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Blogpost thread No. 2

I could post in the blogpost thread that's on the third page…
Or make another one that will stay on the frontpage!
I choose that!
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Bookworms of /kind/

Let's talk books!
What are you reading, kind friend?
Any kind recommendations?

Books, books, books! All books must be read. In the bookworms thread we're reading books in half! This is a book blow out! Make us an offer on our kind selection of books! We post smart books, fun books, tragic books, big books, small books, new books, old books, hardcover books, paperback books, adventure books, drama books, cook books, science books, science fiction books, horror books, fantasy books, philosophy books, happy books, even religious books! If we don't post it, you might not read it!

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Do you cook? I’m not a big cook myself, but I like to prepare simple but wholesome meals for myself. Tonight I had steak and eggs and a salad. It was excellent!
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App to share with friens ?

Hello frens, can you request me some apps where me and my friends can grow together ? Like a multiplayer game where everyone can help to improve something like an island, a home etc ?
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Have you ever had an imaginary friend? I haven't.
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Value will be defined as anything which contributes to a sense of satisfaction and well being.

What are among the most Valuable posts you've read, and how does it compare to the average Value you get out of a typical surf?

With the above answered internally (or explicit if desired), are you happy with the average or do you hope to find more fulfillment/extract more Value somehow?
If hoping, how will you proceed?
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It's warm. Turning down the heat and opening windows.
Sure feels like summer is on the way.

What are some /kind/ things to do this summer?

朱彦安 & 夏野Natsuno - Summer Time (Japanese Version) ♪
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/kind/ radioscope

Here's a thread to share music you've been listening to.
It's an interesting way to see the culture of the people here.

Whatever works.
Whether top 40 or underground grunge revival with cyber-vocals.
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Don’t forget to be kind to the planet we all live on
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Dealing with stress

What are some good way to destress? Work is starting to really get to me.
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Post friendly gifs

No kind-board without its proper friendly gif thread
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Learning and Education

I like to learn about things in my free time, does anyone else here do the same? Let's talk about what we are learning!

Discussion of non-free-time related studying is welcome too.
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If you could pick, where would you have liked to have been born in?
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Do you drink? I don’t.
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/kind/ historical society

It's not much, but I remembered that I took screenshots of a few 2kind threads over the summer and I will post them in the interest of historical preservation. I also have screenshots of the good deeds thread from the original board, but I will wait to post those until multiple images are allowed.
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sup /kind/
Does anyone have this file saved?
Seems like comfy.chat is dead you are the only chan that was promoted on their /frens/ page that's still alive.
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let's make funny faces!

seeing funny faces makes me smile, so would you please post pictures of funny faces to make me and maybe other friends happy?
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How do I stop being a bland person to talk to? Online, even.
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Do you wear glasses?!
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meta thread #2

Last thread ( >>17 ) hit bump limit.

Please contain meta discussion to this thread.
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aliens invented anime??

friends!! i-i have something profound to tell you!

has it ever occurred to you that the humans you see in anime… might not actually be human? for example, characters that you see in anime tend to have oversized heads and eyes, unnatural hair colors, as well as tiny noses… isn't that suspiciously nonhuman?

i suspect there is a hidden reason behind anime's nonhuman art style. i surmise that reason to be this: the art style of anime is a result of an alien civilization's plot to subtly influence human thinking on a global scale and expose us to its alien culture. if this is true, then it would explain the global popularity of anime and the quality of the artwork. it explains why anime featuring futuristic mecha, tentacle aliens, and animal girls do so well on the market.

this also implies that we've been under alien influence for some time as the first modern anime, 'Astro Boy', was released in the 1950s. this time period also coincides with a suspicious increase in UFO sightings that happened during that time as well…

so /kind/, now you know this, how do you feel about these aliens? what do you think their motives are? are you still going to consume anime and manga knowing you're under the influence of the aliens?
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Liru the Werewolf

Liru loves us and wants us to be happy!
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cuddles thread

get in, cuddle and get cuddled. maybe tell about your day or how you feel if you want to. I'd appreciate it a lot. as you're reading this - you can feel cuddled.
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Anyone know where I can find a mommy GF?

Even if it is just a site for LARPers, some people have found a genuine SO on LARPer sites (like franky-chan did in 2001)

No paysites please, I'm a poorfag.

If you have a mommy gf tell me how you found her.

I need a mommy figure to give me oppai hugs and play vidya with me fast.
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Video Games

Has anyone played anything new and exciting (to themselves)?

I tried out BallisticNG yesterday with friends. I always thought those sorts of racing games looked really bad to play, even though I do enjoy traditional land vehicle racing. I ended up having a lot of fun it even if I'm not very good. A welcome change of pace as I've been pretty bored of a games lately.
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General /kind/ tech support thread

Welcome, friends!
This thread is for tech-friends to share their experiences and solve tech-problems of any kind (pun intended) together. UNIX GNU/Linux-friends, soldering-friends and every kind friend who is interested in tech stuff.

Friends are also invited to show off their own projects to inspire others!
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Relief high

That feeling after completing an exam was such a nice high.
Now I'm experiencing one after dealing with bureaucracy.

When was your last relief sigh/high?
That feeling of "it's over" feels better than any sort of excitement or happiness, in my book.
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Sick days

Hey friends, I woke up today feeling most unwell so I decided to stay at home and cough my lungs out rather than do it at uni. Now with that prelude over let's get to the topic of this thread, what do you guys like to do on sick days, I am currently watching Galaxy Express 999 (the tv version), and then might also watch some other comfy anime or movies.
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Any practicing christians in here? Happy easter, by the way.
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Every person out there has friends of their own already, how does one develop any sort of attachment to anyone when its this way? I don't care about developing acquaintances with to waste time with. I have never ever came across a person with whom I could talk with like I do with people on the internet about anything actually meaningful.
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Sleepy Thread

Good night, /kind/!
Sleep tight and don't let the bedbugs bite. Sweet dreams for you and a good rest. I love you.
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love is universal!

since finding love is something that happens randomly, true love cannot exist. but if conditions are right, you can fall in love with anyone.
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I oscillate between feeling on the top of the world and feeling like everything's hopeless every 3-5 days, does this happen to you?
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Post a cryptid that may exist
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/comfy/ Bunker

This is a thread for /comfy/ refugees to visit in the /kind/ neighborhood!
R: 21 / I: 15
Ohayou, /kind/, let's do our best today!
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Post here when you want to rant about something,
That way we can avoid derailing /comfy/ and /kind/ threads!
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What are some good sites to upload art to? I want to share my art with people instead of just letting it rot in my sketchbook, but I don't any good sites for this. Ideally, I would like some that offer a fair amount of anonymity. The most info I'd be willing to give to make an account would be an e-mail.
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/kind/ stream

Hopefully kindmin is okay with a thread for this.

How does /kind/ feel about getting together and watching some anime or something next weekend? I thought it could be a fun idea to have a stream just for us. It's been a few years since I ran a stream but I don't think anything has changed since then on the technical side, so it should be easy to set up.

Feel free to make suggestions for what you want to watch. I was personally thinking of something like Minami-ke, but I will take other recommendations into consideration.
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Robomaids would be pretty nice to have around.
It would be like a mix between a washing machine and a cat. Taking care of the house would be the main selling point, but sitting back and watching her walk around and cutely do chores would be enjoyable in itself.
I hope I live to see them.
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meta thread

You can post any issues you might find with the site/board here. I will fix them when I can.

I am also looking for janitors. If you'd like to volunteer, email me at kindmin@protonmail.com.
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Are imageboards bad for mental health
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Language learning thread

What are you learning or planning to learn? Any goals set? Share your progress.
Didn't find a thread on the subject in the catalog, sorry if I missed it.
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Rainy days

Does /kind/ like it when it's raining? Since many of us probably don't go outside that often, (at least this friend here lives almost like a hermit) heavy rain is kinda soothing to my few stressed out neurons, that survived all I had done to my brain. It's nature's white noise, but so much better than all those noise apps. Even those that play rain noise or whatever. Just can't beat the real thing. All you have to do to get high on "bad" weather is a blanket and a nice cup of herbal tea.

How does /kind/ spend rainy days? I'm curious.
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Anime thread

Heya /kind/, have you been watching anything? Feel free to post about current shows or whatever you've been catching up on.

I just finished this episode of Akiba Maid Sensou. I've really been enjoying the show so far, pretty excited to see how it'll end. I've also been watching Do It Yourself!!, but I need to catch up on the last two episodes…
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Has liberalism failed?


Early Christian/Roman notion of liberty = Ruling oneself.
Needs moderation. Needs to be actively nurtured.

Modern notion of liberty after 16c = I do what I want.
Just like the imagined prehistoric man.

This guy says the change of notion of liberalism spawned multiple chain effects to spawn horrible modern society, which polarizes peoples political thoughts.

The left and right is about leaning on government or market to make modern liberal human, but government and market both limits the liberation of human being.

Fun clip.
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where are my catholic brothers at
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/kind/ girls

I like anime girls. Do you like anime girls? Some anime girls are very soft and nice to their anon. Today I will making a thread of nice anime girls.
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This thread was made with an old Acer aspire one, running Linux Mint. Its it's first run after more than a year. The reason: Curiosity. That machine survived generations of newer hardware! Updates ran almost an hour but here it is. - The ancient but trusty lurking devices thread.
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How often do you see a dentist?
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So, I have a pretty weird relationship with music. I pretty much grew up isolated and never made an active effort to check out any on my own. If anything I felt a sort of shame of doing so, sort of like seeing myself as a wannabe if that makes sense. Then I grew up a bit more and I started listening to patriotic songs and anthems on youtube….. the same ones over and over again, that is. It wasn't until recently that I changed that a little but it is still a little hard to expand my horizons beyond what I already know. And even then I do not even know that much farther than I was introduced to by an (overseas) friend. Also I know 0 songs I like in my native language, and only a handful in the english language, so that does not help much in terms of fitting in (not that that's ever been my focus, though).

What about you?
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I love this cat :-) lookit! His ears! His face! Just the way he is XD
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Making friends

Where have you guys made good friends, generally? I’ve come to realize the world is so evil and harsh at times it’s hard to come across people that don’t have those hedgehog spikes of impoliteness, hostility, or just modern evils like addictions that corrode the character. I’m sorry if this comes the wrong way, but I really want to make some new friends and I’m not sure where to find these people. It’s starting to get pretty lonely in here.
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What have you been working on, friends?
Over the past months I've been trying to be more productive compared to before. I've started journaling my actions and events I considered to be important in the day, so that I may have coherent thoughts whenever I want to express myself. And complementing this activity, I've started to write a novel(it's trash, even I can tell) with a goal of 100 words per day or so, and rewriting and resketching the ideas to use in it while reading a book of how to make an actual proper novel.
What have you started doing something new in the recent months?
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Is your internet footprint ever a source of concern to you? I'm worried it might come back to bite me in the behind sooner or later.
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A thread to help depressed friends

I opened a similar thread a few days ago and it turned out super depressing and not wholesome at all. - Since I thought it is no help to any friend here, I deleted it shortly after. This is now my second try to create a space for the troubled souls and depressed friends /kind/ that don't see a way out of their misery yet.

Dear friends, to open up to you a little, I struggle with deep depression and suicidal ideation more often than I'd like to admit, but here I am, talking about what is going on in my head. I even think I found a way out of this and I'm afraid you will most likely laugh at this… after lifting/sports and all different kinds of therapies, pills oh, so many pills and weird head shrinks, I turned to the church. And it helped. Don't get me wrong, I'm still dependent on some medication, but I usually feel better than before. Are there friends who went similar less popular ways to find at least a bit of inner peace and sometimes even happiness? I'd love to hear your stories!
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Are you kind to crane flies? They never hurt you <3
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Happy Easter /kind/!

Wishing all friends a happy, peaceful and comfy easter. <3
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kind watch-'tism thread

I wondered… does /kind/ wear a watch? Well this friend does, since it's impractical to always get the phone out just to check time. Currently wearing a way too loud timex weekender field watch, but I got so annoyed with the ticking that I bought myself a digital casio watch again. - This time it's not a F-91W that served me for so many years but one of the illuminator series instead. Might be a big chunk of plastic, but I don't care about looks much as long as it's sturdy and shows the correct time. But that's just me, other friends might enjoy mechanical master pieces or precious metals.

Any watch-related content will be highly appreciated in this thread! Recommendations, questions, discussions, experiences, … you name it.
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Purpose in life

What’s the point of you?
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kiwi birds cute
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all things programming

What are you working on?

I was thinking of resurrecting my pseudonymous account on codeberg to make a compiler for fun
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I don't have to make food every day. I get to make food every day.
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Is ChatGPT kind to you?
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i feel bad when anyone feels bad

Every time I see someone who doesn't achieve their goals, who feels bad about that or other things, who has a bad day, who cries, who has been bullied.
all that even makes me cry sometimes, it's like a hypersensitivity that I have developed
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Do you wave at passing trains? Sometimes people wave back.
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How can I be kind without sounding like a bot?
R: 6 / I: 4
Is antinatalism kind?
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What being kind means to you

What does being kind actually mean in your opinion? The term itself I believe can be considered ambiguous and therefore open to discussion. How doe we stay kind in response to a sometimes unkind world, especially online where being mean seems to be rewarded by engagement? What do you think can we do to stay kind or become better people without negativity rubbing off to us? Can always being kind get in the way of your ambitions or arguments, in what way? Did the kindness (or nonkindness) of someone specific (or something like a game/book/movie) influence the way you chose your career, or simply your worldview? Or have you put no thought into it at all? After everything the only thing we can really change is our own way of thought I think.

I remember a coworker of mine from a long time ago asking me bluntly why I was so nice to every new person I met, saying that most of them won't do the same for me. I just answered that's because it was taught to me that way, but found it a bit weird, that person was over forty years old, and at least being kind out of politeness should be something most of us have learned as small children, maybe he just didn't need to be kind anymore in his daily interactions, but maybe the hard part is being kind without expecting anything in return.
There are obviously more complex moral questions to be considered, let's say I was part of a friend group in the Roman Empire, they all spend their free time by going to the gladiator battles every Friday, would it be considered more kind to decline their invitations or to go with them and watch people fighting each other for amusement? So being kind is also contextual in the sense of time and place we are living in, do we decide to accept things how they are in order to not hurt the people we care about and use that as a way to justify nonkindness to strangers? Or do we have to be more careful about what kind of people surround us in the first place?

At least in one point I'm sure, that being kind without motives is a sign of a good, mentally well person, for example even if your day isn't going like you expected it, respecting others, being empathetic or just trying to understand others viewpoints is what matters, even if you don't know them personally.
Like I don't expect people working in retail to put on a fake smile for customers all the time, their kindness comes from putting up with customers non-kindness and not taking it personally while staying professional despite everything.

A topic like this I feel should be a part of conversation especially here,
I saw a similar thread but wanted to create a less provocative one that hopefully sparks constructive discussions about the topic, after all wanting to be kind is what brought us here!
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Is it true you've gotta be cruel to be kind?
R: 11 / I: 6
What was the last movie you watched, what movies did you like and why?
R: 5 / I: 3

Reminder to be cautious who you're /kind/ with

You may end up destroying yourself for doing what you believed was a good deed.
R: 7 / I: 7
i want to be kind to myself and others
R: 19 / I: 17

/mai/ thread

Do you have a waifu /kind/? Who is she? What do you like about her? Feel free to share anything else related to your waifu as well!

I figure someone said Nagisa was their waifu, and we had this thread on the last two /kind/s. Maybe this time it'll be more popular…
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What are you looking forward to in the near future of your country or the world?
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(ミዎ ﻌ ዎミ)ノ
R: 6 / I: 2

im new

im unsure what this place is really about but i like it, seems cool.
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I thought a thread about health could be something worth having. No matter if physical health of mental health, let's talk about it.

Right now I take less and less antidepressants, the reason why I started doing that is simply because I forgot to take them. The results are extreme. I feel more joy now and have the actual urge to eat because food is tasty and not just because I am hungry. Still I am also reminded why I got them in the first place, I feel more anxious, sleep worse and my mood randomly plummets, but now and then reaches above and beyond. The worst thing is that I have way more trouble to focus without them. Currently I take one pill a day so I can at least sleep well, but all of those changes already happened because I forgot to take those during the day. What is the best change is the fact that I genuinely enjoy video games again, before they were more like something to do because I have nothing else to do. I really ask myself how I should continue, I want to beat down the anxiety, but also don't want to lose the new found joy.

Another thing is that I noticed that I shouldn't eat carb for breakfast, I assume I consume to much carb for a day when I eat some in the morning too. If I don't do that my weight is good, if I do it I gain weight.
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According to my calculations, there should be some good anime/manga recommendations in this thread!
R: 18 / I: 6

Imageboard innovations

Can I have this thread anyway?
I’m not the OP of the original thread but it was fun to see the discussion
R: 9 / I: 2
What does /kind/ use for a mousepad? I used the back of a notebook for a long time until I bought a physical copy of Kanon that came with this mousepad. It's really small, but it's perfect for what little space I have.
I like my mousepad.
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You are the company you keep.

You are the company you keep.
Are you satisfied with who you're turning into?

With a (rare) browsing of Twitter earlier today, I wondered whether "following" some 'successful' people would somehow influence my own 'success' with their constructive thoughts, i.e. https://twitter.com/naval

But I don't think Twitter provides much constructive value, deduced from the few users I've interacted with.
It's same as imageboards although imageboards at least encourage you to post without as much fear of repercussion.
It also doesn't fulfill the concept of "company" in either case, but gets pretty close.
It's virtually there, in the original definition of "nearly; almost."

Something for you to think about, the company you keep. It's a fun thought exercise.

I wonder if I hung out with more ambitious people or active people how different it'd be.
Instead I hang out with no one other than obscure imageboards for the same reason another poster wrote:
> I have no qualms with being around others if there is purpose.
> Unfortunately for me, I have some responsibilities which require money.
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IIRC, /kind/ is (or at least was) friends with /late/. I was just wondering if anyone one here had info on what happened to them. Late.city just one day disappeared and I would like to know what happened.
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Comfy fixations

I have a fixation on morning scenes in comfy images. Morning is the coziest time of the day since everyone shares the desire of wanting to go back to sleep and the sense of sleepiness coats everything like a soft blanket. Then the fresh air from outside reminds you of the potential for a new day as it brings you up to full wakefulness.

Anyone else have similar fixations like that or just comfy scenarios/images you want to share?
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Draw thread

Can we have our own memes?
R: 20 / I: 5
i currently hate where i live. its a pretty bland area of los angeles. should i move to tokyo or japan in general? anyone here live/lived in japan? any tips or anything i should know?
R: 21 / I: 12

quotes thread

What are some quotes you came recently across or think about often?
R: 4 / I: 3
You remembered to do your best today, didn't you?
Didn't you?
R: 268 / I: 133

Blogposting bread

Anything you want to share that you don’t feel like warrants its own thread?
R: 27 / I: 10

Missing Websites

What's a website you would want but does not exist?

The /kind/ Collective™ will band together and make your wish come true.
R: 13 / I: 5

/kind/ NEET thread

Dear friends,
as I am not sure if this thread has a future here on /kind/, I'll report myself and let kindmin/a janitor decide if it should be removed or not.

The idea is to share some of the habits/stories, friends developed/experienced during their NEET-times and how they cope with the situation of not being a part of the working class. This thread is not about bragging about how great and superior a NEET life is, it's meant more as a support group for friends to talk about their emotions and problems as well as the possibilities that come with living the NEET life.
R: 23 / I: 16
Hooray, /kind/ is back! <3
R: 16 / I: 6

Share what you learned

Whatever you learned, feel free to share here.

It can be something small.
Doesn't have to be groundbreaking.
R: 8 / I: 8


what's favorite food? i really like the taste of fruit cake… though, nobody else in my family really enjoys eating it. hmm…
R: 11 / I: 11

my thread

im making a thread
thread is mine not yours to keep
now do admire me
R: 30 / I: 17
This year is almost over /kind/. How has it been, looking back?
R: 23 / I: 17

Good Solstice to you /kind/

R: 11 / I: 5

People and Mammon

Why don't humans see that the world can be the paradise it was intended to be again, just by being /kind/? What's the worth of all those worldly stuff they fight over? In the end they just rot away on their piles of gold/crypto/cars. And the price was being selfish and not kind at all. I wonder if those people are able to die peacefully looking back on their lives. Greed makes me sick.
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Welcome to /kind/! Follow these rules while you post here.

1. Don't post any content that violates local or United States law.
2. Keep it civil. You don't have to be kind, but don't stir up shit.
3. No blatant bait posts. No low-effort shitposts.
4. Keep it SFW.
5. Lurk before posting.
6. You have to be 18+ to post here.
7. No memeposting (frogs, wojaks, etc.)
8. Don't avatarfag
9. Keep slang and buzzwords to a minimum.
10. Keep meta discussion in the meta thread.
11. Don't spam or advertise. If you'd like to be friend boards, please post in the meta thread.

All questions, comments, and suggestions are welcome. Post them in the meta thread or contact the admin here: kindmin@protonmail.com.
More rules will be made if necessary.