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Tell us your problems and what’s bothering you right now.

My problem is that politics especially in America is fucking stupid and both sides are more retarded then a special ed school on crack. The far Left is saying to burn everybody you disagree with but not to do it, while the far right is saying that exact same thing. Remember when Politics wasn’t two retards screaming at each other? Trump fucked over America by making politics easy to understand and making it good for people to run around like chickens pecking each other not doing anything useful for anyone else.


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The last time someone made a thread like this half of the board lost their shit. I think rants are inherently un/kind/.


I’m hoping people will be kind and not try to start screaming like little babies wailing for their mother’s milk.


Right now, my biggest issue is a lack of motivation. I graduated from high school last year, but I completely failed at preparing for college, so that seems out of the question for now.
Don't get me wrong, I want to move out and sort of have my own life, but for now, there's not much pushing me to do so.
The next logical step would be to get a job, but I don't know what sort of job to look for. I'm thinking of getting a job as a janitor again, since it's pretty easy work and I get a good amount of autonomy. I just don't want to be a janitor somewhere with a lot of traffic.


>rants are inherently un/kind/
I have no problems and nothing is bothering me at the moment! I want to be able to write a rant in this comfy rant thread, but I don't have anything to rant about! I want to participate, but there isn't a thing getting on my nerves! Nada! Zilch! Nothing! Sure, others have the luxury of being bothered by stuff, but not me! I could complain, but who would listen? Here, read this list of my complaints. What? What's the matter? You've never seen a blank piece of paper before? Fine then, just crumple it up and throw it on the ground because I don't need it! Oh, I see you recycled it. Great! Way to go! The least you could have done was to have thrown it on the ground and littered, then I would have had something to be indignant about. Nope, not me. No reason to get my panties in a twist. I'm not even wearing any underwear! Couldn't get my panties in a twist if I tried. I'm just sitting here, staring straight ahead. The wind is blowing. The birds are chirping. Lovely birdsong. Look, there's a squirrel. He aint bothering anybody or anything! Nope, no complaints. Everythings copacetic. Just embracing the felt presence of the immediate moment and everything feels fine. Maybe I should be upset up some abstract ideological concern. Nah, can't do that. I don't have any ideology! I just have this moment. This pure clean and clear rant free moment.


Vent? Let it out? How do you deflate an empty balloon? Explain that to me. Pop that balloon if you can! I'm not swole up and about to pop off. I feel all calm and tranquil and peaceful despite the fact that I know someone somewhere is probably typing up a storm, pausing only to rub their hands together like a super villain would, because they're about to give it to 'em. They're about to type up a rant! They're about to type up a rant that will rant all over this rant forsaken world! Me, I haven't a clue. I'm completely empty headed and empty handed! Sitting here blankly staring at nothing going on. Nothing wrong! Looking here and looking there for problems. Look, there's that squirrel again. He's not empty handed! He found himself a little snack. I bet he could rant about how hard that nut is to crack! Must be nice for that squirrel. Foraging for a rant and he found one! The birds are still singing too. Not that obnoxious squawking that they sometimes do, but making pleasant sounds for a change. Is that how they rant? They just squeak and squawk and sing songs about how bad birds got it? They don't know the half of it, those birds. They don't how good they've got it. One of them is even doing that funny little head thing. Being all cute and care free! Well, good for them! Ranting away with their bird rants and looking comfy doing it. Wish I could be looking that comfy posting some rant in a comfy rant thread!


The Trump phenomenon is just due to ordinary people getting tired of being pushed around and hitting back against people who hate their guts. You can't play nice with people who want you gone. Trump (and his average supporter) also has nothing to do with the far right. He's basically a '90s Democrat.


It’s just both sides started screaming more and more as he got into power. The left started wailing, then the right, the left wailed louder and louder, and the right continued like it.


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I don't think think it's very kind that it's entirely in character for DJT to have said people who gave up their lives for their country are "suckers" and "losers." He's done much to lower the level of public discourse - civilized language is just tone policing after all.


According to unnamed sources he did, anyway.


Regardless, he's said the same thing in regards to John McCain for being a POW. Even if the sources are questionable, it's not at all surprising to assume he did say as much.


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This week has been so bad, it reminds me why I'm uncapable of kind


I need to go shower but I don't feel like doing anything. Oh well. Bye bye friends


That there is a good artist you posted.


Indeed she is


File: 1600396563014.jpg (316.81 KB, 1410x1069, Eustace.jpg) ImgOps

I failed 2 subjects of my uni and now my family have to pay $1650. The uni and my dad let me study anyway if the subjects are paid in any year as possible and if I don't fail another subject again, but actually I don't really want to keep studying bc my ICP have gotten pretty awful than usual so having online classes and playing online is a total pain in the ass!, and I also feel like I don't like the career what I'm studying and doesn't motivate me for studying it and I just want to be a NEAT a least just for a half year.
It seems like my family is getting poorer. My dad is starting to struggle to bring food to home bc of this situation we all know and we are living. The fridge is getting empty more frequently. I started to thinking to find a job but no idea how and if it would help at least a bit.


> When did memes become the opiate of the masses? I remember a time when normies didn't have depression memes, it was all Nyan Cat, O RLY owl and other such inconsequential trite. Now, it almost seems as if mainstream people are all crying out for help in the form of memes.



I think I'm gonna fail some of my classes. I used to be a good student, and so I was able to get into a good school with hard classes, but now I'm out of my depth and I don't know what to do. I need to ask for help, but I've had problems with doing that since I was a little kid. I used to be able to just put my nose to the grindstone and work, but I'm finding it harder and harder to do that, and I don't know why. I can still do well if a class is interesting, but so many of them are just boring or confusing, and I just don't know what to do. I was always "the smart kid" in my family, and I don't want to disappoint my parents, but I think I'm going to end up a failure.


I think you really need to fully appreciate how dire the situation is. I'm not so different from you, and I've always avoided getting help when I could. However this time, if you think you're going to fail, you're going to fail. Get help before that point.
Goddamn it anon, make the most of this opportunity because some people didn't have it. Do it for us.


As a failure six years removed from this situation, you need to act fast. Go to the counseling office/mental health center immediately. At the very least, you'll have the equivalent of a doctor's note.


File: 1610516505155.gif (982.3 KB, 320x287, 0b877fa5ffdfe78f7772fa5ee3….gif) ImgOps

I had high hopes for life, I'm very disappointed. I was and have always pretty much been seen as intelligent in my life, but now I'm chronically ill with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and really the only thing that can make me happy is a sizeable amount of money to buy a place where I don't have to pay rent and can live off-grid in peace and quiet, and in this way the first prevents the last unless of course I try every single irregular way of making money possible until I finally get it right, because If I want what I want in life I know I'll have to find the energy and motivation despite my problems to do this. Most of my family are also ego scum so they wish to not understand this and so I don't care about them, they tire me.

I really don't like to talk about being sick, I don't like talking about these personal details, and I don't like sick people and I really hate all of this. I try to just pretend like nothing while having some respect for my disease.

I'm tired all the time and hate life, how could I not. The trash I have demotivates me and disables me. The only things that make it livable is my musical and other varied interests and the fact that I have plenty of time and things to derive enjoyment from.

I also like people, but I've found out I don't actually care about most people at all because I know how it is having a deeper connection to someone. And really, nothing can replace that to me, there have been many times where other people may connect with me but I do not at all since, I guess, my personality is a rare polarity to top it off, this has but not to my wishes hurted quite a few people because I simply don't reciprocate. So I have to search hard for new people IRL i actually connect with but again I do not really have the energy and so the drive to do so.

To make things worse I quite enjoy being alone. And I'm not depressed either because I know how that feels like, what I'm feeling is simply a direct rational consequence of the circumstances, It's difficult.

Always remember, in your dealings don't let anything or anyone fuck you over, because it really concerns your overall mental but especially physical health friends, do not forget this can be permanent, stress yourself too hard you may get fucked up for life so act fast, the faster you act the faster you're out of the danger zone. Sometimes however you, maybe like myself, may not appear to have had a choice in the matter. But invariably likely the chance is higher of dodging any of these bullet would have had you acted quicker.

Things are really a fight.


File: 1610554179845.jpg (111.81 KB, 600x621, 30687369_p0_master1200.jpg) ImgOps

You need to learn how to be truly productive and teach yourself how to properly study. Easier said than done, I know. But, if you truly want to better yourself, it's the only solution. Try some of Cal Newport's books, if you want to improve on your habits.

Can't you get on disability and live in section-8/income housing?

Also, it sounds like you're having a terrible time. I suffered with a chronic illness in the past, and I was tired all of the time, but it was different from Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. Despite that, I can empathize with you just a bit. My family was also giving me a hard time with my illness, because physically, it didn't look like I was sick.

>Always remember, in your dealings don't let anything or anyone fuck you over, because it really concerns your overall mental but especially physical health friends, do not forget this can be permanent, stress yourself too hard you may get fucked up for life so act fast, the faster you act the faster you're out of the danger zone.

Did somebody hurt you in your life? Or was it multiple people?
I havew this exact same mentality. A toxic environment growing up really causes a strain on your worldview.


>I had high hopes for life, I'm very disappointed. I was and have always pretty much been seen as intelligent in my life, but now I'm chronically ill with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and really the only thing that can make me happy is a sizeable amount of money to buy a place where I don't have to pay rent and can live off-grid in peace and quiet, and in this way the first prevents the last unless of course I try every single irregular way of making money possible until I finally get it right, because If I want what I want in life I know I'll have to find the energy and motivation despite my problems to do this.
I can relate. I don't know if the condition I'm dealing with is actually chronic fatigue or not, but I've long suspected it could be. I'm approaching ten years in the workforce, but I still haven't started working full-time yet since I'm constantly exhausted. I only recently learned to drive. It's really going to suck having to work more than I do now just to make ends meet.

I've dabbled with stay-at-home jobs over the years, but I've found no success on that front.
>I also like people, but I've found out I don't actually care about most people at all because I know how it is having a deeper connection to someone. And really, nothing can replace that to me, there have been many times where other people may connect with me but I do not at all since, I guess, my personality is a rare polarity to top it off, this has but not to my wishes hurted quite a few people because I simply don't reciprocate. So I have to search hard for new people IRL i actually connect with but again I do not really have the energy and so the drive to do so.
Yeah. I run into a lot of friendly people, but there are very few I feel like I have much in common with. I only like spending time with my family anymore.

It's like there's a brick wall between me and everyone else, and I really dislike feeling this isolated. I feel like even if I were more normal that I couldn't get close enough to people. I hate being trapped in a prison of subjectivity and wish I could feel exactly what other people felt and see the world through their eyes.
>To make things worse I quite enjoy being alone.
Same here.


This almost sounds like I could've written this.

>To make things worse I quite enjoy being alone.

Really, I hate being alone, but people are such a disappointment; I think having them around makes me more miserable than not.


hate politics and politicnorms they ruin everything they touch from both sides including kind


File: 1610677973816.jpg (42.21 KB, 579x585, 1566362205227.jpg) ImgOps

Well then you'd better pepper your Angus. We're in for a bumpy ride.


File: 1610773427646.gif (629.13 KB, 320x480, 2f8bf5f98077f34188083d123a….gif) ImgOps

I had a couple internet frens make me feel shitty so I removed them but I was told by other frens that they haven't been interacting with the rest of the frens and when I revealed to them that I removed them they immediately connected the dots and told me that it's my fault. It sucks because I don't want to be negatively impacting people, I just felt sad that they didn't seem to like me anymore - but if it upset them then that must mean they liked me and I misjudged the situation, right? Help frens, I want to apologize and play vidya/watch mobies with my internet pals again.


Try adding them again. Get their side of the story and explain yourself. Apologize if you were actually in the wrong.


File: 1611159798542.jpeg (85.79 KB, 1080x608, 7A21D2BB-8256-4C6C-A893-1….jpeg) ImgOps

I despise people that think corporations care about them. I despise everyone that thinks things like Parler actually have their backs, I despise people that think Free speech is in the hands of a corporation I despise people that think the only way for free speech to exist is in a company that sucks the cock of it’s follower base. I’d rather have the CPC in power because at least they have the balls to be somewhat honest.


I hate people wanting conversations. Just leave me alone, I have nothing to say.


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This is about RPGS.
I love megadungeon campaigns because they're the only thing I can run. Every other campaign falls into pieces because I am shit and horrible at creating a sandbox and wilderness and hooks that are interesting. I am unable to provide means for the players to have fun. None of what I show is creative, nothing here is any form captivating. I talk too much during a session, I want to die.

What I hate most is the fact that this is the first sandbox I get to run with my friends and this will colour not only their opinion on hexcrawl & the system but also my future games that I might run some time. I hate myself, I am wasting everyone's time. Nobody is excited about the game, nobody looks forward to it. My friends are too polite to say anything, too much so I stopped asking for feedback because they'll never tell me honest criticism. It downright seemed uncomfortable to them.


If nobody else is willing to DM, I don't think they can complain. If they come back, that's what matters. I think you just have to get comfortable with the role, so you can loosen up. If you do that, it'll be easier to improvise.


No fighting.


People are dangerously naive if they trust corporations, but I think you're overreacting.


I recently had a conversation with a friend concerning the internet, and it's really made it more jarring just how dead it feels. Everything is so samey, probably because most people use multiple sites, so everything is really intertwined. For example when I was in school last year, there was this guy I had class with, and it was impossible to tell if he was a redditor or an anon on whatever site (probably both). Either way, he gave me second-hand embarrassment because he was a typical 2016 kiddie in early 2020 and it was clear to me, a person he didn't know much about at all. That's beside the point, though. What I want to say is the lack of variety is really starting to get to me.


I no longer feel comfortable in my favorite IB in my native language. It has become into a circlejerk of the most pretentiousfriends, pseudointelectuals and privacy-obsessed schizos. However, this IB is one of that have the least cancer compared to other IBs in my native language so that's why I'm still lurking it but not like before. It used to pretty comfy and almost everyone there treated ourselves as friends a year ago. It's a shame. Now I feel like I can confirm that I don't like any IB in my native language. I dunno where to go ;_;!


>I dunno where to go ;_;!
Well you could try to be the future you imagine and begin your own IB Anon.


File: 1611446762416.gif (1.03 MB, 850x878, EXTREME BREAD EATING.gif) ImgOps

It's 30ºC where I live, I'm all sticky, I couldn't get to my drawing class because I was indisposed for two nights, a good chunk of my images are in .webp format, and my parents broke a television due to stupidity.
But at least I don't feel as bad as yesterday.


>Everything is so samey
i forget the exact numbers, but early internet in the 90s was like %70 independent sites that individuals would spin up themselves and %30 corporate/govt/institution platforms. now, it is more like %70 corporate/govt/institution platforms and %30 individual sites. i think also that you can notice this in that the list of the most heavily trafficked sites is shrinking. this must have a lot to do with the sameyness of things. it's important to try and start your own thing or at least support indie sites like kind and encourage others to do so. try and get others to bust out of the algorithm echo chambers and support projects and platforms that search engines and advertising interests don't want to highlight because they can't easily monetize and sanitize them.
>it was impossible to tell if he was a redditor or an anon
lol. can relate. have met a few in irl that have made subculture meme jokes and i would get excited thinking, "I'VE JUST MET ANOTHER ANON IRL!" but it would always turn out that their knowledge of this scene of ours was limited to whatever anon culture had run it's course and died on facebook, twitter, tumblr, etc. disappointing.


Yeah, generally I prefer small sites like /kind/, but most IBs seem too deeply ingrained in the big two, and only spawned because some guy didn't like a particular thing about whatever, so it's the same as before; this time with one or two different qualities and much slower traffic. Compare that to /kind/ which does something unique in comparison.
I'd rather keep anons anons. I feel like once that becomes a known thing, the person will just start being an annoying friendgot to put it bluntly. It's fine if that's not the case, but friends and imageboards serve different purposes for me.


I don't think a genuine anon really should wear his nature on his sleeve. I think if someone tries to bring internet subculture into decorum outside their cultural borders, that marks them as a redditor since they are more often than not seeking some form of acknowledgement and social engagement from others. You should never even know you had encountered an anon if he truly takes his anonymity seriously.


You hit the nail on the head. Good post.


File: 1611686039430.png (789.14 KB, 1280x1280, worry.png) ImgOps

This past year has been kind to me, I've been able to work from home since March and I love it. However my work has changed, which was a good thing as it allowed me to work 100% from home, but now I may have to commit to a new position. I don't know how it will work out, or most importantly if I can work home forever, but I really like my current position and I want to do everything I can to keep things this way…. I think I've become attached to this.


File: 1612031917176.jpg (134.44 KB, 992x832, 1359236629427.jpg) ImgOps

Things are getting so bad that migrating to Slavland looks like a pretty sensible option to me at this point if I can learn the language and make money over the Internet. Unfortunately, I think I'd have to leave my family behind.


Your getting a job would probably help your family. If you don't know how, just look up job openings in your area. There's bound to be something, somewhere. If you're serious about helping your family, you might need to get a sucky job.


I wonder if a foreigner can ever become a mangaka. With authors having Non-Japanese names (CLAMP, ONE) I thinks its possible. Especially if one can have a direct contact wit a mangaka by scanlating their work, its possible to get published by recommendation. There are ways yet here I am since I cant draw jack. I think thats what I am sad about. The fact that I have had this goal for awhile now but haven't put any effort on realizing it. Thinking about it, I feel like avoiding it all together and just go back to a deceptively comfy auto pilot mode.


Fell back into the /neet/ lifestyle.


File: 1612221335740.gif (245.92 KB, 144x205, skullwiz.gif) ImgOps

DM again about my RPGs.
I have two groups, one I ranted about earlier about which I have calmed down a little.
In the other one today I made a huge mistake and completly mischaracterized an entire faction. The faction won a battle and instead of charging forward as would be sensical they went back. No story reason, I was just really really tired.


File: 1612221925374.jpg (86.69 KB, 800x780, tumblr_o78hzk5WMK1ro2bqto1….jpg) ImgOps

I think I will apologize to them tomorrow.


Next time just tell them as much. I wouldn't hesitate to call it quits if I got tired. Call it selfish, but I think if one person isn't having fun, it'll be less fun for everyone else.


File: 1612318184881.jpg (349.71 KB, 2048x2048, EfYrrUAVoAIPNbV.jpg) ImgOps

i'm lucky to have such supportive family members and there's no way that i would survive without them, but i feel so smothered being around people constantly. it's hard enough just living with them normally, but now that i'm expected to interact consistently, it takes up so much of my energy. i feel very very tired. everything annoys me or makes me feel sulky, and it's hard to calm down.

even when i am by myself in the room, everyone talks loud or has loud footsteps and i am sensitive to these noises. life circumstances right now are making me really anxious and i just want to get everything over with so that i can finally be alone… but even then it'll be short lived, because i'll be thrust into university life right away.

i was looking forward to having a couple days to destress and relax and recharge before diving head first into society, but it seems that the opportunity is lost… i'm so tired, friends. i want to sleep forever and ever. i'm so fed up…


I did a bad thing about a week ago. I won't go into too much detail, mostly because I have nothing to gain from doing so. I'm just so irritated. What I did would land me a decent bit of jail time, even if it didn't cause any significant harm and was an complete accident. Compare that to a local kid. Manages to kill two people with his vehicle and gets off with a slap on the wrist.
What gives?


File: 1612382014418.png (1001.46 KB, 564x766, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps

Why do people care too much about stupid things? why is everyone mad on the internet.


File: 1613776561417.jpg (99.21 KB, 1280x720, 1593992873029-2.jpg) ImgOps

I just wish there was some button I could press that would stop me from acting like a retard and ruining everything. That's all I seem to know how to do: just make the lives of others worse.


I had a similar feeling a couple of years ago. And, in my case, the worst part is the fact that I will live with it for the rest of my life wondering whenever will they come to catch me.


File: 1614805634922.gif (2.6 MB, 459x459, daface.gif) ImgOps

I have always been sympathetic towards janitors, but today I was especially so after my toilet decided to explode and I spent 2 hours cleaning it up.


I worked as a Janitor for a while at walmart. It wasn't as bad as you would think. The only particularly bad part was the women's restroom. Now that was a struggle.


>I have always been sympathetic towards janitors
There's a sentence you don't often see on an image board.


dum yum


I know I'll sound extremely autistic for saying this, but it has been weighing on my mind for way too long. I want to make a Sonic fanfiction. You read that correctly, a Sonic the Hedgehog fanfiction. A crazy, epic one where Sonic along with EMIYA, Jack Frost from Shin Megami Tensei, a self-insert OC (human) and a few other characters go on an adventure in a post-apocalyptic hellhole in an effort to finally make their individual dreams come true. Each one, broken by their tragic pasts, stops at nothing for that golden opportunity, even if it means betraying their allies.
The sheer amount of content my mind has come up with for this hypothetical story is mindboggling, with the story being split into three distinct and lengthy story-arcs, each with their own main character and primary focus (part 1: deception, part 2: grief, part 3: courage). There are various different factions constantly evolving and doing battle with each other. There's also a Umineko-esque Metaworld where a smug oppai loli witch drinks tea, speaks directly to the reader and occasionally hosts visitors from other universes. The story is completely without any self-awareness, as characters use words like "autistic" and "based" and seemingly important ones get violently murdered out of nowhere.
Such a creation would surely kill me from the embarrassment of having me create it, so why does my mind yearn for it so much? Is it because I have never accomplished anything in this entire lifetime, and subconsciously desire to accomplish something with my one and only talent (being autistic)? My conscious mind is quite thankful that I've never wrote the whole thing down, nor have I given into the desire to find a place online to host it. This is a battle of the subconscious mind that seeks to destroy and the conscious mind that seeks to maintain the status quo, just like the two separate characters named Alice Margatroid in the fanfiction, who lead drastically different lives despite being born of the same "thought energy".
The worst part of all of this is that I secretly wish not to type out a text-based fanfiction but to make it a WEBCOMIC, meaning that I'll have to draw everything in MS Paint, potentially drawing more attention to such an abomination.
I haven't even liked Sonic since I was 12 years old


File: 1615084422835.jpg (234.08 KB, 450x3460, 22.jpg) ImgOps

the plotline seems like something that would come from a danganronpa title. everything else seems pretty eh, but your idea of making a ms paint webcomic seems interesting.

maybe pic related will give you some ideas?


In my experience, even bathrooms aren't usually that bad. I'm sure it all depends on the place though.


No, they usually aren't, but you run into issues a lot. Especially at the store I was working at. It was really old, so there were all kinds of issues with the bathrooms. Really nasty stuff is rare though, but it certainly happens.


File: 1615211605969.png (246.38 KB, 420x472, pm5i4jg5nhjczturzoej.png) ImgOps

>sleep depraved
>town practises animal sacrifice and black magic
>had to cross over some dead animals to get an energy drink
>violent thoughts normally come after witnessing this
>start suspecting that every carton box and every plastic bag holds animals sacrifised
let's hope nothing weird happens today


File: 1615217297498.jpg (107.59 KB, 1280x720, 159545154678.jpg) ImgOps

Actually, that pic has sense.


>sleep depraved
>town practises animal sacrifice and black magic
>had to cross over some dead animals to get an energy drink
>violent thoughts normally come after witnessing this
>start suspecting that every carton box and every plastic bag holds animals sacrifised
Let me to guess, third world?


File: 1615218050047.jpg (46.87 KB, 640x427, 159934300445.jpg) ImgOps

Isn't a problem exactly, I'm not sad for that, but I want to tell it someone. Recently, I've into on online class, by Zoom. I so hate the fucking online class, are insufficient, bullshit, uncomfortable, tedious, etc… The previous year I ignored that shit, And it wasn't so bad for me. So, in this year, I will "study", probably I will be the first on the class. Is so fucking easy to pass the exams


Are you unsatisfied?


Yeah, I'm.


Where are you from, my friend?


Inefficient, huh?


>The only particularly bad part was the women's restroom. Now that was a struggle.
You don't have to clean the parking lot? Picking up trash outside is dangerous because nobody in parking lot sees you and people drive way too fast in the parking lot. Hosing/ pressure washing is slightly safer because the cars don't want to drive near it but it's very tedious and it's usually hot outside.


I didn't mind doing that. I worked from fall to spring, so I didn't do it often. Plus I got to fool around while I worked when I did that. I don't mind a bit of danger, when you got those poor guys pushing carts outside all day.
Women's restroom was bad because you had to wait for it to be empty to clean, and by the time one woman leaves, another needs to use it. It was especially bad, because the bathrooms in the back were closed for a month or two, so the one bathroom got all the traffic, and you couldn't tell them to go to the back.
Plus those feminine hygiene boxes get used for literally anything. Many times I've checked them only to be hit hard with the smell of shit. Women are gross.


I live on sudamerica.
Yes, it is.


>Plus those feminine hygiene boxes get used for literally anything. Many times I've checked them only to be hit hard with the smell of shit. Women are gross.
The whole mindset of people who do stuff like that is just foreign and disgusting to me.


It's just people being poorly taught by parents. It wouldn't surprise me if a lot of women genuinely didn't know what it was for exactly. It's not like it's a common topic of conversation or anything.


It seems kind of obvious not to shit in them though.


They don't shit in them, but they toss baby diapers and TP in them. Rarely you'd get someone that shit themself too, and they throw their shitty panties in the box. Anyway, my point was, women don't know how to use bathrooms.


File: 1615854503532.jpg (25.65 KB, 600x600, 94fd21afb10d6f2f17ede51e38….jpg) ImgOps

Why do people need to hate each other so much? Why are we constantly pushed into more and more hateful relations. I just want the world to be kinder. And I'm saying this unironically. I'm tired of everyone wanting to kill each other for some really stupid reason.


If you haven't noticed, people suck. That's why personal space is so sacred. We are all forced to deal with people who disgust us occasionally even if we choose never to associate with them. If I met you, I would probably hate you too or dislike you, but it's nothing personal. Another answer would be fear of the other is necessary to harness human ingenuity.


File: 1615898896770.png (120.61 KB, 344x345, fug.png) ImgOps

>tfw best gaming mouse you ever owned has begun to fail and left clicks erratically and even though you knew it was getting old you were hoping to be able to squeeze a little more use out of it because you can't afford a decent replacement at the moment…


File: 1615916843414.jpg (53.41 KB, 640x480, 1529946000853.jpg) ImgOps

I think its a matter of perspective but also in being around others who fit with what you prefer.
It seems as if the world was hijacked at some point by some who had nefarious intent and they made a system which spread their nefariousness in multiple ways, via manipulative devices. Its a complicated matter but I believe it can be solved. Its like Jacque Fresco said about the environment compelling people to act in certain ways. It comes down to human behavior, not human nature. Human nature is just basic survival stuff, but behavior is something else and it can be quite complicated.
One of the of the potential solutions often tauted is "be the change you wish to see in the world"


The world was always like this though, if you read histories it's filled with different groups using the most meaningless justifications to try and kill each other for no reason other than greed and power. It's kind of sad. Though I have hope that people will learn to be kinder someday.


File: 1615937917981.jpg (53.1 KB, 450x443, eye (2).jpg) ImgOps

I may have gotten a little too comfortable over the past year, but my bitter hatred of wagecucking is beginning to return to me. Welcome back old friend.


lol @ hating anon based on one post


It would be great to make a breakaway civilization, but there are some hurdles to clear for that to work. At least I know there's a lot of like minded individuals online who are all for it, I've seen more than one thread about the topic on various boards. Some people are just that fed up with the broken system, maybe something will come of it eventually.


File: 1616011495936.jpg (1.2 MB, 3000x2107, 1605233962472.jpg) ImgOps

My father and sister fought again in an awkward dinner my father forced my mother to do and now I don't want to play videogames


File: 1616017362888.png (224.39 KB, 530x340, SfNj0Tw.png) ImgOps

I know that sort of feeling all to well. Sometimes you've gotta take a moment to process it in your mind rather than to drown it out.


File: 1616053337141.jpg (132.46 KB, 1024x1024, qsfz Q2 2018.zip-Db4JDXeUw….jpg) ImgOps

Everything I do, I fail and have to start over again. Studying, working out, everything has to begin anew, from step one each time I lose a week or month to depression.
Each time I restart, I do it with less and less excitement. By the third time, I can't keep going on, because every repeated exercise or memorized kanji reminds me of how I started and failed, started and failed.

Since I was a wee lad, what motivated me was imagining a future self. A me that was skilled, constantly motivated, and had value that everyone recognized.
Now I'm 25, and all the gigachad fantasies I had as a retarded teenager came crashing down: I'm still me, still as bitter, emotional and frail. Except a bit more bald and with a bit more responsibilities towards the world at large.

At 25, I'm beginning realizing how short 5 years can get. And instead of motivating me to do better, it just reminds me of how I failed at everything, and how many times I started it only to fail again and again until I learned to give up completely.


I'd recommend trying to view your life and motivations in another way. Sure, you aren't what you wanted to be, but who is? No reason to give up. When you find something you want to learn or practice, have a particular reason in mind, so that you can have a more concrete goal, something you can see yourself work toward.
Don't give me a (you), cause there's nothing to be gained from it.


Human primates are restless in an urban environment: It's only a few thousand of years ago that we stepped out of the jungle and took up farming, while our time hunting boars and mammonths goes back hundreds of thousands of years.
This restlesness causes anxiety, unease, depression. They're all natural, because our brain and body are adapted to hunting rabbits and picking seeds, not managing the efficacy of thousands of employees and competing with companies that do the same.

Stress breaks people, they turn evil even if they don't want to. Religions or psychology can help one understand their self, find faults, and work to fix them. But there's an easier fix: Cults and ideologies.

Cults are a bit out of fashion as of late. Yet ideologies are all the rage, especially with the current technology.
With either one, you do not have to do any self work, self reflection, or self overcoming. You do not have to work on your flaws, chances are, these flaws are caused by something external to you. That in the end isn't really your fault. You can keep being a shitty person, as long as you direct your hate in the right direction.

The people falling for ideology are not evil per se. But they begin filtering the world through ideological distinctions: If someone is considered ideologically immoral, it's ok to attack him. If anything, attacking him makes you a better person. They do not need to understand you, accept that you have ideas of your own. Their understanding of you comes down to friend, or enemy. As long as you signal you're an enemy, you're ok to hate. If you signal you're a friend, they'll treat you normally until you slip up.



Do you know how the chinese treated POW's during the vietnam war?
Unlike the Vietnamese, that just used brute force. They made their prisoners write essays, with small rewards like tasty snacks for the winner. The essays were about minor things, like "why I think America is imperfect", I'm sure even the biggest patriot has his gripes.
Then the winner's essay would be used as anti-American propaganda, and the winner had no possibility of defending himself. He couldn't deny he wrote the essay of his own free will, and none of the other prisoners would believe he wasn't on the side of the Chinese. Rather than denying it, the prisoner would eventually express more radical pro-chinese views of his own free will.
Writing is a powerful brainwashing tool.

And with the internet, especially social media, you do the chinese exercises every day. The small reward isn't a tasty snack, but some dopamine boosting upvotes. The end result is the same. You expressed your views, you can't back down and change your mind, because your identity is tied to what you wrote.
This isn't something that happens to some intellectuals with typewriters. Everyone who has a phone has posted some opinions using their name. Has begun a self-brainwashing process with the end goal of absolutely radicalizing themselves. Eliminating any sense of self for the sake of whatever ideological goal they began to slip into.


Here's your (you).


I have the same issue and I'm older. I have accepted that while I will never be amazing at the things I want to learn (in my case drawing), I am at least trying to cultivate good habits in this life that will carry on.


Open it up and replace the Omron switches.
The Chinese took POW's during the Vietnam War? That's news to me.

I don't think writing posts on anonymous IBs is as harmful. I play both sides all the time.


>The small reward isn't a tasty snack, but some dopamine boosting upvotes. The end result is the same. You expressed your views, you can't back down and change your mind, because your identity is tied to what you wrote.
That's actually pretty interesting Anon, I can easily see that outcome to things like that. While obviously not the same situation as Chinese torture camps, in my case I'm just upfront about my 'unpopular opinions' right off. Not being over-socialized as Ted Kaczynski talked about helps too. The combination helps me be pretty straightforward with people. Doesn't win me any popularity contests, but tbh I'd actually be concerned if I did, given the pozzed views of those around us who 'live in a society'. :^)


File: 1616123805633.jpg (78.54 KB, 1024x768, D01EBuDXgAAgBAZ.jpg large.jpg) ImgOps

I sometimes wish I wasn't so emotionally attatched to my family so I could just run away from the nonsense that they do. I just hope getting out of Uni can help me pull out into my own space.


I'm starting a new job, and my schedule is going to suck really badly for the next few weeks until I resign from my current one.


Have you ever wanted to kys because of an internet comment? I'm embarrassed of feeling like this let alone talking about it but I'm just not doing well at the moment. It's all a bit much.


File: 1616842733128.jpg (9.63 KB, 200x200, 1616637299815-v.jpg) ImgOps

If you say something stupid on the internet just move on, it's all anonymous after all.
You should only hate yourself if you're responsible for the death of a website you liked. Like me


I've moved on lol, now I'm back to mild harmless depression.
What site was it btw?


I'd rather not talk about it, for the good of this board as well.


File: 1616903897260.png (284.64 KB, 960x540, da3.png) ImgOps

>You should only hate yourself if you're responsible for the death of a website you liked. Like me
Lol, 'coulda shoulda woulda'. Please take your own advice, Friend. :3


My life goes well lately all things considered
I just feel depressed over 1 thing. Ever since I was a fucking kid I had a single dream about growing up. To share my stories with the world through a visual medium. I remember I wanted to be a film director even before I knew what a film director is called. Eventually this desire changed as I grew up but the core remained the same. I am the stereotype of the fucking obnoxious daydreaming retard but this is fucking important for me. I want to make something. A comic. A videogame. Something. I want other people to read/play/watch about characters I wrote. Like them/hate them. Tell me I suck, tell me I am great. Just care in some way. I feel envy for the fact that people payed money to make complete shit and cash grabs and souless corporate bullshit. Everytime I watch a shit movie or series I feel a weird sence of injustice. Which I have enough self awareness to realise is unjustified. Cause I havent tried, in any serious way to create anything. But I cant do it. I cant make a game (I dont know how) and even if I learn I wont be able to make something good alone
I cant animate. The only thing I am half competent at is drawing. But even there I am mediocre at best. And I feel just depressed. I feel that I will never make what I wanna make, I will end up with a shitty Soulcrashing job as a normalfriend NPC.
That the best I would achieve if I tried would be to become a lolcow akin to chris chan or the creator of Jeff the Killer. And whatever I make will be mocked cause I just suck. And then I feel that these feelings are objectively stupid and obnoxious. And that I am being a cringy retard not by expressing them in any way but by having them at all or that all of this is me childishly wanting attention. Nothing deeper or more serious than a child running up to their parents proud of his new stupid story which includes 10 in the billionth "and then"s and the parents will just nod and said they like it


You aren't going to get better feeling sorry for yourself. Just give it a try and see if you like it. The best option would probably be to make some low budget film with friends, if you have the means.
I'd just keep your actual identity seperate from your work if you do, and if it flops, you can try again under another name.
Do what's in your means now, and who knows, it might lead somewhere new for you.


File: 1617005003387.jpg (68.77 KB, 400x667, 39e19c404e79c3f554f2b2d3c6….jpg) ImgOps

migraine pain


Your desire to create is sullied by your desire for recognition. You do not wish to create for its own sake, you wish to be recognized as a creator.

If tomorrow you woke up, and found yourself in an alternative universe, where you're a world-accepted artist. You would be fine with it. You wouldn't feel that you missed out on the creative process that led to the creation itself. What you want is for your ego to be satisfied by the experience of social acknowledgement. Because on some level you feel that your characters, and by extension experiences, are not valid unless they're acknowledged by someone else.

The shit movie or series that you feel "a sense of injustice" (actually an inverted feeling of superiority) towards. Was at least made by people interested in the act of creation, interested in artistic work for its own sake, unconcerned for its results.
Or at least, less concerned than you.

The suffering isn't coming from the injustices in the world. It's coming from aspects of your self.
This self-perception is false, it must be destroyed. So you can return to a state of unconditional creativity. Or no creativity at all. Maybe what you wanted was social acknowledgement and you were expressing it through artistic expression. In both cases, the answer will be evident after you remove this trapping.


File: 1617194784008.jpg (139.35 KB, 714x1000, 10c5c9165b149a5.jpg) ImgOps

i hope you've recovered


boss keeps telling me to use "modern" tools yet i almost always do the best on our team.


File: 1617424621440.jpg (39.29 KB, 480x466, 1606570991197.jpg) ImgOps

I haven't been getting a rush from driving lately and I can't tell if it's because I've gotten used to the speed or if I've slowed down. Either way, it's harder to have fun.


I feel like a reverse hungry ghost. While the hungry ghosts have an overwhelming desire to consume that they can never fulfill, I have had a desire to create something since I was a child, that I can never stick with. The recognition would be nice, but really what I want more than anything is to just make something for my own satisfaction. I have tried drawing many times, but I never get very far… I am sure there is some lesson here I was meant to learn in this life.


i do programming for a living and on my own time. it is a very rewarding feeling. i used to spend hours a day playing vidya now thats just boring compared to programming. i know it might be that good for only me maybe but i recommend you try it out too. plus its great money.


I actually do programming myself and I don't like it at all. I prefer working with my hands.


awesome thred….

i m tired making 48 hour work and get appreciated less than 8 hour gigs. i wish i can just unsee this but the person havent said "i took double time than you" so…


if life is full of people who wanta to kill u and jail also full of people who ll kill you whats the difference lol


i like it how irl people r so full of themselvs saying "o we remember all shit yer not getting away" then flip it the other minute "dont be conceited" like lol

the irony is how powerful being dumb can be lol why bother lol i dont think god handle sufferjnf that much i guess like irl folk


>>5123 if suffering isnt real then jesus is completely worthless to mohd* then black slavery is not a thing including jewslavery and then some more like hell and heavn isnt real tooblol


Nevermind, I got it back :)


Someone shat on the game I was playing and now I can't get back to playing it


Your game sucks because it's for babies


File: 1617672518967.png (77.73 KB, 500x500, rip dood.png) ImgOps

pls no more bulli


What game were you playing anon?


Color a Dinosaur?


File: 1617679105507.png (20.73 KB, 525x525, sex.png) ImgOps

SMT for the SNES
Someone called the SMT series meme games and I got all convoluted. What the fuck is even a meme game?


Small Miniscule Tiny, like a baby?
SMT is alright. I played too many turn based JRPGs all at once not long ago, so I exhausted myself.
Just play it. Don't be a baby, and play your baby games like a man, even if someone shits on it.


File: 1617950939467.gif (1.67 MB, 500x500, 1617423183861-s4s.gif) ImgOps

I have to go to the dentist tomorrow at 9:30.
It's 10 to 4 am. This always happens to me in days I have to wake up early, I just end up spending all the night awake


I keep going back and looking at the online profiles of my old estranged friends. Wish I had been less disagreeable and antisocial.


I've been suffering from depersonalization and even full-on solipsistic feelings lately. These feelings seem to be a recurring thing for me. It agonizes me to know that I can't feel what other people are truly feeling. Existence is an ineffable thing, and I feel completely cut off from other people no matter how much I may love them.


>put sage in the wrong field
Derp. I need some sleep.


When I was younger, I was a much less simple person. Maybe it's because I wasn't sure what I enjoyed in life, and that made me really angsty. I sort of miss being a pretentious jerk to my peers. I miss being able to put myself over others due to my achievements.
I miss that time I partied with my friends on a Sunday night and spent the next day of school hung over and sleep deprived. I miss driving my best friend home from school everyday. I miss grappling with my bros and beating them all because I refuse to lose.
I miss being a kid.
I hate what I've become. A manchild living an eternal summer, out of fear of committing to something, anything. I've been trying to hide from that fact for this past year but I can't stand it any more. I'm tired of playing a knight without a liege. I want to sieze control of my life and live it my way. I want to do the things that others cannot do, and I want to excel in the things I enjoy.

This transitional phase has to end at some point, right?


File: 1618635831170.jpg (31.25 KB, 399x399, 1507572320055.jpg) ImgOps

The last year I sat here feeling like there is no need to have a life goal. Then I came across something on the internet of people who live in vans and travel while doing remote work for money. Then I finally had that slice of optimism and motivation I was looking for. After doing more research and talking with my gf about it my new goal is to live in a van and tour the country with my gf working my way up to Canada. I don't like where I live now and it kills me to sit here and feel like I am waiting to die. This isn't really a rant but more of a story to maybe let others know that you can still have a goal in life despite how things are right now. Don't give up just yet. Not everything in life is about producing and making money. If you happen to be a NEET. Maybe you should try something new. Unless, of course, you like being a NEET. Then ride on.


File: 1618702059207.jpg (401.25 KB, 1339x753, 1618196329805-v.jpg) ImgOps

I'm fasting and I hate it. My metabolism is all screwed up, don't have energy to do anything, and I have stuff to do. Tomorrow I'll just go full One Meal a Day.


beacuse of Ramadan?


No, because I ended up getting fuckton of stretchmarks all over my body, makes me feel like a Joy Mutant from Lisa.
Shouldn't have let myself get this way


that's really unhealthy girl be safe


i have a german exam next week and my speaking and writing skills suck… i'm going to fail and there's nothing i can do


I wish i knew German and somehow help you


I took years of German in school and never progressed that far due to getting confused by all the cases.


you're still in time for long and stable friendships


File: 1618775330887.jpg (175.53 KB, 1921x1280, 1530572950652.jpg) ImgOps

I was once again reminded how alone I am. I just want an artfriend community that likes drawing cute girls and learning to do it better. That in itself isn't a problem, the problem is that I want those cute girls not to involve dicks and giant asses and other fetishes and generally be pornographic, and that's when it becomes impossible. Non-4chan imageboards are basically the only place where you can post without google captcha anyway, and everywhere else is filled with oppressive leftism that I just can't stand.

It seems like I'm looking for such a simple thing but it makes my stomach turn to realize that it literally doesn't appear to exist anywhere.


File: 1618776266273.png (654.13 KB, 578x900, 8a52fc527818f46e838b9af16f….png) ImgOps

German is my native language, maybe I can help?
Could be too late though, you really should always do your homework and study for exams early. Also ask for help from teachers or do research online if you don't understand something.

Pixiv? It has h and no h. Although I guess it's japanese only?


Mostly Japanese, search for anything and you'll get mostly softcore porn or straight up porn, and I think it's mostly a gallery rather than a community with discussions and stuff. I do have a Pixiv account but I don't know of any forum-like place in it.



You and me both. I suppose there's the various loomis boards. I'm convinced art is a solitary pursuit unless you go to to some kind of art school or manage to find your own small group of friends, or start your own…


Please clean your dishes as you make them anons. It really simplifies washing your dishes, and if you use a dishwasher, your dishes won't come out gross because dishwashers suck.
Just add warm water, soap, and a sponge and you can stay on top of your dishes without a whole lot of time wasted and you won't have to worry about not having any dishes for food!


Helpe, I turned into a blob.
Blub blub blub.


If only my flatmates understood this!


File: 1619072885879.gif (1.32 MB, 472x470, 1618582733955.gif) ImgOps

my stomach hurts


I hate when people treat smash bros as some tryhard competitive game. Most of my friends are "epic gamers" unfortunately, so playing against them just means they'll use the same cheese strats everytime. Maybe it works against the bots they practice against, but they don't have the skill to apply that against people reliably. It's just lame when they start spamming the same moves over and over.
I guess it wouldn't irritate me so much if they actually got good at the game. I imagine they spend more time watching videos on it than actually learning the game.
Fuck I'm annoyed.


I am taking psychiatric meds and they seem to be helping me overcome my crippling OCD-like anxiety and not obsess over things. I have heard so much contradictory things about meds that I do not know who I can trust, on one hand things geniuently seem to be getting better and I don't feel like I'm losing my intelectual capabilities or really feeling different. I feel like my personality is changing for the better and I don't know if it's the personal revelations I'm having, or is it just meds doing their work but the change does not seem to be negative, nor do I feel like a worse person. By the change not being negative I feel like I'm becoming more open minded and calm, as well as getting rid of obsessive and illogical thoughts I'm having I've been literally obsessing over fictional fucking characters and getting nervous over them before due to sudden spikes of adrenaline, even though I know it was ridiculous. Everything besides that seems to be normal and I feel better than usually. I'm still nervous that perhaps this is damaging to my brain, even though I'm taking them for a long time and don't seem to be suffering any adverse effects. My psychiatrist and psychologist are telling me that my symptoms are strong enough to justify them.

Anyone had similar experiences?


File: 1619274818946.png (557.44 KB, 550x408, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps

Tried to make an omelette, but the pan has something wrong with the handle. I tried to swirl the scrambled eggs around the pan, only to have it spin to the left, throwing a good amount of the liquid on the floor and oven.
Ended up using 8 eggs instead of 4.
In another topic, I wish there was just an anime search engine. If I search "cooking disaster" on gelbooru I'll find nothing, but if there was a dedicated search engine which only gives away anime results, then a lot more could be posted.


Here is 25 different info-pics showing that MASSIVE numbers of people are DYING and getting seriously sick from the covid19 vaccine. It is your duty to spread this, warn all your friends and family, and tell them to warn all their friends too. This is life and death we are talking about. Save your friends and family's lives!


File: 1619288359512.jpg (124.47 KB, 600x446, 1355176280650.jpg) ImgOps


Those sorts of medications affect everyone differently. Maybe its actually working for you. Just relax and see how things progress from here.


File: 1619316257049.gif (1.18 MB, 540x540, 1618935868408.gif) ImgOps

I regret having fasted for a whole week, now I'm behind in almost all subjects, had an issue with my father, and only lost 4 kilograms.
I also forgot to participate in an activity before the time limit. What an effing dumbass, this is what happens when you take your career lightly, I just hope this doesn't fuck me over


My feet hurt I got a splinter I pissed myself I'm crying right now


I was on Wellbutrin for a time and am glad I got off it. It apparently has bad side effects in the long term, and it didn't help me anyway. All it seemed to do was increase my sex drive.


File: 1619593027658.jpg (268.17 KB, 849x1200, HRH.jpg) ImgOps

I've been watching The X-Files lately, since it's one of the few shows available for me. I use an antenna for tv, so I only have about 15 channels available. 1/3 being news, 1/3 being religious programs, and the last 1/3 being tv shows. It's really reminded me of an issue I have in life. We live in a boring world, lacking in mystery. There is rarely anything that can't be explained, and even less often those unexplainable events can be proven to have actually occurred.
I want to experience something that will make me question the things we accept as fact, something that will put my mind and imagination to work.


>We live in a boring world, lacking in mystery.
Oh my sweet child, we live in a world filled with mysteries. The issue is that a lot that decide to follow those end up insane because of the things involving them
>I want to experience something that will make me question the things we accept as fact, something that will put my mind and imagination to work.
Trust me, you don't


File: 1619648882650.jpg (76.84 KB, 640x429, uh...............jpg) ImgOps

People from 50/60 and above make me horny for some reason but there's never good porn out of that


shittiest thread on the whole fucking board


lets not be rude now


File: 1619719322704.jpg (57.49 KB, 542x470, ma.jpg) ImgOps

well, there is telepathy, which has a theoretical basis in quantum mechanics. but the scientific evidence for telepathy is weak. so if telepathy exists, it must be unreliable to use and weak in its effects for the average person.


Maybe that's why people can "feel" that they're being stared at or being watched. Too weak to be interpretted as anything in particular, but certainly something that can be picked up on.


Check out some of the reading material in the /fringe/ thread over on /server/. There are a lot of things out there that have yet to be adequately explained scientifically. At this point, I'm pretty convinced that what we think of as the physical world is just the tip of the iceberg as far as what's out there.
In what sense?
From what I recall reading years ago, there have been studies on psi phenomena in the past that have gotten results greater than chance. That doesn't mean people who exhibit psychic talent are basically X-Men or anything though.


File: 1619766511765.png (3.68 MB, 960x1263, 1606088345246.png) ImgOps

It really annoys me when people try to encourage you to do something when you're already planning to do something else. It's even more annoying when you make it known what you plan to do. At that point the person is just trying to push you to do something you don't want to do and refuse to listen to you.
I'm so irritated that I feel like doing nothing at all.


the god licks the atheist butt's much better. guess they r indeed friendgots


You what now?


File: 1620236908771.png (9.25 KB, 192x192, yoko stare.png) ImgOps

If there's an authority, I always (or at least a good chunk of the time) seem to end up acting or doing stuff that goes against their behalf, which leads me to unwanted arguments and sometimes getting banned on many places.
I just want to be comfy but something always pops out


That's why I stopped posting on traditional forums. I remember using the word "friendgot" on one a long time ago that seemed like it would be pretty relaxed about that kind of thing and ended up getting a message from one of the mods that was kind of chastising me for it. Before that, I remember getting into trouble several times on a much bigger board.

I don't mix well with the hugbox-like nature of most forums. Even the ones more oriented toward allowing controversial ideas you have to worry about not stepping on people's toes, whether it's the mods and staff members or just other users.


File: 1620363492488.jpg (172.93 KB, 748x1200, fd76309847d21dd9429bc5bbc6….jpg) ImgOps

I wanted to learn how to draw at least to a basic level and someone from /loomis/ suggested to me that I should start with drawabox.com . I understand that learning the fundamentals is important but after going through a little under half the lessons, I'm bored out of my fucking mind. Repeatedly drawing relatively simple objects is laborious and mind numbing. I hate it and i'm rapidly losing all my motivation to learn to draw at all. Drawing dozens or hundreds of leaves and arrows and boxes and cylinders and mushrooms and beans and shit isn't interesting in the slightest, it's a chore to do, it feels like more work I have to do, on top of all the other work I have to do every day. It makes me not want to do it at all. Plus I still don't feel like i'm any closer to being able to draw a simple cartoon or construct a character or anything. The site said to take drawing breaks in-between lessons by drawing stuff that you wanted to draw, but I don't fucking know how to, that was the whole point of learning, so I can draw stuff I actually did want to draw. Every since I was a kid I was always shit at drawing things, I could never make anything more complicated than a stickman and now as an adult, I decide to really and truly give drawing a shot and it's making me bored out of my mind. I'm actually extremely upset by this.

I would very much appreciate any advice, because I really would like to learn to draw. I just don't want it to feel like it's a massive chore to do. I want drawing to be fun, or at least somewhat engaging. I don't want to have my spirit killed by doing tedious exercises and then just give up because I'll have trained myself to associate drawing with monotony and boredom.


My advice is to not bother drawing things that don't interest you. You can learn to draw other things as you go along.

Break what you're trying to draw down into simpler shapes and go from there.

I was considered okay at drawing when I was a kid but never put the effort in to be truly good at drawing, so I don't know how good my advice is. I've never used Loomis-style methods, as they seemed counterintuitive to me.


Most advice you hear on the internet is very bad. Drawabox lessons are all fine, but you shouldn't "just do them". Drawing a million shapes won't help you get better if you're not trying to learn something from it, and if you spend most of your time drawing rectangles then you'll mostly learn how to draw rectangles.

Everyone is different, different preferences, different experiences, different interests. The best possible advice I can give you is to listen to everyone but believe only yourself. That includes me, don't just believe me, think about it yourself and figure out if any of it makes sense to you. Get as many opinions and ideas and methods as you can to broaden your horizons, but then figure out by yourself what you should do. If you feel like drawabox lessons aren't helping you, then simply stop doing them.

I never did any kind of "exercises" myself and I think I can draw fine. My whole life I've simply drawn what I want, when something isn't working out, I try to figure out how to fix it and learn as I go. Of course I often can't figure it out or it just turns out bad, in that case I delete it and try something else, getting really demotivated may be involved but such is the life of an artist. Sometimes I post it online and then cringe and regret it later. If I wanted to learn to draw something, say, anime eyes, I'd look at anime eyes and try to mimick them. Reference images are the best teacher, not just photos but also other people's drawings and "tutorials", look at all of them and try to see what you're not seeing. Save them so you can look at them again later because there's no way your mind will absorb it all that easily. This will sound very contrarian, but when you're a beginner I'd recommend looking at drawings instead of photos, because drawings have already simplified all the details into more easily understandable form, if you want to draw cartoons then cartoons will also teach you the best ways to stylize things so you don't have to reinvent the wheel in that regard, and learning from drawings is also more fun.


File: 1620411798180.jpg (243.14 KB, 1784x1262, ysc.jpg) ImgOps

Why is the post character limit so small?
The only specific thing I'd tell you to practice is trying to see things as 3 dimensional shapes, I'm naturally interested in that though so maybe that's just me, but I find it very helpful towards making things look good.

If you really feel like you're stuck then take a photo or a drawing you like and trace over it. You can't miss anything if you're literally physically drawing it. I try to tell people how useful tracing is for learning but it's very hard to convince people because there's this idea that it's somehow "cheating". The idea isn't to copy or steal their drawing, but to learn how they drew it, you'll notice all kinds of things you didn't notice before by doing it. Don't save it though, delete it when you're done.
The earliest drawing related memory I have is copying all 151 original pokemon from some pamphlet and filling an entire wall with them. I didn't quite trace them because the pamphlet was so small, I copied them by eye and basically enlargened them.

Also here's my drawing, maybe it makes me sound more convincing. Or maybe less.


File: 1620413003703.jpg (533.76 KB, 1500x2090, g.jpg) ImgOps

Drawing lines around your character/object like pic related is helpful for seeing it as a 3D shape, and also generally helps putting things into the correct place and check proportions and symmetry. It doesn't really matter where you draw lines or how many, it's just to help yourself figure things out.


No advice as I suck as well but I learnt another creative skill after drawing did not work and fell in love with that but my point is that it takes time to get good and as soon as you get a handle on your art no matter what it is you will have fun.

Please keep trying I wish I could draw as well and you should be proud you are trying so hard!! you will get there ify ou keep trying friend


I'm doing a One Meal a Day keto diet but I don't seem to be losing weight, in two weeks I only lost like 3 kilos.


Hi friend!! Good job trying to lose weight I will drop some tips as I know sooo much about this and lost an amazing amount of weight doing something like this and quickly!!

If OMAD keto is not working you are eating too much on your meal and it helps a lot to get used to fasting you can lose nearly a pound a day from fasting!!

I did fasting lost sooo much weight and it is fun as well the good news for you is it is extra easy when you are doing keto already just try see if you can stick it out for a few days at a time maybe even 5 :)


File: 1620419694962.png (2.49 MB, 2600x3718, grace.png) ImgOps

I did a water fast before starting keto. The issue with fasting is that it fucks up my metabolism and doesn't let me do anything. Missed on a whole week of college and had to catch up with the subjects because of it


Feeling little sad friends. Life is lonely


I never had luck with diets. If you are trying to lose weight just try to eat healthier and schedule in exercise.
Be consistent.
Good luck


If you have to do things and not NEET it will be harder fren but maybe you could add a day of fasting to increase weight loss like on the weekend and also coffee helps :)
exercise is the most inefficient way to lose weight not to be mean.


That is just no good is it I am also sad and have no one to talk to sigh bit if you want to share I would be willing and actually want to hear what troubles you.
You are not alone friend even if it does feel that way..


Grace-chan is so cute.


Listening to doom jazz https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p3MOaRaEoCc and ummm doing nothing..
Sort of hope you all have a good time


File: 1620595797146.png (211.62 KB, 1080x1080, konata tired.png) ImgOps

I seem to be suffering both diarrhea and a cold, and tomorrow I have an exam.
I feel terrible


File: 1620595904850.png (459.55 KB, 800x600, bb9a2738052b08a81d4568a7f2….png) ImgOps

Get well soon!


Thanks anon, took a carbon pill and drank some ascorbic acid, hope tomorrow I get much better


I used to drink Gatorade when I'd get diarrhea. I don't know if it wold help you, but it had a placebo effect on me at the very least.

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