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Friend 07/21/2021 (Wed) 03:31:57 No.1529
wondering why this not get picked for anime? i thought its pretty solid like most shoujo that got anime. gues its not that popular?
Shoujo rarely get made into anime because it's a much smaller demographic. I also prefer reading shoujo manga over watching them as anime. There might be many others like me holding them back. Stats from 2010 with Japanese numbers: https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2011-01-17/2010-japanese-manga-magazine-circulation-numbers It makes sense that every studio focuses mainly on Shounen and Seinen.
>>1533 it s understandable that the output count will be lower i guess between demographics. but then with less circulation then enough studios may just pick up ALL of shojo manga given minimum interest or just, whatever exposure. there s more female too, if anything.
>>1529 Stuff that gets anime are all for manchildren and womanchildren. If it doesn't cater to these 2 demographic it probably won't get anime. The greatest example is probably Nagatoro vs Anjou-san, most people that read both liked Anjou more but Nagatoro was more childish soo it get picked for anime.
>>1536 ok understandable esp since they both published together but then theres just many many studios so why is this even related?? guess one is more profittable than the other? we re going abit too far in topic; okay maybe these are all completely subjective i really think the book above needs an anime, other than the **** scene, is it actually a bad material?
>>1537 I have always thought the anime studios have low animator supply. They probably want to use the exact 10-15 skilled animator that can be used as workhorse for low prices. I am talking about the peasants that noone talk about or know the name of(koreans, mostly). Disney used to write the animators nick instead of real name soo animation value never increased. Eastern Studios might be doing something similar for some korean animators.
>>1538 i dont know what the fuck yer talking but the studio that picked nagatoro defo used more than that people and even toei doesnt focus their entire department to do one piece. well, again im completely subjective about this i suppose, considering it had a good run a quite some quality material(some really nice scenes and lively characters, abit too dramatic maybe, but maybe i dont read that much shojo anyway) well whatever, it seems like it couldve been a good show to watch, am i wrong or it could just be a trainwreck of an investment?
>>1536 >womanchildren Wouldn't shoujo fall under this category? It is made for younger less mature women after all (teenage girls).
>>1539 I don't know how they even choose what to make anime, i don't know what makes a manga famous. Demon Slayer is soo cliche that i get deja-vu while watching it, re:zero is like a parody of a anime more than a anime and Nagatoro has several just as good alternatives. In manga when a consept makes it to mainstream, they make 10 alternatives to that exact consept soo why don't they make this in anime too? Weebs watch everything that has underage girls in them anyways. >>1540 Shoujo is made for teenage girls, not middle aged women that thinks like a teenager.
>>1545 >dejavu >i ve seen this anime before just how many fucking anime have you seen anyway that feasture shapeshifting loli with borderline oncest kyodai ai
>>1547 I don't remember a shapeshifting loli bc i didn't read it much but to the point i read i saw at least 10 "original" character i saw before with different outlooks in different anime/manga. All characters are some personality traits merged into a character with no personality(which happens in nearly all anime), they all have some edge traits and nothing else as personality. I don't even remember any characters but i remember traits, such as kind sister of the hardcore warrior(which is actually soft), guy that likes broken edged swords, half werewolf stupid guy, cute sister, half demon that fights against turning into demon, retard mc that can't into basic reasoning. I didn't even watch that much anime, i have probably watched like 20 anime.
>>1549 this is confusing. i d say their designs are new. but their personality isnt huh?
>>1547 actually its nuts to call it incest since it doesnt have those pages but yes its kinda romantic but siblings kinda like narusasu holy shit its actually gay
>>1545 >Shoujo is made for teenage girls, not middle aged women that thinks like a teenager. What is the difference? We call them manchildren because they are men with childlike interests, and we call them womanchildren because they are women with childlike interests. It is natural they would prefer the demographic aimed at teenagers as well?

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