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woop! my tumblr has so little reblogs and followers! have i angered the internet so much i lost any chance to make a living comfortably or what?



this place is too quiet


Bad publicity is still publicity.


holy fucking shit, i cant think.
Is it? i forgot lol. what now?

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hewwo, gweetings. what does
nandesukeredomo means? (なんですけれども)



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[なんです] = it is assuredly that…; can say with confidence that…
[けれども] = but; however; although
so taken together, the entire phrase would mean "however, it is assured that…". i'm not too sure on this translation, though.


It means "but".

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Let's have a /ck/ thread because I only know how to make ramen and frozen pizza. Share anything /ck/ related ITT to help friends like me expand their palates.
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I don't eat gross candy like that


cooking for NEETs


I attempted that last Saturday.
Surprisingly it does work. You need a bit of baking soda if you want it to rise. The texture is spongy. I think it's the egg when combined with whatever stabilizer that's mixed inside commercial peanut butters that's giving it the texture.


lol. that's cool that you tried the recipe. i just threw it in the this thread for a laugh and didn't expect much to come of it. forgot about that post. your reply might motivate me to give it a try now. thanks for mentioning the added baking soda.
>egg when combined with whatever stabilizer that's mixed inside commercial peanut butter
interesting. i think a lot of peanuut butter in the united states is cut with some variety of vegetable oil so that it thickens and doesn't seperate. i wonder how this recipe might turn out differently with oily natural peant butter compared to the thicker variety with the additive?


I'm guessing it might work, but it'd taste like peanut omelette, since that's what it is.
I've been experimenting with baking since covid lockdown.
From what I learned: flour and water alone when kneaded to develop gluten will give you chewiness that over time will become as hard as brick when it loses moisture. I learned this when making a rustic bread.
Adding eggs and fat helps retain moisture and makes the texture more spongy.
Beaten eggs alone will give you a spongy texture that easily breaks / crumbles, which is why you add flour and water, and knead.
I guess oil adds crispness, but I'm not sure about that one since I haven't done enough experiment.

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Sneks are cute.
Sneks will defend from bullies.
Sneks are symbol of freedom.
Sneks just mind their business.
Sneks are /kind/.
Post sneks
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> Sneks are symbol of freedom.
I'm curious about this. Is it based on just the Gadsden flag? Where I live snakes are considered evil, because of the biblical story about one tempting Eve to eat the forbidden fruit.


Some satanists say the snake gave mankind freedom to commit sins by tempting eve to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.


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Is snek getting bullied by monke or is snek bullying rodent and monke is going hardcore anti-bully ranger to protect rodent fren?
>Garden of Eden
There are some Gnostics who don't believe in the typical Christian interpretation of Satan who have a similar take. They hold to the idea that any supernatural force that would try to keep humans in a state of ignorance was an imposter god with ulterior motives. So they see the snake in that story as an emissary of knowledge and liberation and not necessarily evil. In that view, both conventional Christianity and Satanism are both misguided limited hangouts.
But I don't know that Gadsden flag has anything to do with any of that.


There's also the fact the Gadsden flag was directly inspired by that "Join or Die" political cartoon used during the American Revolution where the rattlesnake is divided into 13 pieces, so as far as burgers go the rattlesnek specifically is associated with muh freedumbs and some people probably mistake that as others having a general interpretation of snakes as representing freedom instead of that one specific type of snake.


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An alternate Christian interpretation is that, while we as humans may use the image of animals to symbolize a concept, the animals themselves are not inherently good or evil. All animals are worthy of kindness and respect because they are all creations of God. At least that's how my mom taught me.

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Isn't being a bully kind of kind?
Maybe not in a group abusing authority like how kids do in school; using their popularity and conventional behavior and looks to get the school to side with them when they're caught… but more in a confrontational kind of way. Like, so often in life people will see someone doing something strange and not say anything about it, but then hold it against them. Maybe not in a direct or conscious way but without thinking actively exclude them.
I feel like the bully is the only way such a potential outcast can justify himself without coming off as a crazy person.


There's certainly a time and place for everything.


I'm not sure if I follow. What kind of confrontation are you thinking about?


File: 1617010966406.jpg (324.08 KB, 850x1267, 2e1f54eab5c5adc62ce8fd28be….jpg) ImgOps

Rebukes can be kind if given wisely. Confrontation can make a resolution possible. Definitely better than letting the issue fester.


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File: 1617063379620-1.mp4 (1.1 MB, 370x270, bumper6 (hyde).mp4) ImgOps


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When did you begin using imageboards regularly and how do you think it has affected your life?
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sorry for typing this up with so many line breaks but it just helps organize my thoughts… such imageboard software should also be able to cope well with VPN and Tor users. if you need an account to post anyway, and all messages from an account can be easily removed, then you don't have to worry about VPN or Tor users circumventing bans and stuff like that. The downside is people need accounts, but to keep it as anyonymous as possible, you should be allowed to create/request an account from a VPN or Tor, and it should have as little information as possible. I think just an ID number and passphrase is all that's needed. Maybe even just a long unique key.

If this kind of software were available, you could start your own board and not really have to worry about moderation as much. Only accept as many new accounts as you and your janny staff can handle, if you even have jannies or mods. One guy can reasonably moderate a small board pretty well.

Normally you might ban someone and then they're back, but if you ban an account, they won't be back until they can get a new account.

The site users themselves can help with moderation. There could be a report button on each post, and if enough people click it, the system can automatically remove the post from view. Maybe only accounts that have gone through a week long probation period can file reports. That way nobody can try to get a bunch of accounts together and mass report everything. Just throwing ideas out here…


I don't think this'd catch on. There are already systems in place for these things and they work well enough. If you can't maintain your board on your own, you probably shouldn't be board owner or find some jannies to help out.
Not to mention I doubt most people are going to be willing to go through all that effort for an imageboard.
If you want something like this, I'd just go for a traditional forum style website rather than an imageboard.


what systems are already in place?


Simply having IPs and reports is enough.


found out image bords around 08-9, starting off with 4cum, started getting into alt bords about five years ago

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Everyday, it seems like it becomes harder to find reliable information for free. This thread is here to help our friends learn about various skills and topics by sharing different resources or at least pointing them in a general direction.
This thread is not for pushing ideologies or starting arguments. If you find that someone shared something you feel is inferior to something you know of, please share your resource and leave it at that.
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Why is there a turtle on the cover?


Because of 'TurtleBot', I think (though I'm pretty sure that's a real sea turtle picture Apress chose for the book's cover, not a robot heh).


File: 1616532942049.png (281.18 KB, 739x530, lainchan_turtle.png) ImgOps



heh nice. saved.


A wiki guide for learning Science and Math related topics
Search “4chan science wiki fandom”

A list of good websites from a tech-related board
“Goodsites dot tech”

My personal favorites:
Free e-books
https://b-ok. cc
Map of all music genres and artists in Spotify

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Wholesome anime/manga you recommend

Recently i come across watching the gem *So ra no wo to* and ended up liking it a lot

It seemed to have a nice blend of everything - slice of life humour and wholesomeness with episodes becoming gradually darker and intense as you progress through the series. It basically focuses on a small female-led battalion as they man an outpost for a small town with one member joining so she can learn how to play the bugle, but she eventually comes to understand the town's folklore as well as how to behave in the small battalion.
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Maison Ikkoku
written by: Rumiko Takahashi
original run: 1986–1988
genre: romantic comedy, slice of life, coming of age
episodes: 96


I'm waiting for the Asenshi subs so please don't spoil it!


Sora yori mo Tooi Basho is really cute and about frens, made me cry sometimes.


>80s slice of life anime

I'm interested… might watch some


File: 1616800970896.png (300.09 KB, 512x512, ddb6gaj-6d14c3ea-a428-402c….png) ImgOps

Tanaka-kun wa itsumo kedaruge is adorable and comfy! It has cute girls, cute boys and pretty funny jokes. It's literally about a boy who is overly lazy and likes to sleep a lot, what is more comfy than that?

File: 1615584250567.webm (3.67 MB, 427x240, girls n pantsu.webm) ImgOps


Girls and pantsu
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Pic related is hotter than miho.


File: 1616325053802.png (202.27 KB, 384x960, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps

Here is the pic…


Can't argue with that. Maho's a real cutie. I prefer my girls a little less girly.


File: 1616398155563-0.jpg (1.1 MB, 1343x1900, 0e5640d61f75401bdcbf2b23e6….jpg) ImgOps

File: 1616398155563-1.jpg (1.41 MB, 1343x1900, 146849a6cc1574e177c2f42129….jpg) ImgOps

The boorus say these pictures are from this anime, I found them really cute.


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Hi friends, how do you guys find people of different opinions and beliefs to talk to? I have always believed you should interact with a variety of different people to smash your opinions against each other and I have a lot of friends I disagree about everything from politics to philosophy, but I noticed that I rarely can find people that I really drastically disagree with. I'm not saying that I necessarily need a lot more friends, but I do want to sometimes talk to people I disagree with in a polarizing manner. I do not want to be disrespectful to them or bully them, I simply want a discussion that will help us both.

I do find many people on bunker boards and 8chan that I disagree with, being a hard-line libertarian and finding a lot of politically conservative people with which I disagree with on basically most of the topics besides economics, but they are still right-wingers. I have talked to more left-leaning folk on Omegle, including communists. They were really nice and respectful conversations too.

What ways do you guys use to find people that are different from you in opinions, if you do that at all?
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I have close friends that I talk to quite a lot and I can talk to all the time, having a deeper relationship with. But there are also less close friends and acquintances that I talk to from time to time. Maybe a "friend" is too heavy of a word, I just want people to talk to in general, people to discuss with. I don't think there is anything wrong with that, a friendship can arise from that or we might drift away. That's generally how relationships work in general.


I don't care about my friends' opinions. I only really care about their character. Are they an active (fun) person? Will they be willing to help a friend in need? These questions are more important to me. All of my irl friends are pretty big normalfriends, so they like a lot of stuff I don't care for. Despite that, I still enjoy being around them.
Opinions only help me find gifts or activities that my friends will enjoy.


Politics gives you one of the best views into someone's mind.
To me, a friend is someone I like who likes me back i.e. enjoys my company (including virtually) and who's not going to betray me over petty shit. I'm friends with a sociopath who treats me right and acknowledges that I am under no delusions about who they are and the violence they're capable of.


>/kind/ is not a good place for politics.
I can respect that. OTOH,
>The problem is that we're stuck together with each other.
You're right. We naturally gravitate towards politics for good reasons, as uncomfortable as that reality can be.

In the end, it's Love that conquers all. Pretty much everything else ultimately becomes 'mere trivialities' by comparison.


but what you think and do is literally who you are, that's it, simple as.

my opinion btw

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