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Kindness is not for others


Kindness is for others


I mean, you can be angry and all, but my experience is that almost everyone has trouble treating unjust you when you stay consistently kind to them.

There might be social situations when other approaches are more useful, but creating an kind atmosphere will benefit you as much as it will others.


Kindness is for the kind


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That's closer to the truth. Even still there are people who might be rude at first but can have their disposition changed with a little kindness.

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Let us start.
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In honor of the friend from this thread >>4208 who whished there was more non-anime stuff here, I decided to make this thread.

Pleasant and aesthetically pleasing western art is definitely /kind/ material.
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This is fine!


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I have a fear of elevators, so I'm taking steps to avoid them.
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I've got a good joke for all of you right here.




>I spent yesterday morning pulling up dandelions and crabgrass in the name of law'n order.


>Someone posted that he had a futon for sale, so I responded with this message.

> The futon is the elementary particle of the hack field. If you have succeeded in isolating a futon, have you measured its properties? For instance, what is its mass? Did you ever experience a magnetic moment on it and get a charge? Does it appear strange? Does it have charm? Has it been slepton? Can it interact with Schrodinger's cat to create virtual muons?

> If you intend to sell the futon, I think you ought to tell potential buyers what its half-life is, and what it decays into. Pillows and sheets? Some nearly massless bedbugs?

> On the other hand, if it's a stable futon, what kind of animals were using it, and did they associate any dark matter with it?


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top kek


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I think it's surprisingly active all things considered.


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No, but yes.


Yes, but no.

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Memento mori.

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Of all sorts, but don't forget to be kind!
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citizens of /kind/, have you ever wanted to write a story together? if so, then this is the thread for you. let's start!
once upon a time, there was a kind bully who was sitting inside of a closed cardboard box. it was pitch black inside the box and she was bored.
(write a sentence to continue the story)
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>into the trash it goes
the /kind/ stranger said as she (or he?) came upon a sad, old garbage man and his truck.


It works for me.
/kind/ stranger filled with compassion asks the old man to share his woes.

I think /kind/ stranger is male, but female could work too.


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the old garbage man sadly said: boy, i have done something that cannot be forgiven.


He continued, "I can't even focus on my job anymore and sometimes I don't even bother to separate the trash that is destined for the dump from the recyclables."


File: 1620177947641.gif (63.67 KB, 400x300, box.gif) ImgOps

The garbage man then noticed the /kind/ stranger was holding a box.

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of any shape or form, post here when you have something vidya related
I finished Star Fox for the SNES and I really loved that the game expects you to turn off the console after finishing it. Reminds me of other /kind/ games like Earthbound, Mario Kart 64 and Undertale
The theme of friendship is stronger on 64 though.
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that doesn't really lag the game, you could see the abuse the system can handle by joining any of the popular servers. thousands of buildings each with their own collection of 'tists, who also dont ever throw anything away like myself. if you keep to yourself nobody would mind you joining a minecraft server


I like Star Fox 64 more in terms of gameplay, but I find the original game more aesthetically pleasing. I prefer Space Harrier to either in terms of gameplay, although I only first played that as an adult and so don't really have nostalgia for it.


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Video games were my one joy in life but I got carpal tunnel. Its too painful to play anything now.


I fear I may get this due to playing a lot of Guitar Hero last year


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I feel that. I've spent my whole life keeping my hands busy. I'm either typing, scrolling, mousing, drawing, twiddling my thumbs with a game controller, or playing guitar. There have been a couple times when really severe wrist pain set in for an extended period of time. I was even told that I might expect the condition to be permanent. That shook me, but I tried to maintain my optimism. Anyway, after taking breaks from all that, it cleared up. Taking a break from what I'd gotten used to spending most of my time doing was almost as painful as the wrist pain itself, but it was necessary. Here's hoping you can rest up and recover friend.

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¡Hola mis amigos! I thought it might be a good idea to create a language learning thread for any of us here that are learning another language so that we can pool our resources together and possibly help each other out. I'm assuming that not everyone that posts here is a native English speaker, so for those of you that aren't and feel that your English might not be up to snuff you can hopefully get help from those of us that are native English speakers. So regardless of what language you're learning or wanting to learn I'm hoping that we can use this thread to help and encourage us in our language learning endeavours.

I'm learning Spanish. I'm using a mixture of Duolingo, Memrise, Busuu and Lingvist to gradually learn the language. I have downloaded a bunch of ebooks about learning Spanish but I haven't actually started reading them. My current attempt at Spanish started almost 220 days ago (at least that's how long my current Duolingo streak has been going for) and although I'm still essentially illiterate in the language I have noticed I'm understanding more of the language. Despite Duolingo focusing on Latin American Spanish I'm more wanting to focus on Castilian Spanish, although I'm not particularly picky either.

Besides Spanish I have also started messing about with Italian a bit since I personally find Italian to be one of the nicest sounding languages out there. Italian is more of a side thing though.

So anyway, that's all I can think of for the time being. Good luck to everyone out there.
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Здесь есть другие студентки русского языка?


лол, *студенты


Those seem like such obscure languages that I don't even know what resources would be out there to learn them.


File: 1620007389118.png (19.3 KB, 436x367, tbo_dorothy.png) ImgOps

>started learning Russian
>gave up
>started learning Japanese
>gave that up too
>haven't touched either in years
I'm learning Farsi now because of my newfound interest in Aryan Iran and Scythians, and intend to truck through it as knowing it would be useful on imageboards when the scenario sprouts but the Arab alphabet is taking some getting used to as vowels are sometimes exempt in writing and you have to know the word in the first place to pronounce surely. For any Slavic speakers here why are there so many English loanwords when your own words would suffice perfectly. And for anyone learning Japanese could I learn Kanji without knowing kana and read the language if the entire sentence is Kanji or is there not Kanji for every concept. Katakana's existence seems redundant too.


where do i find a single guide thatll deal with a language completely from writing to grammat etc?

not a 1 2 3 4 5 books series

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