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Friend 06/18/2021 (Fri) 02:03:38 No.500 [Reply]
I finally allocated enough money to buy a not rubbish microphone, so I feel excited about being able to do content creation in the near future finally. (≧▽≦)
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2 people subscribed to my YouTube channel. It feels great but also, like "what are you doing". Since I have posted no videos and so far have just been using it to comment on others channels.
>>500 I missed the times when people just used their phones potato recorder for recording and did it as a hobby instead of seeing it as a career. I know I might sound like lecturing OP about ye olde days but man the internet used to be much more simple.
>>1799 It's the monetization of everything. Make money of your hobbies, make money of your living, make money of your breathing. It's depressing. In an ideal utopia where the entire world is already automated and there is no need for anything but robot maintainance and research and nobody needs to make a living, people would be making all entertainment videos, music, games, etc with zero care for how well it would sell. Just creation for the sake of creation.
Open file (27.35 KB 1500x1505 crino kart.png)
>>1800 I disagree with this. A lot of entertainment is based from life experiences and taking the need of making a living would certainly reduce the variety of entertainment that would exist. Plus there's a lot of people that can't live without doing something that feels like an obligation, be it working or studying. We should leave entertainment and arts to those who care enough to create it even with all the struggles of daily life.
>>1803 That's fair, but I'm sure it's possible to create other obligations. One thing is certain though, I've done more creative stuff as a hikineet than I ever did while working.

Open file (26.30 KB 601x425 images (22).jpeg)
general outline to write comedy between characters Friend 07/23/2021 (Fri) 11:38:44 No.1627 [Reply]
what s the general outline to write comedy between characters, word by word? i am trying to figure out the funny interaction between characters and terrible awkward conversations but theyre so fucking complicated to write and i cant concentrate even on a single small line. i can envision the situation pretty fine but i am not sure if the wordings are correct, what do i do to be sure er just simple line by line between character A BCDEF
Open file (472.39 KB 994x1528 woman vs piano.jpg)
>>1627 this shouldn't be hard. in comic strips for example, standard comedy works like this: before making a joke, the writer prepares the scene for the joke. this is done to increase the humorous effect of the impending joke. once this is done, the writer then tells the joke before concluding it. in the joke's conclusion, writers usually either write out characters' reactions to the joke for the readers' empathy or continue the joke for added humor.
>>1630 ok i think we re completely disconnected. Since i am wondering on how comedy is written between several or some characters... but lets use yours as an example. why does panel 4 write what it writes and so is panel 5, why exactly and why is it placed in such way.
>>1633 the girl in panel 4 wants the boy to pay more attention to her. because the writer wants the interaction to be surprising and funny, the writer has the girl take the boy's piano so she can throw it down the sewer. while panel 5 adds to the storyline while continuing with the joke. if you're confused why exactly she does this, see pic related. she explains she did it to get rid of competition.
>>1639 uh...ok. How about like... each panel. Why place characters and texts where they are? also...yeah it s quite a comedy but i guess its about readability?

Open file (228.24 KB 869x1292 9.jpg)
is this book legal Friend 07/22/2021 (Thu) 05:30:17 No.1575 [Reply]
i think the artist has illegal talent for comedy, how do you put up something so obnoxious text by text. Do you let the paper capture cockroaches and then squash it for nutritious slapsticks please someone explain to me why is this completely obnoxious in writing
Oh I remember the anime adaptation of this, it was great. Is the manga as good as the show was?
>>1601 it s a bit limited but nevertheless as fun. It definitely need more panels i think if compared to the anime...

hello /kind/ Friend 07/23/2021 (Fri) 03:10:41 No.1616 [Reply]
been intending to visit this board for some time. how is the new home outside of 8ch?
comfy here. 8ch is such a ghost town now.

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