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Welcome home, friend. Please tell me about your day!
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I encourage you to try Tagmap.io


Not that anon but I tried this, hardly found anyone nearby and I was not interested to put it lightly. I was hoping to make friends last year, but alas, it was 2020.


Why would you want to leave kind? I can understand why somebody would want to leave 4chan, twitter etc but something like kind?
Good post, can confirm that.


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feel like not eating for 2 days and only drink water


Let me know if you decide to, and I'll do it with you, not that I need it. I just need to appreciate the food I have more.


>good news
My 3ds just arrived! It's been 10 years since I played on a console
>bad news
I had to buy the battery carger separately, and the Z buttons seem very flimsy…


File: 1613612140516.png (1.46 MB, 870x882, 1591370384852.png) ImgOps

Today it's a good day; I've installed Arch Linux on an HDD, and all works great!, the problem is what I'm new in GNU/Linux OS, and Arch is supposed for advance users, but I don't care it. Although I don't know all terminology of GNU/Linux and Arch Linux, but I watch videos and I read articles and the official wiki for to learn more, but is complicated sometimes (I don't yet have a very good comprehension reading). Also, I'm learning the C programming language. I'm having a rest.


File: 1613614559583.png (106.17 KB, 236x236, 5920362527014851.png) ImgOps

This year I finally took the time and read most of Yotsuba straight through and in order. I had previously seen a few panels here and there and absorbed it as a meme, but put off really reading it. It was worth the time. Comfy reading since it's winter and cold out and I haven't much else to do.


I'm looking into buying a fancy chair for active sitting. I'm in pretty good shape, but I'm not very physically active at all in my free time and think I have a weak core. I don't care if it's expensive as long as it helps.


I need to stop being lazy but I don't know how!!!


File: 1614556999519.png (64.42 KB, 658x901, Dunce.png) ImgOps

A few weeks ago I caved in and got drunk overseas and had sex with a hooker. Paid 200 USD, which is the price my dignity was worth to my drunken mind. I feel like shit, I can't watch anime or play video games for any significant amount of time anymore. I feel sick and disgusted with myself and all I do is eat now and work out at the gym. I'm such a damn fraud, I don't have any principles, I don't believe in anything.

Not asking for hugboxing just needed to tell someone.


It's ok boy, it's just a fish hole. Nothing to lose your head for.
Do check if you have any STDs though


I wish I had sex before.


I don't think you're missing out on much


My mom hurt herself again yesterday. She has severe injuries to her neck and back, so she can't lift stuff or push things, or really anything of that nature. But we needed groceries, and I hadn't gone grocery shopping, so she went and did it herself. I had told her that I was going to do it, I just hadn't had time at that point to go, but I guess that she decided that she wasn't going to wait for me to do it and so she went grocery shopping herself. Then she makes me feel like an asshole because I was busy, and she ends up in pain for the rest of the night. I'm concerned for her for when I move out, because then she'll be living completely alone, and she can't even vacuum the house without going out of commission for the whole day. I really don't know how she's going to get by without someone to help her with all of that.


I think I'm more sexual than most people.


Nothing a good ole' cranky wanky can fix


That was a pretty stupid thing to do. At least you realized it soon after the fact.


I don't feel like I'm getting the full experience. The problem is that I wouldn't go for a relationship with someone who isn't as much of a pervert as me, and that's hard to find.


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I skipped out on all my obligations yesterday because I thought it was Friday. I'm gonna have to explain how much of a dumb idiot I am to everyone next time I see them.


That's her fault for going. You told her you were going to get it and she didn't listen. Stop feeling bad for something that isn't your fault.


I just saw an internet post I made a few years ago. I feel absolutely dreadful now. If I could delete that post I would delete it immediately. I hope my mood will get better.


I'm moving pretty soon from the middle of nowhere. Overall, it should be nice, but the one thing I'm going to miss the most is the abundance of backroads to drive fast down. No more midnight eurobeat with the windows down. I'll need to find something else to fill the void.


Are there highways near you? My friend would drive really fast on them when they were empty at 1 AM in the morning.


Sure, I've got highways, and even an interstate near by, but I prefer the twisty backroads.


Today I've cried multiple times lamenting a friendship that ended poorly. I cared about them so much but they didn't believe me, and always suspected ridiculous things; like that I must be mocking them all the time, intend on belittling, or manipulating them. All of their suspicions were unfounded, and the complete opposite of what I was expressing to them. I just wish I could've done something more to make them understand I cared; I didn't even get to hug them. The pain just gets worse as time goes on now.


File: 1616740716399.png (79.4 KB, 377x646, 085e86a66b3476703864724e9c….png) ImgOps

Friends come and go, I'm sure you'll find someone else eventually


File: 1616786943488.jpg (9.04 KB, 189x262, worry.jpg) ImgOps

I'm building my new PC today. I haven't done so in 9 years and last time I had a friend help. Praying to the machine spirits that I don't fug anything up too bad.


File: 1616796132184.jpg (60.5 KB, 640x360, rpi computer.jpg) ImgOps

how much did everything cost? i heard GPUs have gotten awfully expensive recently. and good luck with the build!


File: 1616800174118.png (77.9 KB, 282x300, Fib2sWc.png) ImgOps

What's so wrong with having sex with a hooker anon? As long as you didn't get any STDs and it was all consensual I don't think you did anything wrong.

It's actually quite worrying that you're berating yourself over something like that.


File: 1616800428823.gif (312.77 KB, 512x384, 34527615401121e4f74e07a9a7….gif) ImgOps

Most anime is good or at least decent and the talking about 90% of anime being bad is just elitists who can't have fun and have overblown expectations.


I'm reading Economy in One Lesson by Henry Hazzlit! I recommend reading Nietzsche's Beyond Good and Evil to anyone who wants to feel better. He is not the edgy heartless philosopher that everyone makes him out to be if anything he gives great advice to anyone who's depressed. I wanted to read some political literature just for fun, but I feel like reading something nice and fun. Anything light you guys can recommend?


It's mostly a moral issue. That's why he's upset. He commited an act that was against what he believed in.

Like all things, most anime is mediocre. Elitist are pretentious of course, but saying 90% of anime is good or decent is an overstatement. Most likely, the majority of the time, it's just going to be 'okay'.

Saying that, it's entirely subjective to claim what is good or not. In my opinion, I have been let down by a lot of people claiming certain anime are masterpieces, which gives me high expectations for something that would eventually let me down. (Not saying I didn't like these masterpieces, it's just that I didn't consider these anime masterpieces or really all that great). So on that note, I do admit that I am very critical.

Don't have anything political, but I'm reading the Secret Garden and it's cute. If you like Visual Novels, try Maitetsu. It has ero content, but that's only if you want to see it. You can skip out the the ero content if you'd like.


What's so wrong with raping and getting STDs anon?



It was around $1600 and I haven't even gotten the GPU I'm cannibalizing the one from my old PC for now


Raping is against my personal, completely subjective set of values Though rape in fictional situations is hot, but I'm assuming anon shares it as the position of "rape=bad" is common among people.

STDs are bad for your health obviously, so I'm worried for anon. He didn't commit anything morally wrong if he got an STD it's his body after all, he merely put himself in danger and should check up at a doctor.


>Don't have anything political, but I'm reading the Secret Garden and it's cute.
The 1993 adaptation is possibly one of my favorite movies.


File: 1616827885569.jpg (67.61 KB, 500x500, a bird?.jpg) ImgOps

whoa, that's pricey. your new pc sounds top of the line. how did the build go?
did the machine spirits… get ==angry==?


This pic makes me weirdly uncomfortable


I played a ton of a Corruption of Champions mod that adds demons, cool characters, and toggles furry off and adds loli
It's been fun. I also read some Dragon Ball Super. The latest arc is going alright.


Why post an image like that on this board?


File: 1616913695641-0.png (294.1 KB, 955x1200, nervous.png) ImgOps

File: 1616913695641-1.png (263.55 KB, 738x709, happy.png) ImgOps

File: 1616913695641-2.png (282.36 KB, 960x1200, ganbatte!.png) ImgOps

hey, that's rude to kushizashi-chan! despite her looks in that picture, kuzashi is actually a nice and friendly person! just see how happy and warm she is in the attached pictures.

oh, and… i thought it would have been fun to make a scary joke. did i go too far?


Is she a zombie?


File: 1616939232518.jpg (87.93 KB, 1280x720, sad anime girl.jpg) ImgOps

No, no, you don't understand anon. I'm not against Kushizashi-chan… I merely worry about her because she is injured!

That's why I said that it makes me uncomfortable. I want to know if she's fine! I would be worried if she had brain damage from that thing sticking out of her head… does it hurt her? Is her brain all fine? Does she need medical attention?


Is she a yuurei?


I've seen tons of gore but these images are pretty morbid since the character should be suffering terribly instead of being happy.



I have finished it. Other than using the wrong screws and accidently putting the fans in backwards at first I don't believe I angered any machine kami.


File: 1616988923203.jpg (455.82 KB, 800x1100, ku-chan's angel.jpg) ImgOps

your concerns are in the right place, but i wouldn't think too much into this. ku-chan is just an idea, so she doesn't actually exist in this world (but maybe in other worlds…). so you should just believe that ku-chan is alive and happy somewhere out there. as long as you believe in this, i'm sure she will be fine. personally, i think she will be more than fine: she's indestructible!

if you have any doubts on this, then i urge you to have a look at this picture of ku-chan. do you see the angel? i believe this is her guardian angel, and she is what helps keep ku alive. try believing into this idea.

ku's creator hasn't given background information for her yet, only some drawings. but i think she's just an ordinary human girl.

that's good to hear. now you just need to give the machine it's soul operating system. linux and the BSDs are awesome operating systems!


File: 1617369923045.gif (625.89 KB, 640x358, 496.gif) ImgOps

is that a


that you're into?



Yes I got a 5800x.

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