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Friend 08/13/2021 (Fri) 10:09:28 No.2051 [Reply]
Wow, so here fren...
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>>2732 motivation is a bit harder to find on one's own, but even the happy memories of exercising with fren can help by imagining that, wherever fren is now, good motivation vibes are transmitted both ways, and they reinforce and amplify eachother
>>2736 Fleeting feeling of motivation is inferior to stable discipline.
competing with fren can be put aside for a relaxing holiday
fren can help you through difficult times simply by being there
When you have no fren.

Open file (154.83 KB 630x725 negetivity.png)
rant/vent thread Friend 06/08/2021 (Tue) 23:33:01 No.78 [Reply] [Last]
let it out
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>>2801 Just gotta start really. I started programming because why not? I like technology. It's a lot of work, but it's fun when things work.
Open file (131.54 KB 854x506 70446421_p91a.png)
I got into a good rhythm with doing daily push ups and was feeling good about it, but somehow injured (?) my side while doing it and now my side has been sensitive for several days and hurts sometimes when I walk outside.
Open file (765.40 KB 846x1200 78672978_p0_master1200.jpg)
I hate autism and I goddamn hate waking up to OCD-tier panic attacks. Probably gonna drive myself psychotic one day.
Once in a while I get salty about how much better other people's lives are. Not just the rich and beautiful ones, just regular normies and women. I know they have their own problems and shit, but the very fact that they want to be alive and are more happy than not means their lives are instantly better than mine, regardless of whatever they're dealing with.
Stuck in a creative rut unable to work on my 3D models.

Open file (228.23 KB 1152x1189 future regrets.png)
what were your childhood dreams? Friend 09/12/2021 (Sun) 08:37:44 No.2742 [Reply]
when you were a child, didn't the world seem more fascinating than it is right now? at least for me, it made me eager to explore and experience the world. this lead me to pick up some hobbies, and also lead me to my first childhood dream of becoming an airplane pilot... but sadly, that dream remains unfulfilled as of today. but what about you, /kind/? what were your childhood dreams, and were you able to fulfill them? if you haven't, where are you now? are you satisfied with your life?
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>>2746 >I want to make a farming game with the most advanced NPCs there has ever been, where interacting with NPCs is a core part of the game. Wait, did you program our planet?
I wanted to be a modestly famous fantasy/scifi author that also did Let's Plays as a way of interacting with my fanbase.
>>2766 You know too much.
Open file (283.29 KB 640x960 image.png)
>>2830 >You know too much.
Open file (283.27 KB 640x960 image.png)
Testing whether the mismatch between >>2833 the thumbnail and the full image is resolved by removing ImageMagick's vpAg chunk.

Open file (304.89 KB 480x281 TimeForGifsAgain.gif)
Open file (2.76 MB 400x400 friendGrooming.gif)
Open file (254.04 KB 500x500 youAmazing.gif)
Daily friend gifs Friend 06/08/2021 (Tue) 23:50:38 No.119 [Reply] [Last]
/kind/ness will stays forever edition! Thanks for everyone involved bringing the board back, might it be by asking the right people, giving technical or emotional support, creating the board or all other things! You all are great :)
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Open file (7.64 MB 320x400 theRide.gif)
Open file (5.82 MB 480x480 duckbeak.gif)
Open file (3.53 MB 280x498 patbixinhio.gif)
Open file (528.71 KB 480x366 1631162208261.gif)
Open file (3.37 MB 344x640 cleaning-viralhog.gif)

Open file (88.88 KB 495x521 watelmellon.jpg)
Friend 06/28/2021 (Mon) 12:29:36 No.896 [Reply] [Last]
Hello friends. Post something in this thread and I will say something nice about it. Forgive me if I don't check very often.
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Open file (67.79 KB 808x500 7592378044.jpg)
I hope you have a great life anon.
Open file (185.90 KB 1200x1136 nnnnnnn.jpg)
>>1797 tfw hikikomori
██████████████████████████████ ██▀▄─██▄─██─▄█▄─▄▄▀█▄─▄█─▄▄▄─█ ██─▀─███─██─███─▄─▄██─██─███▀█ ▀▄▄▀▄▄▀▀▄▄▄▄▀▀▄▄▀▄▄▀▄▄▄▀▄▄▄▄▄▀ ̿'̿'\̵͇̿̿\з=(•_•)=ε/̵͇̿̿/'̿'̿ ̿ **** // // ** *** // / /////*/ /// **/ / / / //** // //////// / / // J / ///**/* ///* // // ////// /// // ///// ** ** //////

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>>1442 Cucumber
Q: What makes a cucumber turn into a pickle? A: A jarring experience.

blogpoatsing bread Friend 06/20/2021 (Sun) 06:10:31 No.592 [Reply] [Last]
Hey anon, why don't you tell us about your day? >Get out of bed around 9am because I smell something good >Realize I'm not getting any of it >Eat some cereal instead ffw a few hours >family visits >avoid the group of drunken idiots for a few hours >get bored so clean the house even though it'll get trashed again within the day Pretty disappointing day. Tomorrow should be better
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>>2813 I'm not going to take a useless vaccine that's been rushed out the door and forced on the public without regard for safety or effectiveness. Alternative treatments look to be the best choice considering how most of the medical system is currently "treating" patients, but there's really no way of coming out unscathed no matter what you're taking. Anyway, I've found a source that looks promising.
>>2823 > without regard for safety or effectiveness. Because the alternative has been well researched to be both safe and effective? Don't delude yourself. The vaccines have proven to be both safe and effective in a sample size of millions. You would have a point if this discussion took place a year ago, but by today it is clear that the vaccines are the safe and effective choice and the alternatives are pushed by grifters who want to get rich or famous at your expense.
>>2824 Neither the vaccine nor antibodies are going to stop any variations of COVID-19 that will inevitably appear. Do you really expect people to continually take new vaccines for future variants in light of the negative side effects that have been widely reported? >The vaccines have proven to be both safe and effective in a sample size of millions. Proven by who? There are vested interests in protecting the vaccine’s public reputation, and with all the bald-faced lying that has gone on it's evident that you can't trust these people anymore. We'll see in the long term how effective the vaccine is, but in the meantime I’m not willing to take a chance on such a novel (and possibly harmful) technology. The mumps vaccine took four years to make, and that’s considered a short development time. >the alternatives are pushed by grifters who want to get rich or famous at your expense. And the government and medical-industrial complex have noble aims? Everyone has an agenda and is out to sell you something. You have to decide who you mistrust the least and go from there.
Open file (101.84 KB 595x553 23_vaccines.png)
One thing about all the "vaccine" talk everywhere that really astounds me is how so many are referring to several modalities of immunotherapy and gene therapy as "the vaccine". Check out the variety of offerings on picrelated and just imagine if you were allergic to penicillin and someone told you something along the lines of... just take the anti-biotic, you'll be fine. Wait, which one? Second opinions, please! If anyone wants to discuss this further, maybe we should take it to the rant thread or maybe start a new thread all together, IDK? Even though I find these things interesting, I just don't want to derail the general blogpoasting bread with autistic takes on medical statistics and what not. Another forum I frequent saw their corona virus thread explode to over 250 pages and, even though the discussion was civil for the most part and very informative, there was no question that it needed containment.
>>2825 >Everyone has an agenda and is out to sell you something. See >>2821 please. Either take the vax, or take nothing. Anything other decision can only come from hypocrisy.

Open file (2.59 MB 480x480 serval.webm)
/kind/ cute animals thread remake Friend 06/18/2021 (Fri) 09:53:57 No.513 [Reply] [Last]
Let us start again.
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>>2725 I looked up the third pic, and it's actually just a cute Pomeranian mix that looks like a bear cub.
Open file (945.13 KB 720x600 im434age.png)
Open file (1.50 MB 900x675 443434image.png)
Open file (648.22 KB 612x408 i43434343mage.png)
>>2738 I thought not, but doggo is moe in any case.
>>2748 I never saw a dog that could pass as a bear that well before.
Open file (812.18 KB 991x1024 1578849739988.jpg)
>>2758 Raccoons are so cute!
Open file (591.20 KB 625x494 1631615426334.png)

Open file (1.33 MB 900x839 kashmir2.png)
The internet is probably bad for my health Friend 07/12/2021 (Mon) 11:22:48 No.1318 [Reply]
Do you think imageboard/online-anonymity in general worsens or improves your psyche? At first I was leaning towards the anonymity that comes with them, it's great to be able to discuss without prejudices, but obviously there is the other side of the coin, whenever an interesting/respectful conversation is happening there are always bad apples inbetween who shitpost, troll, offend etc. to get reactions out of others I guess. In my opinion bad experiences stick longer than good ones, and I think of myself as too sensitive, so insults (not even those directed at me, as I hardly post anything) can literally destroy me, I stopped going to larger imageboards that seem to attract those kind of people, I also stopped playing online-games almost completely or at least mute others, or force myself to stop reading comments on sites like Youtube. Nevertheless I still come back to some of the smaller boards, as seeing other viewpoints can put things in perspective and in relation to my thoughts, and sometimes I find nice boards like this one. I am already in my late 20s, and it was only in the last years that I started visiting boards frequently, I can't imagine how much the negativity would have affected me in my youth. Maybe this bothers me so much because in my opinion the internet is a raw reflection of ourselves, where if you peel off societal norms you don't have to worry too much about repercussions, and it just very often tends to be an ugly reflection, which makes me lose faith in others more and more even outside the internet. So I am interested in knowing what you think, why have boards influenced you positively/negatively? Has the negativity made you tougher over time, in what way, or are you able to brush it off completely in the first place?
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I say it does a bit of both. Some of the funnest memories that I have ever had were on imageboards. Browsing really helped me remedy my loneliness during my teen and young adult years. It was nice to meet up with a group of dorks who shared the same interests as me, without any forum drama (or at least, much less of it due name-friendging/trip-friendging being discouraged) and normals. I learned so many things through imageboards too, and some of the funniest (and most fun) memories I have are from the boards. But imageboards were also a double-edge sword for me. I believe they became an addiction for me, so instead of going out and communicating with the real world, I became a recluse who was addicted to anime and video games. Another this is that imageboards degraded my mental health. For example, I used to browse /pol/ (4chan and eventually 8chan) a lot for learning about history, (/his/frens were on /pol/ too so I didn't really bother visiting /his/) for the bantz, and for the HAPPENING threads. And while I did have fun, /pol/ made me extremely paranoid and depressed about the state of the world. Because of /pol/ (...and maybe /k/ too), I used be super paranoid of all the bad things that happen, and it made life more mentally draining for me. Politics is hell, so I stopped browsing /pol/ altogether, along with any other board that had doomposting or blackpill-posting all together. Doing that really improved my psyche. I still do come back for habbenings though. So, Imageboards really helped me out in formulating my hobbies. But they also were very addicting to me-- I never accomplished anything because I was so consumed with browsing them. Nowadays I don't really browse imageboards like I used to, especially since 8chan is gone. But I still hang around the webring from time to time. Ever since I stopped browsing them so frequently, my mental health has improved, and my life is slowly getting back together. I'm finally dedicating my life to my hobbies more and doing the things that I want to do. TL;DR: From my personal experience, imageboards are fun if you want to stay away from normalfriend communities and have a good time. May even learn something new from them. However, browsing an imageboard can be addicting and the content on them may stress you out.
>>2778 >you can work on that i m trying, I think the main part of the problem stems from having one of my friends get really big into drinking and later attempt suicide, something which he now blames as a big part. I should try to go to a few parties to realise that it's not as bad as it seems in my mind. >feeling 12 and playing minecraft for the first time I agree, and that's something I am working on. I have a few games I play a bit, and I should probably dig into their communities more. Making friends IRL def won't help since I doubt many studying to be engineering majors play milsim LARPs or 4x games but I can always hope and ask around. I did that with my friends back in highschool and it felt awesome to not have to socialize online for a while i agree. >>2783 True, I've experienced this myself. I talked to some friends about this, and one of them brought up the term "faux-socialization" which I really liked, as well as "terminally online". It's scary how potent technology is at giving us a false sense of community, and a balance must be kept. I had a /pol/ paranoia phase as well, luckily only a couple of years. The best way to get out of it is to realise that realistically, if things were as bad as they were, you can only really work on yourself and your community, and focus on that. But don't forget to improve and develop your beliefs, and seek conflict and debate, but not always
>>2787 >I should try to go to a few parties to realise that it's not as bad as it seems in my mind. You don't have to do that. It's okay to not like drinking or partying. Just try not to worry about it. Sorry about your friend.
>>2787 >false sense of community I wouldn't exactly say it's completely false as long as it's a small community and close-knit. But other than that, yeah, I absolutely agree. Also, sound advice at the end there.
>>2796 My issue is that I now see partying as this super deplorable and disgusting in which only the worst people take part in it. I know that's not true because I have friends which are normal, but I grew more distant to them once I found that out. I think that once I go to a party I will realise that it's not as bad as what I've made it out to me, which is my goal >>2808 If you have a small community, it's definitely better. But even then, you don't know this person IRL, and as such have no real physical connection, which is a big issue of being online. Even a video call has been ruined since we disassociate people from our computer screens.

Liru the Werewolf Friend 08/01/2021 (Sun) 19:37:21 No.1858 [Reply]
I am here to appreciate Liru and all she has done to make imageboards so great for the last 14 or so years. If you wood like to contribute or talk about her, by all means. Thank you,
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Wonderful werewolf.
Open file (23.84 KB 360x318 DhAwoCUU0AEFObz.jpg)
>>2501 She looks like she is parking some domains.
Open file (136.65 KB 246x522 1489979717658.png)
Liru is what Liru does.
Open file (125.14 KB 635x903 DB341qrUIAAEZY0.jpg)
Open file (129.08 KB 806x1008 C6JBcqdUsAExf4a.jpg)
Best girl.

Open file (26.98 KB 370x275 allfriends.png)
wholesome thread Friend 06/08/2021 (Tue) 23:05:19 No.10 [Reply] [Last]
post something nice
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You are loved.
Open file (77.90 KB 720x653 1626734311214.jpg)
>>2792 You are too anon
more hugs
Open file (3.83 MB 512x512 moomin hug.gif)

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