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self improvement Friend 06/13/2021 (Sun) 20:35:56 No.330
I have successfully quit smoking. Now I just need to stay quit this time. FUCK CIGARETTES Post stuff related to self improvement
>>692 Fuck self improvement, I just like running. Self improvement is good. People that say otherwise are lazy, like myself, but need to justify it.
>>693 I'm not so sure I believe in "lazy." I believe in demotivation. And demotivation is a nasty disease that saddens me when good people have it. Sometimes we need to really dig deep to figure out what is bothering us, and once we do, and once we try to start fighting that, we can shed our hopelessness and begin to want things that are good for ourselves again. Take what's bringing you down and give it a nice big "fuck you" and do the opposite of what it tells you to do just to spite it.
>>330 the way I stayed quit is I intend to smoke cigarettes in the afterlife. Silly? Yes, but it helps with my frequent craving for nicotene.
>>694 Well, I'm a competitive person, you see. I used to do good work and all that, but now I don't have anyone to compete with. It's not fun to compete with strangers, and the people I do know are pretty meh. They don't seem to care about anything, so they're too easy for me to surpass. So I suppose you're right. It's just not easy to find someone to compete with, now that I am a neet.
>>696 Why don't you try competing with yourself? Become your worst critic and your greatest rival.
I can maintain a jog now. It's still rough, but the fact that I can do it makes me feel satisfied. It's nice to see progress. On another note, my route was pretty stinky today. Smelled like ass and mud.
I'm within striking distance of 1/2/3/4 after 1.5 years of lifting. OHP: 150lbs Bench: 235lbs Squat: 315lbs Deadlift: 385lbs
>>1049 You achieved those stats in 18 months? What is your secret?
Open file (1.48 MB 1920x1080 1604262334033.png)
>>1061 Eat a bunch of protein, throughout the day and post-workout, and lift 6 days out of the week doing Bro Splits then to PPLPPL. Also depends on the person how well you do, 3 sets in the beginning for 8-10 reps a set. Then when you get out of newbie gains increase sets. Be sure to put 5 lbs more on your final set then filter on down to the rest to ensure progressive overload. Repeat after a year or two.
>>1049 That's insane, keep it up and smash that deadlift!!!
>>1062 Can you give some examples on what has a lot of protein? You are lifting on 6 days a week? Just how do you do this? I lift twice a week and after a workout my muscles hurt for 2-4 days, I can't imagine how you do that. I do 3 sets with 12 reps each, never thought about adding more sets, I just always increased the wheight. I guess if you have more sets but less reps then you still end up with more reps in total? The last set is usually that one I struggle the most with, I don't think I would be able to finish it if I add more weight on it. Overall you mentioned a lot of words I never heard, I guess you are way more into it than I am. I just started to work out because my health needed it. Never knew about bro splits, pplppl and progressive overload before, not sure what the benefit of those things should be.
>>1155 >what has alot of protein? Meat, Chicken, Eggs, other stuff I can't think of right now but you can also get Whey Protein for on avg. 50 bucks. Ideally you want to intake 50g of protein post workout to feed muscle recovery. Don't go over that because the body can't process more than that at one time, so ideally spread it out throughout the day. Overall you want to 120g or more, not exactly on the level of your bodyweight. I also recommend buying Creatine Monohydrate and taking 10g along with your post-workout protein as creatine is a substance used to build muscle the body doesn't get very often. >how do you do this? Simple, on each day I work a different part of the body. A Push day is chest, shoulders, and triceps, a Pull day is upper and lower back, biceps and fore arms, and Legs is legs, calves and core work. Each part of the body is given 24 hours to rest before being worked again, and 1 day to completely rest to prepare for the next week. I also make sure to get 6-8 hours of sleep in order for my body to fully recover. When starting out you need to power through the initial phase and get your body used to the punishment your dealing it. 2 days out of the week might simply not be enough stimulus for your body to get used to it thus necessitating a much longer recovery period. Personally when I do 4 sets, the first set is a warmup that is half my max, and the next to sets I try to hit at least 8-10, and then on the last one I add 5lbs and go until failure. Then on the next day in the cycle that weight on the last set becomes what I do on the 2nd set, then the next day the first set as I add 5lbs more on my final one. This ensures progressive overload without biting off more than I can chew with my form failing. >last set is the one you struggle the most You need to keep adding more weight otherwise you will plateau hard and won't be able to get bigger. You don't have to hit 12 every time, just within the 8-12 range. Bro Split is where you hit one area of the body per day, and Progressive Overload is adding more weight over time to make yourself stronger,
I started tying weights to my penis to make it longer
>>1170 If you're serious, you should maybe try the Angion Method. Penis enlargement in general is dangerous though.
>>1172 nah sounds gay
>>1173 It seemed to give me a thicker dong while I was doing it, and I had more powerful boners.
>>585 I wouldn't really know, but I heard smoking a full size cigar can make you sick from the nicotine. smoking the same size cigarette would be a whole lot worse. nicotine absorbs much less from the linings of the mouth than it does when inhaling it into the lungs. Smoking a cigarillo, at most I've felt a slight buzz that lasts a few minutes. And a calm and clear feeling in my head after that which lasts longer. I wouldn't say it's similar to cigarettes.
I started Starting Strength at the gym but I also read about "Greyskull LP" online which is similar but modified. So I've modified my own plans to be less squat-heavy, with a better focus on the upper body and to allow more room for me to do other activities like sports, swimming, running, biking, etc. >>669 Oh I know about the risks. All my life I've never touched smoking or alcohol or any drugs even though they'd been offered to me often. Honestly I tried smoking because I thought it was kind of cool and it was a pleasant experience, not for a nicotine fix at all so I don't want to try nicotine gum and then actually get myself addicted. I definitely don't intend to make it a habit, though. I bought a tin of 10 cigarillos and I only had 3 of them, the rest I shared with people who had already smoked before and I still have a couple left. It's been a month or two now, so it's not like I have to have one every day or something. >>691 that's nice man, keep it up!
Open file (110.63 KB 246x423 6860868898.png)
>>505 Somehow getting hurt again fixed it. Now I can reach my true physical potential.
Tomorrow will mark 10 days since any weed or tobacco.
>>1828 Congratulations friend, you can do this. I've been clean from weed and tobacco for 6 years.
>>1828 conga rats
>>330 I am forgetting English words when speaking Spanish and it takes awhile to remember English. I am a native English speaker but it takes a while for my brain to reconnect what is English again
>>1842 It is a bit like that. I'm not a native english speaker, but I speak mostly english online all day long so I often use english words in my native language sentences and ask people to help me remember the word in my native language. Also think in multiple languages, it's just how being bilingual is like.
>>1842 I noticed that when I first started learning German I would pronounce English words in a German way sometimes.
>>1849 >started learning German I am just starting to do this now with my spanish and I practiced spanish for years., I think it's because because I pick up things what people say in real time instead of translating the words back into English. I feel that my brain just finally broke into Spanish in that it feels natural now instead just pronouncing the word without any thought to it. I don't know to describe it but I feel like brain is molded by the spanish language instead of memorizing the words blindly.
>>340 I'm almost 500 lbs. I used to weigh about 220. Before that I weighed about 350. I weighed around 270 before that. Before I was 230. Before I was 410 when I first discovered /fit/ almost ten years ago. I'm yet again trying very slowly to get that bandwagon rolling, not calorie-counting right off the bat but trying to eat less crap (for example, DoorDashing local Mexican or Chinese or pizza every 2-3 days thanks to disabilitybux).
>>2070 How often do you drink sugary stuff? I've never been fat, but in my experience it's been the easiest step in cleaning up my diet.
>>2076 If you count milk, I'm trying to cut that out. I've done a good job removing non-diet sodas and energy drinks out of my habits.
>>2091 Diet sodas are absolutely horrible for you. Gave my grandma kidney or liver failure. Forget which.
>>2091 I usually drink almond milk, although I don't know how good it is for you necessarily. But I do think it's better for you than standard milk. It might not taste as good, but I've gotten used to it by now.
>>2092 Now that sounds terrible! I hope she's better now. >>2098 I should drink more of that, for I do like almond milk. It's pretty expensive, though. But it's tastier than the disgusting tap water in this city.
>>2092 bloody gall that's sad to hear
I've been doing calisthenics for 2 weeks now and I already feel 100% better.
Open file (63.42 KB 480x270 112.png)
Not sure if "self improvement" per se, but I've had trouble sleeping without my body hurting for a long time. Last weekend out of curiosity I removed my memory foam mattress, and have been sleeping on a much harder mattress that was under it. Right away, basically from day 1 after sleeping on it my back has felt way more solid. I'm not sure how to describe it, feels like it's effortless to keep my back straight now, and I never realized it wasn't that way before, my back feels very well supported when I'm just walking around. It's strange. Everything still hurts when I sleep though.
>>2354 My experience is that it feels like shit to do the exercise itself, but everything feels better for the rest of the day. It's obviously a net positive but it's hard to mentally associate doing the painful part with getting the good part.
>>2358 I'm not really doing anything that causes me any noticeable pain. Maybe thats a bad thing.
>>2357 I have done the same thing, but but l will sleep occasionally on the floor, which is even harder of a surface. It's better for your spinal column then one would think. Balance is key, going back and forth based on what seems comfortable that evening.
>>2369 I don't mean literal pain, I just mean it's tiring/bothersome/uncomfortable to push yourself like that. It feels good when I have energy, but if I'm feeling tired (see: almost 100% of the time), then it's not so fun.
Got a gym subscription and trying to learn how to cook my own food. If I do get take out, I make sure it's from a resturant that makes actual dinner meals and not just another fast food place. Also trying to cut out sugars that isn't fruit. I used to think eating healthy was expensive, but I realize that with proper budgeting and not eating out so much, it's actually the cheaper alternative.
Do videos like this count as /seg/? BREAK The System (Become Who You TRULY Are) | Stoicism // Philosophy https://ytprivate.com/watch?v=XDHPK6FcEGs
>>2384 Sugar is my drug of choice, it seems. I believe I take at least 100g of sugar everyday and it's messing with my teeth. Hopefully we get rid of the sugar demon.
>>2428 Let's work together sugar anon! No more sugar for us!
Gave away my debit card so I wouldn't be tempted to order out so much.
>>2676 I never order food, which is surprising because I am always super hungry. Still, I'd imagine it eats through your money very fast. Then again, I'm usually not bothered by driving in the slightest and I'm generally a pretty cheap guy.
I went to go get some ice-cream today, and I got a small. But when I got the ice-cream, it wasn't small at all. In any other country except for burgerland, it would have definitely been a medium or a large (Most likely a medium though). I could barely finish the whole thing. Then, I went and checked the calories of the icecream. Over 700 for this behemoth. Murrican sizes are crazy. I'm not getting ice-cream from this joint for a long time.
>>2737 I've had the same experience with ice cream sizes. It's nuts how big they are.
>>2737 Ice cream is so good though. I'd eat it everyday if I could
>>2739 Yeah, no wonder why murricans are so fat. >>2740 I know. If it was healthier, I'd eat it everyday. I'm trying to eat healthier so I definitely have to limit it to like once a month (Or once every two months)
3 years back I was 55kg and 6'0, that was 10th grade Now I'm 80kg and 6'3, and while I didn't change my height by working out, I was somehow able to gain around 20kg in 1 year which was very happy for me Milk saved my ass big time, I've drank easily over 600 2L bottles in the past 3 years Sadly COVID really fucked with my gains and I was up to 85kg but I lost 5, and all my lifts have been going down substantially, went from 3.5pl8 to 2pl8 deadlift On mental health, I've been able to spend more time outside and with my dog, have learned to appreciate nature more Happy to hear you quit cigs, those are really nasty for you

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