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Hello frens, my last grandfather is in the hospital with a terminal condition and doctors said he won't survive the next days. Shit, I wish I had visited him last week in his retirement home. We had a real close relationship and i spent mosy of my childhood days with my grandparents. Now, due to corona i am not allowed to visit him. I feel bad for not being there and wanted to get this off my chest. Thanks for reading


I'm in a very similar situation, but with my great grandmother who basically raised me. I'll pray for your grandfather's life and soul.


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Thank you so much Anon! Guess we're both having a hard time. Wishing you (and your fam) the strength needed to cope.


Be strong anon and cherish all the memories your have with your grandparents. Hope you feeling alright.



To God we belong and to Him we will return.


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>my last grandfather
I'm very sorry to hear that, Anonymous. I hope everything will turn out alright. (Also, don't let your pride rob you of being able to cry. It's not healthy to bottle up your emotions.)


That sucks. I hope you can get through it okay. I'm not going to lie; it's almost certainly going to be very tough. My grandpa died of cancer years ago and held on a lot longer than they thought. I thought I was mentally prepared for it, but the first week after that was one of the worst of my life. I'm largely over it now (aside from the effect his death has had on my family) and can think of all the good times, but I still hope I can connect with his spirit/consciousness again someday.


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First of all: Thank you all for your support anon, it means a lot to me.

Small update: I visited him today anyway. we even could talk a little and he recognized my visit. I'm so glad i did that! Just called the nurse and told her about the situation and she agreed to let me in. There are still nice people around sometimes.


Hope you had a good chat together.

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