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Open file (458.40 KB 701x1144 alice.jpg)
Good Night Thread Friend 07/21/2021 (Wed) 21:48:13 No.1561
Good night, /kind/ I will try to post a good morning thread after i wake up.
Open file (389.16 KB 1280x720 oyasumi.webm)
I smell /rlg/
>>1561 I smell bullshit OP, you won't post a good morning thread
Open file (76.26 KB 850x601 yuuka10.jpg)
Good night, sleep tight!
>>1564 I did, a 2hu poster never posts bullshit. >>1563 I don't know what that is.
Open file (305.25 KB 800x774 chilling_with_boys.jpg)
Good night, /kind/
It is already late and i am playing games, i will probably pass out instead of falling asleep soo i might not be able to say good night before sleeping, Good night in advance, /kind/
I can't say good night, because I sleep during the day.
Night, /kind/

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