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Hey /kind/, me again. Do you all like to drive? What's your favorite car that you've driven? What's your dream car?
Personally, driving is my favorite activity. My favorite car is the Nissan 370z. I've been driving them since I started learning to drive. They're really smooth and easy to drive. My dream car is a Sileighty. I think they look really cool, and there's just something cool about having a mash up of two cars.


brum =D


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I STILL don't have a car. I lost my job and I was going to maybe have enough money for a car, but instead I'm broke now. At this rate it seems like I'll never catch a break.

I still want a 300zx.


It's not a big rush, especially for now. The prices on used cars are much higher than they were before covid became such a huge deal. You definitely have time to get things in order.
The z32's bother me because of their weird headlights. The z31's are pretty nice looking though.


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File: 1604081623474-1.jpg (309.51 KB, 1360x906, 1988-Honda-Accord-3rd-gene….jpg) ImgOps

Yeah, I'm in limbo right now and I have more important things to attend to. School and finding a job, so it'll have to wait. They're a bit hard to find for me, since I'd like a model with both the digital dashboard cluster (pic related), in addition to the manual transmission.

I'm actually thinking of getting an econobox in the meantime. Well, not now anyway, since I'm broke, but before I get a 300zx since then I wouldn't have to worry so much about finding the right one, and repairs. If I were to get myself a new part time job or internship, I'd be thinking of an old Accord.

I felt weird about z32 headlights too, haha. They're cool cars but something about it is just off. I think they would have looked better with pop-up lights, but that's just me.


Old cars are really comfy. My first car was a '95 SAAB 9000. I fucked it up a bit after a few months and it's never been the same. Slowly but surely I'm fixing it though. Not much left to do, but money's a bit tight right now.
Manuals are awesome, but I don't know how to drive one. I haven't had access to one to learn. I want to get my hands on a cheap little civic with 200k miles that I won't be scared to ruin.

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