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Open file (1.72 MB 500x279 ayano studying.gif)
Learning and Education Friend 06/12/2021 (Sat) 08:56:19 No.236
I like to learn about things in my free time and thought it would be nice to have a thread where we can talk about what we are learning, share resources and ask questions!
I recently finished watching this short course on ornithology (the study of birds): https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2WxtvEFDJT_MiIau-y0E9S_0sv_Tzm3e It was very nice. Birds are amazing. Now I am eager to learn more about them, but don't really know where to go next. I think I would be most interested right now to lean more about how birds behave.
Open file (50.69 KB 400x579 sicp.jpg)
Open file (76.65 KB 571x480 crow and pitcher.jfif)
>>237 Birds are pretty great. If you're interested in bird behaviour, you should look into crows: https://corvidresearch.blog/2015/09/26/why-crows-gather-around-their-dead/ You might also like this short book: https://files.catbox.moe/26dq4n.epub And lastly, look up "Alex the grey parrot" if you've never heard of the study.
>someone revived my thread Neat. OP's better too.
Open file (41.16 KB 505x571 uhh.jpg)
>>236 Anyone else doing some reading? I've been trying to but focussing seems impossible at times.
Open file (458.55 KB 2039x2039 1618516611443.jpg)
>>243 Thank you friend, I have read the book. It was pretty nice, I wish it was longer. >>401 If you keep at it, it should become easier with practice.
>>524 I think it's becoming easier yea but I still get distracted a lot by others and my own wondering mind lol
Open file (296.97 KB 400x533 wild apples.jpg)
>>236 i used to read pomology (the study of fruits) and food science textbooks as a hobby. both fields are surprisingly comfy. here is a book about taking care of an apple tree: https://www.gutenberg.org/files/26132/26132-h/26132-h.htm
>>236 What should a collage dropout prioritize learning to be able to secure any halfway decent job? This may be a kind of a lifestyle question, as I need some help gettinf back on my feet.
>>731 Very /comfy/ book, Friend! Thanks for the /kind/ness.
>>749 Learn a skill that other people would be willing to pay money for. Pick whatever there's a need for in your area and that you also find enjoyable to some degree. You don't need to love the particular skill, but not hating it is preferable.
>>749 Sysadmin and a Cisco cert. Or some other IT or tech job. Not many discriminate in the tech field for a lack of a degree. "halfway decent job" implies you aren't content just being a freeter and want some level of career progression too, which tech definitely has. But otherwise just look at what's in your area specifically as the other anon mentioned. Note my advice is worth nothing as I am a NEET.
>>751 I don't have the slightest idea about how I can scout for demand at all. I haven't bothered with social media in years, where do I begin? >>777 I have near zero knowledge in tech outside what comes easily through osmosis, but I always wanted to learn. It's a shame my first computer broke down due to what seems to be poor wiring in my house, and a botched automatic update that occured due to it.
>>781 Why not try a trade? I know in the US they pay you to be an apprentice. Bookkeeping is another good one.
>>781 You can try checking local job listings or Facebook/Instagram pages for local businesses. The demand for tech is rising, so if you're willing to go down that route there's many options available to you all over the world. >>238 shared a good book on programming if you wanna test the waters.
>>237 >>243 thanks but I think insects and arachnids are underrated and more interesting then mammals or birds in the animal kingdom at least to me. Unfortunately don't have any online sources. I remember those days when I caught spiders, beetles and caterpillars as a child
Open file (40.84 KB 400x300 .jpg)
>>834 The fact that butterflies exist makes me happy. They're the closest living being to something that you'd have in a fairytale.
>>857 You have a flower garden? they are picky but they love my daisy's
Open file (140.29 KB 500x834 golang is nice too.png)
>>790 the sicp teaches a rather niche programming language. i feel that >>781 would be better off reading a book that teaches a more in demand language, such as c/++, python, or javascript.
>>834 Bugs are cool but I have only a limited amount of free time and there's so much I would like to learn about...
im learning how internet gets away from chipping frames of animation from anime. maybe i should learn the other way on how anime gets away from being chipped from.
Open file (174.44 KB 640x640 question-nozomi.jpg)
>>1494 What do you mean by chipping?
Open file (339.07 KB 1920x1080 1611262811320.jpg)
I never really understood trigonometry so I thought I would read this free book: http://www.mecmath.net/trig/index.html What do you think, does it look okay? It looks good to me because it was made with GNU Emacs but I can't tell if the contents are OK or not.
Anybody know how I can get my shoes to stop reeking? I wore them outside one very rainy night at a party probably 2 years ago, and they've smelled horrible ever since.
>>2976 Have you tried actually just washing them? I have a pair of shoes that I've washed at least 5 times in a washing machine after getting them all muddy.
Open file (46.58 KB 560x560 hdhsoajfbfjsi.jpg)
>>2978 I don't remember, but I want to say yes.
>>2983 lol. Lust wash them and make sure to air them after use
Does anyone have advice on learning basic video editing? Even something as simple as removing the sound in part of a video and replacing it with another song for instance.
Open file (17.11 KB 310x322 8031407.png)
>>3020 For specifically that task there's guaranteed to be a ton of short tutorials on youtube or on the web in general. It's a simple task that would just require trimming and replacing an audio track in the timeline. Honestly youtube in general is a pretty good site for learning video editing, I personally don't think you *need* anything more. If you want to make it a bit sleeker you could however learn a bit about audio mixing, however you could do that in the video editor itself or in a seperate audio editing program. Sorry if this answer doesn't seem very helpful but I really do believe that youtube (and general online searching) is really all you need to get a good grasp of video editing. Good luck anon, I believe in you.
>>3020 I always wondered how much work goes into making a YouTube Poop. Some of them like they must be really time intensive.
>>2954 I studied my way through this book, it was nice.
I've been currently learning about vector functions for some astrophysics applications, as well as further studying American geopolitics, more specifically how their military has acted in contrast to Chinese actions. Very interesting stuff, but I always am scared that I never get in-depth information, rather very surface level stuff
Open file (466.49 KB 581x652 elements_of_computing.png)
I've been going trough Elements of Computing lately. It's a book where you build a computer (emulate the hardware on PC using HDL) from complete scratch and then develop every software abstraction layer from assembler to OS. The complete understanding you get of how computers work really does satisfy my autism.
>>3399 Try improving on the designs next. Computing has such a huge amount of legacy cruft in it, and if you're going to simulate the whole thing why not honestly try to do the best job you can?
>>3020 Use the first version the Olive(the second one is horrible) also start small edits, move images around , play with music settings,etc. But yeah Olive version 1 is good to start
>>2983 dumping them in the freezer overnight might help, i only know the trick for sweaty shoes but it might work in this scenario as well, good luck ^-^
>>3399 Thanks for this post Anon, I'll be looking it over soon. BTW, there's a new 2ed, (2021) edition out.
>>3434 You can't be serious. Are you going to tell him to build a Lisp machine next?
>>2976 >>2983 > I can get my shoes to stop reeking? Cat litter is a life saver, let it sit overnight after washing. It deodorizers the shoes and absorbs all the sweat and water trapped inside the shoe

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