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Welcome to /kind/! Follow these rules while you post here.

1. Don't post any content that violates local or United States law.
2. Keep it civil. You don't have to be kind, but don't stir up shit.
3. No blatant bait posts. No low-effort shitposts.
4. Keep it SFW.
5. Lurk before posting.
6. You have to be 18+ to post here.
7. No memeposting (frogs, wojaks, etc.)
8. Don't avatarfag
9. Keep slang and buzzwords to a minimum.
10. Keep meta discussion in the meta thread.
11. Don't spam or advertise. If you'd like to be friend boards, please post in the meta thread.

All questions, comments, and suggestions are welcome. Post them in the meta thread or contact the admin here: kindmin@protonmail.com.
More rules will be made if necessary.

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