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Friend 06/08/2021 (Tue) 23:12:15 No.29
It's nice to have /kind/ back!
>>48 This art is amazing
Im so happy its back
>>54 Thanks, scary wrench girl.
Here's some CSS to always view the file extension on long file names like >>30 and >>35 without needing the mouse hover thing. Also testing the code tags. [code] .uploadDetails { max-width: none; word-wrap: break-word; } [/code]
>code tags not enabled y u do dis?
>>58 It's enabled.
testing code tags [code] .uploadDetails { max-width: none; word-wrap: break-word; } [/code]
>>59 Thanks, dubsfriend!
I can't report the spam, it never accepts the captcha. No matter what I do, it always says > Wrong answer or expired captcha. Is it broken or am I losing my mind?
>>62 Yeah, I thought I was just retarded for a moment. Sometimes I have trouble with those kind of captchas.
>>62 >I want a maid who'll make me coffee every morning https://archiveofourown.org/works/13012602 Amélie/Angela French Breakfast >It was too verdammt early in the morning and she needed to find her wife. Or coffee. Or preferably both - which luckily was one of the many benefits of having married said wife. Long before they had become a thing Angela jokingly used to say that whoever could put up with her morning moods and still greet her with a fresh cup of coffee would make perfect marriage material.
The current posting form on kind.moe has a details/summary called More, the E-mail field above Message and a .posting-extra summary rule including cursor: pointer on line 475 of /.static/css/global.css. The PenumbraLynx obtained by a plain git clone on the URL from >>54 has no summary anywhere in global.css, has a plain td More in templates/content/postingForm.html and has E-mail in the extras of More. So at first blush it would appear that the PenumbraLynx obtained by a plain git clone on the URL from >>54 is not the frontend currently running on kind.moe, unless there's something I'm missing. Is the kind.moe frontend closed source?
The board specific CSS should look more like the classic /kind/ theme now. This >>57 has also been added to the CSS. Thank you for posting it. Big thanks to /server/ and wirechan's owners for their help restoring the CSS. I don't know why the report captcha doesn't work. I'll have to ask Stephen Lynx about it.
>>68 I see that the response headers for any request to https://kind.moe/.global/captchas/* have the same timestamp in Date and expires. I hope you didn't set captchaExpiration to 0 in general.json or defaultSettings.json because that would expire any captcha as soon as it is created. Report captchas can be removed via noReportCaptcha.
Open file (182.90 KB 340x340 dance chair lion.gif)
We're back!
admin, I want to click on the logo and get redirected to the board like it did before, please readd this feature
>>72 >the logo ?⁇⍰❓❔
Open file (14.39 KB 300x150 logo.png)
>>73 I also miss this feature.
>>75 Thanks. I have https://kind.moe/kind/catalog.html bookmarked so I rarely see the home page, hence my dumb question. As a quick hack the <img src="/.static/logo.png" class="logo" alt="Kind" /> line of templates/pages/index.html can be changed to <a href="/kind/"><img src="/.static/logo.png" class="logo" alt="Kind" /></a>
Open file (2.14 MB 3654x4961 tifa.jpg)
Open file (1017.85 KB 1920x1080 1618878303808.jpg)
Open file (632.26 KB 645x909 1618340264585.png)
Open file (893.10 KB 1920x1080 kiki].jpg)
Greetings from /c/, /comfy/ and rest of the webring! Remember, you're the light for others!
Open file (725.69 KB 1200x1097 1616564253608.gif)
Third time's the charm huh?
I was just lamenting that /kind/ was down somewhere else. I'm glad it's back up.
Open file (316.70 KB 640x480 1611600852511.gif)
>>147 Me too! Hahaha, life is funny at times!
My thanks again to the friend >>67 who provided the link to xanderlynx, since my previous post expressing the same is the one post ITT that didn't make it through this latest restoration.
>>155 My bad for missing your post and you're welcome for the link.
Welcome back, /kind/.
Open file (967.71 KB 500x281 icantfindmyglasses.gif)
tfw you step away from the net for a little while and return to find out that /kind/ was gone and friends were having to take shelter in some dusty old bunker... good to see the board back
Open file (57.33 KB 451x512 coffee.jpg)
I thought I had lost you guys for a bit there. Very happy to see you back!
How does the webring work? Do sites decide which other sites to show? I compared it to an other site and they have a lot more sites included.
>>361 It's the static/pages/links.html file in the frontend >>67. You customize it and add site links to it manually. Even though it's in static, some templating still applies due to its entry in templateSettings.json -> templated, such as the dynamicHeader.
>>372 That's the friends page, isn't it? I was curious about the big flashing webring link at the top.
Open file (238.45 KB 1061x1036 top.png)
>>373 >That's the friends page, isn't it? It is. >I was curious about the big flashing webring link at the top. ?⁇⍰❓❔
Open file (239.27 KB 1903x966 unknown.png)
>>361 Normally it would automatically list all the boards followed by the boards we're following. Our webring plugin isn't doing that so we have to manually list the boards that are listing us. Other boards have more because they don't mind listing sites with a thousand dead boards or sites that have a completely broken webring plugin. >>380 I'm guessing you have js disabled?
>>381 That's not how the webring works. The plugin is supposed to crawl on its own and list every site in the webring. You're not supposed to pick and choose specific sites that have you in their following, because even if they don't have you in their following list, they're still listing you due to the fact that they're crawling the webring and listing every other site. You should fix it.
>>381 >I'm guessing you have js disabled? Yes. [ >>38 ] Thanks for the screenshot. >>361 Sorry about the confusion.
The frontend's >>67 static/js/webring.js gets its board data with >fetch("/addon.js/webring") The backend's >>54 src/be/form/addon.js dispatches to >require('../addons/' + requestedAddon).formRequest(req, res); So the deployed site uses a webring.js file in src/be/addons, but it is separate from both fe&be. Perhaps a kind soul could link the webring addon's source repo.
If you want to set it up correctly I've already done the work in figuring out who is misbehaving and who is not for you. Crawl webring and put 8chan.moe, fch.bet, late.city, and prolikewoah.com in your blacklist. Then you should be good to go. Someone should extend the plugin to check webring.json and automatically blacklist sites after about a week of being broken.
>>388 >late.city Why?
>>389 Broken webring. Notice basically no sites being listed: https://late.city/webring.json If that weren't bad enough, webring menu entirely absent from the website: https://late.city/late/ Has been this way for several months if not over a year by now.
>>397 Thank you, friend.
>>400 >sakimichan clone unironically this is good, sakimichan has really put a mark on online art commission market.
At first look the webring addon >>397 appears to include the usual breadth-first graph walk along the links in the following array, in fetchRemoteWebring. I wonder how the two distinct smug entries end up in known.
>>431 It looks pretty broken, it does not pick up any boards that are not directly followed even though it claims that the blacklist is empty.
>>413 >sakimichan >good It's extremely uninspired.

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