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Open file (113.05 KB 1280x720 kotoura-san.jpg)
Open file (51.97 KB 892x666 ninja.jpg)
Open file (163.91 KB 1920x1080 monke.jpg)
let's make funny faces! Friend 07/11/2021 (Sun) 04:06:15 No.1299
seeing funny faces make me smile. and when i smile, then maybe you'll smile. so post funny faces, friends!
Open file (10.59 KB 860x773 facebook_1938590.png)
I think this one is pretty funny
>>1305 Soyjak posters just need a hug.
Open file (988.95 KB 1920x1080 Wurm Face.jpg)
Open file (22.34 KB 480x480 Blanc Goofy Face.jpg)
I don't have many funny faces, but I do have smiles.
Open file (15.77 KB 351x351 guru.jpg)
Open file (115.36 KB 736x1309 pumpkin rick.jpg)
Open file (54.75 KB 500x752 hoomen.jpg)
>>1305 اه انت! رجاءا كن حذرا. كان هناك بعض البراز القذر عليك. >>1314 i like the blanc goofy face, friend. it made me smile!
Open file (173.04 KB 519x511 182062584527.png)
>>1326 lol, that last one scared me a bit when i scrolled down... cursed image.
Open file (182.63 KB 900x900 sporkles.png)
Open file (38.83 KB 307x512 pantsu-kun.jpeg)
Open file (982.67 KB 500x500 how to kiss a woman.gif)
>>1327 it's not cursed, it's blessed! the hoomen mother is simply prechewing food for her little babby, which is an act of /kind/ness!
Open file (586.53 KB 460x255 gombotte!.gif)
herro! remember that you only live once, so try to do your best at making the most of it. in other words, gombotte!
Open file (66.53 KB 779x675 araburu.jpg)
Open file (660.86 KB 410x230 130526913745185.gif)
>>1327 I banish ALL demon cursed images...
Just hanging out.
Open file (36.40 KB 766x1000 cap.png)
Open file (30.55 KB 716x836 mischief.png)
Open file (92.76 KB 460x404 screen.png)
Open file (16.91 KB 236x236 sailer mun.jpg)
Open file (23.29 KB 500x374 kot.jpg)
Open file (1.87 MB 300x261 babby.gif)
>>2066 howdy fren! >>2085 does it have a name? it reminds me of a snek with legs, or maybe a toad.
Open file (3.74 MB 398x224 114639586237448.gif)
Open file (19.67 KB 512x512 coco.jpg)
Open file (49.99 KB 1218x696 finn.jpg)
Open file (27.60 KB 640x480 son.jpg)
Open file (61.95 KB 800x600 nom!.jpg)
Open file (179.30 KB 310x192 hart.gif)
>>2145 whoa, impressive! but why does watching the belly jiggle feel so hypnotic?
Open file (442.77 KB 468x684 132362946585752.png)
Open file (378.83 KB 474x422 O_O.png)
Open file (204.66 KB 480x480 mashallah.gif)
Open file (128.94 KB 800x600 whoa horsie!.jpg)
>>1299 if you think the world is a dark place, please remember that most people are not inherently evil and don't intend to be. if you consider the situational factors involved behind a person's "evil" actions as well as their values, you may discover the person is not evil after all.
Open file (293.34 KB 467x824 helpicopter.png)
>>2205 >helicopter-kun
Get out of town w/ from the horses mouth lol Ppls evil will consume dem... Tay in the light...
>>2212 You should really crop that picture anon. It's rude not to.
Open file (46.32 KB 400x400 bob.jpg)
Open file (107.96 KB 500x500 tim.jpg)
Open file (46.32 KB 400x400 bob.jpg)
but amon, i dont hav a hors... so i do nut think i cn get out of town. but tbfwy, idk wut ur reely trying 2 say. but i agree wih ur last point... trees stay in th light all the tiem so staying in th sun must be verry god for ur helth! moar peepl shuld bi liek trees.>>2212
Open file (344.67 KB 1500x1500 artie.jpg)
Open file (107.93 KB 500x500 tim.jpg)
Open file (344.67 KB 1500x1500 artie.jpg)
o frends! it seems that ive acidanily uploded a unkind image... will u find it in ur hart to forgiv me? >>2212 >>2219
>>2219 >>2222 these are somehow both cute and very very creepy i'm scared...
>>2219 >>2222 >>2233 >both cute and very very creepy The tree faces remind me of the giant troll sculptures by the artist Thomas Dambo. He uses recycled materials and will do pop up exhibitions where he builds them on site with whatever dead wood is available.
>>2222 (ch-checked) artie has a lewd nose
Open file (67.44 KB 780x440 hurricane harvey.jpg)
Open file (1007.13 KB 500x281 mio-chan's crazy eyes.gif)
Open file (61.28 KB 720x598 funneh dentists.jpg)
friends, are you smiling right now? >>2236 they remind me of polynesian tiki statues. the environmentalist theme behind their construction is interesting, and i'm surprised that he was able to find that much recycled material. >>2247 true art comforts the disturbed and disturbs the comfortable! ٩(ఠ益ఠ)۶ ┳━━┳
Open file (140.46 KB 1080x1349 f229168168.jpg)
Open file (278.82 KB 1080x1350 63fe4a347d6ae9e0.jpeg)
Open file (156.61 KB 1080x1218 956cea87a6f90850.jpeg)
Open file (2.41 MB 400x400 105326094652374.gif)
>>3073 The second girl in first pic made me think of this GIF
Open file (150.44 KB 450x411 1234d.png)
Open file (7.64 KB 300x169 16342208745.jpg)
Open file (15.39 KB 300x293 15083748501.jpg)
Open file (24.87 KB 300x297 10846539271.jpg)
Open file (84.54 KB 250x400 WHAAAAA.png)
Open file (45.58 KB 274x373 1192931956.png)
Try to post: Tor users are not allowed to post pictures. It's ok, there are other forums. Have fun without me. /kind/.
Open file (528.92 KB 1536x2048 FDq7ch-acAAIMJH.jpg)
Open file (526.88 KB 1536x2048 FDq7ch_acAA8VK0.jpg)
Open file (691.34 KB 600x581 doordog.png)
>>3426 I like to do this in front of the mirror.
Open file (492.55 KB 800x450 le_funny_face.png)
Open file (141.28 KB 1408x1057 4IN1.jpg)

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