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teh isometric perspective thread! Friend 06/11/2021 (Fri) 00:43:27 No.208
hey /kind/! i feel that isometric artworks are underappreciated as an artistic medium, so i want to share with the board some artworks that i find cool. other than that, feel free to use this thread to talk about anything related to the isometric/axonometric perspective, such as video games featuring the perspectives or other things!
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>>208 does /kind/ like illusions? the isometric perspective lets you do some neat things that would be impossible in real life.
>>215 >animated imaginary triangle.png pngs can move?!
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>>223 The more you know
>>221 Yeah there's a technically unofficial specification for animated PNGs, it's actually a bit old. It's nothing new. Despite it not being official, I think all major browsers support animated PNG and it is the best widely-supported animated format available. Right now browsers support GIF, APNG, and animated WEBP but GIF is absolute trash (shit compression and limited palette) and WEBP is absolute trash in a different way (no support for frame combining so filesize is crap). However, if you wanna see what an actual good format looks like, check out FLIF. Their lossy, lossless, and animated formats are better than absolutely any image codec out there right now. Unfortunately, nothing supports FLIF though. Sorry for rambling, I like codecs. Well, good codecs that is.
Open file (165.80 KB 800x718 1328567339654.jpg)
I miss how strategy games would often use 2D isometric graphics back in the '90s and early 2000s.
>>262 i miss isometric tycoon games and strategy RPGs myself. i'm not a fan of pure strategy games, as they tend to be heavy in rules, which usually makes any game less fun. however, some of my favorite isometric strategy games i played around that time were: genre - name strategy rpg - final fantasy tactics (but note that the psx and gba games had two completely different stories!) card-based tactical rpg - megaman battle network real-time theme park simulation: rollercoaster tycoon 2 ... whose gameplay quality and isometric graphics i can all vouch for.
>>312 I remember I had an obsession with trying to knock Mewt out in the first battle of FFTA (the one pictured). I got him to 1 sometimes, but never downed him. Fun game. I bought a second copy so I could get the couple mission items I missed and finish the long sidequest involving some evil clan or something. I wish there were clones of this. I need to play the DS sequel still I guess.
http://gikopoi.com/ is a Japanese isometric chatroom that has been suggested before as an affiliate
¬°beholdo! the cutest taco establishment!
>>208 it's something i've always just taken for granted, but I could never do it when I tried myself >>648 p cool, you know what software this was done in?
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bada bing!

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