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Open file (154.83 KB 630x725 negetivity.png)
rant/vent thread Friend 06/08/2021 (Tue) 23:33:01 No.78
let it out
>>1484 >What are your interests? Maybe there is someone with that interest. I like old media in general and am rarely interested in newer music, movies, TV shows, or video games. A big problem is that my interests are always shifting and stopping me from delving too deeply into one thing. Right now, for example, I don't watch movies. A deep enthusiast for a given topic would accuse me of being a "tourist." I'll be into one subject for a little while and then get sick of it and move onto something else. I usually come back to it later on, but it's kind of hard to connect with someone if your shared interest ends up becoming more of a one-sided interest.
Open file (119.95 KB 256x320 1626829279959.png)
I just looked up what Kappa actually are. What the fuck is their problem? They seem like assholes. They drown children, rape women, and steal people's souls from their butt. Not only that, but they're weird turtle men. They have all sorts of strange anatomical features. In conclusion, Kappa are creepy critters that are not to be messed with unless you know what you are doing.
>>1592 Just give em a cucumber bro
I love you anon and only ever get sad thinking about you. You always meant so much to me and that has not changed. <3 it does not need to make sense friend.
>>1535 Your posts remind me a lot about myself, I can strongly relate to what you are talking about. I still don't know if it was isolation, my mental issues or the fact that the Internet more or less raised me made me turn out the way I am now, most likely it is a mixture of all of them. The main issue now is that I have nowhere to fit into as well, the places I knew are long dead and the people I knew long gone. Now everything I do is visiting boards and entertaining myself too. Most of the time I don't even post. Sometimes I ask myself why I am still here. My interests shift too but I have to admit that they just go back and forth from video games to anime. Most of the time I am content with being alone but sometimes I do miss people, even though I don't really have something to talk about and mostly fail to connect. Even if I do, it is just too much work to maintain a bond with someone. I can talk to somebody for 5 minutes and I have already enough, I just don't appreciate the company of people, too stressful and having to look out for their needs, feeling and so on. People just annoy me and often I can't relate at all und don't care either. Like you said, I feel like an alien but most of the time I am alright with it, now and then I mourn it though.
Open file (48.23 KB 600x694 1585961299799.png)
I've been reflecting on my emotions deeper than ever this year and it's driving me crazy because the abyss is not only staring at me but jumping out at me and melting my brain. Whenever I get too close for comfort it locks me out and I'm wondering if that's normal, would a normal person do the same thing and just be confused or scared at what they're looking at instead of being blocked and blinded out of it? Did I pass that phase already and I've gone deeper? Is this my soul protecting itself from the material world and I should look for my answers elsewhere? Sometimes catharsis leaves you empty. You could have arrested development, this problem could need to be addressed another way, or you sent off a piece of your soul on accident.
>>1599 Isolation has its benefits but when it comes to functioning and maintaining a healthy perspective or being able to relate to others I think maybe it is actually bad? feels bad anyway and I would have it no other way. Even if you could feel close to others it becomes impossible for other reasons due to isolation honing your edge in a unique way compared to the rest. there is no turning back and I would have it no other way in the present state. >>1605 Do you mean you are becoming numb or feel as if there is like some barrier between you and how you feel? This is bad anon if you are becoming numb. feel free to ignore this as I only speak from my own experience and what I have seen with others but emotionally being incapable is the endgame. I have talked with doctors about this and tried to research myself and it seems that people can turn to stone for what can be years to the rest of their life. Good luck.
Open file (625.82 KB 636x288 ladybug.gif)
>>1599 >The main issue now is that I have nowhere to fit into as well, the places I knew are long dead and the people I knew long gone. I know that feeling, except in my case I never fit in in the first place. I don't think I could ever go back to using a traditional forum, for example. I was too edgy for them ten years ago, and I'm even more so now. I hate drawing attention to myself and feel vulnerable when tied to a fixed identity. >Most of the time I am content with being alone but sometimes I do miss people, even though I don't really have something to talk about and mostly fail to connect. Even if I do, it is just too much work to maintain a bond with someone. I can talk to somebody for 5 minutes and I have already enough, I just don't appreciate the company of people, too stressful and having to look out for their needs, feeling and so on. Same. The only people I really like to interact with are my family members, and even then I need a ton of time to myself. Maybe someday I'll find someone I really like being around outside of them, but whenever I try and be sociable I end up questioning why I even bothered trying in the first place when I'm not enjoying myself.
Open file (754.04 KB 1488x1267 1623751240489.png)
>I'm gonna try to be productive today >suddenly, feel bad FOR NO FUCKING REASON >browse imageboards and yt videos
>>1617 Very traumatizing ordeal, I’m sorry you had to go through that.
>>1635 I appreciate your sympathy, but, in all honestly, it was probably more traumatizing for the ladybug then it was for me.
>>1636 You're very brave, friend. I just hope that you are being honest with us about your feelings. We're here for you!
yasashikushite ne>>1622
>>1268 ekusuplosion
>>1244 ah well, it s annoying isnt it when someone bans you without prior warning. it feels gloomy. like rainy clouds like moody. yeah, moody things have no warning everyone is moody im hitorijanai. tsk
Open file (3.08 MB 960x1548 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1592 That's the point of a kappa, it's a youkai after all! For example parents tell their kids who can't swim yet the story of how a kappa will snatch them away into the water and eat their liver if they get too close to it, just so the kids won't get careless around the water. Like other y Youkai though, the Kappa can also be nice if you catch it offguard, by fishing it for example. Then they are even teaching people their secrets about medicine, helping with fieldwork or promising to never attack humans anymore. So Youkai bring mischief but they can also be helpful, which is what makes them so interesting in my opinion!
>>1668 When you think about it, the stereotypical imageboard user is a lot like youkai. Rotten ugly bastard that's up to no good. A good example to children as how not to be. They can be helpful if you catch them off guard and talk about something they like. Oh, and you won't see them for yourself very often. Still, the kappa and other youkai do more harm than good. Not worth dealing with them unless you just happen to have leverage on them.
Open file (251.38 KB 720x405 152368190537442.gif)
>>1671 >the stereotypical imageboard user is a lot like youkai and the lurkers of the human village stand back and stare as admins and jannies swing into action to deal with the occasional incident and sweep things up from time to time
Lying is very difficult. It feels wrong and treacherous. One time I was forced into an acting class and my mind simply bricked itself. I cannot pretend to be someone I'm not. I can't lie. I can't pretend. I can't put on a mask. I'm me, Anonymous! I'm no one else. In this world it appears that's not enough. It seems like humans must lie. I don't like it. I don't want to lie. I want to be me, even if I'm not the best. Until the day I die, I hope to remain entirely myself, no matter the consequences. Better to reign in hell than serve in heaven, I guess.
>>1686 iktf, but I got over it by roleplaying and trolling. It helped me understand those I disagree with by pretending to be them. Still, explicitly lying IRL is completely unnatural for me.
I just completed an hour long psychological test only to find that I'd have to pay to receive results. This was mega cuntish. Even though the price wasn't that huge, it would be immoral to pay.
I’m conflicted over how a friendship ended several months ago, and I’ve been going through various emotions and thoughts about it. Whenever it crosses my mind, it usually gets me frustrated, and upset to the point of it taking up significant amounts of time ruminating on it before I can let it go. It’s all I can focus on once I’m thinking about it. It’s a problem, and I should probably see someone about it, but I don’t really like shrink settings.
>>1689 That stuff is so annoying, I’d wish they’d be upfront about that
Yesterday, a giant fly flew into my house and kept flying around. I tried to zap it with one of those paddle zappers. During the fight, it got onto web of a rather large spider (bigger than the fly), ripped out a big chunk of it and escaped just as the spider was about to grab it. The web didn't even slow it down. I managed to zap it and wanted to put it in spider's web while stunned, but it woke up in seconds and acted as if nothing happened. Then it hid behind furniture. Fuck flies, I need more spiders. Preferably also bigger ones, since local spiders make weak webs.
My friend told me kind of recently that if his girlfriend told him to stop hanging out with me then he would. He's my only friend and I keep thinking about that, just cemented my plan to eventually move out of town and gradually distance myself from him.
My ability to connect with people is so bad... I have 4 friends, I see them occasionally, but am still so terribly, desperately lonely. If I can't even connect with my best friend who also has assburgers how am I going to find a gf?! I don't want to die alone
>>1711 That's rough to hear, friend. I'm sorry. Is there any reason he said that?
>>1711 Is this girlfriend new or was he with her for a long time? Is he a loser? It's common for losers to go all "hoes before bros" when they get their first gf, who usually leaves them shortly after. Sad reminder that you can only trust people who could have harmed you but chose not to.
Sometimes, I wish I was a sporty blabbering loudmouth with mainstream interests and 20 less IQ. It seems to be what everyone else would rather have me be.
Thinking about starting to ghost and deleting all channels of communication with my only friend which is also an online friend. I just can't do it.
>>1719 not that this should be taken as advice or anything, but i always assume that every online friend will do that eventually
>>1713 They're having a bunch of relationship troubles, she's not exactly the most understanding when it comes to his health issues. Then there's also the fact that he's pretty sure she's cheating on him or seriously thinking about doing it, he said that more as a "I'm that desperate to keep her" sort of thing, I think. >>1714 I guess he kind of is, although I say that as a bigger loser than he is. They've been together for about eleven years and she's been his only girlfriend the entire time. It's really stupid but he was actually a big factor that kept me in this town since I didn't want to lose his friendship.
>>1722 I'd rather be single at that point. It seems like a large point of stress for him. Some people will do anything to avoid being alone. Honestly, he seems he's become a bad friend. Don't hold it against him, but definitely start looking at more options for your future.
>>1689 I've had that happen to me, although I don't know if it took me an hour. It really grinds your gears, doesn't it? >>1712 I know that feel. I feel lonely even in the presence of other people. >>1719 I think you should let him know beforehand. I did that to my friends and kind of regret not telling them that I was deleting my social media account. >>1722 He sounds really desperate if he wants to keep a woman like that around.
>be me >get in a course >all men class >Teacher is always horny >Students are always horny >they always talk about women they fuck or will fuck >they admit their biggest hobby is sex I hate normal men
Open file (207.45 KB 748x1370 aspie yes.png)
>>1738 This is a problem with normalfriends in general. Many normalfriend women are like this too. Taking the autistic schizoid pill and just ignoring all of them and blatantly ignoring social norms for socialization is the way to go.
>>1738 This is one of the worse kinds of coomers, though not the very bottom. There are worse, like those whose pride in life comes from their coomer escapades and putting others down if they don't have high scores. Normal "people" are like a different species. Disgustingly "biological", instinctive, impulsive.
>>1740 looking back at my yearbook years ago I was called a "pimp", I used to take that as compliment even though I didn't have any high scores because I was too focused on other things after school but looking back everyone was making fun of the way I was walking (pimps walk limping with a cane and my knees were bad)
>>1738 What kind of course is that, I can't imagine any professional setting where that would be an acceptable topic.
>>1743 You'd be amazed at all the kind of places where people will inappropriately talk about sex.
>>1738 Sounds pretty cool.
>>1739 Thats what i will do asap >>1743 Ship maintanance but it wasnt that different in any other course with majority male population.
Open file (243.97 KB 787x768 1598848816556.jpg)
My hair always feels greasy, and when i touch it I need to wash my hands. I take showers, and I don't even think my hair is any more greasy than the average person. I just hate the feeling of oil on my hands and it pesters meee.
>>1782 My face is oily like that. I'd need to wash it 4+ times a day to keep it not greasy.
>>1782 I always had greasy hair as well, now that I shave my head I have a greasy scalp 6ish hours after shaving. It's annoying and basically means I need to shave every day, but I'm lazy and it tends to be every two to three days instead.
Why is there literally no active libertarian board anywhere?
Open file (30.19 KB 400x382 happy monday!.jpg)
>>1864 you should be happy with what you have, friend... libertarianism is a niche interest that seems to have had its time around the early 2010s or so. i wish you a happy monday also! ^_^
Open file (55.09 KB 480x480 EHfkJM2XYAEdi8H.jpg)
angy and dont know how to talk about it
Open file (3.88 KB 239x246 1573746797297.png)
Open file (296.64 KB 404x399 1574010870873.gif)
Open file (6.24 KB 279x181 1480510894899.png)
>having to work I'll never get over how over half of my day is supposed to be dedicated to mandatory activity of "being an adult" and "contribooting to society". I won't even get to return to be a glorified NEET again because I'll die early due to tons of stress through all my life.

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