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how do you get motivated to do things?


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Energy drinks used to work for me, but I've built up a complete tolerance to them now. So I'd also like to know how.


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I procrastinate until I have no other choice.


The only thing that stops me having permanent mental fog is writing down a list of everything I need to do, otherwise I feel very lost and unmotivated. I plan out my life and my basic needs in advance with a calendar and an excel document.


I don't, really. I have to force myself to do anything, even things I consider personally important.


Eurobeat, good friends and setting goals for myself.


Good luck on whatever you're working on! :DDDDDDD


Yeah, I think eurobeat is extremely energizing.


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OP here, thanks for all the replies everyone, I made a list of things to do every day:
>clean my room
>do excersice, cardio and lifting weights (i have dumbbells)
>watch 3 episodes of anime before bed
>brush my teeth
>go to bed max at 2am

am I missing something?




Look up fun stuff relating to the thing to be doing


Well it took me an eternity to figure out, but I've determined that I'm hopelessly addicted to the internet. Lurking image boards all day every day is supremely entertaining, but it frustrates me in the end because it saps all my time and motivation.

My solution has been to get a blocker program for my PC. I block my vidyas and web browsers in the evenings during weekdays, so that I have some time for myself to spend on other things. It's all about limiting distractions rather than finding motivation, really - at least for me. I've only been using it for a week so far, but it's been working great. I have a hard time adjusting to all that free time I now have for all the things I've always wanted to do. While I haven't really been putting the newfound time to good use, I just know it's a step in the right direction.


ok, any suggestions? I only know the initial d meme songs


I don't. I try to avoid them if I can and if I can't I force myself in doing them.


just find eurobeat compilations. Eurobeat in general is good for motivation. It's bombastic nature really gets me pumped.


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Glad to hear your progress Anon.


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I personally have this almost nationalistic pride in myself that motivates me to do everything.

The promise of self-improvement and a dose of being at the bottom also help a lot


>this almost nationalistic pride in myself
That's interesting, anon.


It could be considered narcissism or maybe 8th grader syndrome but it’s there in the back of my head telling me to do it because if I don’t I’m a useless piece of Shit who doesn’t deserve anything.


>8th grader syndrome
I've never seen anyone localize chuunibyou before.


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I don't.


Holy shit, is that what anon was referring to? Being a chuuni? That's incredible.


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Wasn't it subbed like that in the animu?


>in the back of my head
Mine is there as well. Kinda creepy.


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In the fansubs, yes. Pic related is gg.


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I got it! I'm gonna do it for mai waifu! flip 3D!


If I'm not motivated a slighest, I rest. If I have any glimpse of motivation rising, I use it and try to feel happy about the process and the result. It's a dopaminal thing anyway. Like when you eat too much sugar you stop feel the sweet taste so good. Same happens with too much easy satisfaction, normal sources like getting things done don't kick in.

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