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I want to watch movies with you, /kind/! To do this we must first establish when, where, and what we will be streaming.
Of course, a Halloween stream should be at night, so I'm thinking the stream should start at either 7pm or 8pm EST on the 31st of october.
The time is subject to change, so feel free to voice your concerns. I'm willing to do another stream earlier on for people who would otherwise watch if not for time zone discrepancies.
I want it to be hosted at https://cytu.be/r/kindstream since there is no need for watchers to make an account to participate on cytube.
This venue may be subject to change.
This is where you, the people, come in. Please suggest horror movies for /kind/ to watch ITT! I will make a poll with your suggestions for /kind/ to vote on at a later date.


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I will make the 1st suggestion to kick things off. The Thing is a classic, and holds up well today despite being "old".


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not sure if i'll be able to participate in the other halloween events, but will make a point to check out the movie night.
>if not for time zone discrepancies
or sleep cycle discrepancies… will set an alaram, lol.

i'd cast a vote for the thing. it does hold up well.


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We're a small board, so any amount of participation is much appreciated! Hope to see you there. Feel free to nominate a movie.


There was this really good war movie that’s apparently really good called “Come and see” by the Soviet Union in 1985


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>Feel free to nominate a movie.
i would have, but i don't watch many spooky movies and wasn't sure what would be a good suggestion. the last two films i saw that might fit the horror genre were suicide club and the house that jack built. i thought both were good, but extremely gruesome. i wouldn't necessarily nominate them for the stream. i do like the thing. here's another old one that comes to mind… i once watched plan 9 from outer space at a halloween party, which was fun, but it's more of an unintentional comedy then a proper spooky/horror/halloween movie. idk?

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