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Open file (211.16 KB 1920x1080 YuiKyokoVidya.jpg)
vidya thread Friend 06/08/2021 (Tue) 23:51:43 No.123
What are you playing, /kind/? Have any games you've been interested in? I've been playing racing games and guitar hero mostly. I think I'll finish SMT: Nocturne tonight though!
I just wanna play S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2. I have dreams that GSC has graduated from eurojank to glorious open-world action masterpiece. My penis is erect in anticipation.
My graphics card died so rn im playing terraria
>>125 I haven't played that game since it came out, is it still getting new content?
>>126 It has gotten new content in the last few years Might be fun to play it with kind friends
Open file (2.97 MB 2964x1519 miku space.jpg)
I stream. There's a lot of vidya I'd like to play live but I don't know where to start from. >vidya I started but I dropped it after a while >Drakengard >Banjo Kazooie >Shin Megami Tensei >Ape Escape >La Mulana >Lisa The Pointless Scholars of the Wilbur Sin >arcade vidya I like playing >Contra Hard Corps >Thunder Force IV >vidya I haven't started but would like to start >Kero Blaster >Silent Hill It gets difficult to choose from, but thankfully last night I've been getting into Elite Dangerous with some friends of a friend and it seems like my kind of game. Cozy, uneventful, but gives enough space to talk about stuff. I really liked it, enough to spend like four hours in it. I was already intrigued into Star Citizen and No Man's Sky back when I didn't knew they would be complete disasters and seeing everyone hop into Elite made me want to do the jump as well. And it's not really that bad It's not a game I'd stream mind you.
>>129 >Star Citizen and No Man's Sky >complete disasters Beep beep controversial opinion coming through. I don't know anything about Star Citizen but I think that No Man's Sky was only bad if you were riding the hype train really hard. I had paid no attention to it until it released, and then once it released I was actually impressed by what was, in my opinion, a very unique game treading ground that had never been tread before like that. I was actually impressed by it, not to say that it couldn't have been any better, not to say that there's a bit of shallowness to it, but I will absolutely say that floating around in a completely to-scale 3D space environment, landing on planet, having interstellar dogfights, upgrading your spaceship, etc was really fucking cool and very, very novel. From what I gather about the drama, Hello Games should have held their tongues and not misled the public, because they ended up lying to the public about some features and whatnot. However, apparently there has been a seriously significant amount of content that has been patched into the game since release as well and I think this should be taken into account. Basically when you have dog shit being shoveled out on the regular and basically nobody complains, I think that what No Man's Sky deserves more credit for what it is per se and for the fact that developers never gave up on it. Plenty worse gets released like clockwork and No Man's Sky got probably a thousand times more hate than average. I think people were too critical of it, especially considering just how novel it is.
>>130 I did hear that No Man's Sky devs did end up patching the game and fixing a lot of stuff. I'm mostly talking back when the game wasn't released and that's the vision of No Man's Sky that stuck for me.
>>131 If you're still interested in playing a game like that, I'd say give it a go it's on gog hint hint because you're probably not going to find much else quite like it. It might also be closer to the vision of No Man's Sky that you have than you realize. Depending on your interest in sci-fi interstellar spaceship sort of stuff, and depending on how much you like things like exporation and building, you might like it quite a bit. To me there's a level of "cool factor" that I just can't take away from the game, even if it were much worse than it is, because to me the 3D interstellar space environment with an entire universe to explore is just extremely cool, but for others who aren't necessarily into that it might be worth passing.
>>129 The Silent Hill games are super cool in my opinion. The first 3 anyway. I haven't played beyond that. I'd try and emulate, or look for that guide on how to play 2&3 on PC.
I've been playing Rune Factory 5. The heroines might not be as good as RF3/4, but they're still enjoyable. The dungeons are too short and too easy though.
Open file (6.16 KB 640x640 Female.png)
Open file (6.12 KB 640x640 Male.png)
Speaking of vidya, does anyone want to make squilliams for E3?
>>135 What's this about?
>>136 People on /v/ would make edits of squilliam fancyson every year for e3, it's a fairly old tradition.
>>123 Been playing the Final Fantasy 7 Remake on the PS5 probably will also play the DLC soon. Then after I beat that I'll probably beat a switch game that's on my backlog to switch it up.
>>138 >ps5 Sounds like a pain in the ass to acquire. Maybe it isn't so bad anymore though. How's the controller? I think it looks weird and a little uncomfortable.
I love visual novels. Everlasting summer is my favourite.
>>186 Controls too sloppy imo. If I'm gonna play a tough platformer I'dl like the controls to be tight.
>>227 I remember seeing a video about Celeste having pretty good controls to the point as being a good example of well balanced controls responses
>>229 Super mario maker's good too. Only problem is you need a wii u or a switch but there are good creators who provide and endless stream of stuff to play.
I decided to play Touhou Luna Nights despite not really getting metroidvanias. I've ended up having a ton of fun with it though! The gameplay feels really good and it's a good change of pace from my usual games.
>>231 Now that we're talking about platformers, I haven't played a platformer in a while (not counting flash Meat Boy).
Open file (590.64 KB 640x480 Screenshot (41).png)
>>226 I love them too. Air is my favorite. I'll check Everlasting summer out.
>>255 If you like platformers this is my latest discovery: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZWQ0591PAxM Someone made a 1-4 player platformer with boss battles and a good amount of levels for the NES a couple years ago. It's incredibly interesting to see a modern developer working inside the constraints and limitations of such old hardware, and I was shocked at just how amazing the quality is. Something like this would have been a AAA classic in a different time. I want it but I don't have friends and I don't have a NES. Getting a NES and a flash cart isn't the hard part getting friends would be the hard part
Open file (139.77 KB 350x496 nebs n debs poster.jpg)
Open file (92.45 KB 505x424 nebs n debs.gif)
Open file (2.18 MB 505x424 nebs n debs 2.gif)
>>263 Yeah, I did hear about that some time ago. In fact, there's an NES game that has been recently released that I'd like to play one day. It's on sale only on itch.io and some other platform, and they only give you the rom. I know they sell cartridge as well, but since it's an obscure indie NES game that has recently been released it's hard to find the ROM
Open file (32.29 KB 474x355 nebs n debs3.gif)
>>266 Wait, there's more modern games being made for NES other than micro mages? I didn't really think anyone else was doing NES development other than the guy(s) who made micro mages but that game is actually from about the same time, it's only one year before. Neat. I usually don't pay much attention to the "homebrew" scene on consoles because of a lot of it is sub-par quality but realistically, for old consoles like the NES, it surely takes a reasonable level of skill to make anything fun to play in modern times, so I think I might try to check out some more homebrew if there's any more recent stuff like nebs n debs and micro mages. I really like seeing people work within the limitations and get creative. That video I posted was really cool to me, I loved the little hacks that were used.
Ninja gaiden is kicking my ass. I haven't used a controller in years. All my muscle memory is gone.
Open file (2.12 MB 1920x1080 MegaDrive.png)
>>268 I worked on homebrew for the Sega Megadrive/Genesis some years ago. The sgdk made it easy to work with as it could be programmed in C (with sgdk being a library for megadrive/genesis development) I ran into some frustrations with limitations, like sprites that could be displayed on the screen being too few. So eventually I switched over to Godot game engine, (which is pretty easy to work with) but still use the megadrive color palette and sound effects >>20 A fairly recent homebrew game was made for the Megadrive/Genesis called Tanglewood, it was pretty well made
>>307 I'd like to learn more about sgdk, where should I go?
>>313 http://gendev.spritesmind.net/forum/ I haven't been on there in a while but there's a sub forum on there dedicated to sgdk
Open file (224.94 KB 830x630 1619409560633.png)
>>123 >play games >feel like time wasted afterwards >don't know what else to do though anyone else like this?
>> 404 I like to comfort my self by if I enjoyed my self then time isn't wasted since try the goal of life is to have a fun time.
>>412 Yeah I can kinda feel that way at times, though sometimes I won't end up enjoying myself and it all feels like a big waste of time. Maybe I'm just kinda getting bored of games
Open file (81.35 KB 720x540 no gaems.jpg)
>>404 Sounds more like your issue, games are made to unwind and pass a good time after doing something for a while. Maybe you should try something else.
>>404 same but with piano instead of vidya, i am just not into vidya anymore. Seems once I find a new hobby just go all in.
>>404 I'm right there with you. It feels like a chore at times.
>>404 Yeah, but for me it's mainly because I can't find new games to be interested in and don't have the patience to learn he mechanics of unfamiliar games anymore. There's too many other things I could be doing nowadays I'm more interested in the aesthetics of most video games (music and graphics) than I am sitting down and playing most of them. I listen to more video game music way more than I play video games. It might be a bit different if I didn't have a job.
>>404 Depends on my mood. Lately that's been the case though. There aren't a lot of games that I find all that engaging. I can always fall back to racing games, since it'll always be fun trying to go a little bit faster than I ever have before. Once I hit that goal, I'm done for the day. I've been thinking about learning some other competitive game. Probably something moderately luck-based, but also has some skill involved. That way I can enjoy it with friends no matter if they aren't good at the game.
>>429 Might be a good idea, thanks. >>434 For me finding a new hobby is kinda difficult and can take a while to get in. You're lucky you can just get in so easy. >>436 Work can actually really be a demotivator, back when I was working I could barely play games that required much focus, let alone anything else. >>437 > I can always fall back to racing games, since it'll always be fun trying to go a little bit faster than I ever have before I think this is a pretty good idea, setting goals of what you want to achieve before playing sounds kinda rewarding rather than just playing for the sake of playing.
Open file (662.64 KB 1920x1080 dd.png)
I've been playing dark deity. It's one of those FE clones on steam. Probably won't stick in my mind too long after I finish it but it's fun for a time.
I've been playing mahjong against cpus so that I can get a better grasp of the rules and what they mean in practice. It's surprisingly fun, and now I'll be able to play old strip mahjong games. I still need more practice though.
>>520 what game or software have you been using? Does it come with a tutorial or did you learn by searching how to play it on the internet?
>>528 >game/software Either a flash game or an extremely dated phone app. >does it come with a tutorial? Nope. >did you learn by searching how to play it on the internet? More or less. I read up on the very basics of making a hand, and if I run into something that I don't understand I'll look into it. All in all, it seems pretty complicated, but it's not much different from counting cards in card based gambling. It's fun though.
What's a good game to play for making friends?
>>317 Thank you.
>>638 Mario Party
>>638 Last time I played online games in public servers, none of them. It was always better to make online friends and then find games to play with them. It always astounded me how much better games were with friends. Generally speaking, after several years, I found that about 1 out of every 1000 pubbies wasn't miserable to play with. What a shame.
>>638 chess, it's easy to learn and you could find a club on meetups, almost every major city in America has one. Nobody likes chess more then Americans expect the Russians and Eastern Europeans. Don't find friends on chess.com or online though because of influx of horny Indians.
>>240 After taking a break, I finished the main game. Still have to beat the bonus stage though. It's really easy once you get a certain item. It's still pretty fun though. It looks pretty nice too, if you ask me.
>>123 >SMT: Nocturne Do you think the remaster is worth it? I'm considering getting it.
>>712 >shorts and leggings hnnnnng ravioli ravioli
>>712 Not worth it to me, no. I think it's ugly, and I'm not to bothered by the lack of qol features in the original us release. I'd wait for a good sale or something at the very least.
Open file (141.17 KB 452x435 1617660420761.gif)
Did you get anything on the Steam Sale anon? I did! Fun times ahead!
>>793 I got Vector Prospector.. Best game since Gravitar!
>>793 epic gif, LamazeP is awesome :)
I'm trying actual Touhou games now that it's got my full interest, and it's practically unavoidable on the internet so why not learn more? I kind of suck. I can only barely make it through the 4th stage of EoSD on normal with all the continues. I'm getting better though.
>>869 With arcade games it's all try and error. I'm sure you'll get it at one point just like I did.
Open file (624.92 KB 717x1012 1623187987114.jpg)
>>872 I know. I'll keep at it. I like seeing my end statistics get better and better. It's also cool that I'm starting to memorize the orders of things and bullet patterns. It was so chaotic at first, but not as much now.
>>793 Metro exodus. What did you get?
>>872 Mima will be in 19... right bros?
Open file (348.36 KB 1500x1075 pictochat.jpg)
remember this? this was peak gaming
>>879 I used to use it to make crude animations.
Open file (2.82 MB 1355x1000 ClipboardImage.png)
>>877 Oh, plenty of FPSs >Cruelty Squad >Ultrakill Been playing those two as of late, the former is really intricate and reminds me of Delta Force, great FPS that ended up dropping after finishing the first pack of misions set in Peru since I didn't really care much about killing africans in the desert. Killing members of a Cartel captured my attention much much more. The latter is just a blast, sadly it seems to be short and is an Early Access title, but I kept hearing good things about it and it wasn't that expensive where I live so I decided to give it a shot >Ion Maiden >Post Void >The Citadel >Doom 2016 I disregarded it as being console trash but I've heard that's actually somewhat good. I personally think it won't since I'm not a fan of mainstream stuff since it gets to be somewhat streamlined and lacking features, so I won't go in with many expectations >Postal 4 That one was just a gamble, I knew from beforehand that the game would be broken, lacking features, jumped the shark with the tone, and basically be just an alpha. But I didn't want to get it when it would become too expensive and was talking with a friend when I did that. Have low hopes for this one but I just really loved Postal 2 and the expansion Paradise Lost. I was also playing Quake before the sales begun, so I have to finish that too, only need to do the last episode.
Open file (408.43 KB 1496x828 amy_wag.png)
Recently, I've been only playing coomer games >SEQUEL colony >Degrees of Lewdity >Monster Girl Dreams >Monster Girl Quest Paradox >CoC 2 I don't even fap to them. I think it might be the light grind that calms me down or something. Or just gamer fatigue making it hard for me to pick up new vidya, so I stick to what I choose with organs other than brain. Or I just want turn based RPGs and don't see many of those outside coom.
>>937 >SEQUEL heard a lot of good stuff about this series and tried Asylum after finishing Black Souls 2, but it just didn't do it for me. Bosses always ended up being way too powerful and even by chapter 6 I believe it was you don't have enough skills to counter them.
>>942 Didn't play Asylum. The boss/nonboss discrepancy is a problem in the entire series, but it isn't terrible in Awake or Colony. It is pretty bad in Blight. After Blight, I didn't really want to pick up Awake, but I heard that it improved on the bad parts, checked it out, then finished both Awake and Colony. They were much "lighter" to play than Blight.
Open file (64.98 KB 582x475 1624647275617.jpg)
>>944 >Blight That was the one I meant to mention, Asylum is the one that was released recently. Silly me. It's a bad position when the worst entry in the series is the first one, just leaves a really bad impression.
>>946 Yeah But you can see the dev "grow" with the series. Awake has many improvements, like cutting the guardian grind by half (4 mana instead of 8), removing the class system in favor of giving characters unique skill trees, removing the need to gather resources to upgrade weapons and so on. Then colony shuffles thing once again, bringing back some light farming, redesigning the skill tree "format", trying out new effects. Both of them also nerf things that were too strong in versions before, such as full team buffs and heal all. My bad impression was gone after Awake. Maybe that's why the dev wants to make Asylum a different series: to have it not start with such an underwhelming title as Blight.
I was playing Dragon Quest but I took a break from it for a little bit. Now I'm focusing Ninja Gaiden Sigma and Mario Odyssey. >>937 That Frieza looking thing looks creepy!
>>995 >That Frieza looking thing looks creepy! I'm almost certain she was inspired by that creepy-cute human-rat(?) sculpture. I don't know how to search for it, but many people may know which one I'm talking about.
>>123 >What are you playing, /kind/? I picked up VC4 recently. I'm enjoying it more than the 1st or 2nd VC. The grenadier class is a fun addition since they rag doll and lock down enemies.
Open file (187.25 KB 1200x799 Audi-Quattro-S1-Evo-2-.jpg)
Does anyone else like racing games? It's always fun to go fast. I like rallying games the most. There's a lot of fun to be had driving at breakneck speeds down normal roads that you might find just about anywhere. I really like that I can apply my real world experience to the game (not that it helps much, I'll wrap my car around a tree either way). Circuit racing is fun too, but it feels a lot more technical. I also don't like racing a ton of opponents at once either...
>>1076 I like actual racing, but I don't vidya too often over it. I enjoy watching exciting on-boards if I can't race myself though. Nürburgring 24 Hours in a top GT3 car, for example.
>>1110 How do you mean race yourself? Do go to track days or something?
>>1113 Racing in the streets, racing on the track. I've owned a few hot rod-ish cars and built them up into racing cars, and have worked on a Pro Stock rail drag racing team.
>>1114 I only ever do it on back roads. It's pretty fun. I only have a stock 370z which is fun enough.
>>404 It helped me to have some sort of routine of "things that aren't wasted time". Once I tick off work and exercise, wasting time doesn't hurt. Though I also program a roguelike, so vidya vs programming dilemma still hurts.
Open file (841.18 KB 1920x1080 1451236322.jpg)
>>1021 Last year I have played it for the first time, I didn't expect much from it and I was positively surprised. I felt a lot like the first entry in the series, which the second and third didn't achieve. Overall I liked all entries but would still go for the first one though. The new grenadier class was actually something I disliked, because it annoys me that you can target enemies that you don't even see. With a sniper you have at least to spot an enemy and aim, while the grenadier can simply automatically aim with one push of a button and dish out the pain. Don't get me started on enemy grenadiers, now those are unpleasant.
Open file (115.90 KB 320x224 1501449748284.gif)
>>1076 I really just like Mario Kart 64 and stuff like Outrun. I like Outrun mostly for the way it looks and sounds though.
Open file (81.94 KB 617x661 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1169 add to it CDDA Forge\Magarena (Magic the Gathering simulator) mostly modded stuff vs AI, ZeroHour is the only one I play multiplayer on RadminVPN, your number one network virtualization solution.
I've completed and am replaying Omori. It's a pretty cool rpg that has a bunch of content and a neat story. I'm playing a different route of the game and doing all of the route exclusive stuff and it's been pretty fun
>>1231 >Generals Have you tried the Shockwave Mod? It's definitely worth checking out. >Company of Heroes >Stronghold: Crusader Nice. I recommend the Blitzkrieg Mod for Company of Heroes. It really adds a lot to the gameplay.
>>1236 I was developing a shockwave fanpath for the last 3 years, learned modelling last 6 months so making some slow progress finally. Can't make a full moddb page cuz gatekeepers will bomb it if I dont get permission from the owner & any owner of any asset of other mods I I'm using but here's what I made: https://www.moddb.com/members/sibilantscrea m I also merged alot of stuff from Blitz mod for CoH but some hardcoded stuff made me abandon it.
>>1251 >>1252 >Can't make a full moddb page cuz gatekeepers will bomb it if I dont get permission from the owner & any owner of any asset of other mods I I'm using That seems pretty petty of them. >but here's what I made: Nice work. >I also merged alot of stuff from Blitz mod for CoH but some hardcoded stuff made me abandon it. I'd like to see a free version of the Company of Heroes engine eventually that makes things easier to modify. But the fact that even less complex games likes the voxel-based Command & Conquers don't have open-source versions doesn't make me very optimistic right now.
>>1287 >That seems pretty petty of them. ZeroHour has Thyme & OpenSAGE for WIP reverse engineering but CoH has none afaik, probably cuz it's gameplay is harder to implement. >Nice work. Thanks :^}
Open file (241.59 KB 850x648 ClipboardImage.png)
Playing Doom 2016 as of late. Goddamn this game's good, I thought it was garbage but it's actually really well done. It just has the issue of modern games adding arbitrary progression systems that lock stuff that should be in the game from the get go behind upgrades. But when it does get good, it's pretty good.
I just installed the original Unreal Tournament for the first time. I remember my family having the demo on our computer as a kid, but I wasn't allowed to play it and I don't even know who put it on there. All I remember is that the character customizer piqued my interest. It seems like a fun game from the little I've played so far, but I don't know how good I'll be at it.
I really haven't felt like playing video games lately. I don't care much about them much, but now I don't even want to kill time with them.
Open file (132.51 KB 1000x1500 zmbaglts2wz21.jpg)
>>123 I've been playing Zelda Ocarina of Time recently, enjoyable so far. although I like link to the past more for some reason.
I keep playing only coomer games. Finished Asylum and now doing Black Souls I'm less of a coomer than average normie. Seriously.
>>1571 It looks like I'm most of the way through the single-player game now. If I beat it, I'll try some matches against bots. It kind of makes me interested in trying Quake III and comparing it. >>1720 The first four Zelda games are really the main ones that interest me, and even then I don't like the adventure elements. I still feel nostalgia for Ocarina of Time though, even though I never bothered beating it until over a decade after it came out.
Open file (1.86 MB 1920x1080 Screenshot (279).png)
Open file (2.62 MB 1920x1080 Screenshot (400).png)
Playing Persona 4 at the moment. It's going to take me a good long while to get through this one I think. I'm already feeling a JRPG burnout after playing through Tales of Berseria before this, although I loved how the 6 party members all interacted with each other and became older siblings for one of the party members.
Playing a lot of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Anomaly recently. Pretty fun and the modding experience has been a lot less annoying than the bethesda games I've tried to mod.
I got a copy of Silent Hill 4. I didn't realize until it was too late that it was a japanese copy. Unfortunately the PS2 is region-locked so I'll have to try and play it on my shitty laptop.
I ran out of (good) coomer games and gamer fatigue prevents me from trying anything new. Time to replay old shit...
I got a few Dead Rising games as a bundle on sale a while ago, and whew, They're just as fun as when I was a kid. I've been playing Off the Record mostly, since I never got to play that one. It's pretty fun. I like the things they added to the 2nd one with OTR.
Open file (594.21 KB 811x1081 im544545454545age.png)
I fell down the normie hole and discovered Minecraft a few months ago.
>>2187 it's fun, but what I don't understand is how 2 of my friends have been playing it constantly for the past 8 years
Open file (714.81 KB 854x480 2f320ddb35cdab16.png)
>>2265 Building is fun?
I don't know what to play anymore.
>>2397 Getting a job won't help him find a game.
Open file (844.12 KB 1600x900 Screenshot (122).png)
>>2397 Alright.
Open file (3.14 MB 1920x1080 Screenshot (540).png)
Playing FFIX, I'm enjoying it so far but I'm also not that far into it. I'm also using it to test out streaming.
Open file (5.04 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
Chilling and playing some war thunder, very comfy night I can finally see the stars a bit :D
I've been playing Gothic recently after picking it up on sale for 2.99 along with the rest of the series. I've seen it compared to Morrowind so many times I just had to give it a go. So far, I have fairly mixed feelings about the game, but it's mostly due to the age of the game and it being eurojank in general. On the other hand, I've gotten quite a few hours of entertainment out of it. It's pretty plain. There's not a whole lot going on that is interesting besides it takes place in fantasy Australia. Nothing "Gothic" about it. Instead it's incredibly generic shithole. I've been enjoying the progression. It's a bit slow and simple, but that's all you really need. You don't need tons of skills with tons of percentages on stats that don't change how you play your game. You also can't really get all the best equipment from the get-go either, since the enemies will kick your ass.
Anyone playing anything fun for spooky month? I'm going to load up RE:4 on Gamecube for the first time.
>>3186 Silent Hill 4 maybe. Maybe some other good horror games too.
>>3186 I got all the F.E.A.R. games. Already beat the 1st one.
>>3186 I've been revisiting old STALKER mods, there are some truly great ones out there and it's both super comfy and terrifying since it makes such a good atmosphere
I finished NEO: The World Ends With You and I'm doing the post game content now
Open file (64.30 KB 750x600 XD.jpg)
You losers try Halo Infinite yet? If you ignore the shitty customization and shitty buisness practices, it's a pretty fun multiplayer game. It has it's issues, but it's hard to complain about a free game that'll get more polished as time goes on.
>>3909 Haven't touched Halo since Halo 3, those were some times. Unfortunately now that I am well over a decade older shooters in general just don't trigger those same vibes they did when I was younger. I would definitely have fun playing 4 player splitscreen Halo 3 on a coach though, brings it back a bit.
I'm waiting for a WoW MoP private pve server to launch. While I'm waiting for that, I'm playing Minecraft again. I just quit Conan Exiles and The Division 2, because they felt to draining and pointless and had no fun at all. I still have Overwatch in my library, so I play that a few times a day.
Open file (13.99 KB 480x360 144658815837.jpg)
Been playing multiplayer games a lot recently. It's a lot of fun. I kind of hate it. It's harder to stay entertained with singleplayer games.
>>3909 I'm not too interested in online multiplayer games and from what I saw of the single player stuff it doesn't look very good. I think I'm just going to stick with the older halo games.
Inscription is fun Card game, but well done and original in theme. It's also built in a roguelite way, with replayability, but without the usual metaprogression grind.
I beat Bloodborne today. Great game. Was going to play through Demon's Souls after, but it seems my copy has disappeared. I might have sold it, but somehow I doubt it's the one PS3 game I sold when I have others I really don't care for.
I got back into Clone Hero on PC. If I am not playing that I play Vice City on Vita.
Played some Morrowind yesterday. Ended up wasting many hours making tons of money and super potions. I don't need millions of stats for 24+ real hours. Feels like a lot of wasted time. >>4172 Clone Hero is fun. I really wish Google Drive wasn't the prominent way of distributing songs. It's a pain.
Open file (789.84 KB 1931x3896 FI3D7bZXsAsEIvW.jpeg)
Nothing. All video games are boring now. I can't really play my favorite genre (fps) because it makes my hand hurt. When I was playing with others we almost always played shooters. So now I have no one to play with

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