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Halloween is around the corner, /kind/! Do you like spooky things? This thread is for discussing all forms of spooky things, from campy movies or real experiences.
I've been slowly making my way through Silent Hill 2 for a while. I enjoy it, but it's a bit slow and I've had to restart after getting effectively softlocked because I'm stupid.
I also like Rob Zombie movies because they tend to be super over the top and edgy to the point that it's just goofy.


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I love horror even though I only have the courage to indulge in it at this time of year. This year I'm going to reread saya no uta and catch up on junji ito's manga.


What is some good horror media you guys recommend for someone who is easily scared like me? I was afraid of watching Another for some time but I did it, I also read some Junji Ito. Visuals Novels seem too scary for me, same for videogames…


I've never liked Halloween despite being into old horror movies and "spooky" topics. I do find that the weather this time of year is great for getting into that stuff though. This October I want to watch some of the Phantasm sequels and maybe re-watch Halloween III.
I don't normally read mango, but Junji Ito is great.


Maybe horror books would work? It’s not super spooky but it does rely on the imagination to work.


If a ghost tried to scare me, I would only smile.


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My favourite spooky manga is probably Higanjima. It got me really invested and made me cry many times while also keeping me up at night with the adrenaline.


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Thanks for making this post anon, I started reading it because of it in the evening and got to chapter 52, I usually don't read manga but this one got me invested. Gonna continue tomorrow

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