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Robomaids would be pretty nice to have around.
It would be like a mix between a washing machine and a cat. Taking care of the house would be the main selling point, but sitting back and watching her walk around and cutely do chores would be enjoyable in itself.
I hope I live to see them.
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I'm in love.


We had this exact machine like 15 years ago.


Did she do a good job?


With or without the frills?


File: 1683554842580.webm (3.77 MB, 574x350, one more kiss dear.webm)

File: 1670725116282.jpg (50.65 KB, 600x500, __andou_mahoro_and_guri_ma….jpg)

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You can post any issues you might find with the site/board here. I will fix them when I can.

I am also looking for janitors. If you'd like to volunteer, email me at kindmin@protonmail.com.
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I appreciate your kind words!

>What was your experience that made you feel unwanted if i may ask?

I think the easiest way to explain that is to imagine what if there was a Hindustan, Muslim or Chinese /kind/.
Let's say you managed to learn their language.

You made some posts there but your posts often get deleted.
Probably you accidentally went into something that people out there might find political or religiously uncomfortable, no matter if you have no idea why.

Also you must pretend their values are always flawless and the kindest, even if the notion is fundamentally incompatible with your values. Making friends out there feel guilty or uneasy will be seen as "unkind" and rule 2 violation by mods.
You must never refer to any fact that is inconvenient to people out there, even if you believe the fact is an accomplishment by people with good intentions.
Basically, you will pretty much never be allowed to be yourself or kind in your own way. That easily can be "too political".

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1683638347761.jpg (867.43 KB, 1200x1720, 4a49972a3b601ed326c63369ed….jpg)

Can't speak for mods or mins, but I only delete the planet spam and ignore everything else to avoid overstepping. Don't want too many maids in the kitchen, or something like that. No idea what kind of stuff is being deleted so therefore I have no opinion. It's hard to follow the conversation when nobody can look at the posts in question to discuss with either the poster or the mod what is the line of acceptable to post or delete.



Thank you for the detailed feedback, friend. Think I deleted one or two of your posts. The intercultural problems you mentioned do exist and tone as well as choice of words sure can differ a lot according to cultural heritage. - I try to keep /kind/ as enjoyable as possible for as many friends as possible.
Deleting your posts wasn't because of any personal problem I had with you and it wasn't criticizing you as a human being. It was just deleting content that made some friends uncomfortable.

I would love you to stay a little longer . You might just get a better feeling for the board and code of communication after lurking some more. Didn't want you to have a bad time! Sadly I don't know how to solve the underlying cultural problem you described. If a friend knows a solution feel free to post it.


>I would love you to stay a little longer
*if you'd stay

No native speaker here, too ^^


File: 1683652846863.jpg (85.53 KB, 1200x1200, __shiki_eiki_touhou_drawn_….jpg)

I'm not the person who you have been replying to, but I will try to give some insight on some issues mentioned.
>Nobody will say thank you for your stifling yourself. But once you take a wrong step, many friends team up to get furious about how "unkind" you are.
This has been an issue on /kind/ for a long time. I remember in my days as a moderator, it was something I spoke to the former admin about several times.
>I never felt like this on 2kind though.
I can shed a bit of light on this. I was extremely active and handled the moderation more or less on my own. As such, it was a bit different from previous /kind/s, as well as this, one where I wasn't quite so active. The board also got swamped with outsiders before we got settled in. I remember some complaints in the first month or so, but it wouldn't be /kind/ to turn them away, especially those from our friend boards that went under.
In short, it is likely that 2kind had a different culture compared to this one.

Please feel free to post. The moderator in question is very active, so I don't think I ever saw your deleted posts. I spoke to him about it, so I'll be handling the issue myself, as well as anything else that is up for interpretation for a little while. Hopefully doing so will help clear up any misunderstandings. I could also clean up the rules a bit…

File: 1680813189901.jpg (434.68 KB, 1170x913, 1675579540806.jpg)


Are imageboards bad for mental health
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As a friendless wizard, IB help alleviate somewhat the feeling of loneliness.
From time to time, I od on the medium and stop browsing for quite some months.

I used to browse this IB and another one more anime focused, but due to my poor memory I just can't remember the site name and it's not on the webring anymore.
I knew it used to be (like kind.moe was).



File: 1683449505088.gif (1.12 MB, 450x338, dbz-driving.gif)

This kind of post pops up so often lately, searching for excuses for not having to be kind, that calling others slurs to 'cool down'online should be ok, or more basically the recent trend with rooting for the bad guy in media it gets on my nerves. Being kind is something, like a friend said, a choice you have to make yourself, constantly, I can't understand the mentality behind it to actively find faults with it, there are so many things wrong with our world today, like politically or racistically motivated echochambers, seems weird to search for faults here. Maybe it's really just because it's easier not to think about how others are treated, because that would make me feel bad too.
It's like a zombie outbreak is happening, we're save here, but oh no what does it matter, statistically speaking the world is full of zombies, so we should turn into them too!


What I'm trying to say is that nobody is nice or good all the time, actively searching for reasons not to be is wicked


File: 1683942891135.jpg (180.78 KB, 1200x927, 102796586_p5.jpg)

I think it would depend on a few different things. They can be a lot of fun but in excess they can be very detrimental. It's easy to get hooked into a loop of constant dopamine but it's a good place to learn. Like anything in life, balance is key.
But what I would say is definitely bad for mental health can be the people on it which is why I say it depends on the board. I won't go into too much detail but a board I used for a long time let me put myself in a bad way that I only very slowly changed from because I used it a lot in my formative years so it became a deeply rooted part of me. It with that experience in mind I would confidently say that it can be bad for you but it's important to monitor yourself and decide what is or isn't healthy for you.
I feel the same way. Things normally don't go well for me on imageboards and it's probably my fault but that doesn't remove the fact that bothering to say anything is usually a waste of time of some sort.
>or more basically the recent trend with rooting for the bad guy in media it gets on my nerves
I blame Revengeance fans for this.

File: 1682300966710.gif (242.69 KB, 482x500, kvmQUlv.gif)


What are you learning or planning to learn? Any goals set? Share your progress.
Didn't find a thread on the subject in the catalog, sorry if I missed it.
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File: 1683341876930.png (314.08 KB, 500x500, 1619456300439.png)

ESL friend here. my native language is spanish, and while i had english classes throughout my school years, i learned most of what i know by watching movies and using the internet while growing up. since i don't really have the need to speak english in my country my pronunciation has deteriorated a bit, but i can get myself across fine.


A good number of them I imagine. I'm latinx myself also.


>post gets deleted over nothing


File: 1683395004772.gif (2.47 MB, 512x288, quote.gif)


Sesame Street?

File: 1673212717451.jpg (167.77 KB, 908x1280, IMG_20230108_193016_469.jpg)


Does /kind/ like it when it's raining? Since many of us probably don't go outside that often, (at least this friend here lives almost like a hermit) heavy rain is kinda soothing to my few stressed out neurons, that survived all I had done to my brain. It's nature's white noise, but so much better than all those noise apps. Even those that play rain noise or whatever. Just can't beat the real thing. All you have to do to get high on "bad" weather is a blanket and a nice cup of herbal tea.

How does /kind/ spend rainy days? I'm curious.
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climate change. soon frog-rain becomes a weekly phenomenon and the only ones hating it are the people that have to clean up the mess the next day.


File: 1674955312639.jpg (83.3 KB, 500x667, rainy_day_girl.jpg)

well i believe it will start raining tonight or tomorrow here where i live in socal. it doesnt rain often here so it will be nice. i wish it rained more, especially during the summer months


i adore watching and listening to rain from inside, but i must admit i think i enjoy watching snow even more, just bc of how calming it looks to me. rain is definitely a comfy vibe tho ^w^


I love rain, it's very comfy. I'm more likely to go outside when it's raining. However, unfortunately, it doesn't rain much where I live, especially now in the summer. But, at least it rains in anime and games, to compensate for the lack of rain in real life.


File: 1671210609400.png (1.06 MB, 1280x720, vlcsnap-2022-12-16-10h58m2….png)


Heya /kind/, have you been watching anything? Feel free to post about current shows or whatever you've been catching up on.

I just finished this episode of Akiba Maid Sensou. I've really been enjoying the show so far, pretty excited to see how it'll end. I've also been watching Do It Yourself!!, but I need to catch up on the last two episodes…
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I watched One Punch Man, it was pretty fun. The two seasons were pretty different but I enjoyed both.


File: 1681134506850.jpg (22.49 KB, 502x163, 1628365021947.jpg)

Which Bocchi?
I just finished Macross do you remember Love, the animation was fantastic.


File: 1682263406034.jpg (1.34 MB, 3071x2086, __ibuki_suika_and_hiroi_ki….jpg)

I decided to watch Bocchi the Rock. I figured it would be disappointing with how popular it was.
I'm enjoying it so far. It's fun to see those "hah, yeah…" moments similar to Welcome to the N.H.K.. Unsurprisingly the two have quite a few similarities. I still prefer N.H.K. though, as it is much more relevant, I would say.
I'm still waiting for a big smack in Bocchi's face. Characters already take advantage of her in fairly mild ways, so I'm just going to assume something much bigger will happen to shake things up rather than consistent progress.
I like the drunk lady. She seems nice.


How do you conceptualize harm?


File: 1683166128576.jpg (109.01 KB, 335x385, catl.jpg)

Something along the lines of "Causing physical or psychological pain or damage, or violation or removal of private property or individual rights."
However, I don't believe in unconditional kindness, and harm isn't necessarily bad. If someone is unkind you're not required to still be kind to that person, specially if it would harm you to do so.
Theft is bad because it harms the person, but choosing not to sacrifice yourself for others isn't as you would have to harm yourself in the process. Punching someone for no reason is bad because you're causing harm, but you're justified in beating a mugger silly after he has violated the NAP.
Watching anime is fine because you're not harming anyone else, at best you're only harming yourself and then that's on you and you alone.



Early Christian/Roman notion of liberty = Ruling oneself.
Needs moderation. Needs to be actively nurtured.

Modern notion of liberty after 16c = I do what I want.
Just like the imagined prehistoric man.

This guy says the change of notion of liberalism spawned multiple chain effects to spawn horrible modern society, which polarizes peoples political thoughts.

The left and right is about leaning on government or market to make modern liberal human, but government and market both limits the liberation of human being.

Fun clip.
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File: 1671087049560.png (2.67 MB, 983x2000, 51aba5385290600116bb797f42….png)

Thank you for telling your thoughts. You seem smart!


File: 1671138302009.jpg (217.5 KB, 1015x1080, c0cf3f86d1e1f6dc5dd31a423e….jpg)

>How do you get a ruling class with a sense of noblesse oblige?
I've heard the argument that the monarchy, by virtue of being explicitly hereditary, had at least some semblance of noblesse oblige. There were not only bigger expectations of nobles, but they also were taught to rule from early age as the position was guaranteed.
It's hard to really know how well that worked given that the records of the past are either embellished by their sympathizers or exaggerated by the opposition, but I do wonder how well they would fare against modern politicians if it was possible to compare them.
>Is it even worth it for the average person to concern themselves with politics at all?
Past events have shown people don't really care about the world around them. Even when events are public and there's a clear culprit maintaining the status quo seems to heavily outweighs the cost of caring. As is the current population shouldn't care about politics, but maybe it would be good if people did truly cared. I don't really know, and because I don't know I keep fluctuating between wanting city states back and wanting a libertarian dictatorship.


The world needs to be liberated from the west!


File: 1671172374699.jpg (27.8 KB, 400x398, 1367430017285.jpg)

I'm really just a rambling midwit who's been around the block a few times.
>It's hard to really know how well that worked given that the records of the past are either embellished by their sympathizers or exaggerated by the opposition, but I do wonder how well they would fare against modern politicians if it was possible to compare them.
Yeah, it's really hard to tell how things really were. That's true in general for history, and that tendency becomes more and more obvious the further you go back. I think a lot of what we think we know is wrong due to people putting too much stock into tradition and ignoring how lax the standards were for historians of the past. Herodotus is known as The Father of History, but even people back in his own time thought he was full of crap for the way he'd include highly questionable stories in his work. Napoleon is quoted as saying that history is a set of lies agreed upon, and I don't think he was wrong there. I think there are too many assumptions we make about history that go relatively unchallenged.
>Past events have shown people don't really care about the world around them. Even when events are public and there's a clear culprit maintaining the status quo seems to heavily outweighs the cost of caring. As is the current population shouldn't care about politics, but maybe it would be good if people did truly cared. I don't really know,
I think a lot of people do care, but they don't actually have as much of a clue as they think they do. Their heads are filled with nonsense from their media outlets of choice and see the common people as having much more agency than they actually have in the grand scheme of things. Even people with views outside the Overton Window tend to believe the latter. Personally, I'm through with voting and the whole electoral engagement rigamarole.

But there are definitely people who don't care, including those who like to pretend they do just for social brownie points.
>and because I don't know I keep fluctuating between wanting city states back and wanting a libertarian dictatorship.
I definitely understand that. I fPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Liberalism has failed, but what you're promoting is even more liberty.

File: 1672222965142.jpg (119.54 KB, 640x781, 20220429_183125.jpg)


where are my catholic brothers at
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Back to christ-chan


File: 1672511554677.png (144.14 KB, 500x522, there-is-a-misconception-t….png)

Buddhism helped a catholic priest become a better christian, just like the philosophy of the Buddha and Schopenhauer helped me become a better atheist.

Take the Buddhapill my child for enlightenment in both this world and the next.

[spoiler]Masturbation doesn't have to be a sin when you use mindfullness to excorcize the porn demons from your life.[/spoiler]



File: 1672511944852.jpg (528.43 KB, 2127x2151, holy ale.jpg)

Thou shalt abstain from thy drinking before returning hither, my child.
Oh, Lord, what hast thy done with thy holy spoiler tags?



I want what you're smoking (・∀・)

File: 1670718682324.jpg (287.82 KB, 1200x1750, 006e64bb385dd897a0d067f485….jpg)


I like anime girls. Do you like anime girls? Some anime girls are very soft and nice to their anon. Today I will making a thread of nice anime girls.
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Teto is cute.


File: 1682251638352.png (679.33 KB, 1400x919, 33da28165b9a8f7053d2f8183f….png)


File: 1682594408336.jpg (200.46 KB, 1200x1481, 1680061025501152.jpg)


File: 1683127016639.jpg (2.2 MB, 2838x2183, __ibuki_suika_touhou_drawn….jpg)


File: 1683131862429.png (186.91 KB, 495x403, lainRinEmo.png)

I would be friends with lain if she were real and not an actual child

File: 1673095261673.jpg (237 KB, 850x542, sample_595e8a210f7ddc03c96….jpg)


This thread was made with an old Acer aspire one, running Linux Mint. Its it's first run after more than a year. The reason: Curiosity. That machine survived generations of newer hardware! Updates ran almost an hour but here it is. - The ancient but trusty lurking devices thread.
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File: 1682508967035.jpeg (22.76 KB, 236x236, autism.jpeg)

this computer looks like a biscuit.
now i'm hungry.


File: 1682518178581.gif (744.21 KB, 498x498, rosycheeks-approved.gif)

Aww what a nice piece of tech! So adorable and yet so manly! I want to buy it some clip on plush ears! (Are these even invented yet? Wouldn't want to make a mess with hot glue and ripped off teddy ears…)


File: 1682712221505.png (2.03 MB, 2169x3819, 1363591032504.png)

This really isn't relevant anymore, but I stumbled across this image from about ten years ago on my hard drive and thought I'd post it since we were talking about Doom source ports earlier.


File: 1682714285523.png (413.59 KB, 736x823, c29fdca82d4bf6e431550d21ed….png)

Very nice! Thanks, friend!


File: 1682970442384.gif (51.57 KB, 170x170, 1503555984_doomdance.gif_c….gif)

No problem.

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