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Open file (154.83 KB 630x725 negetivity.png)
rant/vent thread Friend 06/08/2021 (Tue) 23:33:01 No.78
let it out
>>3107 His appearance is still something he probably can't help.
>>3107 People with empathy don't turn shitty when no one's looking.
Open file (43.03 KB 1024x576 94837eu5155.jpg)
today i went to the psychologist and told me i have depression and need some psychiatrist medication, just posted it on twitter and the person who love wants proof and stuff, end up calling me liar, edgy and i play the victim why does he hate me that much?
>>3112 >today i went to the psychologist and told me i have depression and need some psychiatrist medication It can be life saving, but it can also make things worse. Just be careful is all I'm saying, it is your choice in the end and I won't judge you for either choice. >and the person who love wants proof and stuff, end up calling me liar, edgy and i play the victim Who said that?
>>3112 I'd advise staying away from SSRIs.
>>3109 Why should anyone care about that if you're a manager abusing your position of power over others to berate them? Turnabout is fair play. If you want your appearance to be respected you better be just as respectful towards others. >>3110 Nobody has turned shitty but you with this bad faith characterization of my friend.
>>3112 >the psychologist and told me i have depression and need some psychiatrist medication Be careful. Those kinds of drugs can seriously hurt you. They can give you intense headaches, depersonalization, and hallucinations.
>>3104 yeah. the security was there for prevention of losses . Shady ass people steal from the store CONSTANTLY. i never once saw the security guard actually stop someone from stealing. that aside everyone there looked like they were pissed off all the time. my work ethic consists of trying to make sure i dont make my work someone elses and we are told to pass the buck if we dont know anything but in the end i cant remember what they told me so i have to keep asking. That and our computer systems for the registers are confusing as fuck and the whole business model seems dated and harrasing of the customer we are told to get the customers EMAIL ADRESS AND PHONE NUMBER and if we don't we get written up 3 write ups and your fired plus, im sure the fucker runs on windows vista i shit you not not windows 7, vista.... >>3106 I mean fair enough i try not to judge as much as possible but at work but i could tell he thought i was incompetent or lazy, which i am not i won employee of the month twice at my old job and a won a free flat screen roku tv for best attendance in the whole store of like 200 employees so i know im a good employee i try to learn as much as possible and i have a good attitude when interacting with the customers, which some of the other employees dont do so well, like this one girl who was raising her voice and having an attitude when she had to repeat herself and this happened all the time.
>>3115 This. i just stopped taking my adhd meds as i was way wayy more cranky and angry on them it really fucked with my attitude.
I miss smoking because now I literally have no way to make friends anymore. I would chill outside with other smokers, discuss the ripoff prices of cigs, ask for a light, fuck I didn't even realize it until now. It's weird to just sit next to someone at lunch or on a break but smokers are usually forced into some tiny space behind a building and have to get along. Plus normies disdain for smoking also unites us, so many of my nuanced social problems solved by god damn smokes I never even knew. Now I really do miss it.
Open file (20.02 KB 600x584 1604762591842.jpg)
>>3112 Posts like this should make me feel good because it's not me, or feel bad out of empathic pity and/or solidarity. But they make me feel bad because no one cares about me that much other than my family.
>>3116 "But they're just as bad" certainly is being shitty. There are things non-shitty people don't attack, except 1v1 to point out hypocrisy. Attacking someone's looks, race, parents etc. is always shitty, the only valid use is "you're doing the same thing, so stop", which doesn't work here, unless the manager is posting with us. If we went your way, it would be OK to use hard-R N-word if it's to describe someone black who was an ass to you. In b4 someone displays a clear lack of empathy by questioning "don't use slurs" rule
>>3122 good on you for quitting, friend... but, yeah, there really is something to that forced camaraderie among smokers. when i was an underage, i used to have to hide my habit from my family. i would go out for a walk and chill at a park or train station bench. more often then not, i'd end up having some interesting random conversations because of that.
>>3124 >"But they're just as bad" Who are you quoting? It's not bad at all. You're just making a goofy false equivalence between an authority figure abusing their position over their employees and an insult basically made in private as far as the manlet is concerned. One is done to harm my friend and the other is just venting that doesn't harm the manlet manager. You're basically a dogmatic religious zealot condemning friends for private blasphemies against a manlet manager that can't perceive them. >If we went your way, it would be OK to use hard-R N-word NOOOOOO NOT THE HECKIN NIGGERINO NOT THE BASKETBALL NIGGER BOY PLEASE NOOOOO YOU CANT DO THAT >questioning "don't use slurs" rule NOOOOOO YOU CANT QUESTION MY DOGMATIC RELIGIOUS PRESUPPOSITIONAL NIGGER WORSHIP NOOOOOOOOOOOOO LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Open file (79.08 KB 349x243 buddy_vs_buddy.png)
>>3128 Don't be a hero, buddy! sorry... i've got no place in this back and forth, but when i saw your reaction image i couldn't help myself ;-)
>>3130 Juice buddy! This is now a surfer thread.
Why do un/kind/ channers keep coming here and bringing everything they are "escaping" from?
>>3132 Maybe you don't understand the subtle nuances of our culture because you're new. You were always allowed to say nigger on 8/kind/ and people did. You just couldn't call your friends on the board niggers. /kind/ was never about being rigid, having a stick up your ass about particular words or thinking you're morally superior to the average "channers". It's not a cult or religious movement about who is most kind or not. Just take it easy and shoot the shit with your fellow friends buddy.
Open file (134.78 KB 474x427 Big_Dawg_Felted.png)
>>3133 You beat me to the punch there, buddy... Here's what I was writing while you were posting... >>3132 To be honest, I've found that the posts on these past few incarnations of /kind/ are a bit more tame then I remember 8/kind/ being, but that's just going off of memory and it's been a while. I'm not complaining mind you. This is a comfy board and I still come here for the same reason I used to visit the old /kind/. Good conversation, helpful anons stressing the positive, and a break from the usual shit flinging that is the default culture on many other boards. Do you remember /kind/'s origins as being different then I do? Also, this is the rant/vent thread, so friends might blow off some steam here from time to time without screwing with the entire board's culture and sperging out all over the place.
i remember 2016 /kind/ not being politically correct but still fun. tbh i like tame kind and when things get rowdy too. i just like /kind/. lets all be friends!
>>78 I want to say i dont hate anyone really even if i disagree with them. im just scared of getting to know people because then they will find out how i really feel about shit.
>>3150 iktf If someone could "read my mind", they'd most likely be offended pretty hard by all the content, even though a lot of it is actually just jokes, disappointed in how I don't feel much gratitude for anything, shocked by my morality and so on. Even if I don't mention those things outright, it probably shows. I'm actually a good person, but in a way that normies would not understand without 2+ semesters of philosophy courses.
My legs are deteriorating. Can't afford to see a doctor. I fear that I will be confined to the chair some day soon.
>>3154 same but with my right elbow, I broke my right arm years ago now it doesn't feel the same
>>3150 That's awful. Is there anything that can be done?
>>3152 I guess my whole point is i just want to open up but i feel those societal blocks in place and it really frustrates me. i feel like "freinds" don't really know me and im scared of losing them but how much are they my friend really if they dont accept me and by acceptance i just mean that they're ok with me having a different opinion they dont have to agree with me and they dont talk shit about me behind my back. this is currently the issue i have with a friend of mine who is a girl she started dating this soundcloud rapper guy and i haven't talked to her ever since though she tries to hit me up from time to time i just feel as though there is something off with our relationship she says that "im her best friend" and i have to wonder the validity of that claim.
>>3168 >I guess my whole point is i just want to open up but i feel those societal blocks in place and it really frustrates me. Societal blocks in your head or in theirs? If it's just you, it's easy fix - "just do it". May require some forcing, but all good things do. If theirs, then yeah, it's a problem. >im scared of losing them but how much are they my friend really if they dont accept me I see three options: >they're real friends and so will accept your weirdness >they aren't actually friends, they just keep you around because they can't get any """better""", but would drop you if you stopped being convenient >they are shitty maybe-friends who treat the relationship like a transaction/contract, but will do their part Do you need them? If not, it's probably better to check than to keep guessing and stressing. I dealt with this problem for most of my life. People don't know me. Even after hours on 1v1 talks, they make clear mistakes in predicting what I think and how I will act. Even so, opening up and letting people be wrong about me didn't make me enemies. Rather, it seems that people trust me more, because I hide less. With the silent types, you don't know what they're thinking, so things become suspicious easily. It's good to look like you can't lie. Like you will say "I'd rather not say" instead of giving a safe non-answer or changing the topic. Don't assume too much. People differ a whole lot. I keep making the mistake of using "my empathy" to predict normies, as if they had my mind except where proven otherwise. I went out of my way to avoid causing inconveniences that would frustrate me, but which they completely ignored. I acted like "that suspicious loner weirdo" because I didn't want to be a bother. I profusely apologized for non-offenses. Then I actually offended people by doing something completely natural to me, like expressing edgy beliefs in a specific tone. Ask more, assume less. Good, smart people will appreciate it and give you the benefit of ignorance over suspicion of dishonesty. Shit people will reject you, but it's actually a good thing, because you shouldn't associate with people who will push "the real you" away and are only there for your "social persona".
It keeps suprsing how people can create these walls of text while im completely dead inside and never want or can talk about anything at all.
>>3181 Do you have nothing to lose?
>>3150 I wish I could meet someone who would really speak their mind and even if they're pessimistic, I would be able to hold a conversation with them and respect them - since I know they're speaking from the heart and with honesty. I always have to restrain myself when with friends or family and I pray for the day I can open up about everything with a trusted confidant. Too bad I don't have one. Maybe you could be that person as long as you don't mind listening to a cynic most of the time.
>>3184 >Maybe you could be that person as long as you don't mind listening to a cynic most of the time I dont mind that at all. i really dont care for the most part what opinions people have i just pick and choose what i like and dont like and just realize hey we're all different.
>>3181 If your life is boring and monotonous, you won't have anything to talk about. But if you keep doing new things and thinking about them you only have to pick one of those things and then you have a post.
>>3181 I feel this too. I don't know if it it because I am dumb or what, but I never have anything to input to any conversations. I mostly treat imageboards as something to read but not interact with.
>>3184 I know that feel. People like that are too rare in this world. Cynicism is a subtle art too. I can be very cynical about big picture abstractions, but I'm still able to step outside and look at things that are more immediate and tangible with great optimism. So many that I've met don't seem to be able to get outraged about what shoud outrage them and at the same time they don't bother to appreciate the little things in life.
>>3197 >So many that I've met don't seem to be able to get outraged about what shoud outrage them They're used to others suffering. As long as it doesn't affect them directly, threaten privileged status of their religion, or invoke some social meme like "don't hurt dogs, they're man's best friend", they don't think about it at all. Normalcy is king. If it keeps happening for long enough, only the outcasts and weirdos will keep questioning it. And outcasts and weirdos don't have social power.
>>3123 Look at this friend. He has a family that cares about him. Fag
>No auto filter Sorry bo Love you
Open file (559.73 KB 500x439 1380485157667.gif)
Does anyone actually enjoy "icebreaker" activities? They make me really nervous, I won't pay attention to what anyone has to say before it is my turn as I will be busy practising in my head what I will say, and afterwards I won't pay attention because I will be exhausted from the forced socialization.
>>3231 I don't think they are there to be enjoyed, but more like share something so that you're now a part of a group. I used to be anxious about shit like this, but then I stopped giving a fuck because those people will disappear from my life relatively soon.
>>3231 I run away and hide and I make it obvious that I'm running away. I'd rather have someone think about me "well anon ran away from this socialization, weird" than "wow this anon is pathetic they should probably stop existing lmao".
Open file (105.64 KB 300x250 usagi.png)
It's been August since my grandma passed away and my mom only told me last night. My grandma was one of the only people in my life that always supported me in everything I do and loved me unconditionally, so I feel even more alone in the world now without her. I don't know how I'm supposed to go on. I wanted her, more than anyone, to see me finally graduate college and accomplish something with my life.
>>3250 I had a good grandma also, she would always say when I was older I could help her paint and fix things. But I never got the chance. Not sure why, but I was looking forward to things like that. Nowadays I'm terrified of when my parents die because then I will be truly alone.
>>3246 >I'd rather have someone think about me "well anon ran away from this socialization, weird" than "wow this anon is pathetic they should probably stop existing lmao". You might be expecting too much from the normies. From normie perspective, it may be some of: >too good for us, huh? arrogant >pathetic loser with no friends >doesn't like us for some reason If it works for you, saves time, it's fine, but don't use too much "human empathy" on normies. They are herd animals that feel more than think and assume more than verify. "Us vs them" is a big theme in their mindset. Being one of "us" is worth a lot to them.
>>3250 my grandpa passed 5 years ago, thanks for reminding me. I miss him , even though he couldn't speak English well. My grandma is still here but she never really cared about me as much as my grandpa. He was the reason why they came down in winter.
>grandpa goes demented >can't recognize his own children >can only talk about things that happened 60 years ago
>>3261 I'm sorry about your grandpa. My grandmother didn't speak English well either, but she would pronounce some thing funny like calling "Head & Shoulders" shampoo by "Head & Shoulder", and Donald Trump as "Donald Trun" (Trun in our native language means "Thorn". haha) My grandparents and my uncle were who we always stayed with, when visiting my native country almost every summer. It's still really hard to imagine someone being gone out of all of them now, or that she's gone at all.
I hate how there are things that don't have place in conversation, even in the most obscure corners of the internet. A particular kind of insanity grabs you when you must remain silent of a situation that constantly lingers in your mind. At that point all therapy must be self-therapy. I try to do this by writing in a diary, and reflecting over it as I read it when I'm in different moods. Eventually I may get out of my situation.
>>3274 You mean like when you learn about some incident, person, or fact and feel the need to talk about it?
>>3274 If you could write it into a diary then surely you could type it into a thread? I don't mean to pry, but what is it that you feel you must remain silent about?
>>3279 >>3277 Sorry to rouse your curiosity. It's not a conspiracy or anything like that. I just don't feel comfortable talking about it, even anonymously.

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