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Welcome to /kind/. The goal of this board is to help others! kind.moe is a work in progress, so please post your feedback about the board ITT.
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I largely agree with what you're saying. The best way to boost activity depends on the board. For /kind/ I'm going to build it up slowly. If there are any problems with /kind/ not showing up in the webring I'll pester /support/ until it's fixed.
>someone to bounce ideas off of
That's exactly what this thread is about.

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Welcome home, friend. Please tell me about your day!
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It looks like I've got the dreaded hard flaccid. Fuck this gay earth.


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It's hot.


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I started going to the gym again and learning to draw. I plan to study a lot, I hope I can handle it and this time I won't give up.


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I've decided my first major goal as an adult is to fix up my car. I figure the engine and tranny are still alright, and it has an okay amount of miles, so I should fix the small issues since it's still drivable. I feel bad since it's been sitting there for a long time.
Wish me luck friends.


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sorry, it took some time to find this board, but as long as there is a /kind/ there will be some friend gifs to provide!
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Post in this thread everytime you visit /kind/. I have to see you.
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I wish I had a big bro. I'm the eldest of four siblings and it sucks.


Привет!I'm doing great! However, they news the approach of the second wave of coronavirus, which is a little sad. А как ваши дела? You apologized correctly :)
I apologize in advance for my English ( we studied French at school, but I don't know it well either )


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Oh, I forgot the picture





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Had to go deep into my folder to find this one.

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Share every and all progress that you've made. Motivate one another to continue to push forward. Help each other and give tips/tricks on the best methods on getting /fit/!
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That's good to know. I had swimming lessons as a kid, but unfortunately it was essentially just the instructor babysitting us in a swimming pool rather than teaching us how to actually swim. I'm considering getting a YMCA membership and learning to swim rather than doing exercises that make me tense up. I think I've got pelvicfloorrelated issues, and swimming can help that from what I've read.


File: 1600463152541.png (Spoiler Image, 107.49 KB, 245x356, 0698654873490.png)

Maybe the ancient olympics were practiced in the lewd for this reason?


File: 1600477128243.png (4.74 MB, 2005x3121, unknown_satou (3366 s)_e3d….png)

Yeah they really knew their stuff back in the day, sometimes you have to go back to basics to progress and it's for that reason that I've decided to start working out naked, today I did some squats, or as I've taken to calling them, sunshine squats.


File: 1600556403991.jpg (52.06 KB, 798x582, 1411927158127.jpg)

Posting this old routine I salvaged from /fit/. I was slowly building myself up to its full extent from about April to about June but I just sort of dropped it and haven't restarted since.


I tried it. It’s pain but it works right?

File: 1595871872262.jpg (669.92 KB, 2560x1600, 195711.jpg)


Wholesome anime/manga you recommend

Recently i come across watching the gem *So ra no wo to* and ended up liking it a lot

It seemed to have a nice blend of everything - slice of life humour and wholesomeness with episodes becoming gradually darker and intense as you progress through the series. It basically focuses on a small female-led battalion as they man an outpost for a small town with one member joining so she can learn how to play the bugle, but she eventually comes to understand the town's folklore as well as how to behave in the small battalion.
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Love Live! is good anime too.


File: 1600798276887.png (1.42 MB, 931x815, sora-no-method.png)

You should see Sora no Method if you haven't
That anime is literally about making friends and about friend dynamics, its kinda like /kind/ the anime

Some of the characters have to learn some things so they make mistakes to begin with, but its a comfy, yet interesting anime with lots of nice scenery


File: 1600805260525.jpg (141.11 KB, 601x583, 1407719855852.jpg)

I'm going to watch every anime itt.


No you aren't.


File: 1600807123213.png (487 KB, 1280x720, vlcsnap-2020-09-22-16h36m1….png)

I am. I'm watching Sora no Woto right now.

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The best atmosphere for drinking tea is during a cold winter day as the sun sets early, turning the sky a warm orange that coats everything under it, while sitting nice and toasty with a blanket around you in a room with a low ceiling, looking outside to see all the ice and snow from your own warm little world, made entertaining by watching somebody slipping on ice and landing on their backside. Winter is almost here.
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It's very rare where I live to have a proper snow. If it does snow, it'll melt by sunrise. I miss living further north :(


Well atleast you could enjoy sunbathing where every other western people couldn't in their continent.


File: 1600694840945.jpg (94.03 KB, 1024x682, 19464364946839.jpg)

Where I am, it snowed today


You need to make a snow angel.


The snow didn't stay where I'm at, but later on it will, maybe I'll make snow angel and other snow things then

File: 1595192778875.jpg (321.84 KB, 800x600, 39f0905112825e99ef196f8297….jpg)


Let's have a /ck/ thread because I only know how to make ramen and frozen pizza. Share anything /ck/ related ITT to help friends like me expand their palates.
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File: 1600698542345.jpg (237.41 KB, 1500x1500, akagi (kantai collection)_….jpg)

What's your favourite way to make rice? I always eat it plain.


File: 1600699334649.png (333.64 KB, 450x500, 1569995424998.png)

With a lot of butter, salt and milk. I cook it until its mushy.


Rice pudding then?


I usually eat it plain as well, though I would imagine it'd be good if you cooked meat with it.


File: 1600707639864.gif (228.46 KB, 245x265, 1436164313450.gif)

Kinda. I cook it just enough that it becomes mushy and thick but keeps its form.

File: 1599764143382.gif (136.58 KB, 500x345, 1598645624738.gif)


What can I spend money on to make myself comfier?
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File: 1600349778126.jpg (269.49 KB, 1920x1080, [DmonHiro] Koihime Musou 0….jpg)

The comfiest items I own are a robe, some fleece bottoms; plaid patterned or to your own preference, a fleece blanket, a dimmable light, a laptop, and a dark-coloured mug that blends in with the night.


File: 1600354789484.jpg (81.17 KB, 900x675, 1485645010564.jpg)

I want to buy a dakimakura, sounds nice and comfy


I finally splurged and bought a quality anime-themed sex doll. She was so soft and warm, I hugged her and had the best sleep I ever remember having. No nightmares, no depressive fits. Just a comfy rest.


I'm glad you're happy with your purchase. I'd like to buy something similar, just to have the feeling of hugging someone while asleep.


I'm curious as to which one you got.

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