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Friend 07/19/2021 (Mon) 22:25:04 No.1473
What do you wish for, /kind/?
Open file (356.20 KB 640x521 fungames.jpg)
>>1513 She's so perfect!
i haven't been paying close enough attention to understand what exactly is going on itt and i'm not sure that i even care, but i can say this much. the amount of times that i've thought to myself, think i'll go check out /kind/ for all the edgy misogynistic shitposting not once. lol.
>>1521 And what is it you wish for, friend?
>>1521 Yeah, /kind/ is full of misogyny. Literally every single post is against women in some way.
>>1522 that everyone keeps calm and stays anon and everything will be fine
>>1501 >Half of humanity isn't being bullied on this board. > > also I should mention, don't train it with real women because those things are awful and I wouldn't want to interact with those >>980
Open file (1.11 MB 1000x843 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1525 Tifa doesn't do it to me
Open file (1.39 MB 450x278 1619226880731.gif)
>>1477 What am I reading?
>>1526 Bullying is an absurd and unworkable concept when you take it to mean any expression of negative preference or criticism toward anything. Bullying only makes sense when it is personal and directed at a specific individual who is experiencing it.
>>1526 I thought that one was funny tbh. Reminds me of the hikki's you see in some anime. >2D girls only! >3DPD! >Robot waifu's will save humanity... And let's be real, women would prefer a 2D man over a 3D man as well as evidenced by all the fujoshis. >>1475 >That or waifus are real. That'd be neat. Second that. If all of humanity had a waifu there would be no war or suffering.
>>1527 A Scathach is fine too.
>>1531 >when it is personal and directed at a specific individual who is experiencing it By that logic a simple textual substitution yields: > > don't train it with robowaifu-incels because those things are awful >>980 Do you, personally, think that posting something like that should be allowed on /kind/ without any moderation action, same as >>980, or is this a double standard? I think that neither should be allowed rather than both.
>>1543 Yeah, I think that's perfectly fine. Otherwise you have ridiculously overbearing moderation. Under your moderation I wouldn't be allowed to go into a thread and say something like >I had all these bad social interactions today. People suck, I hate people! This would be considered misanthrope and simultaneously bullying of all humanity. This board just doesn't need busybody jannies deleting every negative post.
Open file (7.42 KB 250x235 catgirl_gun.jpg)
>>1543 I think misogyny is fine as long as they don't start obsessive incel rants(which should be deleted immediately). 980 is not even that harsh or something, it just shows they don't want to interact with women. I wouldn't care if a someone made a post about hating men.
>>1550 Off-topic, but incel is such an overused buzzword. I hate the failed normals who identify as "incels" but I hate the normals who use it as an insult even more. Why don't people quit with the little buzzwords and just call these little spegs plain ol' mysoginistic. "incels" are not actually "incels" most of the time, since they can technically mess around if they really wanted too. "incels" are actually just failed normals, like I said, who constantly complain about 3DPD being 3DPD, and being annoying little spazzes in general.
Here's hoping you can still post >tfw no gf stuff without being called a misogynist from now on.
I would appreciate it if we wouldn't take out kind from /kind/. This thread honestly saddens me. Don't we have a thread for venting already? Even more important everyone here should be smart and mature enough to know that every woman is just a person like you and me. Just avoid somebody you don't like and move on, this is ridiculous. You are better than this /kind/, quit this nonsense, it's not healthy for you and not kind.
>>1554 It's not taking kind out of /kind/. You were always allowed to express antipathy to whatever you want on /kind/. It's been that way for six years now. What's with these newfriend always pushing for less freedom of expression on the internet? A lot of your post is an emotional appeal and I think its missing the mark on whats actually being discussed here.
>>1551 incel now isn't the same as the good ol' misogynist thought, not the way i understood it at least. Mysoginists i see irl just consider women inferior and think they are only good for sex. They pretend to be romantic until they get sex than GTFO from the girls life or just don't talk to girls as much as possible, their word and action matches perfectly. All incels i saw thought they knew everything about women and relationships with 0 relationship knowledge, whining about everything and being unproductive in general because women hate them. I use incel as a insult because your average incel has everything i hate about modern internet. Every place that lets self admitting incels in becomes /r9k/ in a week. I agree that it became a buzzword thought, incel is a special kind of insult that i wouldn't throw anyone because it isn't like "friendgot" or "neighbor" i don't hate these groups irl but i actually hate incels, both irl and internet. I hate that people throw it around like it is nothing. >>1473 I wish for a painfull death for the people near my home that play music extremely loud until 12 every fucking night for the last month, i want to sleep to their soul scarring screams as they suffer from the torture you inflict on their lowly existance tonight... or a smart, confident and slightly introvert gf(or bf, idc).
>>1546 >>1550 >Yeah, I think that's perfectly fine. >I wouldn't care if a someone made a post about hating men. OK, thank you.
>>1551 >who constantly complain about 3DPD being 3DPD This is basically the defining feature of an incel. Not hatred for women, which is optional. Not lack of sex, which doesn't un-incel an incel. It's the inability to let go. A misogynist will see a woman acting shitty and just say >this is how they all act, some just hide it better An incel will parade with it, torture himself with it, cry himself to sleep thinking that all women are shallow like that shitty woman he saw and is showing everyone online. There is no such thing as "incel who doesn't give a fuck". It's like with faking confidence: if you "fake" confidence successfully, you actually are confident. If you stop giving a fuck about being an incel, you stop being an incel.
>>1558 Would you consider /robowaifu/ engineers incels? They move past the "women suck" past but the whole idea of making robowaifus is that they hate real women.
>>1559 Not all, some are just lonely.
>>1559 Sounds like they're holding on to women, even if they want idealized ones. I'd classify them as incels. Seems like they subconsciously consider women better than them, just misusing their "powers". I would consider them non-incels if they wanted robo friends or AI pets, but as long as they want it to fill the role of a woman, it's pretty incellish.
>>1567 How is having a waifu incel behavoir though? Isn't it non-incelish since you are disregarding 3d women altogether?
>>1550 >I wouldn't care if a someone made a post about hating men. I unironically hate men, but I acknowledge that my hatred is slightly irrational and keep a lid on it. I don't hate anons, most of whom are men. >>1552 This post glows. >>1559 Robowaifu engineers are cute. I feel bad for them and I admire their desire to build their own girlfriend. Fully support them. They don't even sound that bad when they say not to model them after real women. I can assure you no woman who wants a robohusbando would want to model them after a real man either. People want their idealized version of something. Someone who has given up on the real version is obviously going to want something different. >>1567 Wanting a robowaifu does not classify them as incels. I assume some of them may have had sex before, may have been burnt hard in relationships, and battling with a desire for intimacy and their own fear and trauma from bad relationships. I think robowaifu members need support, not to be called incels. I am sure they can come over their trauma, and if they don't, having a robowaifu doesn't hurt anyone.
>>1572 Oh and before someone accidentally assumes I am a woman and takes offense to that. Men can also hate men.
>>1572 >>1574 Seems pretty women made to me tbh, ANYWAYS Some that have been posting in this thread didn't even made a wish. My wish didn't come true, they were blasting music at 1AM, and i have no gf. I feel like i don't hate women today soo >>1477 did win some grounds. >>1475 waifus are as real as you believe them to be soo he won too. >>1508 already did won his wish.
>>1578 There is no need for a physical body in the wired. There is no gender. There is only anon.
Open file (962.32 KB 500x269 rain.gif)
>What do you wish for?
https://youtu.be/CtHRzQVEM04 I dunno if I can say what I wish for because it's lewd
>>1613 >because it's lewd A friend posted this >>1527 image and it stayed up, so you're probably safe.
Now this is exciting.
>>1473 I wish my upper back and neck didn't hurt so much
Open file (81.81 KB 800x800 howisit.jpg)
>>1629 I sit like this every single day my whole life. I hope it doesn't end up destroying me later on, never felt backpain or neckpain in my mid 20s. Do you exercise your back and neck?
>>1632 >>1632 I don't know what to do with my neck, I am cleaning at some fast food, I just tired and it's hot outside.I am constantly bending sweeping underneath the tables or changing the thrash. The cars are impatient when I clean the drive thru or parking lot. The trash bin could get heavy really quick especially if the kitchen trash needs to be emptied.
Open file (925.76 KB 540x300 bath.gif)
>>1638 A warm bath after work might help..
Open file (243.81 KB 1024x768 1625009006488.jpeg)
I wish for my fatigue and apathy to be cured.
Open file (20.42 KB 477x347 681842802014491.jpg)
>>1495 It's simple, don't bring up you're a female aside from justifiable context.
>>1730 No context justifies admitting you are a women btw
Open file (120.14 KB 600x600 AspieHat.png)
>>1732 Subscribe to my OnlyFans
>>1665 I know that feel. Pills helped me a bit, but it's still effort to do things Having a job certainly doesn't help.
Open file (112.51 KB 768x528 that_feel_again.jpg)
>>1473 Either for my loneliness to vanish or to find a loving gf. Sadly, as of right now, neither is very realistic so I'll keep working on making myself more desirable in a feeble attempt to escape anhedonia. Or, to actually add to this thread and not just complain: Some ideas on how a sperg can connect with a girl. I either talk about computers too much or fail to keep the conversation alive with my lack of small talk abilities, and consequently don't even get past the first meeting/date. YouTube is no help, the redpill shit just makes me want to jump off the nearest bridge. >>1504 I feel you fren, and hope you find a someone to hug very soon.
To be free.
>>1744 >Some ideas on how a sperg can connect with a girl. I either talk about computers too much or fail to keep the conversation alive with my lack of small talk abilities, and consequently don't even get past the first meeting/date. Imagine you are exploring to find a deeply buried option in a dialogue tree of an RPG, and your current quest requires finding that dialogue line but you are not told where it is so you must explore the dialogue tree thoroughly to finish the quest. Also have one small joke or pun prepared, without any worries if it's groan-worthy and awkward, because she'll appreciate the effort. Obviously, make sure to ask her opinions and views on whatever topics come up, so that she always gets slightly more time to talk about herself then you talked about yourself.
>>1744 >Some ideas on how a sperg can connect with a girl. I either talk about computers too much or fail to keep the conversation alive with my lack of small talk abilities, and consequently don't even get past the first meeting/date Find a fellow sperg girl. Odds are she'll be very into computers too, and almost as bad at small talk. It can be hard for autists to connect sometimes, but I think it's better to try finding someone who'll understand you than jumping into normiedating. Just my opinion though, I'm never dating normies again.
Open file (790.33 KB 620x620 pain of mind artwork.png)
Without getting political or navel gazing, a world where community still exists and people care about their environments.
I hope I end up enjoying the course I plan on taking in a couple of months. I really need a job. It's a cooking one Certificate III in Commercial Cookery for any Australians on here, I enjoy cooking and I feel like I left uni for too long and let my brain get too fried/atrophied for that to be a realistic option anymore.

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