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Open file (38.89 KB 640x480 images (23).jpeg)
Friend 07/21/2021 (Wed) 03:31:57 No.1529 [Reply]
wondering why this not get picked for anime? i thought its pretty solid like most shoujo that got anime. gues its not that popular?
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>>1547 actually its nuts to call it incest since it doesnt have those pages but yes its kinda romantic but siblings kinda like narusasu holy shit its actually gay
>>1545 >Shoujo is made for teenage girls, not middle aged women that thinks like a teenager. What is the difference? We call them manchildren because they are men with childlike interests, and we call them womanchildren because they are women with childlike interests. It is natural they would prefer the demographic aimed at teenagers as well?
>>1545 ??? Bakuman already laid the inner workings of the manga industry. An anime is offered when a series continues to be top of weekly rankings. Colored pages come first though. Also anime gloss over the story most of the time and sometimes cram say 80 chapters into like 10 episodes. You're probably missing a lot of stories if you're exclusively just watching anime like normalfriends do.
>>1573 No. Stuff that is targeted at women is called Josei. Usually, when they make an anime targeted towards women, it usually has attractive males in it. Think Free!, Yuri on Ice, or something like Osomatsu-san. Women also will tend to watch shounen if it has cute boys in it as well. Shoujo is usually magical girl idol stuff or cliche romances.
>>2383 Not talking about Josei. >not middle aged women that thinks like a teenager. If Shonen is for manchildren, then it is reasonable to say that Shoujo is for womanchildren.

Friend 08/21/2021 (Sat) 01:22:54 No.2250 [Reply]
Being kind is as simple as going out if your way to be nice to some one else.
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>>2253 We kind here. No screaming cat. Maybe you really helped someone, and they appreciated w/ you did for them more then you anticipated.
>>2255 Kindness doesn't mean one can't want to scream. I also want to scream.
>>2267 You can scream if you like. What makes you have the need for screaming? What upsets you the most now? I hope all things become corrected in your life...
>>2268 >What upsets you the most now? Overuse of \n.
Hello, is this the cat thread?

Open file (1.03 MB 1400x992 japan!.jpg)
Open file (47.17 KB 560x560 miku with a mask.jpg)
did you watch the 2020 olympics? Friend 08/11/2021 (Wed) 05:26:02 No.2000 [Reply]
now that the 2020 summer olympics are finally over, what are your thoughts on the event? personally, while i didn't watch much of it, i still feel pretty bad for japan. they ended in 3rd place in terms of medals, which is disappointing. given that they were hosting the olympics this time around, while being screwed over by a pandemic, receiving just third place seems unfortunate. but then again, heavyweights like the usa and china are going to be hard to beat. but i hope japan manages to do better in the 2020 summer paralympics. also, did you know the 2020 paralympic games has an official song? https://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=Eg2TE1X0MXU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eg2TE1X0MXU
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Open file (671.21 KB 1024x497 1053462894577603.png)
>>2000 ch-checked... op was so close to being able to post this as the 2020 get
Open file (21.28 KB 310x232 1412137352345.png)
I really dislike the Olympics for its corruption and business-like nature while including non-athletic sports like breakdancing and chess and car racing now or something. I'd welcome a return to the real Olympics held in Olympia. >>2038 >USA's money Don't forget the adderall.
>>2060 not that anon, but might have used their photo inadvertently
>>2084 >breakdancing Man, really? I wouldn't call it non-athletic. That shit looks exhausting. I'm not sure something subjective should be in the olympics though. I do agree, the olympics should only be athletic events that don't really have large events on their own, like track & field sports compared to something like baseball.
Open file (432.23 KB 680x681 Godspeed_Saint_Boy.png)
NOT KIND... >Competitors are given only 20 minutes to bond with an unfamiliar horse before their round and Schleu, who had been leading the field, was in tears as she came into the ring. >Saint Boy, who had already proven a tricky ride for his first athlete, bucked and refused to trot around the course, with a number of people on social media raising concerns about the way Schleu and Raisner were treating the horse. >The UIPM Executive Board (EB) reviewed video footage that showed Ms Raisner appearing to strike the horse Saint Boy, ridden by Annika Schleu, with her fist during the riding discipline of the women’s modern pentathlon competition. >The EB has given a black card to the Germany team coach Kim Raisner, disqualifying her from the remainder of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Open file (104.99 KB 1180x880 1618357848655.jpg)
Friend 08/04/2021 (Wed) 15:36:33 No.1906 [Reply]
I'm trying to be nice to people here but I end up criticizing people and not being nice. It's always constructive criticism and all, but it's not what most people think of when they talk about "kind" or "nice". I'm falling back into "do unto others", which really, really doesn't work if you aren't like the others.
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>>1906 I've tried giving people constructive criticism about things or even answered people's questions when they ask for my opinion and oftentimes they get personally insulted by it. This is something that's been happening to me since I was a little kid (almost in my 30s now) and I've become very self aware about it, to the point of trying to be aware of the tone and words I use. Doesn't seem to change anything though. Not really sure if that's relevant to your post, just sparked that thought in my mind.
>>1930 >I've tried giving people constructive criticism about things or even answered people's questions when they ask for my opinion and oftentimes they get personally insulted by it. Iktf I started using more "american" terms, like >have you tried x? >why not x? >x worked for me >I would x, did you try x? Some cultures are very hostile to direct >you did it wrong, if you did x, it would most likely work
Constructive criticism is a good and kind thing. Indulging in people's delusions and letting them hurt themselves is unkind. You can criticise people, the problem appears when you are a dick about it.
>>1938 >Indulging in people's delusions Calling one's opinions "delusions" implies lack of respect to said person. Just call it "errors" or something like that. Vast majority of people being called "deluded" are not deluded.
>>1906 People in general are unfriendly to being given unsolicited advice, especially from strangers and acquaintances.

Friend 08/13/2021 (Fri) 23:02:47 No.2071 [Reply]
Anon, finding the time for art has been a challenge..
>>2071 How much time do you spend on your phone?
>>2074 None, allergic to GSM lol
/ic/ suggests to practice art in the morning, before you go to work or school, when you're most full of energy. That is, if art to you is more than a simple past time and you actually want to git gud. If that's the case then all other activities should take a sidestep in your life and only receive leftover energy. Care to talk more about it?
>>2087 Yes pls, that would be most pleasant. I have not painted in a while BC, l wanted to keep my health for a time as such. A hiatus you see, from aerosol fumes.

Open file (32.72 KB 310x135 IMG_20210719_162833.jpg)
Friend 07/19/2021 (Mon) 09:31:12 No.1450 [Reply]
how do i solve my impossibly terrible premises, storyline logics continuity and charactersdeisgn
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>>1467 how can i show anyone when i need to pull off the surprise element to them too? i dont exactly have any editor or publishing affiliated to, unfortunately. It s an independent business of sorts so you could say i am handling everything myself for myself.
>>1467 also thank you for this, your visit and commentary is very welcome.
>>1468 I'm not saying you should release it publically. Do you have any friends you could run it by? You call it a business. Do you intend to sell your work? It might be best to put something out for free. An excerpt if it's some sort of book or a demo for a game. That way you might get people interested in it, as well as some feedback.
>>1472 even if it s free then it should be good in some way otherwise everyone will just read bad shit...
>>1450 KISS: Keep It Simple, Silly

Open file (2.26 MB 498x319 reset life.gif)
Open file (228.23 KB 1152x1189 future mistakes.png)
/kind/ writes a story! Friend 07/24/2021 (Sat) 09:32:45 No.1670 [Reply]
let's write the most awesome and heartwarming isekai story ever! this thread will need all the help it can get, so even if you've never written a story before, don't worry! all you have to do to advance the plot is write one sentence. so just do your best! and now without further ado, here we go... A /kind/ stranger is wandering in a quiet forest on a dark night. She (or he?) smiles sadly as she makes her way to a cherished place. As she does so, she pauses to notice the stars above her... and an oddly bright one. Then she continues on. (write a sentence to continue the story)
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>>1792 Eh sorry I got a bit enthusiastic. The world is threatened by an encroaching supernatural darkness and the stranger's town is down to its last bit of light. So they sent her to plead aid from the countess of a large town (which has a bigger supply of magical light). The stranger was chosen for this due to her mysterious powers, related to her red eye seen here >>1731 These powers are also the reason for her assumed outcast status. On her journey to the town, the stranger saw a shooting star and followed it. She then met the lamp-beast, who said it had also seen the star (massive source of light). Since the beast requires light to live, it's about to offer her a deal: go on a journey with the girl, find where the star landed, and share the light between them.
Open file (35.06 KB 338x615 finnish night.jpg)
>>1775 For a moment, the naive girl is silent. However, when she manages to speak again, her tone is one of disbelief. "Creature..." she starts to say. "I don't know what you are or where you're from, but all the horrific things you're saying sound like something that could come from an epic fantasy novel." She quietly continues, "But we are in Finland, the real world... and the real world just doesn't work this way." >>1794 This is a cool direction for a purely fantasy story, but please avoid spoiling possible future additions to the story: it ruins the fun! As for me personally, I'm more interested in infusing sci-fi elements into the story and connecting the modern world with the other world somehow. This is an isekai story after all, and since we're still at the beginning, the stranger still exists in the real world. Getting to that other world where the stuff you're describing is happening still hasn't happened yet.
Open file (139.37 KB 800x533 forest.jpg)
The beast's laugh rings out in the cold silence, "Your strength of conviction amuses me, little one! But, as you say, this is Finland! The land of the Kalevala, no? Strange forces are at work here, terrible forces which demand careful navigation. One as young and... delicate as yourself would do well to tread carefully. I do not claim to understand these forces entirely; the circumstances culminating in my arrival here are shrouded in mystery. But I believe that our troubles are not unrelated. A mutual effort may be beneficial for both of us."
Suddenly, the stranger notices how cold and dark the night has become, and starts to shiver.
"We should hurry out of this forest then," the stranger states as she quickly heads in the direction of the shooting star. "I do not like how cold it has gotten, but Häme Castle should not be far from here."

Friend 06/18/2021 (Fri) 02:03:38 No.500 [Reply]
I finally allocated enough money to buy a not rubbish microphone, so I feel excited about being able to do content creation in the near future finally. (≧▽≦)
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2 people subscribed to my YouTube channel. It feels great but also, like "what are you doing". Since I have posted no videos and so far have just been using it to comment on others channels.
>>500 I missed the times when people just used their phones potato recorder for recording and did it as a hobby instead of seeing it as a career. I know I might sound like lecturing OP about ye olde days but man the internet used to be much more simple.
>>1799 It's the monetization of everything. Make money of your hobbies, make money of your living, make money of your breathing. It's depressing. In an ideal utopia where the entire world is already automated and there is no need for anything but robot maintainance and research and nobody needs to make a living, people would be making all entertainment videos, music, games, etc with zero care for how well it would sell. Just creation for the sake of creation.
Open file (27.35 KB 1500x1505 crino kart.png)
>>1800 I disagree with this. A lot of entertainment is based from life experiences and taking the need of making a living would certainly reduce the variety of entertainment that would exist. Plus there's a lot of people that can't live without doing something that feels like an obligation, be it working or studying. We should leave entertainment and arts to those who care enough to create it even with all the struggles of daily life.
>>1803 That's fair, but I'm sure it's possible to create other obligations. One thing is certain though, I've done more creative stuff as a hikineet than I ever did while working.

Open file (95.89 KB 944x878 20210516_201316.jpg)
Friend 06/24/2021 (Thu) 18:47:34 No.757 [Reply]
I wish for eternal rain.
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>>757 i prefer light rain though
Open file (3.00 MB 2480x1753 150179461603.jpg)
I love rain. I find it kind of funny how I tend to be a fairly gloomy person, but when the weather is gloomy I brighten up more. Sucks that I live in a state nicknamed the sunshine state in my country though. Some people here might like this site, although I guess you could just use Youtube or any number of other things instead: https://asoftmurmur.com/
Just realised this thread is kind of old, hope necroposting is okay.
>>757 Me too, its my favorite season. I remember reading a book set in a world where it rains all the time.

Open file (26.30 KB 601x425 images (22).jpeg)
general outline to write comedy between characters Friend 07/23/2021 (Fri) 11:38:44 No.1627 [Reply]
what s the general outline to write comedy between characters, word by word? i am trying to figure out the funny interaction between characters and terrible awkward conversations but theyre so fucking complicated to write and i cant concentrate even on a single small line. i can envision the situation pretty fine but i am not sure if the wordings are correct, what do i do to be sure er just simple line by line between character A BCDEF
Open file (472.39 KB 994x1528 woman vs piano.jpg)
>>1627 this shouldn't be hard. in comic strips for example, standard comedy works like this: before making a joke, the writer prepares the scene for the joke. this is done to increase the humorous effect of the impending joke. once this is done, the writer then tells the joke before concluding it. in the joke's conclusion, writers usually either write out characters' reactions to the joke for the readers' empathy or continue the joke for added humor.
>>1630 ok i think we re completely disconnected. Since i am wondering on how comedy is written between several or some characters... but lets use yours as an example. why does panel 4 write what it writes and so is panel 5, why exactly and why is it placed in such way.
>>1633 the girl in panel 4 wants the boy to pay more attention to her. because the writer wants the interaction to be surprising and funny, the writer has the girl take the boy's piano so she can throw it down the sewer. while panel 5 adds to the storyline while continuing with the joke. if you're confused why exactly she does this, see pic related. she explains she did it to get rid of competition.
>>1639 uh...ok. How about like... each panel. Why place characters and texts where they are? also...yeah it s quite a comedy but i guess its about readability?

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