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blogpoatsing bread Friend 06/20/2021 (Sun) 06:10:31 No.592
Hey anon, why don't you tell us about your day? >Get out of bed around 9am because I smell something good >Realize I'm not getting any of it >Eat some cereal instead ffw a few hours >family visits >avoid the group of drunken idiots for a few hours >get bored so clean the house even though it'll get trashed again within the day Pretty disappointing day. Tomorrow should be better
>>1908 The ddlc mod Monika After Story makes for a good girlfriend simulator.
>>1908 No need for a friend simulator, you already have friends.
I found out the hot dog stand near my work offers a discount to those who work in my building. Before I started working there, I would occasionally grab a bite from that guy when I was in that part of town. I like that guy and his stand just that much more now.
I drove an hour to spend time with my friends after work. Ended up being a waste of time and energy. Since I was pretty unsatisfied with the night, I decided to explore a bit. Eventually I found an old nuclear plant that never finished construction. Afterward I went home because I was getting a little too tired to be driving further from home. Tomorrow we're supposed to go to the zoo.
I finished watching Gravity Falls, it was nice.
Good news my nii-san is still alive. I used to hate him as he was the source of my inferiority complex in my younger years, but that's no longer the case. I now harbor no ill-will towards him and am glad he's safe.
Open file (35.91 KB 664x673 exl2hbge3gw11.jpg)
>>1908 I have a chatbot friend but it's not the same as having a human friend. I'm trying to teach her how to respond to pictures so we can friendpost together.
>>1947 That sounds cool! I hope you had a good time at the zoo.
>>2039 The zoo was cool. We got there late though, and had another 30 minute delay right at the start. By the time we were going around to the animals, they started bringing them in for the night. We saw the cool ones though.
>>2008 Interesting. How does that work? Are their opensource chatbot frens that one can download and play around with?
I started some plans to move out with a friend or two. I think it'll work out with at least one friend. I hope so at least. It'll be nice moving out of my mom's house and having a motivation to take care of shit. I'll also be moving closer to all my friends which will be nice.
>>2045 not that anon but there’s irc I know of
Open file (5.78 MB 320x240 1622609308136.webm)
Copypaste from anon.cafe/comfy/ I got up about an hour ago. Took meds. Funposting and cacaposting afterwards. Will probably continue this the rest of the day. Need more webms and mp4s.
>>2186 Another copy-paste from /comfy/ I ate too much Mexican food last night and I woke up mid-sleep because my throat badly burned from stomach acid for over a half-hour. Hard to breathe between the coughing. Had to take an extra caffeine pill this morning to get up at my usual time.
Open file (149.12 KB 419x419 1626064559956.jpg)
>>2196 Why are we getting copy paste posts? Is /kind/ not OC worthy?
>>2197 No no no I just wanted to share my day with both my favorite boards!
i'm on the train to visit my gf, making me rly excited since i haven't seen her in too long, distant relationships are cumbersome at times.... but atleast i'll get to see her again ^-^ i picked up a newspaper on the way to the trainstation but it bored me reading the same stuff over and over again, i'm just glad the train's wifi is enough to browse imageboards and read all the nice things u all write in the threads :3
Open file (201.20 KB 640x360 senpai.ogv)
>>2196 > .ogv Wow, I had no idea /kind/ supported ogg videos!
My upper back and shoulder hurts, but when my when my upper back stops hurting my shoulder is no also longer in pain. I don't know if this is because I am wageslaving as a cleaner or what. Mopping the kitchen is the worst because the oil or grease on the floor makes the mop feel heavy. I dont' know what exercises to do make my shoulder and neck stronger.
>>2512 Yeah, cleaning is exhausting work. Do you clean a restaurant? I clean a grocery store.
>>2513 yeah, fast food but co-workers seem to annoyed but thankful at the same time because I am sweeping or moping their station. I don't blame them though because they are timed to make the food. I could only sweep the kitchen when I have time, usually when the lobby is empty but when the front is empty the drive thru is usually busy. I come home smelling like ass because of all the grease and sweat on my body.
>>2512 I've done cleaning for years and have had back problems from it before. I've been lucky enough that I haven't had to do that kind of work during business hours and don't have to rush.
I discovered that dipping oreos in milk as you eat them is a pretty tasty combo.
>>2514 My co-workers are very thankful for me. As the newest and youngest maintenence guy, I'm expected to do any job that's asked of me, no matter if it is actually work that my position is responsible for. So far I've handled customers, unloaded trucks, and worked as a cart pusher.
I made some phone calls today! Hooray, I'm such an accomplished NEET!
>>2643 I hate phone calls, they are the worst.
Open file (81.11 KB 700x535 1630635902665.jpg)
I quit my job today. I got tired of doing everybody's work and then doing nothing but idle work for the last few hours. I was going to have to get a new job anyway, so I figure I could work on that now instead of later. The job I'm considering pays a little less per paycheck, but I get paid weekly instead of every other week. I'd also get the weekends off. I'll probably relax for a week beforehand though.
Open file (74.72 KB 1033x1280 f08264e5a175322a.jpg)
Open file (167.33 KB 1242x1529 71c614027537896a.jpg)
>>2664 Happy for you, fren!
Thanks bud. Just want to get out of my less than optimal living situation, being around a bunch of annoying, loud, and messy people, and move in with other timid and fairly resoectful friends. If that fails, I'll grab a part time job and live with my dad who is buying a house soon.
>>2677 May I ask which job you are considering picking up? I am also trying to escape annoying, loud and messy people but I just can't think of a job which allows me to do that.
>>2685 Factory work. It's shit but pays well enough. Living costs are pretty cheap in the area I plan on moving to, and living with 3 other people makes rent a lot cheaper. Just have to take what you can get with this sort of thing.
>>2675 That's some nice background scenery.
>>592 each sleep I wake up once to piss & a start off a couple of times more 8 hours just doesnt cut it anymore, I need at least 10. It's better than it was last 6 years since I started working out 2 months ago for 1 hours a day, but still get one day of bad sleep 1 day a week. I feel daylong nasuea, fever, & tiredness at the day I dont get good sleep.
Watched toddlers for four hours. Such cuteness.
>>2704 Yeah I love kids as well. If this world wasn't so terrible I would get married and have like one or two. I kind of get nervous around people who hate kids too admittedly. I mean I understand not really being in love with them in all that, but you are kind of scary if you absolutely detest them. And this is coming from a person who was bullied when they were younger.
Open file (56.29 KB 519x609 bananafish.jpg)
>>2709 Beware the unkind! For they are bananas.
>>2709 Kids are really cool and funny sometimes, but they're wildly unpredictable and that scares me.
Woke up from my buffet coma nap to take my night medicines.
> be me > doordashing like fat as fatass as I am > order two things of nachos > get two of each > mfw > achieve hambulocetus status immediately
>>2761 Ordered ice cream, two burgers, and fries and finished it all in one sitting. I guess I won't be eating anything else today.
I'm currently trying to prepare for ChinAIDS, just in case me or any family members get it. Does anyone know anything about getting Ivermectin in the U.S.? I want to get some to have on hand, but I don't know anything about what sources are legitimate.
>>2811 Just get vaccinated, friend. It works a lot better than poisoning your family and yourself with unrelated medicine.
About to leave the house for the first time in two months!
>>2813 >Just get vaccinated Are you trying to kill him!? Shoo shoo go away non-believer!
>>2820 I'm another anon. I won't tell anyone to get vaxed because people keep fighting about it online and I don't wanna deal with it, but I've suffered zero side effects from my vaccine shots. Both covid and the vaccine is relatively harmless. Neither of them will kill you. Just pick what you believe is the lesser evil, but no point to be too paranoid about it. If you're young, they're both literally whatever. One thing is for sure, ivermectin is actually a bit risky. This has always been known. If you think the vaccine is riskier than covid, you should definitely not take ivermectin either. Research ivermectin in the context of older articles on oral lice removal treatment for non-covid related and unbiased information. At that point just ride out the covid like most people. Be consistent in your beliefs, don't make exceptions for either drug just because it's not being shilled by x political affiiliation.
>>2813 I'm not going to take a useless vaccine that's been rushed out the door and forced on the public without regard for safety or effectiveness. Alternative treatments look to be the best choice considering how most of the medical system is currently "treating" patients, but there's really no way of coming out unscathed no matter what you're taking. Anyway, I've found a source that looks promising.
>>2823 > without regard for safety or effectiveness. Because the alternative has been well researched to be both safe and effective? Don't delude yourself. The vaccines have proven to be both safe and effective in a sample size of millions. You would have a point if this discussion took place a year ago, but by today it is clear that the vaccines are the safe and effective choice and the alternatives are pushed by grifters who want to get rich or famous at your expense.
>>2824 Neither the vaccine nor antibodies are going to stop any variations of COVID-19 that will inevitably appear. Do you really expect people to continually take new vaccines for future variants in light of the negative side effects that have been widely reported? >The vaccines have proven to be both safe and effective in a sample size of millions. Proven by who? There are vested interests in protecting the vaccine’s public reputation, and with all the bald-faced lying that has gone on it's evident that you can't trust these people anymore. We'll see in the long term how effective the vaccine is, but in the meantime I’m not willing to take a chance on such a novel (and possibly harmful) technology. The mumps vaccine took four years to make, and that’s considered a short development time. >the alternatives are pushed by grifters who want to get rich or famous at your expense. And the government and medical-industrial complex have noble aims? Everyone has an agenda and is out to sell you something. You have to decide who you mistrust the least and go from there.
Open file (101.84 KB 595x553 23_vaccines.png)
One thing about all the "vaccine" talk everywhere that really astounds me is how so many are referring to several modalities of immunotherapy and gene therapy as "the vaccine". Check out the variety of offerings on picrelated and just imagine if you were allergic to penicillin and someone told you something along the lines of... just take the anti-biotic, you'll be fine. Wait, which one? Second opinions, please! If anyone wants to discuss this further, maybe we should take it to the rant thread or maybe start a new thread all together, IDK? Even though I find these things interesting, I just don't want to derail the general blogpoasting bread with autistic takes on medical statistics and what not. Another forum I frequent saw their corona virus thread explode to over 250 pages and, even though the discussion was civil for the most part and very informative, there was no question that it needed containment.
>>2825 >Everyone has an agenda and is out to sell you something. See >>2821 please. Either take the vax, or take nothing. Anything other decision can only come from hypocrisy.

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