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Do you drink? I don’t.


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Good decision. I used to drink a lot and it was fun for like the first 5 years of daily intake. - After that it lead to horrible decisions, blackouts, violence and it almost killed me. Be careful friends, alcohol is a sneaky fellow and feels too good to be true if you're an anxious person as long as you haven't built a tolerance to it. It's just to toxic and destructive if you need higher doses to feel that sweet relief. I wouldn't recommend it at all.


File: 1678017460876.webm (6.61 MB, 640x360, drink-mo-wata.webm)

Yes I drink, I drink water!


Drink alcohol? Not at all.
Loli pee? Naturally.


On some weekends if I'm especially bored. I really ought to stop bothering since it doesn't help these days. Just makes me feel a little more blue until I cry or go to bed.
I used to drink a ton, but it started getting in the way of things I enjoyed.


I've had a grasshopper before, but that's the only alcohol I've ever drank. It's possible I had some kind of kiddie version too, but I don't really know how it was made.

Drinking alcohol has never been something that has interested me in the least, and I've always stayed away from it. I couldn't see anything good coming out of me getting into something like that.


File: 1678043984377.jpg (80.51 KB, 800x800, dd2298bea9a1a86dbc3fe405fe….jpg)

I don't drink often but when I do I like to get as drunk as possible. Having to fight against your body just feels fun for some reason.


File: 1678071391659.png (28.64 KB, 263x321, 0731.png)

Very rarely. i don't really like alcohol. but i drink wine or vodka when i rarely depend on it.


I've tasted alcohol like 3 or 4 times in my life and didn't think much of it
Usually I drink water and occasionally milkshakes


File: 1679411926509.png (395.54 KB, 647x597, h.png)

I drink occasionally, it's all fun and laughter when you're drinking but the hangover the next day is… not the best experience.

I used to drink a lot but the hangover is just not worth it anymore so I try to not get too drunk.


I was borderline alcoholic at times in college. Nowadays, it's a few beers a week - I really enjoy trying out new beer and supporting local breweries. Rye whiskey is nice to sip on occasion as well.


I drink sodas and I like them. They're bad for my health, but someone like me… wouldn't deserve to be healthy or live long.
If this guy's kind is his target audience, then this video is futile. You know, there's no water in their continent either way…


File: 1684014493695.gif (1.73 MB, 200x150, stone cold.gif)

Why, I'm having a few drinks and watching Wrestlemania 17 as we speak.
But seriously friends, remember to drink in moderation and have a glass of water in between shots to prevent hangover.


Also make sure you intake electrolytes, especially if you're drinking a LOT. Just water an no electrolytes will mean you'll probably piss most of them out


File: 1684059539136.jpg (304.96 KB, 1920x1080, ee102f76a1b9838cc4f7ee3951….jpg)

>I really enjoy trying out new beer and supporting local breweries
I don't get why people like sedatives. They just make me even more apathetic
But i brew my own ethanol
For research purposes
Dumb laws and policies make ethanol in pharmacies or grocery stores have insanely high prices, the purity is also dubious
And i need liters of 95% ethanol, buying it here would cost me my internal organs and a house (probably multiplied on each other)
Brewing is easy and almost free
It's also illegal here
Can't synthesize metakatinons, can't domesticate mushrooms, can't even grow funnily leafed flowers
Even fermenting table sugar is prohibited without kilograms of paper work
Those people in uniforms are such a party poopers


Here in Britain, poor people like me drink strong cider because it's the most cost-effective way to get drunk that isn't completely disgusting. It is pretty disgusting, though. Is that a thing in America?


>the most cost effective way to get drunk in america
probably not cider
i doubt that
"hard" cider industry been growing insanely fast in burgerland but beer and vodka are still cheaper
and it's legal to ferment your own stuff so the most cost effective way would be fermenting the cheapest stuff you can find outside or in grocery stores
you don't need forbidden ancient knowledge or a lot of effort and equipment for that
>not completely disgusting
utterly impossible when it comes to alcohol
especially with drinks that have high concentration of it
you can inject ethanol straight into your veins in small concentrations and dosages to avoid the bad taste
it should be extremely cost effective
doctors sometimes use it to treat methanol poisoning and regulate some heart conditions
you will probably die in a very horrific way since it "can" clog your veins rather easily but making it out alive without permanent damage is mathematically possible


File: 1684082118754.png (586.77 KB, 1431x1300, 47e641d2a6490ff41005d9e5a7….png)

>you can inject ethanol straight into your veins
No friend should ever do that.


File: 1684084026815.png (643.1 KB, 653x666, 7b6d2eb00fc76d1936fb10e5d4….png)

>you shouldn't inject ethanol in your veins
peroral consumption isn't all that great either
better than desomorphine but i honestly have no idea why people use any sedatives
i get stimulants they make you better in all ways possible
they make you smarter and stronger and your funny hormones overload too
but sedatives numb your senses and put you to sleep
maybe some people don't want to feel anything but that's very sad


Alcohol, cannabis, and nicotine are all gay drugs. You should take psychedelic mushrooms: 3.5g, then two weeks later 3.5g more.


>Having to fight against your body just feels fun for some reason.
You should take DXM, then. Go to a store, buy a bottle of "Delsym", drink 1/2 of it, report back.
Nobody cares, normie


Ironically it's normal to have a drug addiction.
The sober are the weird ones.
Though "sober" is a loose term.
Because even the "sober" overload on food and virtual addictions; other vices.


>even the "sober" overload on food and virtual addictions; other vices.
kindof makes "addiction" a meaningless concept, don't ya think?


Only on special occasions when I'm not the DD. I have tried to brew my own stuff, but that was mostly for the fun of making something and not the alcohol


I think there are a class of people out there that live without addiction though.
Just to make sure we're on the same page, "Addiction" I would define as:
>doing things that decrease your overall satisfaction despite the fleeting pleasure it may give.

We may not know what that class of people look like–they're certainly not imageboard users–but they exist, and they have a life of plenty.
I will admit that I do not know size of this class of people, to which yeah, it would render 'addiction' as a meaningless term if it's too small a demographic.

But despite the difficulty, life doesn't have to be trading one addiction for another.
Unfortunately, depending on one's circumstances, sometimes you find that's all you can do to sustain.
Me posting on here is acknowledging the current futility of not using imageboards.

Though we all know this has no returns on investment, these imageboards have too great an offer: a break with a low-stakes environment in which to express yourself, since expressing yourself anywhere else is too high stakes and has too many repercussions for minimal "reward" - all the while avoiding the pains of maintaining relationships.

I wish I knew why I want to write or 'express' myself since most of the time it results in grievances.


>you should take DXM
good morning USA


>nobody cares normie
That’s not a very friendly way to interact. Why bring that kind of hostility here?


>have no idea why people use any sedatives
Reasons very per depressant (sedative) since they act on different mechanisms, but generally people just like it because it's a way to alter one's state of consciousness. Some people might also prefer depressants to stimulants just because stimulants might cause them unwanted side effects, like anxiety.
>doing things that decrease your overall satisfaction despite the fleeting pleasure it may give.
I think that would be a better definition for hedonism, but same diff
>That’s not a very friendly way to interact. Why bring that kind of hostility here?
I would personally advise ignoring un/kind/ behavior whenever possible. Don't feed into it or give it attention


I think an important part of the concept of 'addiction' is becoming dependent on it/being unable to stop


File: 1684179093574.jpg (108.06 KB, 976x549, 12348792374.jpg)

Good point.
Yeah, once you dig your hole long enough, it's hard to see any viable alternative.

For example, what viable alternative is there to imageboards?
You can shoot out answers, but the practicality of each answer—genuinely forming a plan to try it out—becomes less likely with each passing day, so the hikikomori rises


File: 1684181670338.jpg (169.96 KB, 960x960, 8e3d27a8272f168a5fe985bef5….jpg)

I've tried brewing my own stuff in the past but I never had much success with it. Liqueur is as far as I can go but that's just seasoning vodka.


File: 1684189769689-0.gif (779.07 KB, 498x294, hands down.gif)

File: 1684189769689-1.jpg (175.02 KB, 1920x1080, objection.jpg)

File: 1684189769689-2.png (1.5 MB, 1400x976, bullying.png)

File: 1684189769689-3.jpg (79.67 KB, 1280x720, akari.jpg)

>nobody cares
hold it, anon! just because >>3593 might be an inferior normie, this doesn't make >>3593's advice worthless! you have to remember that other friends might find >>3596's extra advice to be helpful.

>I would personally advise ignoring un/kind/ behavior whenever possible. Don't feed into it or give it attention
i disagree! it isn't kind to ignore un/kind/ behavior! it's better to do something about bullis than to do nothing at all. akari would agree with me here!


> it's better to do something about bullies than to do nothing at all
The best thing you can do is to ignore, if you want to do something about it.
No amount of words does anything; the jaded are used to vitriol and find pleas to stop comical.
The only fit action is to not associate, and let them deal with themselves.

Those who are continuously scathing toward others, from my observations, find themselves alone and in their own black hole; why delay the inevitable with Nature orchestrating her "lesson" for them?


File: 1684259552717.jpg (682 KB, 1280x720, f388d3003fbafd752f35b37b4e….jpg)

>ignoring rude people
ignoring people is rude too
they will eventually adapt and become kind in a suiting environment
at least it was like that for me
he's probably so rude just on impulse
it's compulsive
you get contaminated with time and begin to shape your words along with your thoughts
you can restrict those words but that's just sad
nothing worse then being a mute person in a land where everyone is deaf


File: 1684259916297.png (5.48 MB, 1400x1980, c0d2073993e9c8275dd28ec0e7….png)

Last time I drank a little it made my jaw muscles really hurt, like it was cramping or something. So I think I won't drink again until I forget this experience.


>my jaw muscles really hurt, like it was cramping or something
I experienced the same a few times especially when drinking white wine. Well, in the end it's a poison..!


File: 1684262588442.png (1.19 MB, 2000x1500, IMG_1580.png)

I drink too much. I have been trying to cut back, because it affects my sleep and therefore my productivity, and is generally not good for my health long-term. This is motivated by a general desire for self-improvement and self control.

So far I’ve made a some progress, but I can do better. I’ve found introducing positive goals like improving my health and going to the gym regularly has helped motivate me to reduce my consumption.

I still enjoy some beer or wine in the evenings while watching anime, reading, or playing VNs though…


>it affects my sleep
Yeah, it makes me sleep like shit. So if I don't want to sleep much, I'll drink a bit before bed.
Otherwise, I'm more or less in the same boat. Trying to cut back, even if I don't drink too excessively. I'm hoping to do away with the one or two beers after work and limit my weekend drinking to just one night.


I am drinking beer and avoiding cleaning today because work let out really early.
I actually did clean a tiny bit, and I'm just drinking to get the box and cans out of the way…


File: 1684321134674.png (2.66 MB, 2000x2500, 5ef224d1937ec9b44b1c2d7d8c….png)

>just drinking to get the box and cans out of the way…
Well, there's obviously no way around for you. Someone has to drink it!


When i was a kid my parents let me drink a glass of wine a few times but that's it.


File: 1684986549473.png (308.52 KB, 600x921, IMG_1586.png)

I drank two bottles of wine tonight and vomited in my toilet.


What did you mean by this?


I want to drink something tonight


I bought some whiskey, but I don't really like whiskey much and I think I'll immediately throw up…


File: 1685264578469.jpg (215.16 KB, 629x1000, c5339d7b1b56a4d5d68c77265c….jpg)

I like whiskey a lot, so maybe I can help to prevent that. Whiskey (I suppose you bought an Irish one, this is why you write it like that?) is strong and burns, the first few times can be quite brutal. They can be thinned by adding water, the more you add, the weaker it gets. Ice cubes are also fitting, but they don't take effect immediately, they have to melt first. They are more to give it a cooler note and you get to experience the whiskey first undiluted and later thinned, when the cube melted. Very important is that you eat something before, then your stomach can take it way better. After the whiskey drink some water, this helps your head to take it better. Else take only a little bit whiskey, it's not a beer or a cider, large quantities will make you regret it. A few centilitres is enough. What I love about whiskey is the warmth it provides, first in your mouth, then your throat and afterwards in your stomach. From there you can feel it spreading through your entire body. A very comfy beverage for me.


File: 1685325870677.jpg (45.84 KB, 640x525, bgvyqs2ktgk41.jpg)

Hope you're feeling better, friend.


Yes, I’m feeling better. Thanks for checking in on me. My tolerance is quite high, but I drank way too much too fast that night.


I still don't like it, but I grew an appreciation for it. I can't drink it as fast as other stuff so I don't end up accidentally overdoing it. Instead I just had that nice, barely noticeable buzz going on. I didn't throw up either.
The stuff I bought didn't have as strong of a taste as the whiskeys I've had before, which was nice.


Have you tried the different kinds of whiskey? Rye? Bourbon? Blends? Single Malt? Single Grain? Pure Malt? Moonshine? Peated? Seeing that you said the earlier ones had a too strong taste I would recommend Drambuie. The only one my mother can stand, exactly because it doesn't taste strong. The barely noticeable buzz accompanied with the warmth I mentioned is what makes it so beloved for me. Having that going on while watching a slice of life anime, playing some video game or listening to music makes it seem everything is alright.


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