actually highly recommend it. there are many spirits / gods devoted to learning and knowledge, and if you take the approach of "it's all just archetypes that dwell in your mind man!!" then still speaking to those inner dwelling areas of your mind won't hurt either. Check out some of the /x/ boards.
What do you think their true nature is? Man-made egregores? Ancient beings who have revealed themselves to mankind? Artificial entities acting as servants to higher beings?


I've been thinking about my education the past few days. I only graduated high school, though my ACT composite is a 33 which translates to a 1490 to 1510 SAT score.
I regret not going to college for robotics. Looking at it now, I realize robotics is what I was interested in all along. I really enjoyed learning about anatomy and mechanics.
I wish I was better at communicating things I needed back then. I really let myself down.


Well you know what they always say Friend.
>Today is the first day of the rest of your life
>No time like the present
>No use crying over spilt milk

Just grab the bull by the horns and wrestle that beyatch to the ground! Good luck. :)


>their true nature
it entirely depends upon both worldview as well as the spirit in question.
unlike some of the people i talk to, i don't have two sided conversations / feelings / nuances etc. with them, but I do get results of the evocation. Thus, this is entirely my own speculation, but I see them as not any different than a disembodied / existing-outside-of-time-space person. Haniel, angel of love? How different is being really big on love compared to a 30s housewife who really REALLY loves romance or drama shows?


I've been studying organic chem all semester… it would be fun if I wasn't burnt out on all the memorization. Once I get a break from that I want to learn some art skills and how to shoot.


File: 1685945923150.png (680.78 KB, 960x476, anki.png)

I do not know if you already use it, or if it could not be applied on the subject you are learning, but I can recommend Anki, an open-source program for Spaced Repetition System flashcards. In other words, a software to help you memorize things, which is optimized to make you recall things you have more difficulty with more often, and things you have less difficulty with less often.
It is what I used when I was learning Japanese.

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