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Tell us your problems and what’s bothering you right now.

My problem is that politics especially in America is fucking stupid and both sides are more retarded then a special ed school on crack. The far Left is saying to burn everybody you disagree with but not to do it, while the far right is saying that exact same thing. Remember when Politics wasn’t two retards screaming at each other? Trump fucked over America by making politics easy to understand and making it good for people to run around like chickens pecking each other not doing anything useful for anyone else.
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Why do people need to hate each other so much? Why are we constantly pushed into more and more hateful relations. I just want the world to be kinder. And I'm saying this unironically. I'm tired of everyone wanting to kill each other for some really stupid reason.


If you haven't noticed, people suck. That's why personal space is so sacred. We are all forced to deal with people who disgust us occasionally even if we choose never to associate with them. If I met you, I would probably hate you too or dislike you, but it's nothing personal. Another answer would be fear of the other is necessary to harness human ingenuity.


File: 1615898896770.png (120.61 KB, 344x345, fug.png) ImgOps

>tfw best gaming mouse you ever owned has begun to fail and left clicks erratically and even though you knew it was getting old you were hoping to be able to squeeze a little more use out of it because you can't afford a decent replacement at the moment…


File: 1615916843414.jpg (53.41 KB, 640x480, 1529946000853.jpg) ImgOps

I think its a matter of perspective but also in being around others who fit with what you prefer.
It seems as if the world was hijacked at some point by some who had nefarious intent and they made a system which spread their nefariousness in multiple ways, via manipulative devices. Its a complicated matter but I believe it can be solved. Its like Jacque Fresco said about the environment compelling people to act in certain ways. It comes down to human behavior, not human nature. Human nature is just basic survival stuff, but behavior is something else and it can be quite complicated.
One of the of the potential solutions often tauted is "be the change you wish to see in the world"


The world was always like this though, if you read histories it's filled with different groups using the most meaningless justifications to try and kill each other for no reason other than greed and power. It's kind of sad. Though I have hope that people will learn to be kinder someday.


File: 1615937917981.jpg (53.1 KB, 450x443, eye (2).jpg) ImgOps

I may have gotten a little too comfortable over the past year, but my bitter hatred of wagecucking is beginning to return to me. Welcome back old friend.


lol @ hating anon based on one post


It would be great to make a breakaway civilization, but there are some hurdles to clear for that to work. At least I know there's a lot of like minded individuals online who are all for it, I've seen more than one thread about the topic on various boards. Some people are just that fed up with the broken system, maybe something will come of it eventually.


File: 1616011495936.jpg (1.2 MB, 3000x2107, 1605233962472.jpg) ImgOps

My father and sister fought again in an awkward dinner my father forced my mother to do and now I don't want to play videogames


File: 1616017362888.png (224.39 KB, 530x340, SfNj0Tw.png) ImgOps

I know that sort of feeling all to well. Sometimes you've gotta take a moment to process it in your mind rather than to drown it out.


File: 1616053337141.jpg (132.46 KB, 1024x1024, qsfz Q2 2018.zip-Db4JDXeUw….jpg) ImgOps

Everything I do, I fail and have to start over again. Studying, working out, everything has to begin anew, from step one each time I lose a week or month to depression.
Each time I restart, I do it with less and less excitement. By the third time, I can't keep going on, because every repeated exercise or memorized kanji reminds me of how I started and failed, started and failed.

Since I was a wee lad, what motivated me was imagining a future self. A me that was skilled, constantly motivated, and had value that everyone recognized.
Now I'm 25, and all the gigachad fantasies I had as a retarded teenager came crashing down: I'm still me, still as bitter, emotional and frail. Except a bit more bald and with a bit more responsibilities towards the world at large.

At 25, I'm beginning realizing how short 5 years can get. And instead of motivating me to do better, it just reminds me of how I failed at everything, and how many times I started it only to fail again and again until I learned to give up completely.


I'd recommend trying to view your life and motivations in another way. Sure, you aren't what you wanted to be, but who is? No reason to give up. When you find something you want to learn or practice, have a particular reason in mind, so that you can have a more concrete goal, something you can see yourself work toward.
Don't give me a (you), cause there's nothing to be gained from it.


Human primates are restless in an urban environment: It's only a few thousand of years ago that we stepped out of the jungle and took up farming, while our time hunting boars and mammonths goes back hundreds of thousands of years.
This restlesness causes anxiety, unease, depression. They're all natural, because our brain and body are adapted to hunting rabbits and picking seeds, not managing the efficacy of thousands of employees and competing with companies that do the same.

Stress breaks people, they turn evil even if they don't want to. Religions or psychology can help one understand their self, find faults, and work to fix them. But there's an easier fix: Cults and ideologies.

Cults are a bit out of fashion as of late. Yet ideologies are all the rage, especially with the current technology.
With either one, you do not have to do any self work, self reflection, or self overcoming. You do not have to work on your flaws, chances are, these flaws are caused by something external to you. That in the end isn't really your fault. You can keep being a shitty person, as long as you direct your hate in the right direction.

The people falling for ideology are not evil per se. But they begin filtering the world through ideological distinctions: If someone is considered ideologically immoral, it's ok to attack him. If anything, attacking him makes you a better person. They do not need to understand you, accept that you have ideas of your own. Their understanding of you comes down to friend, or enemy. As long as you signal you're an enemy, you're ok to hate. If you signal you're a friend, they'll treat you normally until you slip up.



Do you know how the chinese treated POW's during the vietnam war?
Unlike the Vietnamese, that just used brute force. They made their prisoners write essays, with small rewards like tasty snacks for the winner. The essays were about minor things, like "why I think America is imperfect", I'm sure even the biggest patriot has his gripes.
Then the winner's essay would be used as anti-American propaganda, and the winner had no possibility of defending himself. He couldn't deny he wrote the essay of his own free will, and none of the other prisoners would believe he wasn't on the side of the Chinese. Rather than denying it, the prisoner would eventually express more radical pro-chinese views of his own free will.
Writing is a powerful brainwashing tool.

And with the internet, especially social media, you do the chinese exercises every day. The small reward isn't a tasty snack, but some dopamine boosting upvotes. The end result is the same. You expressed your views, you can't back down and change your mind, because your identity is tied to what you wrote.
This isn't something that happens to some intellectuals with typewriters. Everyone who has a phone has posted some opinions using their name. Has begun a self-brainwashing process with the end goal of absolutely radicalizing themselves. Eliminating any sense of self for the sake of whatever ideological goal they began to slip into.


Here's your (you).


I have the same issue and I'm older. I have accepted that while I will never be amazing at the things I want to learn (in my case drawing), I am at least trying to cultivate good habits in this life that will carry on.


Open it up and replace the Omron switches.
The Chinese took POW's during the Vietnam War? That's news to me.

I don't think writing posts on anonymous IBs is as harmful. I play both sides all the time.


>The small reward isn't a tasty snack, but some dopamine boosting upvotes. The end result is the same. You expressed your views, you can't back down and change your mind, because your identity is tied to what you wrote.
That's actually pretty interesting Anon, I can easily see that outcome to things like that. While obviously not the same situation as Chinese torture camps, in my case I'm just upfront about my 'unpopular opinions' right off. Not being over-socialized as Ted Kaczynski talked about helps too. The combination helps me be pretty straightforward with people. Doesn't win me any popularity contests, but tbh I'd actually be concerned if I did, given the pozzed views of those around us who 'live in a society'. :^)


File: 1616123805633.jpg (78.54 KB, 1024x768, D01EBuDXgAAgBAZ.jpg large.jpg) ImgOps

I sometimes wish I wasn't so emotionally attatched to my family so I could just run away from the nonsense that they do. I just hope getting out of Uni can help me pull out into my own space.


I'm starting a new job, and my schedule is going to suck really badly for the next few weeks until I resign from my current one.


Have you ever wanted to kys because of an internet comment? I'm embarrassed of feeling like this let alone talking about it but I'm just not doing well at the moment. It's all a bit much.


File: 1616842733128.jpg (9.63 KB, 200x200, 1616637299815-v.jpg) ImgOps

If you say something stupid on the internet just move on, it's all anonymous after all.
You should only hate yourself if you're responsible for the death of a website you liked. Like me


I've moved on lol, now I'm back to mild harmless depression.
What site was it btw?


I'd rather not talk about it, for the good of this board as well.


File: 1616903897260.png (284.64 KB, 960x540, da3.png) ImgOps

>You should only hate yourself if you're responsible for the death of a website you liked. Like me
Lol, 'coulda shoulda woulda'. Please take your own advice, Friend. :3


My life goes well lately all things considered
I just feel depressed over 1 thing. Ever since I was a fucking kid I had a single dream about growing up. To share my stories with the world through a visual medium. I remember I wanted to be a film director even before I knew what a film director is called. Eventually this desire changed as I grew up but the core remained the same. I am the stereotype of the fucking obnoxious daydreaming retard but this is fucking important for me. I want to make something. A comic. A videogame. Something. I want other people to read/play/watch about characters I wrote. Like them/hate them. Tell me I suck, tell me I am great. Just care in some way. I feel envy for the fact that people payed money to make complete shit and cash grabs and souless corporate bullshit. Everytime I watch a shit movie or series I feel a weird sence of injustice. Which I have enough self awareness to realise is unjustified. Cause I havent tried, in any serious way to create anything. But I cant do it. I cant make a game (I dont know how) and even if I learn I wont be able to make something good alone
I cant animate. The only thing I am half competent at is drawing. But even there I am mediocre at best. And I feel just depressed. I feel that I will never make what I wanna make, I will end up with a shitty Soulcrashing job as a normalfriend NPC.
That the best I would achieve if I tried would be to become a lolcow akin to chris chan or the creator of Jeff the Killer. And whatever I make will be mocked cause I just suck. And then I feel that these feelings are objectively stupid and obnoxious. And that I am being a cringy retard not by expressing them in any way but by having them at all or that all of this is me childishly wanting attention. Nothing deeper or more serious than a child running up to their parents proud of his new stupid story which includes 10 in the billionth "and then"s and the parents will just nod and said they like it


You aren't going to get better feeling sorry for yourself. Just give it a try and see if you like it. The best option would probably be to make some low budget film with friends, if you have the means.
I'd just keep your actual identity seperate from your work if you do, and if it flops, you can try again under another name.
Do what's in your means now, and who knows, it might lead somewhere new for you.


File: 1617005003387.jpg (68.77 KB, 400x667, 39e19c404e79c3f554f2b2d3c6….jpg) ImgOps

migraine pain


Your desire to create is sullied by your desire for recognition. You do not wish to create for its own sake, you wish to be recognized as a creator.

If tomorrow you woke up, and found yourself in an alternative universe, where you're a world-accepted artist. You would be fine with it. You wouldn't feel that you missed out on the creative process that led to the creation itself. What you want is for your ego to be satisfied by the experience of social acknowledgement. Because on some level you feel that your characters, and by extension experiences, are not valid unless they're acknowledged by someone else.

The shit movie or series that you feel "a sense of injustice" (actually an inverted feeling of superiority) towards. Was at least made by people interested in the act of creation, interested in artistic work for its own sake, unconcerned for its results.
Or at least, less concerned than you.

The suffering isn't coming from the injustices in the world. It's coming from aspects of your self.
This self-perception is false, it must be destroyed. So you can return to a state of unconditional creativity. Or no creativity at all. Maybe what you wanted was social acknowledgement and you were expressing it through artistic expression. In both cases, the answer will be evident after you remove this trapping.


File: 1617194784008.jpg (139.35 KB, 714x1000, 10c5c9165b149a5.jpg) ImgOps

i hope you've recovered


boss keeps telling me to use "modern" tools yet i almost always do the best on our team.


File: 1617424621440.jpg (39.29 KB, 480x466, 1606570991197.jpg) ImgOps

I haven't been getting a rush from driving lately and I can't tell if it's because I've gotten used to the speed or if I've slowed down. Either way, it's harder to have fun.


I feel like a reverse hungry ghost. While the hungry ghosts have an overwhelming desire to consume that they can never fulfill, I have had a desire to create something since I was a child, that I can never stick with. The recognition would be nice, but really what I want more than anything is to just make something for my own satisfaction. I have tried drawing many times, but I never get very far… I am sure there is some lesson here I was meant to learn in this life.


i do programming for a living and on my own time. it is a very rewarding feeling. i used to spend hours a day playing vidya now thats just boring compared to programming. i know it might be that good for only me maybe but i recommend you try it out too. plus its great money.


I actually do programming myself and I don't like it at all. I prefer working with my hands.


awesome thred….

i m tired making 48 hour work and get appreciated less than 8 hour gigs. i wish i can just unsee this but the person havent said "i took double time than you" so…


if life is full of people who wanta to kill u and jail also full of people who ll kill you whats the difference lol


i like it how irl people r so full of themselvs saying "o we remember all shit yer not getting away" then flip it the other minute "dont be conceited" like lol

the irony is how powerful being dumb can be lol why bother lol i dont think god handle sufferjnf that much i guess like irl folk


>>5123 if suffering isnt real then jesus is completely worthless to mohd* then black slavery is not a thing including jewslavery and then some more like hell and heavn isnt real tooblol


Nevermind, I got it back :)


Someone shat on the game I was playing and now I can't get back to playing it


Your game sucks because it's for babies


File: 1617672518967.png (77.73 KB, 500x500, rip dood.png) ImgOps

pls no more bulli


What game were you playing anon?


Color a Dinosaur?


File: 1617679105507.png (20.73 KB, 525x525, sex.png) ImgOps

SMT for the SNES
Someone called the SMT series meme games and I got all convoluted. What the fuck is even a meme game?


Small Miniscule Tiny, like a baby?
SMT is alright. I played too many turn based JRPGs all at once not long ago, so I exhausted myself.
Just play it. Don't be a baby, and play your baby games like a man, even if someone shits on it.


File: 1617950939467.gif (1.67 MB, 500x500, 1617423183861-s4s.gif) ImgOps

I have to go to the dentist tomorrow at 9:30.
It's 10 to 4 am. This always happens to me in days I have to wake up early, I just end up spending all the night awake


I keep going back and looking at the online profiles of my old estranged friends. Wish I had been less disagreeable and antisocial.


I've been suffering from depersonalization and even full-on solipsistic feelings lately. These feelings seem to be a recurring thing for me. It agonizes me to know that I can't feel what other people are truly feeling. Existence is an ineffable thing, and I feel completely cut off from other people no matter how much I may love them.

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