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How often do you see a dentist?
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>How does the retainer feel at rest, eating, and brushing?
I forget that it's even in there most of the time. The only thing that really sucks is if part of it becomes loose, and then my mouth aches and I have to go back to the orthodontist to get it tightened. That's happened only twice at the most in over a decade though.

It's definitely less painful than braces were for me.


File: 1680014960304.jpg (55.25 KB, 950x534, bps.jpg)

Once a year. Luckily no teeth-problems yet. Probably couldn't afford proper dental prosthetics…


Oh, is that Battle Programmer Shirase? It's cool that there are other people who know about this show.
(sage because my post off-topic)


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Recently I noticed I was only brushing my teeth side to side and I started brushing them up and down too. My teeth are now almost white even though I only brush them twice a day max.


File: 1682680604357.jpeg (10.43 KB, 225x225, Download.jpeg)

Gentle pressure, soft brush and small circular motion is what seems to be most effective. Maybe you can have #ffffff-white teeth then. A smile that hurts the unprotected eye! :^)

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L-lewd implications!


File: 1673708540686.png (3.9 MB, 3840x2160, kobayashi puha.png)



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Boom boom


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>Boom boom
Woof? <3

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So, I have a pretty weird relationship with music. I pretty much grew up isolated and never made an active effort to check out any on my own. If anything I felt a sort of shame of doing so, sort of like seeing myself as a wannabe if that makes sense. Then I grew up a bit more and I started listening to patriotic songs and anthems on youtube….. the same ones over and over again, that is. It wasn't until recently that I changed that a little but it is still a little hard to expand my horizons beyond what I already know. And even then I do not even know that much farther than I was introduced to by an (overseas) friend. Also I know 0 songs I like in my native language, and only a handful in the english language, so that does not help much in terms of fitting in (not that that's ever been my focus, though).

What about you?
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File: 1681603080109.webm (4.92 MB, 640x360, BOFURI - Itai no wa Iya n….webm)

I tend to stick to music that's aggressive, melancholic, or high energy, and that's usually metal, techno, gangsta rap, or those 90s songs with 20 different instruments.
Then there's the rare songs I like from genres I don't like. I really like like the bofuri OP despite hating pretty much anything else that falls into "happy carefree acoustic song".


As a kid I thought I was never into music. People would ask "what kind of music do you like, anon?" and I'd never give a straight answer because there was nothing I liked. All I was exposed to was the top-40 garbage mom blasted and I hated it. So without exposure to anything good, I found myself liking video game music more, turning on a game just to pull up its sound test and jam out when mom was out of the house.

Once I got a computer in my teens I started getting into emulated music formats (NSF, SPC, VGZ, PSF, etc) which further cemented my interest. Even used to listen to them on loop for 30 minutes at a time since you could set your plugins to play them indefinitely. I would've started getting into "real" music, except my computer was decrepit and barely had any disk space, so I had to save every byte. Emulated formats and tracker modules were way smaller than MP3s. Of course admitting you listen to game OSTs is embarrassing, so I'd still tell people there wasn't anything I liked.

After turning 18 I got a better machine and could expand my tastes some. The first stuff I got into was power metal from the likes of Helloween and Iron Savior, then that got tiring after my mid-20s and I found myself going back to vidya music. But around that time I started listening to internet radio, got into a lot of electronic artists, and now it's what I listen to when I'm out of the house (bone conduction headphones are a godsend). Better for someone to see Aphex Twin or Boards of Canada on your phone than the Chrono Trigger soundtrack, even if they're all great. And hey, now I can give an honest answer to "what do you listen to?"


I always have to decide whether to say I don't really care about music or keep a straight face as I'm telling norman I listen to nightcore and anime openings which will move me from the probably weird category to the definitely weird category which is absolutely correct.


File: 1682019460233.webm (1.03 MB, 854x480, Air Combat Original Sound….webm)

Game music is cool sometimes.


File: 1682052890980.png (7.04 KB, 256x240, jackal-nes10.png)

>Aphex Twin
>Boards of Canada
>Chrono Trigger soundtrack
Good taste.

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I love this cat :-) lookit! His ears! His face! Just the way he is XD
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now i dug out the thread on /neet/, saved it and now feel kinda melancholic about it all, including me asking anonymous belgian friends on obscure little imageboards if they are the one friend i enjoyed reading posts from so much back then - with a hint of nostalgia mixed in.

Liebe Grüße


I'm from neet.moe as well.


File: 1681938986465.jpg (26.16 KB, 500x366, cow_hug_nostalgic.jpg)

many here are. there was a bunch of nice people there a few years ago. but i don't want to derail this thread completely with my emotional outburst so i post a cute cow.


File: 1681942126102.jpg (137.2 KB, 2500x1250, 1529736769981.jpg)

(read: at least three)



File: 1681948270658.jpg (55.22 KB, 679x680, gravitational map of earth….jpg)

I'm sorry, never went to neet.moe
I'm new to this place
Just a case of mistaken identity
Nice to meet u tho>>3147

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Where have you guys made good friends, generally? I’ve come to realize the world is so evil and harsh at times it’s hard to come across people that don’t have those hedgehog spikes of impoliteness, hostility, or just modern evils like addictions that corrode the character. I’m sorry if this comes the wrong way, but I really want to make some new friends and I’m not sure where to find these people. It’s starting to get pretty lonely in here.
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>Where have you guys made good friends, generally?
I don't bother.


Not counting family and my therapist, I'd say i have 5 real friends.all but 1 are online friends, tho. But still, it's nice. I made friends with all but 1 the same way. I met them while pursuing a hobby, then just would chat with them on either whatapp discord or Instagram pms every once a while. Share a meme here and ask about their day there. Eventually, we get pretty close. Being nice to someone consistently every once a while produces a nice friendship.

The exception was my Indian friend where we met on a Reddit sub about making friends. He was the one that stuck. Otherwise it's the same process as the above.

So my advice is get a hobby and find a community for that hobby. Then be consistently kind to that community. If you make even 1 friend that way then it's a success.


I love Lewis! I’m so glad to be a Christian.


I had several good online friends, but I went through a bout of sadness and compulsively cut them all out. Now I'm here with maybe ~2 people I know who I still talk with.


File: 1681933515091.png (4.45 MB, 1309x1920, __original_drawn_by_fjsmu_….png)

When it comes to online friends, I have found that only using email is a good filter. Unfortunately, no one else uses email so it's difficult to find people without signing up for a penpal service, which I don't want to do. If you're patient you can find people. At one point I would (and still do sometimes) search recent posts in the /r9k/ archive for new emails, but I have other methods to fall back on now. Despite that board's reputation, all the people I've corresponded with have been very intelligent and well-adjusted, as far as internet loners go. There is something about discord and instant messaging that brings out the worst in people, but email removes a lot of those negative incentives.
It was actually someone from /kind/ who turned me onto emails, come to think of it.

I have no idea how to make friends irl or through common interests, so I can't offer any advice there.

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What have you been working on, friends?
Over the past months I've been trying to be more productive compared to before. I've started journaling my actions and events I considered to be important in the day, so that I may have coherent thoughts whenever I want to express myself. And complementing this activity, I've started to write a novel(it's trash, even I can tell) with a goal of 100 words per day or so, and rewriting and resketching the ideas to use in it while reading a book of how to make an actual proper novel.
What have you started doing something new in the recent months?
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About porn addiction, and any addiction actually, you shouldn't try to go on a streak of days.
The goal isn't "I will not do it this month" because then if you relapse you'll easily give up.
The goal should be "I will do it the least I can this month", it should always be your goal, don't count the streak of days and think everytime you do it it's a failure, instead count how many times you did it this month or this week and try to reduce it (or bring it to zero).
The important thing to change is your mindset, most people think they are giving up something when they quit but you must be convinced you're not giving up anything, because unlike what a lot of people say porn has ZERO benefit, it's simply useless and you're not giving up anything, when you have an urge just laugh at your own brain because you know it is an illusion because people who never looked at porn never feel the need to look at it, because no-one needs it.
And if you keep failing and failing for many months just be patient, if you get negative about it it will get worse, stay positive.


>Dunno which kind of exercises involving weights would be the most closely related to these ones though.
I'd say stop by a gym and ask around a bit.


File: 1679965876746.jpg (379.36 KB, 1448x2048, __ibuki_suika_touhou_drawn….jpg)

I'm pretty close to my goal. I lost about 4lbs last I weighed myself. I'm half way there. It's kind of scary how easily I'm losing weight, but then again, I've never gained much weight before I started getting exercise and I haven't really changed my diet much.
The hard part will be maintaining my weight I think. I really underestimate how many calories I burn most days.


I've been doing a lot of swipers and sliding tucks recently.
The ab exercises I used to do never really did anything for the lower abs. It's nice getting that feeling like you've just activated a new muscle.


File: 1681687066567.png (701.26 KB, 878x1300, 835e9d3646c3b8f36baabd90bc….png)

Went all in on exercising today and tried some new stuff. Youtube man was right, curving your back during ab exercises makes them 10 times better.
Filling a backpack with books because I don't have dumbbells probably says something about me, I just don't know what exactly.

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Is your internet footprint ever a source of concern to you? I'm worried it might come back to bite me in the behind sooner or later.
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Not really. I've generally have had better than average OPSEC, along with almost never making accounts for anything. Any of the scant accounts I did have were purged in fire.


If it is It's one hundred times a bigger concern than my ecological footprint.


If the feds wanted, they could easily plant CP on my computer.


AAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaand there went my mild 6 year old regret of having thrown my computer out the window all those years ago. - -


File: 1681596784049.jpg (671.04 KB, 1417x943, __totoki_saki_indie_virtua….jpg)

I have no real internet footprint to speak of since I only post on imageboards. For the few accounts I do have, I use different names for all of them and periodically delete the ones that I can. When I was in middle school and high school I was less cautious, but I successfully scrubbed everything and very little could be connected to my real name, anyway.
The only thing that concerns me is that there may be pictures of me on facebook and other social media, which I have no control over since I don't use those platforms. I've become extremely paranoid with these recent developments in AI. Scammers are already using AI voice cloning to impersonate family members, for example. Completely convincing deepfake videos/images are not far off. I would like for there to be zero opportunities for someone to impersonate me through AI-generated methods.

File: 1676215192708.jpg (4.1 MB, 2730x3774, a8f5b67444bc30201233bc9676….jpg)


I opened a similar thread a few days ago and it turned out super depressing and not wholesome at all. - Since I thought it is no help to any friend here, I deleted it shortly after. This is now my second try to create a space for the troubled souls and depressed friends /kind/ that don't see a way out of their misery yet.

Dear friends, to open up to you a little, I struggle with deep depression and suicidal ideation more often than I'd like to admit, but here I am, talking about what is going on in my head. I even think I found a way out of this and I'm afraid you will most likely laugh at this… after lifting/sports and all different kinds of therapies, pills oh, so many pills and weird head shrinks, I turned to the church. And it helped. Don't get me wrong, I'm still dependent on some medication, but I usually feel better than before. Are there friends who went similar less popular ways to find at least a bit of inner peace and sometimes even happiness? I'd love to hear your stories!
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Literally just tell them directly. They will either understand, or they won't. Don't sweat it if they don't understand though. They've only ever experienced their own perception, so something like having absolutely 0 interest may be incomprehensible to them.

>I still have some semblance of hope, which is why I bitch about it on the daily, but I really think I shouldn't.
Glad to hear you have some hope still. And you probably shouldn't bitch about it daily, it's not really gonna do anything but make you unhappy and possibly take away some of your hope.

>What you can try doing, is […] write down what you said here, and give it to them, along with any other thoughts you have on the subject. Include specifically that message of "It's hard to verbalize my thoughts well during the session", as well as some wish for them to be more forceful / active / dominant during the therapy session. Most of them have a passive leading style which is frankly irritating.
I will try this. The leading style is especially annoying because I am very shy and have little to no expectations of how sessions are supposed to go.


It isn't easier. I'd rather my parents just show me random girl and ask me if I think they are cute every once in a while rather than the "it's okay if you're gay" speech whenever they're drunk.


My mom doesn't show me any girls because she's as unsociable as I am.


Hey friends, I'm currently Stuck abroad with a full blown F32.2 episode. I hoped that it might help me get better going on some kind of vacation, enjoying nature and making some new bird-friends - and now I'm barely Leaving my tent to pee and fill up my bottle with fresh water again. can't eat, can't sleep, can't smile, can't really talk to anyone around. It was a bad decision to leave my apartment. Internet is awful over here too, and charging batteries is almost impossible since it's raining all the time and solar panels won't work. I fear the day when all communication becomes impossible and I'm forcefully disconnected from the wired. I'm full of xanax and lyrica to suppress all the tension and the urge to punch random people in the face who tell me I should just take it easy/get over it/tell jokes to cheer me up etc. - I know they just want to help me but I have heard all the empty words, nice phrases and standard sentences for too long.

I'm posting this pathetic emo-BS because I just had to get it off my chest before something really bad might happen. - sorry if i ruined a friends mood now with my post. Still hope you're all safe and feeling great, /kind/. Can't wait to be back home, going full hikki for at least a few months to heal. Maybe I'm just allergic to humans…?


>the urge to punch random people in the face who tell me I should just take it easy/get over it/tell jokes to cheer me up etc. - I know they just want to help me but I have heard all the empty words, nice phrases and standard sentences for too long.
I get it. I don't feel the violent urges but I don't like platitudes either. It's probably the biggest reason why I don't talk about my feelings or things that would make people worry outside anonymous IBs.

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Are you kind to crane flies? They never hurt you <3
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>They are earthlings just like you and me.
So are mosquitoes, roaches, ticks and lice, do you not kill those?


How do you kill bedbugs? Unfortunately I'm dealing with an infestation of them, and the bedbug poisons don't seem to be working.

Sorry for derailing your thread OP. :P


File: 1681207104764.jpg (1.13 MB, 2482x3500, ae86a1551eeb29bd1bb7124ae4….jpg)

I'm kind to whatever's kind. I genocide roaches, mosquitoes, and flies because they're not kind. Ants too if they're at home as they have violated the non unkindness principle before.
I watched it too long ago and can't remember what's supposed to work.




>So are mosquitoes, roaches, ticks and lice, do you not kill those?
I try not to.

File: 1681024220537.jpg (105.92 KB, 805x683, b6fbb2c9f3e9d38965b1b3346f….jpg)


Wishing all friends a happy, peaceful and comfy easter. <3


Christus resurrexit!


And happy Palm Sunday for Ortodox out there!


Thanks /kind/. He is risen!


Truly, he is risen!

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