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Friend 06/13/2021 (Sun) 01:16:09 No.269
So many underage kids on kind.moe. Guess it's alright, since we're strictly sfw. Just be sure to get your parents' permission kiddos. >mfw used to be an underage on 8/kind/ I shouldn't feel old, could only imagine how some of the guys here feel.
>how some of the guys here feel Annoyed at the extremely low quality of the aforementioned posts and the fact that the poster feels the need to state he's underage. It's no different than saying "femanon here" (remember that?) in that you should just keep that to yourself. I've been trying to ignore it but it's getting difficult.
im 13 yo XD
Open file (85.42 KB 810x780 7351.jpg)
>>270 >Low quality I don't mind shitposting, but can sort of agree that some of it is too on the nose(?). It'll get better once we have a few more long-term threads I think. At least they're making threads too. kind.moe pre-wipe felt kind of stagnant. >the fact that the poster feels the need to state he's underage. I can certainly agree with this. It is what it is though. I doubt the kids have been posting long enough to get a feel for this sort of thing. Everyone's got to start somewhere I guess, so I'll give it a pass. >I've been trying to ignore it Once we have more threads going, it'll get easier. Maybe you could make a thread about something you like?
I don't feel old, just a creep for hanging around these kids. Maybe it is a good thing, I really should leave imageboards for good.
>>283 I would imagine most people around here are in their 20's. The kids are probably just outliers. >Maybe it is a good thing, I really should leave imageboards for good. Can't argue with that. Good luck if you do.
Open file (1.38 MB 500x454 kancolle.gif)
>>283 >I don't feel old, just a creep for hanging around these kids. Sucks to be you, I've always seen myself as a creep, so if I have to hang around a bunch of early game players I have no biggie about it. The only thing I want is to be at peace with everybody.
>>314 Why do you feel old? You shouldn't feel old, it just a state of mind. You are better then this
>>315 accidently I replied to my own deleted post. I deleted it because of a typo sorry
>>281 >I don't mind shitposting Okay, but when someone's posts devolve from pretty damn bad to literally "wat u mean i onli visit kind moe abd anon cafi fren" then I just begin to feel annoyed. I don't think it's rude or even uncivil to tell people that they need to lurk. I know there's not many threads here right now but I think lurking imageboards in general helps newfags. >Maybe you could make a thread about something you like? Who says I haven't?
>>320 That post looks alright to me. Taking liberties with the English language doesn't automatically make a post bad. >I don't think it's rude You're targeting this child with barbed remarks in an attempt to shame and pressure him into silence. You want him to think his posts are bad so he shuts up. This is unkind bullying. Leave the kid alone already.
>>315 It's just a bit weird to see someone in the same position that you were years ago. I'm pretty young so it's a first for me.
>>283 I have already seen posts like this for years and from various people. If somebody uses 4chan /b/, Twitter or Instagram, then I understand why they want to quit it. What I don't understand is when posts like that show up on places like this. Why would anyone want to quit /kind/ or other small, helpful and friendly communities?
>>337 >It's just a bit weird to see someone in the same position that you were years ago It's part of life especially when you have children or visit your nephews or younger cousins. They sort of remind you of a younger version of (you). They look exactly like me in my baby photos minus some minor differences
>>320 I do agree that lurking helps newfriends a lot. I would say for certain that it helped me years ago but as of now it looks like the art of lurking is dead. The idea of lurking itself is such a foreign concept from all the popular forms of social media that it just comes off as unintuitive.
>>350 They are time sinks... I keep checking them a lot more often than actual activity would warrant.
>>358 I've always been the baby of the family, I'm afraid. I do have a niece now, but she's still a little baby. Not that I don't have younger cousins and such, just never met them. >>359 It's something that's changed quite a while ago I think. Kids growing up with the internet readily available generally lack the power of observation, or at least that's something I noticed.
>>333 It's a combination of things. I didn't target him and I have been leaving him alone, as I said I've been ignoring it. I was voicing my annoyance. I'm not pressuring anyone into silence, I don't want people to be silent, I want people to post, I just want them to try harder. As many others have expressed, it's probably not the best idea for children to be on imageboards. I'm gonna leave it at that.
>>360 Sounds more like the issue is you and not imageboards. Once a day is enough for places like this.
>>374 > the issue is you I agree.
>>269 Over 30 here. Moe was always a newfriendgy anime type that came in around the time anime became mainstream. Of course a wild spamming high schooler will show up.
>>269 >tfw used to be underage on 4ch/r9k/ LOL. can you imagine?
>>1223 i got groomed on /b/ when i was 12 more than a decade ago, that's how you know i'm a real one
Open file (2.29 MB 480x360 1573609304249.gif)
>>540 >>1223 >>1233 Let's give a round of applause for the veterans.
>>269 >could only imagine how some of the guys here feel I never understood when older people would talk about time flying past until the past few years. Looking back at things I used to enjoy, whether they were video games, tv shows, movies, albums and realising, "Oh, that was released over a decade ago." I feel like my mind is still stick in 2008-2012. Maybe we all did die in 2012 like the schizos thought and this is limbo or something. >>283 I don't feel creepy per se, but I do feel kind of uncomfortable when I realise I'm at the age where I can be talking to someone that's ten years younger than me and that means they're eighteen. Shit's fucked. I don't really have a strong urge to talk to people in private or any of that though, so that's probably why I don't feel creepy about it personally, not to say that's relevant to why you feel creepy about it though. >>337 >It's just a bit weird to see someone in the same position that you were years ago. That's weird to me as well. A part of me kind of wants to help them with those issues to hopefully avoid any serious long-term effects those issues could lead to. In my case stuff like depression/anxiety, being a social recluse and long-term unemployment. There's not much help I can really give them I think beyond, "this is the loser you could end up being if you don't shape up". >>374 Places like this are great for that I think. I'll end up having my designated threads on here that I'll check once every day or so at night and update things as I need then just go about my life. I still have my time sink imageboards though, but they're smaller, close-knit communities of maybe no more than eight posters. >>1233 I don't mean to be nosey and don't answer my question if you don't want, I won't take it personally, but what do you mean by "groomed"?
>>1766 >but what do you mean by "groomed"? I'll write it vaguely, but I think it's about what you'd expect. Children on the internet tend to be very obvious, and oversharing information with anyone who may ask. Certain kinds of people will reach out to them in private and give them the attention they should be getting from friends and family, but aren't. Children tend to look up to older people as a figure out authority. Someone "cool" and "mature" they can trust and want to spend time with. It's very easy for adults to befriend them and manipulate them into doing things for them in exchange for praise and gifts.
My internet activity was completely unsupervised when I was younger, so I would visit sites anywhere and everywhere. I even had "online sex" by exchanging sexual messages with someone in a chatroom once, when I was around 10 or 11 years old (I didn't really know what I was doing at the time and just saw it as a way to use every word I had learned from porn lol) I had alot of online friends, especially at that age, some of which cerainly must have been over 18. However, I think I handled it relatively maturely by always going by fake names, fake age, and never revealing any personal/private information. I've also turned out pretty normal now. Athough I'm probably the exception to the rule, and I know most kids probably won't be that smart and mature so some adult supervision online is necessary imo.
>>1780 >My internet activity was completely unsupervised when I was younger, so I would visit sites anywhere and everywhere It really is the wild west growing up with the internet. >I've also turned out pretty normal now. Lucky..
>>1772 I'm sorry that happened to you. I don't really know what else to say beyond that.
>>270 I never mentioned being underage when I was, it shouldn't matter
>>1780 >My internet activity was completely unsupervised when I was younger, so I would visit sites anywhere and everywhere. You were raised 2000s. Your grandparents did the same thing to parents when they younger. There weren't any child neglect laws until the late 90's and early 2000s. This meant that either parents would stay home alone at a much younger age or they would send them outside but outside meant something else compared to now, You could buy something go to the store unsupervised and if didn't come back by sunset it was on you because your grandparents would have severely punished your parents.
>>269 >mfw used to be an underage on 8/kind/ Better than being underage on /b/. Or those /i/nvasion boards small chans used to have. Stuff'll rot your brain.
>>2936 I was underage on /b/ way before I was underage on 8/kind/
>>2936 >>2938 I only started going to imageboards regularly when I was 18. But I was an E.D. reader for several years before that, so I still saw some things that nobody would want to see regardless of their age.
im 13 is that bad
>>271 same :0
>>2979 >>2980 Uso..!
im 10
im 10 months old
>>3002 I come from the year 2036.
>tfw 63 this year
>>3004 You're older than my dad.
>>3014 No need to rub it in little dude.
>>3003 What's it like?
>>3016 World War III has taken full effect. I'm in search of an IBM-5100, you know anyone who has one?
>>3014 We'll be older one day too, anon.
>>3022 If we live that long. I've almost got my wizard powers now. I was just surprised to see someone that age on an imageboard. I remember there used to be a few tripfriends in their 60s on 4chan back in the day, but I think those were the oldest I've seen.
>>3014 I bet your dad's such a cool Gen Xer, dude.
>>3028 He's a Generation Jones baby boomer. That's really similar to an early Gen Xer though. The two categories ended up getting kind of conflated. Some of the guys from Soundgarden were actually late baby boomers, for example. It's like how late millennials and early zoomers are a lot alike.
I'll admit I'm underage this post, but only 17, and I only ever talk about being underage when it’s relevant I was let on the internet pretty much without regulation since the 6th grade. I was lucky though, and only lurked 4chan rarely starting in late 2017, and that was fit and pol. I think that might have been my saving grace, that my friend got me into it and that we would often talk about it so that I could have more rational thinking about everything. I moved away from pol after my short edge lord phase and would rarely post on places like x and other chill boards. I started posting more once I got well into /fit/ and /r9k/, but just had nice conversations and avoided the blackpill because I was able to talk to normal people. I am lucky that the internet didn’t fuck up my social skills completely, but now I don’t feel like I’m very attached to either world. I’m too detached from the normal world because of the time I spend online, but I am also not interested in becoming that deeply entrenched in internet culture. I mainly keep to myself and shitpost with friends, or have decent conversation online, not taking much seriously and having a good laugh, which is what I think the internet should be for. I like this board so far, been lurking a couple months and occasionally posting if I find a good post, slow enough to have quality discussion and get to know the general community easier. Sorry for blogposting but I felt it was kind of relevant, definitely oversharing but that's the fun of the internet
It's good that there's new users. Otherwise imageboards would die off. It's bizarre that I can now interact with people that have been born since I started lurking.
I am 2. I am fluent in javascript, and I'm gay. :3
>>3194 I was born yesterday. I am fluent in Ruby, and I believe that this friend speaks the truth. XD
>>1223 still am to this day pretty sure it fucked me up bad though

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