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According to my calculations, there should be some good anime/manga recommendations in this thread!
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I think one head or a bit more is ideal.


This is a great picture


Maybe I am into tall girls too…


I liked Mewkledreamy a lot while it was airing. It's nonsensical but very funny.
Mewkledreamy mix was not as good and I forgot where I ended up dropping it at, they went too hard on trying to make it a complete baby's show and some of the characters regressed because they ran out of plot beats after the first season finished.


File: 1676881716624.jpg (365.55 KB, 1920x1080, mpv-shot6465.jpg)

I agree that Mix is not as good as the first season but I still wanted to watch it, I wish they finished the fansubs…

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Can I have this thread anyway?
I’m not the OP of the original thread but it was fun to see the discussion
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>default imageboards
default images*


File: 1675239028515.jpg (840.28 KB, 1920x1280, 182930418203491.jpg)

I wonder how culture in any community develops, how much you can influence it or why you're bothering too.
Strong as the weakest link?
Too many rules usually leaves it dead.
I think a strong "Why are we in this community" what perseveres.
Likely a shared interest.

To you reading, what is an interest of yours that you don't get solid interaction from any other part of the internet?
By "solid interaction" I mean you're actively involved in the interest you're talking about.

A non-example would be reading /about/ books instead of reading a book.
An example would be assembling mech models and then photographing the final result.


> what is an interest of yours that you don't get solid interaction from any other part of the internet?
Wouldn't a better question be, why are you seeking that interaction through the internet?
Is it a source of energy?
Would you not build mech models without that source?


File: 1676420707073.jpg (95.16 KB, 1284x1264, snoop dogg naruto.jpg)

>age of account or num of posts, like 5 normal posts, determines whether the post is displayed automatically.
I think that letting users sanction posts could work with good moderation. You have mods and the special users that are normal users who went 5 months without a ban or something. Users can sanction your posts and a post reaches a certain threshold it becomes public. Once you have a certain number of public posts your next posts show up by default. But to prevent abuse you still have mods and mods can permanently remove the role of special user from users that have abused it.
>Tags for filtering between topics. This one is a little vague and will need more thought to it. I think there was critique in the previous thread about it.
If I were to make a tag based imageboard I would treat it more like pseudo boards and less like booru tags. You get board tags (e.g. /b/, /v/, and /tech/) and maybe some special tags like nsfw or sfw to attach to threads.
A thread that would normally be on /v/ would get the /v/ tag, but a thread that could either be posted on /v/ or /tech/ could use both tags instead. Posts with no tags would get tagged with /b/ by default as it's assumed it doesn't fit on other "boards".
>default imageboards/emojis one can choose from.
There's lots of image boards with custom flags which never get used as they're 2x2 and easy to miss, but the idea is there. I think the flag system could easily be adapted into something more usable if you allowed for bigger sizes and displayed them more prominently.
>To you reading, what is an interest of yours that you don't get solid interaction from any other part of the internet?
Drawing. There's art boards around which vary between being completely dead to having a captcha and being slightly less dead. The only useful advice I've received in the past few has come from draw threads in non-art boards.
Aside from that I don't have any interests that would warrant an entire board, but I do miss having a decent /b/ board for non-kind topics.


File: 1676551834394.png (318.07 KB, 500x500, c4de7eeae7d.png)

>Imageboard innovations
Not necessarily innovative, but I've always appreciated boards with server side RSS feeds. I think slower boards might benefit from them. No need for anons who don't keep browser history or session cookies to reload pages when things are slow. Also, a convenient way to keep track of multiple slow IBs from a single RSS feed reader.

Another interesting concept that's not necessarily innovative and I'm not sure if it is still the case, but, if I recall correctly, 2channel used to have a feature on some boards where an OP could moderate their own thread, within the bounds of global rules, as they saw fit.

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What does /kind/ use for a mousepad? I used the back of a notebook for a long time until I bought a physical copy of Kanon that came with this mousepad. It's really small, but it's perfect for what little space I have.
I like my mousepad.
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Mai has time to merge with whatever desk she ends up on. I don't see her being replaced anytime soon. Hopefully the "desk" will.


I'm only using a makeshift mousepad. I want to get a proper mousepad with a wrist cushion soon. I was thinking a custom oppai mousepad might be nice, maybe with a character I like on it though I don't know which one that will be. I had a mousepad like it before but the cushion was too firm. I hope they aren't all that way.


I used to have a Konata mousepad ontop of one big one


Cute mousepad friend :) I love studio key. I just have a boring black mousepad, I'd love a cute one tho.


your kanon mousepad made me so happy

File: 1672602825238.png (1.68 MB, 896x1106, 17892347523.png)


You are the company you keep.
Are you satisfied with who you're turning into?

With a (rare) browsing of Twitter earlier today, I wondered whether "following" some 'successful' people would somehow influence my own 'success' with their constructive thoughts, i.e. https://twitter.com/naval

But I don't think Twitter provides much constructive value, deduced from the few users I've interacted with.
It's same as imageboards although imageboards at least encourage you to post without as much fear of repercussion.
It also doesn't fulfill the concept of "company" in either case, but gets pretty close.
It's virtually there, in the original definition of "nearly; almost."

Something for you to think about, the company you keep. It's a fun thought exercise.

I wonder if I hung out with more ambitious people or active people how different it'd be.
Instead I hang out with no one other than obscure imageboards for the same reason another poster wrote:
> I have no qualms with being around others if there is purpose.
> Unfortunately for me, I have some responsibilities which require money.
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>You are the company you keep
This is a belief but its not entirely true in the most direct sense
Its like the saying "you are what you eat" but I don't turn into a fruit just because I ate one
Sure some substances of it may become a part of my body in a way. Likewise the company I keep doesn't become me, but I can integrate some aspects from it and change for the better or worse.

My view is that if you have a strong belief that you're easily impressed by others then they might have more affect on you while you're in their company. But it doesn't have to be that way. Some are more impressionable than others.
The LoA way of thinking is that even if you spend time with the wealthy that doesn't make you wealthy, you have to assume the state of being wealthy to be wealthy. That's also a belief which can work for some.
I had an accident of sorts which made me share the company of others who had similar accidents, but that company doesn't necessarily affect me any more than what I choose to be affected by.


That makes sense. I appreciate your perspective.
I suppose Absolute sayings persist due to their (intended?) controversy.
I think it could be reworded to, "The company you keep is revealing" with what you've written, in particular:
> but I can integrate some aspects from it and change for the better or worse


>normal people
Why do you desire to interact with normal people?
With what >>1941 wrote, you could maybe move past your conception of self to where you have a backbone.
As I don't think seeing yourself without a backbone has the widest pull of attraction among women, which is ironic since considering women at all is the reason you believe yourself to be without backbone :-)


When it comes to posting online, it seems far more likely that you're going to be influenced by people you talk to rather than just people that you read. With mainstream social media it's very easy to get sucked into a bubble of regurgitated opinions and half-baked entertainment that you immediately forget once you're done browsing. I'd say that's far less likely to quality as "company." Places you post, and more importantly, have full conversations are where you get to a level of mutual influence that I think would be described appropriately as your company.

In the past I've tried to surround myself with people that have some aspect of what I want to become, but more recently I acknowledged the value of being around people that allow me to be less inhibited than I usually am. Surrounding yourself with professionals is going to make you more professional, but there's always some immutable aspect of yourself that you're going to be feeling in slight conflict with, and you'll always feel better after talking with people that are similar in that immutable aspect. It's why I still lurk/post on imageboards, they attract a kind of people that I really like.


>I don't think seeing yourself without a backbone has the widest pull of attraction among women
definitely, it took me longer to learn this than most people. i can learn quickly for my career & hobbies, but with friends/relationships, i grow much more slowly

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IIRC, /kind/ is (or at least was) friends with /late/. I was just wondering if anyone one here had info on what happened to them. Late.city just one day disappeared and I would like to know what happened.
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I plan to add a radio to the site I'm building (already bought a domain) though I'm not sure what the "culture" of the site aims to be and if it would cross with the culture of late.city.

In any case, how did the radio work on late.city?
I'm capturing suggestions on this repo, so if anyone replies I'll add it here in my own words:

Though I plan to develop it in another private repo for (github) deployment convenience, unless there are people who really want to contribute to the codebase/are interested in the dev process.
It's just not fun to figure out CI when you already have CI that works.


File: 1675107268347.jpg (397.67 KB, 1615x2048, 1633123535165.jpg)

Full disclosure, I'm not a /late/ native, merely a lurker who appreciated the place. I have the space on Junkuchan to host a board for /late/ if we can scavenge up a few volunteers willing to be janitors. From the sounds of things, though, you already have a few volunteers who are very eager to set up a board (grimchan.net for example) or would be willing to set up a new site outright. I really hope it ends up being a robust, single board somewhere; multiple tiny boards wouldn't suit /late/ from what I can tell.

here's the /shelter/ thread I saw on anon.cafe if anyone's interested:

And the /comfy/ thread which is burbling right along:


Thank you anons your advice is appreciated. It helps just knowing we have friends in our corner r/n tbh.


There is now a bunker board on Wirechan for any /late/ anons still scattered out there.


Bunker has been displaced to https://anon.cafe/late/

File: 1674181880897-0.jpg (965.73 KB, 1000x1200, __kirisame_marisa_touhou_d….jpg)

File: 1674181880897-1.png (1.89 MB, 1350x1920, 54D758D9-85D3-4696-803A-6B….png)

File: 1674181880897-2.jpg (290.93 KB, 2560x1440, 09328409234821.jpg)

File: 1674181880897-3.jpg (2.06 MB, 2831x1592, 91299119_p0.jpg)


I have a fixation on morning scenes in comfy images. Morning is the coziest time of the day since everyone shares the desire of wanting to go back to sleep and the sense of sleepiness coats everything like a soft blanket. Then the fresh air from outside reminds you of the potential for a new day as it brings you up to full wakefulness.

Anyone else have similar fixations like that or just comfy scenarios/images you want to share?
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I don't think this translates well to any sort of media, but I really enjoy fresh air. The feeling of it in my nasal, the taste,the smell, the feeling on the skin; I get the feeling that I feel the same way about air as some people do about fine dining. My favorite is the moist Winter air where I live. Usually it gets really dry in the Winter, but as I'm right next to a river it occasionally gets super foggy and humid even in the Winter. The one time I've traveled outside of my biome the thing that stuck with me the most was how hot, heavy, and wet the air was. I think I'd like to try traveling in the future just to try the air in different areas.


I love hearing animal sounds. Makes me at peace for some reason. That's why i like to sit in my gazebo.


File: 1675029167920-0.jpg (2.48 MB, 2000x1422, d12dcb7007de097426a4a22719….jpg)

File: 1675029167920-1.jpg (1.51 MB, 2000x1429, 2e5e00b9f16a2fe809e88795c6….jpg)

File: 1675029167920-2.jpg (959.02 KB, 1000x1000, 00f3e3e5bb1cd61b0069cae44a….jpg)

I'm not sure if it is strong enough to be called a fixation, but I really like cute pictures with a lot going on!


This is a good one. May be slightly related, my favorite part of camping was always the feeling of getting up in the morning, leaving the tent, and feeling the cool, fresh air on my face that immediately wakes anyone up. I live in a typically humid place though, so whenever the air is not oppressively wet it feels amazing.


File: 1675919672423.jpg (2.37 MB, 4510x3627, bliss 600dpi.jpg)

Summery images with sunny blue skies and green plant life. I have a thing for rolling fields too.

File: 1674523674080.jpg (13.04 KB, 250x180, 08643368.jpg)


Can we have our own memes?
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>what cartoon is that from?
oniichan wa oshiamai
>you drew it
Just made a shitty tracing in paint within 10 minutes to kinda squeeze it in the thread theme


Ty :)
Yes it is! A rare waifu but a very good one


File: 1675595939177.png (431.25 KB, 1000x970, kobayashi question.png)

I was wondering, if someone is left handed but uses the mouse with the right hand, do they draw with the mouse right handed too? That would be a big disadvantage when drawing with mouse, no?


I use my right hand to draw with a mouse, despite being left handed. I don't think it's that much of a disadvantage because I'm used to using my right hand with a mouse. I never tried drawing on mouse with my left hand though. I think it'd feel just as weird as writing with my right hand.


Oniichan wa Oshimai, Yandex even found it for me before I bothered to use my brain.

File: 1675048811376.jpg (775.31 KB, 2560x1364, Skyscrapers_of_Shinjuku_20….jpg)


i currently hate where i live. its a pretty bland area of los angeles. should i move to tokyo or japan in general? anyone here live/lived in japan? any tips or anything i should know?
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its also to be near family. i have family in the philippines and my parents move there in 2019. i want to be near them but i dont want to live in the 3rd world country.


What about Australia or Singapore?


File: 1675375892619.png (31.97 KB, 770x155, retarded.png)


freedom in singapore is not the worst but no the best


What about Hawaii?

File: 1672184586398.png (1.18 MB, 786x850, 19871234981234.png)


What are some quotes you came recently across or think about often?
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Another way around this is to accept infinity in existence and then bother to choose the other paths because, worse case scenario, at the end of it all, you can still post in your computer corner and load up another anime series, right next and under heaven's gate


Usually when the patterns of conversation turns into "Yes, but" and "Well actually" and etc you may as well wave the flag.
I'm convinced that convincing people is not worth the difficulties.
Usually any "convincing" is evident enough.
I guess reading a good sales book is what I mean; but when you're trying to interchange ideals you may as well be hoping to bake cake over an open fire


File: 1675272693462.jpg (1.09 MB, 1500x1680, e1bf159e620b9db1295f4f850c….jpg)

Arguing with others can be useful if you aren't sure of your own opinions. I often throw arguments I don't 100% believe in at people just to get more insight into their beliefs.
You might also want to argue with someone because there are other people around and you present them with a counterpoint, but as a rule of thumb you'll never convince the person you're arguing with.


I'm not sure what opinions are worth having, to be honest.
The rule of thumb of never trying to convince is something I often forget.
There is the escape hatch of small-talk, which has its merits.


File: 1675360898269.jpg (644.62 KB, 2309x733, 5277b9e6cc99f1d73361fce47c….jpg)

I think it's worth having an opinion on every subject, even it it's just an opinion as to why you don't care about said subject.

File: 1674780989605.png (278.85 KB, 896x983, __original_drawn_by_shirat….png)


You remembered to do your best today, didn't you?
Didn't you?


File: 1674790819501.png (2.08 MB, 1295x1573, girl.png)

hell yeah dude


File: 1674845800665.png (812.61 KB, 855x557, Viva La Melon.png)

Im gonna do my best to crush this melon!11


File: 1674855902887.png (27.62 KB, 115x125, sadlain.png)



i listened to this once months ago and it's still stuck in my head

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