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How Did You Find /Kind/? Friend 11/30/2021 (Tue) 17:40:45 No.3686
(this is a repost as my last thread violated the guidelines with the image.) > I went on 4chan > didn't like what I saw > Looked for alternatives > Found /kind/ I liked it and so I stayed. ^^
Didn't it had the same image?
>>3687 yes it was just the name of the file
I found /kind/ in march 2015 on 8chan's /b/ while I was being a typical edgy gore spamming teenager. I didn't think much of it at the time, but had a change of heart after witnessing a particularly disturbing thread on /b/. When I came back to /kind/ a month later it was abandoned and the rest is history.
I found it on 8chan.
I was on peelopaalu (a very cool link repository, https://peelopaalu.neocities.org), which linked to comfy.chat, which linked here, and now I'm writing this post. Hello!
>peelopaalu very cool, bookmarked. thanks.
I was looking for some Android app for 4chan since I felt the mobile experience kinda sucked. found out about alternative boards as there were some supported by the app and started looking for more out of curiosity. among the ones I found, they made me realize I just dont like (most of) 4chan's culture in general. kind is one of the places I take mental refuge now. so kinda similar to OP
>>3825 >I just dont like (most of) 4chan's culture in general The whole site culture just feels foreign to me nowadays. It's like the entire place from years ago got replaced with a bunch of people I can't relate to.
>>3686 I found it on allchans.org
Friend of a friend, first it was the webring half a year back and then I eventually found kind and comfy just scrolling through all the boards A great life choice clicking on this board
>>3686 i found it some days ago and I don't even remember how lol
>>3686 Not sure I remember. Probably when I saw it on the webring listing Robi made for Julay. I only started lurking regularly once /robowaifu/ posted you.
I don't exactly remember but probably found it through one of those imageboard directory websites.
>>4007 How many of those websites exist anyway? I only know of two and would like to compare all of them to each other.
Found it on 8chan, started coming back more the more I felt that the general edge of rest of the boards is actually kind of abhorrent. The more I grew disillusioned with how hateful everything is everywhere else, I started wanting to go back to /kind/ more.
Memory is unreliable. Best guess - it was a board on 8. In my mind I tend to lump together /kind/ and /late/. Hope you don't find that insulting; I also lump together lain and uboa. Anyhoo, merry kwanzaa or whatever is politically correct. I'm getting drunk. Hope you don't need to. p.s. The sun is amazing. Incredible too. Maunder Minimum. Death to the enemy. ゆゆしき adj-fJMdict (English) grave serious alarming
Open file (1.92 MB 1191x1684 rem and ram.png)
>>3686 found /kind/ the exact same way you did op
Open file (435.65 KB 1300x1700 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3686 I was hopping from one imageboard to another till I eventually came here.

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