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Anybody here /kind/ on the web, /bully/ to the friends?
A friend of mine called me the bully of our little friend group, and I can't exactly disagree. Doing a little light bullying is just too fun!


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When I had friends I liked to hide and jump scare them when they got close. Now the closest I can get to that kind of fun is online banter.


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I used to hang out with some guys twice my age who worked/loitered at a car wash I frequented due to it being open all night and me not having anything better to do.
They took a liking for me because I spoke and acted quite mature for my age.
One of them was kind of a manchild and we used to tease him because he was very naive for his age. One day he stopped showing up. Several months later one of the guys managed to contact him via text and he said that he had moved to another neighborhood and was seeing a therapist that advised him no to talk to us ever again.


I like to bully some of my family, friends and coworkers but they all know that I'm joking and I won't take it too far, I'll drop the act if I think any of them are in trouble. There is only one person I won't mess with because she's one of the few people who isn't annoyed by me and has gone out of her way to help me when I have struggled, so I have no desire to piss her off.


I'm socially inept and often don't realise I've taken the banter too far until after the fact. I try to be more conscious of it whenever I see my friend but sometimes I get too comfortable and slip.


Bully me op


Nah, seems like a waste of time. Go make a friend who will bully you instead.


>advised him no to talk to us ever again
Was what you did that bad or are therapists retarded?


The latter but it was pretty funny.


I'm incredibly rude to my best friend. He's like a little brother to me, but I've been bullying him since I've met him. I've also been taking care of him as much as I can since then. He's like me, just worse at talking to people and less of an individual. I just hope he only takes it somewhat personally, so that he'll try to do better, while also realizing it's only tough love and I want to help him do better than me, even if that would upset me because it would further cement the fact that I'm a completely useless neet.


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In real life, I don't necessarily act like a bully, but I'm very stoic and blunt with people I know. I also tend to joke around a lot and act silly. I may act cold on the outside, but on the inside, I'm a pretty empathetic person.

The only reason why I am so cold, is because I view emotion as a weakness. I know that sounds pretty edgy, but the thought of crying or hugging irks me. Maybe it's because growing up, I wasn't used to such intimacy and was in an environment where any sort of 'weakness' was used against you.


i used to when i became more comfortable around ppl, but i've heard multiple times that they thought i genuinely disliked them and tried toning it down, now i'm just not around ppl or never get comfortable around them, so it doesn't happen anymore… i generally have a problem building relationships or feeling a relationship being there, which i've gotten used to but it's a bit disheartening when i hear others say i feel distant and that's why they didn't get back to me, so i rly don't know what it is abt me, opting for embracing the schizoid nowadays, being a kind schizoid online just feels better


+1, happened to me too. Somehow I can't be straight about liking somebody and just start to tease them. This lead to that feedback and now I just seem distant and cold, even if I actually like a person. At least it made me a decent person online, although I only browse sites where you are anon.


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I'm kind of the same way. I'm usually told I'm cold or a funny rude but I would still feel bad since I never really mean to be mean to people. Though, I feel a bit more emotive and touch starved as of late, but only let it out around people I'm genuinely comfortable with.


this thread is more proof that people that bully never see themselves as bullies.

I also don't believe in karma.


None of these posts describe bullying.


more proof


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bullies only learn by violence, most bullies are pussies and the only way for bullies to stop is to punch them in neck. I guarantee they will run away and leave you alone if you hit hard enough.I am a peaceful people but if someone harasses me I know how to handle it. I recommend anons who are bullied to learn how to defend themselves and learn to stick up for yourself.


you dont know what bullying is


enlighten me then


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I don't have friends irl, but here I have them


Bullying is abusing the vulnerable. It is not banter between friends, practical jokes between friends or being socially awkward/distant.


¨Friends¨. that's the keyword here. At least anons here seem to realize that they take it too far but if the banter is completely one sided and one of them gets mad when the other fights back I consider that bullying and it's better to leave the relationship like >>3624 >>3540.
People don't really want to see you change and stop being their joke punching bag.


It's not for you to decide if two people are friends. They decide that between themselves. These do seem one sided but it's probably because we're only getting one side of the story. With little context.
>one of them gets mad when the other fights back I consider that bullying and it's better to leave the relationship like
>People don't really want to see you change and stop being their joke punching bag.
I don't see any of this in those posts. Seems like you're just projecting grievances from failed friendships you had on to these posts.


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Some KCposter seems to suffer from hoarding bottles

I decided to help him to reuse them


>best friend
>less of an individual


>>3624 here. My intentions are good, and it's not like I'm always being an asshole to him. I just don't think it's good to baby people all the time. We are very close friends, and he's always certain to tell me when he's in town. He hasn't fought back in over a year either. He clearly doesn't mind.
>People don't really want to see you change and stop being their joke punching bag.
I see that you didn't read my post. You shouldn't use examples while just filling in the blanks yourself.
I worded that incorrectly. He's just incredibly passive. He doesn't initiate anything for the most part, and in groups he doesn't really talk. It wasn't much of an issue in the past, but I don't want to see him become friendless once he finished school or miss out on being a young man for that matter.

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