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Has any of you seen Jewlpet Tinkle or any other Jewelpet season?

I watched it, Jewelpet Tinkle, as a child dubbed to Arabic (my second tongue)

and I remember enjoying it despite the fact I used to avoid girly shows like the plague I have 0 idea why I bothered with watching it and not just ignoring it like any other girly show from my childhood.


OP here Currently, I am watching both of Mewkledreamy and Kiratto prichan and I am really digging both and enjoying this type of shows


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I'm watching Mewkledreamy too, it's very entertaining.


I love this kind of cutesy shows. And yeah, it's pretty ironic: I also used to avoid "girly" stuff in my childhood. I remember avoiding watching Cardcaptor Sakura in the 90s, for example, which I watched and enjoyed a while ago, and it is one of my favorites now. Mewkledreamy is lovely, Sanrio shows are so kawaii, even Aggretsuko is! I will watch Jewelpet soon as well.


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Spacetoon is a Quatar-based channel and was imported into my country. Princess Comet got dubbed here then in highschool I wanted to watch it back only to find out the sub stop after episode 21. In college thankfully I found RAW and Korean dub of it.

I will watch Jewelpet Lady next year.


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>this type of shows
There is a branch of “girly shows” that is aimed at little girls demographic. It is called /ai/. The earliest recorded term in internet I know is from the second Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future fansub called /ai/. The people behind first DMF sub ([KiteSeekers-Wasurenai]) would later go down their separate path but sometime return to work on /ai/-related project. (the head of Wasurenai would later sub Cocotama, Mermaid Pichi, Idol Densetsu Eriko)

There is someone in youtube who make various Japanese media lyric video. I encounter the song they subbed at various point in my internet life and one day they changed their profile picture into Aikatsu, even though they never make Aikatsu/Pripara song before. Last year [MoyaiSubs] picked up Prichan and I saw their name in the torrent credit but they leave midway.


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I was from 4chan. We used to livestream at this day in this hour. Although /a/ in general have distaste to idol or CG, people make a thread about this and have gathered enough member. Because with unpopular show the thread would die in 2 hours before someone it can catch someone else with similar interest.
According to an old posters, early /ai/ was formed by various shows who can’t survive on its own> so they banded together > thus they can be bumped enough just to > conversation going. And with Aikatsu, Pripara and Cocotama came out from 2014- now we have fresh thing every week.
This year we add Mewkle as addition. In /a/ though they have its own Mewkle thread

Being in 4chan they say mean word to each other but the filter can hide them. Then this year out of nowhere, 3 of our posters got harassed personally everyday, yes it is anonymous board but the harassment is targeted to posters itself (instead of what they post). Here is something I picked up from my internet experience: what ‘allowed’ in the end is decided by moderators. Majority of posters know when someone being wrong, but mods don’t care. After 3 years of seeing troll every week this was the last straw for me.
smuglo.li /a/ have its own Aikatsu/ Prichan but I have odds with how he manage Precure thread.


I swear I posted the link


I'm glad I found this post. The thread on 4 can be unbearable on certain hours, it put me off from posting. I saw the thread on smug, but seems like not many people posting there, and since I'm new to smug, I don't understand what's happening.

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