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blogpoatsing bread Friend 06/20/2021 (Sun) 06:10:31 No.592
Hey anon, why don't you tell us about your day? >Get out of bed around 9am because I smell something good >Realize I'm not getting any of it >Eat some cereal instead ffw a few hours >family visits >avoid the group of drunken idiots for a few hours >get bored so clean the house even though it'll get trashed again within the day Pretty disappointing day. Tomorrow should be better
I drove over 11 hours today, probably averaging 80mph. Fun, but I am fucking exhausted.
I'm having a great night, had a bit of a breakthrough about my life. Realized that I need to prioritize my needs and emotions first, not caring about what other people think and finally admitting, accepting, forgiving and letting go of past mistakes, flaws and cringe memories -nothing serious but I've definitely fucked up and embarrassed myself in front of people more than once, especially over girls. I've had a difficult time trying to rid myself of the need for validation from women. That also includes developing autonomy and control over my emotions, not relying on other people's validation (parents mainly) and feelings of happiness to satisfy that people pleasing desire. I just wanted everything to be "perfect" and have no dysfunction because I felt this compulsion and massive fear if it wasn't. I thought "perfect" was this unnatural view that people are happy 100% of the time with no problems whatsoever. People have leveraged that to manipulate me into doing shit, I have a hard time with boundaries and I need to learn how to hold my "frame." At the end of the day, accepting the reality of who I am, the reality that I cannot please everyone, I cannot force people to be happy, that people are pretty shitty and will try to take advantage of me and that I need to laugh at and forgive myself. Also chans are being deliberately killed and suppressed and we've entered some kind of dark age, but I reckon that alt-chans will make a come back and if halfchan goes dark then decentralized chans will make a resurgence.
I spontaneously decided to go to a con for the first time today. Haven't been around people my age in almost 5 years. When I got there, I just cried in the parking lot for an hour. Then, I wandered around for a while like a ghost haunting the place, then left. I don't know if it's possible to make frens as an old retard, but I plan to give it an honest try before offing myself.
I'm back to work now after being sick and getting back into my usual routine again.
NEETing over the winter. Stay warm out there everyone.
Open file (170.76 KB 850x694 yuyuko.jpg)
I feel like I'm loosing virtually all self-control with not spending money on food every day - and it's not like I eat much anyway (Being skinny as hell and all). But it's hard not to, when I'm so busy and/or tired from school and work all the time, that preparing and packing food beforehand doesn't even come to mind. Because of that I've resorted to buying food (sometimes with a drink too) from campus nearly every day because it's more convenient for me. My stepdad tells me I shouldn't be ashamed to spend it on food, because it's money I've earned, but I am trying to save it for other things so I can't help but worry how all these small purchases will eventually add up and end up deeply cutting into my savings. Also, often I can't resist not getting delivery - and that comes out like about 20$ every time for one meal. I know it's ridiculous but I just ended up blinded by my hunger everytime (and dislike/laziness for cooking).
Open file (249.42 KB 851x461 1607252801863.jpg)
Open file (1017.40 KB 1089x645 twu.PNG)
Made it to the 40k mark some time ago in Board Game Online and I was thinking about putting in an item related to Warhammer 40k. However, I am aware of Games Workshop and their fondness for cease-and-desists on anything fan-related. I guess I could rename things regarding the item in question to protect BGO from GW, but I wonder if the players would accept that.
Open file (174.76 KB 370x300 1581037702637.gif)
Tonight I dreamt of boobs I see No Nut November is doing the effects that I wanted
>>3458 Huh, maybe this NNN stuff isn't so dumb after all...
My mom got incredibly drunk today. She was on pretty good behavior, but nobody wants to take care of someone blackout drunk.
>>3458 Just be chronically stressed and you wouldn't have any desire to fap No need to leave it just for November
Open file (7.30 KB 259x195 index.jpg)
>>3484 I only coom to AI generated text these days. Does that count?
>>3485 Use your mind. If you can't do it without, you weren't horny to begin with.
Open file (123.75 KB 1037x910 a_habby_fren.jpg)
had to wake up rly early today and been the entire day at uni, wanted to fix some stuff up and learn in between classes but ended up not being able to do anything, i also noticed how behind i rly am and kinda woke from the procastination, so now i'm eating and cooking coffee as i got a lot of catching up to do! wish me luck frens, we're all gonna make it ^-^
Feeling contemplative today. Thinking about all the friends I lost along the way. The missed opportunities and wasted time. Thank God. I am content.
Things are going good. I've reached a milestone towards a goal of mine, I'm not feeling lonely or exhausting myself with people, and I'm thinking about more than how I'm going to kill time with my day. Things are looking up for now.
I am growing out my hair because I am bored with the way I look, I am not sure what I am going for or how long I want it but it's looking nice so far, length around my eyebrows. It's addicting running my hands in my hair and unironically easier to manage because the hair sticking up where my hair whorls it isn't so stubborn anymore when I wake up. Still figuring out what hair product to pull my hair back so hair doesn't hit my eyebrows and still don't the difference between the waxes, clay and other hair products.
>>3571 I've been growing mine out too. I had hair almost down to my shoulders when I graduated high school, and once I got out I started getting shorter hair cuts. I got sick of giving myself undercuts, so now I'm back to growing it out again. I plan on letting it grow to around my collarbone or so and then keeping it there until I get sick of it and ready to get the clippers out again.
>>3571 >>3572 i do this in the winter. grow my hair out and stop shaving. every little bit of insulation for the cold.
>>3534 Don't stop w/ good music. Things are looking up.
Open file (2.60 MB 3264x2448 WHAT THE CROC.jpg)
>>592 >Sleepless night fast forward. >Tried to come up with ideas for a board game. >Someone I have warm feelings for is being cold, I decided to go slow and go away. >Had to clean up a huge pile of excrement the dogs left late at night mess at 6 am. >Thought to myself 'maybe I won't really sleep'. >Went to sleep at 7am. >Woke up at 2pm. >Had lunch ready. >Spent some time online, decided to invest my time into getting my social media accounts banned since I spend too much time on them. >Watched Maiorianus' videos for awhile, about Late Roman history. >Actually found an idea for the board game. >Went to work out (bench, press, dips). >Came home and ate some eggs with bread. >Just discovered this board. >Felt happy. Pic related is some image I found while online today. I didn't know a crocodilian could be so large. They are my favorite animals, and I want to pet one no matter what, and I don't want to listen to anybody telling me "but they're dangerous". :)
>>3600 Crocodiles can get huge. I've seen a big one in person before.
>>3600 >decided to invest my time into getting my social media accounts banned ah, i see you're a man of culture as well
> Woke up at 11am to a family member yelling at me > Yelled back, "Huh?! What time is it." > watched some parade > ate delicious french toast casserole > did some thanksgiving cooking > accidentally burned a family member with a steamer > they cried > i cried cuz i felt bad > ate food > ate pie Now i'm ready to go back to my grave. Today was just... overstimulating.
>>3600 >Just discovered this board. >Felt happy. yesss isn't this board just so wholesome?! I really liked the idea of an imageboard but the other ones like 4chan were just too vulgar for me. Just because i'm an adult doesn't mean I want to see disgusting content.
>>3607 This board = less graphic, good ppl. Welcome, thx for chilling.
>>3609 I appreciate the welcome!
Slept on and off through most of it. I get bouts of sneezing about once every several seconds.
Open file (1.60 MB 498x298 tenor-1.gif)
>>3644 Hope today is awsome, looking forward to sunshine hopefully. Have the best day possible. Positive vibes.
>>3656 thank you
Good morning, a other chance to get it right. Have a great day!
>>592 > I had a job interview today > Got the job and I start my orientation/first shift next week. > Finally was able to get invisalign so now i can fix my teeth > I got 200/200 on a college paper that I thought I really messed up > got my butt kicked in brazilian jiu jitsu, but I had a good workout. It was actually a great day, can't complain.
Today was a nice break from freezing my ass off everyday.
It hit 73⁰ today. Way too warm for December.
>>3762 It hit -10 celcius here haha.......
Open file (8.06 MB 3562x4501 Melencolia_I.jpg)
I had a small drink and started to feel lonely. Tried to post a simple, on topic reply to on a thread on a comfortable looking imageboard, just looking for some assurance that I exist. "Your ip was recognized as a known spammer." Hell's teeth, can't a person use a shared IP without being treated like leper? I feel completely excluded from the world. Then I tried to post here. Did the captcha. It says "you have a valid block bypass. Renew block bypass." So, did that a few times and my post doesn't go through.
>>3986 I've been seeing a lot of posts in the webring saying they can't post.
A post which says "I can't post" is clearly self-contradicting. Of course one interprets it as meaning "tried several times, maybe this one will get through". Seems to me that few places these days genuinely want anonymous posters. I miss the olden days.
>>3987 I've run into an issue on some image boards where solving the captcha with the floating quick reply box fails, but the captcha works from the top of the page. This is probably something that effects phone posters, non-standard web browsers, or popular web browsers with tweaked settings or plug-ins. I'll usually default to solving the captcha at the top of the page for my first post on a board that has a persistent bypass. Between the IB software, how the capture is configured, and however the user is using their browser, things can sometimes go wrong.
I got my room set up nice and good. Finally have some space for once. Shame I plan to move soon.
Found out my sugar was full of a bunch of ants today so I sprayed a bunch of Raid everywhere, and sealed all my open bags with clips to hopefully keep them out. This apartment has been getting a pretty big ant problem. A month ago, I first noticed a whole colony forming in my bathroom but I found out that weird..because I don't keep my bathroom dirty and with anything anything that should attract them. Certainly not food. Unless they were going after the moisture? I then noticed them around my sink a few weeks ago, but I never keep any food there and outside my pantry, eithe. I'm assuming the sink ants were the ones that also got to the sugar, but I've never had a problem with ants in my pantry either.
>>4058 Are you australian or something? Ants don't really come out in the winter. Ant baits work well. Just make sure you figure out where they're coming from to finish the job. If you can get them where you live. Don't know if there are restrictions on pesticides and stuff.
>>4060 No, I'm in the Southern U.S. Our winters usually don't get that cold, so I'm assuming that could be a reason. The Raid seems to work for awhile, but they keep coming back. I've been having the same problem with fruit flies, although much worse. I thought ants and fruit flies were mostly just attracted to food, but I never keep any out for long periods of time, nor does my roommate, so I'm stumped as to why we're getting them.
>>4063 Ah. Me too. It's been unusually warm this year. Haven't had many bugs around though. I have no idea why you might have them.
>>4058 >I first noticed a whole colony forming in my bathroom but I found out that weird..because I don't keep my bathroom dirty and with anything anything that should attract them. Certainly not food. Unless they were going after the moisture? I know someone who had problems with ants in their groundlevel bathroom and what I heard from them is that there can be an ingrediant in some soaps that some types of ants are very attracted to. They keep bait traps on the bathroom window ledge now and spray that bug barrier stuff outside and that's helped the situation.
Might have Hypothyroidism. Had some tests done, and everything points toward that. Would explain a lot of my issues. Here's hoping meds actually help, if that's the case.

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