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Friend 07/19/2021 (Mon) 09:31:12 No.1450
how do i solve my impossibly terrible premises, storyline logics continuity and charactersdeisgn
>>1450 No good answer beyond get constant feedback ideally from a variety of people and try to take criticism seriously (though not necessarily as truth). Practice makes perfect.
>>1458 can i have something more substantial. i wanna wastes less time on constant feedback. i know its not exactly everyone s way but maybe it s just s matter of confidence. or maybe not. anyway,...fundamentals.
>>1450 Do you write things down? Run yourself through your ideas a few times. If you see something you don't find satisfactory, you can make adjustments to it. It also helps to get some outside opinions, since they might notice something that you won't. Like >>1458 said as well, practice makes perfect. You don't need to start with something complex. Start with something simple. A fanfic would be a good start, since you can have some sort of foundation to start with.
>>1467 how can i show anyone when i need to pull off the surprise element to them too? i dont exactly have any editor or publishing affiliated to, unfortunately. It s an independent business of sorts so you could say i am handling everything myself for myself.
>>1467 also thank you for this, your visit and commentary is very welcome.
>>1468 I'm not saying you should release it publically. Do you have any friends you could run it by? You call it a business. Do you intend to sell your work? It might be best to put something out for free. An excerpt if it's some sort of book or a demo for a game. That way you might get people interested in it, as well as some feedback.
>>1472 even if it s free then it should be good in some way otherwise everyone will just read bad shit...
>>1450 KISS: Keep It Simple, Silly

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