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Open file (26.30 KB 601x425 images (22).jpeg)
general outline to write comedy between characters Friend 07/23/2021 (Fri) 11:38:44 No.1627 [Reply]
what s the general outline to write comedy between characters, word by word? i am trying to figure out the funny interaction between characters and terrible awkward conversations but theyre so fucking complicated to write and i cant concentrate even on a single small line. i can envision the situation pretty fine but i am not sure if the wordings are correct, what do i do to be sure er just simple line by line between character A BCDEF
Open file (472.39 KB 994x1528 woman vs piano.jpg)
>>1627 this shouldn't be hard. in comic strips for example, standard comedy works like this: before making a joke, the writer prepares the scene for the joke. this is done to increase the humorous effect of the impending joke. once this is done, the writer then tells the joke before concluding it. in the joke's conclusion, writers usually either write out characters' reactions to the joke for the readers' empathy or continue the joke for added humor.
>>1630 ok i think we re completely disconnected. Since i am wondering on how comedy is written between several or some characters... but lets use yours as an example. why does panel 4 write what it writes and so is panel 5, why exactly and why is it placed in such way.
>>1633 the girl in panel 4 wants the boy to pay more attention to her. because the writer wants the interaction to be surprising and funny, the writer has the girl take the boy's piano so she can throw it down the sewer. while panel 5 adds to the storyline while continuing with the joke. if you're confused why exactly she does this, see pic related. she explains she did it to get rid of competition.
>>1639 uh...ok. How about like... each panel. Why place characters and texts where they are? also...yeah it s quite a comedy but i guess its about readability?

Open file (228.24 KB 869x1292 9.jpg)
is this book legal Friend 07/22/2021 (Thu) 05:30:17 No.1575 [Reply]
i think the artist has illegal talent for comedy, how do you put up something so obnoxious text by text. Do you let the paper capture cockroaches and then squash it for nutritious slapsticks please someone explain to me why is this completely obnoxious in writing
Oh I remember the anime adaptation of this, it was great. Is the manga as good as the show was?
>>1601 it s a bit limited but nevertheless as fun. It definitely need more panels i think if compared to the anime...

hello /kind/ Friend 07/23/2021 (Fri) 03:10:41 No.1616 [Reply]
been intending to visit this board for some time. how is the new home outside of 8ch?
comfy here. 8ch is such a ghost town now.

Open file (113.05 KB 1280x720 kotoura-san.jpg)
Open file (51.97 KB 892x666 ninja.jpg)
Open file (163.91 KB 1920x1080 monke.jpg)
let's make funny faces! Friend 07/11/2021 (Sun) 04:06:15 No.1299 [Reply]
seeing funny faces make me smile. and when i smile, then maybe you'll smile. so post funny faces, friends!
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>>1305 Soyjak posters just need a hug.
Open file (988.95 KB 1920x1080 Wurm Face.jpg)
Open file (22.34 KB 480x480 Blanc Goofy Face.jpg)
I don't have many funny faces, but I do have smiles.
Open file (15.77 KB 351x351 guru.jpg)
Open file (115.36 KB 736x1309 pumpkin rick.jpg)
Open file (54.75 KB 500x752 hoomen.jpg)
>>1305 اه انت! رجاءا كن حذرا. كان هناك بعض البراز القذر عليك. >>1314 i like the blanc goofy face, friend. it made me smile!
Open file (173.04 KB 519x511 182062584527.png)
>>1326 lol, that last one scared me a bit when i scrolled down... cursed image.
Open file (182.63 KB 900x900 sporkles.png)
Open file (38.83 KB 307x512 pantsu-kun.jpeg)
Open file (982.67 KB 500x500 how to kiss a woman.gif)
>>1327 it's not cursed, it's blessed! the hoomen mother is simply prechewing food for her little babby, which is an act of /kind/ness!

Open file (323.01 KB 1448x2048 Yui y Giita.jpg)
Waifu Thread! Friend 06/15/2021 (Tue) 17:13:51 No.420 [Reply]
Post your waifu and what you like about her! I like Yui because she's easygoing and fun. She's also kind, which is nice. On top of this, she's terribly adorable.
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Open file (857.36 KB 3035x2149 91405443_p0.jpg)
Open file (572.84 KB 1396x785 91410529_p0.jpg)
>>1341 It is her birthday today, how shall we celebrate?
>>1588 Watch the anime and make something sweet. Happy birthday.
Open file (292.50 KB 654x1228 drawing_girl.png)
>have literally endless waifu choices from animu, manga and cartoons >brain decides pic related is the one >literally a drawing one neckbeard anon made in 1 minute, no other drawing of the character exists, character has no name, character has no media, no porn, no nothing >i have to learn to draw to even see her >my waifu forces me to git gud i love her soo much, i still can't draw shit but she makes me practice.
>>1594 This is very sweet!
Open file (207.75 KB 511x730 chloe park.png)
Open file (846.16 KB 800x1000 connie.png)
Open file (171.61 KB 800x701 henrietta.jpg)
>>420 i have no desire to have a waifu. that said, i find these character designs to be nice.

Gondola thread Friend 06/08/2021 (Tue) 23:11:15 No.26 [Reply]
Welcome back /kind/ Here's to a kinder world with gondolas
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>>1077 thanks and checked again :^)
Open file (49.40 KB 400x400 gondola_fisheing.gif)
>>1041 comffffyyy
Open file (30.02 KB 200x500 kawaiigondola.png)
>>1091 you're all too kind
>>1041 ooo i like it a lot
Open file (851.77 KB 1956x4128 gondola.jpg)
Gondolas are truly the kindest creatures, even children love these things because they are great to hug.

dumb youtube videos Friend 06/08/2021 (Tue) 23:43:59 No.105 [Reply]
post videos from youtube that you've found funny enough to share them https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Dpw0VvH4m0 ps: if you want to post something that's not dumb and is actually pretty intelligent there's no biggie about that either, feel free to post anything yt related here
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>>454 Reminds me of my sister's old youtube channel. I'd share, but there's some videos of me which would be obvious.
Open file (889.36 KB 480x288 1581434802636.gif)
>>455 That's nice to know.

Open file (38.89 KB 640x480 images (23).jpeg)
Friend 07/21/2021 (Wed) 03:31:57 No.1529 [Reply]
wondering why this not get picked for anime? i thought its pretty solid like most shoujo that got anime. gues its not that popular?
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>>1545 >dejavu >i ve seen this anime before just how many fucking anime have you seen anyway that feasture shapeshifting loli with borderline oncest kyodai ai
>>1547 I don't remember a shapeshifting loli bc i didn't read it much but to the point i read i saw at least 10 "original" character i saw before with different outlooks in different anime/manga. All characters are some personality traits merged into a character with no personality(which happens in nearly all anime), they all have some edge traits and nothing else as personality. I don't even remember any characters but i remember traits, such as kind sister of the hardcore warrior(which is actually soft), guy that likes broken edged swords, half werewolf stupid guy, cute sister, half demon that fights against turning into demon, retard mc that can't into basic reasoning. I didn't even watch that much anime, i have probably watched like 20 anime.
>>1549 this is confusing. i d say their designs are new. but their personality isnt huh?
>>1547 actually its nuts to call it incest since it doesnt have those pages but yes its kinda romantic but siblings kinda like narusasu holy shit its actually gay
>>1545 >Shoujo is made for teenage girls, not middle aged women that thinks like a teenager. What is the difference? We call them manchildren because they are men with childlike interests, and we call them womanchildren because they are women with childlike interests. It is natural they would prefer the demographic aimed at teenagers as well?

Open file (58.37 KB 394x700 images (23).jpeg)
Friend 07/20/2021 (Tue) 09:59:27 No.1497 [Reply]
looking for an anime on youtube where the cover is this girl sitting in a class with planet floating around something like pict i cant remember the song title but it s jazzy thing picture is yuumei's
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If you can find the picture itself, maybe we can find the song by doing a reverse image search. I once found a forgotten song this way. Take a look here: https://safebooru.org/index.php?page=post&s=list&tags=+planet+1girl+sitting You might want to try other tags too.
>>1512 lol nvm i found it! its kineorama tx
>>1519 its kineorama. i found it. thanks alot

Open file (1.72 MB 500x279 ayano studying.gif)
Learning and Education Friend 06/12/2021 (Sat) 08:56:19 No.236 [Reply]
I like to learn about things in my free time and thought it would be nice to have a thread where we can talk about what we are learning, share resources and ask questions!
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>>857 You have a flower garden? they are picky but they love my daisy's
Open file (140.29 KB 500x834 golang is nice too.png)
>>790 the sicp teaches a rather niche programming language. i feel that >>781 would be better off reading a book that teaches a more in demand language, such as c/++, python, or javascript.
>>834 Bugs are cool but I have only a limited amount of free time and there's so much I would like to learn about...
im learning how internet gets away from chipping frames of animation from anime. maybe i should learn the other way on how anime gets away from being chipped from.
Open file (174.44 KB 640x640 question-nozomi.jpg)
>>1494 What do you mean by chipping?

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