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Friend 08/14/2021 (Sat) 12:02:38 No.2083
Some forces of nature are unstoppable. Like being sleepy...
Open file (293.27 KB 474x474 iCat.png)
being sleepy is unironically my favorite feeling lately. when i'm sleepy and fighting to keep my eyes open then i know that dreams will soon follow.
Finally get to post. Have sweet dreams pls. I had a wonderful dream about a library. Do you dream of the ocean ever?
Open file (289.45 KB 474x359 dream_waters.png)
>Do you dream of the ocean ever? Once I dreamed of a multi-colored glowing ocean. Similar to pic-related, but pic-related doesn't do it justice. >I had a wonderful dream about a library. Can you read in your dreams? When I dream about books, most of the time, the words are all mixed up and random or shift around when I try to read them.
>>2122 I being the dreamer, have dreamt the least lately. Working on detoxifying, but l think it has a lot to do w/ the room l sleep in has bad energy. If l sleep somewhere different the dreams come back. Can you read in your dreams? Yes, but takes much concentration. Words swirl at other times for me as well. Normal. I would risk saying you must read a lot of books, Maybe that why words jumble in dreamland.
Open file (280.41 KB 500x451 dreaming.gif)
Open file (115.18 KB 700x954 1602499552931.jpg)
>>2088 Dreams are cool. I have anhedonia when awake, but dreams seem to bypass it. Plus, mine are so wild and unpredictable, beyond any fiction. Even the nightmares can be pleasant because of it. I hate having nice dreams. When I wake up from them to a boring life where I die alone, I wish I didn't wake up.
Open file (108.73 KB 720x1280 1602181297048.jpg)
>>2131 >Can you read in your dreams? >Yes, but takes much concentration. The "you can't read in dreams" doesn't mean you can't pick up a dream book and know what is written, it only means that you don't turn text into meaning, just have the meaning appear. If you get a lucid dream, try reading the same sign, LED clock, or anything, more than once. Or focus on the shapes, not meaning. You won't be able to pin it down, the letters won't match the words.
Open file (13.57 KB 250x250 1600057478469.jpg)
My nightmares changed from me running away from something horribly infectious that will painfully turn me into a copy of itself, to ones where I'm lost and need to hurry somewhere or am writing an exam I'm unprepared for. Give me back my The Thing and giant insects, I don't want to remember the stress of university.
>>3174 I hate LED clocks even on the lowest setting it disturbs my sleep, that's why I have blackout certians. I am a light sleeper, seem to get tired at 9 and go to bed earlier because of the birds outside nesting outside my room are waking me up a 6-7 in the morning.

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