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quarentine destroyed my mental health Friend 06/09/2021 (Wed) 18:13:07 No.163
hi guys ı had a trauma when ı was 10 ı dont want to talk abot my trauma but it gave me social anxiety and in 2020 due to quarentine my social anxiety growedı mean growed ı am 15 now and ı not had any gf ı feel bad cuz ı am scaring maybe ı cant get in future what should ı do?
>>163 btw sorry for bad english
>>163 Sorry, I can't help you there. I've always been too maladjusted to get one and am close to 30 now.
You should stop visiting imageboards. You are way too young for them. They will ruin you in all kind of ways.
>>176 This. OP, you're still a little young for a gf anyway. Hell you're still too young for pretty much anything retards on imageboards cry about. Stop worrying so much about it. Instead take a chance when the time is right. You'll miss a lot when your life was spent looking at a computer screen.
>>177 thak you fren
>>176 oki fren i only vidit anon cafi and kind moe fren
>>190 There are a lot worse places you could go, I guess.
>>217 wat u mean i onli visit kind moe abd anon cafi fren
>>225 Which boards on anon.cafe do you like?
>>225 I mean that those are much better places to go than most other imageboards at your age.
Open file (23.74 KB 474x365 vulpix.jpg)
>>163 Phenibut but beware addictions. It's like benzos. That is, if you don't talk about it. Also, phenibut might be illegal depending on where you live. Perhaps get a normal prescription from a doctor for actual an actual benzodiazepine if so.
>>163 Listen to >>176. You're too young to be using imageboards like these, and you're definitely too young to be worrying about women. You probably shouldn't have a girlfriend until you're in college, because while you're in highschool you're still figuring out who you are and you aren't ready for a relationship until you know who you are. Focus on your studies, make a couple good friends, and stay out of these sites until you're much older.
>>272 Lies are not nice.
>>276 What lie? The post looks lie free to me.
ı am 10 btw
Open file (41.22 KB 602x600 grst.jpeg)
>>276 >>277 Don't start fighting. >>272 has a pretty valid point. Of course, we have no clue what kind of kid OP is. I think it's safe to assume that saying "fuck off retard" (Don't lynch me, this is hyperbole) ain't gonna do anything. It's not so easy to drop visiting imageboards once you've started, everyone knows that. tl;dr It's probably too late for the kid anyway. Bitter and sad losers have already fried his brains with negativity.
Open file (123.70 KB 259x367 5876898668.png)
ı am lıterly a lıl baby
>>228 onli /comfy/ frien
>>277 >>you shouldn't have a gf until you are in college
Open file (1.42 MB 1392x781 desu.PNG)
>>279 nice yuko desu~~~~
OP forget about a gf go for a long walk and you'll feel a bit better
>>280 lol
>>272 >you shouldn't have a gf until you are in college
I'm KV and about to turn 29. I'm starting to feel bad over it.
>>478 I'm the same age and in the same situation.
>>163 Türk müsün?
>>348 >>477 What's wrong with that? I think the point that you're probably not ready for a real relationship until you're out of highschool is a good one
Open file (1.60 MB 960x960 1611926281841.png)
>>163 You're only 15 so you should probably relax, you have a lot ahead of you. Don't be worried that you cannot get a relationship at that age, I didn't have a relationship throughout my high school years and only recently got into one. Social anxiety is pretty difficult to overcome and if there's underlying trauma involved I recommend you seek out therapy if that is an option (might be easier for someone your age to obtain because there usually are tons of programmes oriented towards youth. Overall, I'd say you shouldn't worry too much about your future, you probably have much ahead of you. Teen years can be awkward and miserable as fuck but things can improve. Good luck anon.
>>534 Unless you're only going to have a single relationship in your entire life the more relationships a non-traditionally ethic'd man has the better off he is with people skills. You don't just magically get the skills to be in a good relationship, tyranny of religion aside, by sitting there alone. That is not learning. You are blatantly to get a gf while in HS or you are one of those losers that if lucky a blown out girl takes advantage of for his wallet that does not even like you at all. We don't stone women for leaving a man after all and they are the pickier sex that likes men to have experience. Plus school shooters are never guys that are getting laid. It literally mentally damages men to go without sex and relationships. You either get low self esteem or you become downright insidious, generally. In HS you want sex more than any other point in your life also, generally. To be denied is to permanently make a man bitter.
>>539 I had a decent amount of girls who seemed to be into me in high school, but I feel like being too socially awkward to take things further really screwed me up mentally. I'm almost a wizard at this point and can't help but feel like I really missed something by going without the usual coming-of-age rituals and youth experiences that most people seem to live through. On the other hand, it's not really my fault either. I'm an actual autist and genuinely enjoy being alone. I also get stressed out by being around people and always feel like my mask will start slipping and they'll start to see me for who I really am. I don't know how else my life could have gone given these things.
>>163 14-15 is the worst, most cringe, socially awkward, depressed time of a young man's life, barring unfortunate circumstances at other ages. (For example if you had a crippling injury at ag 19, I'm sure that'd be worse). Once you grow out of this pubescent phase it will be so much better. gf at 15 doesn't even matter either. a gf in high school would indeed be nice, though. But 15 is pretty young so it's no big deal. Some advice I would give to myself at 15 (and I wouldn't have taken it anyway, I guess): 1. GET A PART TIME JOB. This may be one of the single best things you can do for yourself. Having even a small amount of disposable income makes a world of difference. When you're a student and you go from having zero dollars to even just a hundred a week the difference is crazy. You can go out with your friends to restaurants every single day after school. You can get yourself games (but you should stop playing games anyway). You can get clothes, snacks, little things you've wanted, whatever. But the biggest value of it will definitely be using it to go places with people, and putting it to use building hobbies. I'm assuming you at least have friends to go out with to places. Having a social life is a very important thing. Also I noticed that when you socialize more often there's a higher chance of meeting girls. Another reason to get a job is not just to spend the money but save it. Spend some of it on things that make you happy, and save a bit of it. By the end of high school you may have a decent amount saved. And when you work you have to interact with people and it helps you get better at it. 2. GET OFF THE COMPUTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't stress this enough. the computer destroys your ability to focus or appreciate some aspects of life. it makes you a recluse, sedentary, and weak. Use the internet as little as possible. You NEED to figure out some alternatives here. Start reading short books and as you read you'll notice your attention span coming back slowly, and then you can keep reading. Reading a good book is a lot better than scrolling online. And imageboards are pretty bad too. If you just stuck to this one in particular then I suppose it's not too bad at all. But watch out. When I was 14-15 I used to go on /r9k/ on 4chan. I had some good times but overall it was a depressing waste of time. Figure out some things you can do that's not at the computer. Write your ideas down and use a sheet of paper. Here's where having money helps because sitting at home is free and sometimes you need a bit of money to go out and do stuff. A list of alternative activities to being at the computer can look like anything. maybe it looks like this: -read a novel for entertainment -read a nonfiction book -learn some skill of your choosing (insert whatever here) like how to ride a wheelie on your bike. -go for a walk/jog/hike/bike ride -draw or try painting something -go out to the park and meet some friends, play a sport or just talk -go to a restaurant with your friends -etc.
Open file (58.40 KB 1024x1020 1624058566869.jpg)
>>278 kek >>544 no I don't and I don't have porn of any kind. gross >>543 continued 3. Start exercising regularly and trying to be healthy. you will feel much better. If you can't go to a gym, you can exercise at home doing push ups, pull ups, sit ups, squats, etc. And you can go for a run, ride a bike, swim, or play a sport. Our bodies are really made to stay moving often. >>541 When I think back on it I realize that even though I considered myself a "loser" for all of high school I still think there were girls who liked me. Of course, if they like you you don't like them and if you like them they don't like you. but that's just the nature of reality.
Open file (60.87 KB 401x356 Untitled.jpg)
Open file (63.25 KB 680x584 sadwojak.png)
>>485 aga ben bu konuyu yazanim oa la turk varmis
>>543 tysm frien its helped mi
/kind/ is actually a really depressing place filled with the regretful advice of losers, myself among them.
>>561 küçük ı den anladım ajshdbdbdbdb imageboard kullanan türk gördügüme sevindim
Open file (3.17 MB 2800x2500 ddlc.jpg)
>>570 That's why we need to be with kind people.
>>572 meant as reply to >>568
>>572 Who are you, /ddlc/? Please show me these wonderful memories you and your friends made together.
>>662 It's from the Doki Doki Litterature Club general on 4chan's /vg/.

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