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/kind/ cute animals thread remake Friend 06/18/2021 (Fri) 09:53:57 No.513 [Reply] [Last]
Let us start again.
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>>1585 Kill me, Pete
Open file (92.24 KB 751x1064 i iz pedobear!.jpg)
Open file (41.64 KB 536x528 unforgivable.jpg)
>>1585 kill me, pete...
Open file (55.04 KB 600x450 1624680397696.jpg)
Open file (96.50 KB 500x631 1576895939220.jpg)
Open file (53.40 KB 367x367 32176539065045.jpg)

Friend 06/18/2021 (Fri) 02:03:38 No.500 [Reply]
I finally allocated enough money to buy a not rubbish microphone, so I feel excited about being able to do content creation in the near future finally. (≧▽≦)
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2 people subscribed to my YouTube channel. It feels great but also, like "what are you doing". Since I have posted no videos and so far have just been using it to comment on others channels.
>>500 I missed the times when people just used their phones potato recorder for recording and did it as a hobby instead of seeing it as a career. I know I might sound like lecturing OP about ye olde days but man the internet used to be much more simple.
>>1799 It's the monetization of everything. Make money of your hobbies, make money of your living, make money of your breathing. It's depressing. In an ideal utopia where the entire world is already automated and there is no need for anything but robot maintainance and research and nobody needs to make a living, people would be making all entertainment videos, music, games, etc with zero care for how well it would sell. Just creation for the sake of creation.
Open file (27.35 KB 1500x1505 crino kart.png)
>>1800 I disagree with this. A lot of entertainment is based from life experiences and taking the need of making a living would certainly reduce the variety of entertainment that would exist. Plus there's a lot of people that can't live without doing something that feels like an obligation, be it working or studying. We should leave entertainment and arts to those who care enough to create it even with all the struggles of daily life.
>>1803 That's fair, but I'm sure it's possible to create other obligations. One thing is certain though, I've done more creative stuff as a hikineet than I ever did while working.

Open file (95.89 KB 944x878 20210516_201316.jpg)
Friend 06/24/2021 (Thu) 18:47:34 No.757 [Reply]
I wish for eternal rain.
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>>757 i prefer light rain though
Open file (3.00 MB 2480x1753 150179461603.jpg)
I love rain. I find it kind of funny how I tend to be a fairly gloomy person, but when the weather is gloomy I brighten up more. Sucks that I live in a state nicknamed the sunshine state in my country though. Some people here might like this site, although I guess you could just use Youtube or any number of other things instead: https://asoftmurmur.com/
Just realised this thread is kind of old, hope necroposting is okay.
>>757 Me too, its my favorite season. I remember reading a book set in a world where it rains all the time.

Friend 06/13/2021 (Sun) 01:16:09 No.269 [Reply]
So many underage kids on kind.moe. Guess it's alright, since we're strictly sfw. Just be sure to get your parents' permission kiddos. >mfw used to be an underage on 8/kind/ I shouldn't feel old, could only imagine how some of the guys here feel.
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>>269 >could only imagine how some of the guys here feel I never understood when older people would talk about time flying past until the past few years. Looking back at things I used to enjoy, whether they were video games, tv shows, movies, albums and realising, "Oh, that was released over a decade ago." I feel like my mind is still stick in 2008-2012. Maybe we all did die in 2012 like the schizos thought and this is limbo or something. >>283 I don't feel creepy per se, but I do feel kind of uncomfortable when I realise I'm at the age where I can be talking to someone that's ten years younger than me and that means they're eighteen. Shit's fucked. I don't really have a strong urge to talk to people in private or any of that though, so that's probably why I don't feel creepy about it personally, not to say that's relevant to why you feel creepy about it though. >>337 >It's just a bit weird to see someone in the same position that you were years ago. That's weird to me as well. A part of me kind of wants to help them with those issues to hopefully avoid any serious long-term effects those issues could lead to. In my case stuff like depression/anxiety, being a social recluse and long-term unemployment. There's not much help I can really give them I think beyond, "this is the loser you could end up being if you don't shape up". >>374 Places like this are great for that I think. I'll end up having my designated threads on here that I'll check once every day or so at night and update things as I need then just go about my life. I still have my time sink imageboards though, but they're smaller, close-knit communities of maybe no more than eight posters. >>1233 I don't mean to be nosey and don't answer my question if you don't want, I won't take it personally, but what do you mean by "groomed"?
>>1766 >but what do you mean by "groomed"? I'll write it vaguely, but I think it's about what you'd expect. Children on the internet tend to be very obvious, and oversharing information with anyone who may ask. Certain kinds of people will reach out to them in private and give them the attention they should be getting from friends and family, but aren't. Children tend to look up to older people as a figure out authority. Someone "cool" and "mature" they can trust and want to spend time with. It's very easy for adults to befriend them and manipulate them into doing things for them in exchange for praise and gifts.
My internet activity was completely unsupervised when I was younger, so I would visit sites anywhere and everywhere. I even had "online sex" by exchanging sexual messages with someone in a chatroom once, when I was around 10 or 11 years old (I didn't really know what I was doing at the time and just saw it as a way to use every word I had learned from porn lol) I had alot of online friends, especially at that age, some of which cerainly must have been over 18. However, I think I handled it relatively maturely by always going by fake names, fake age, and never revealing any personal/private information. I've also turned out pretty normal now. Athough I'm probably the exception to the rule, and I know most kids probably won't be that smart and mature so some adult supervision online is necessary imo.
>>1780 >My internet activity was completely unsupervised when I was younger, so I would visit sites anywhere and everywhere It really is the wild west growing up with the internet. >I've also turned out pretty normal now. Lucky..
>>1772 I'm sorry that happened to you. I don't really know what else to say beyond that.

Friend 06/08/2021 (Tue) 23:45:17 No.108 [Reply]
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>>1589 >>1590 have no music to share, but wanted to say that i love these webms here.
>>1634 I have hundreds of custom music .webms if you're interested.

Open file (211.16 KB 1920x1080 YuiKyokoVidya.jpg)
vidya thread Friend 06/08/2021 (Tue) 23:51:43 No.123 [Reply] [Last]
What are you playing, /kind/? Have any games you've been interested in? I've been playing racing games and guitar hero mostly. I think I'll finish SMT: Nocturne tonight though!
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Open file (132.51 KB 1000x1500 zmbaglts2wz21.jpg)
>>123 I've been playing Zelda Ocarina of Time recently, enjoyable so far. although I like link to the past more for some reason.
I keep playing only coomer games. Finished Asylum and now doing Black Souls I'm less of a coomer than average normie. Seriously.
>>1571 It looks like I'm most of the way through the single-player game now. If I beat it, I'll try some matches against bots. It kind of makes me interested in trying Quake III and comparing it. >>1720 The first four Zelda games are really the main ones that interest me, and even then I don't like the adventure elements. I still feel nostalgia for Ocarina of Time though, even though I never bothered beating it until over a decade after it came out.
Open file (1.86 MB 1920x1080 Screenshot (279).png)
Open file (2.62 MB 1920x1080 Screenshot (400).png)
Playing Persona 4 at the moment. It's going to take me a good long while to get through this one I think. I'm already feeling a JRPG burnout after playing through Tales of Berseria before this, although I loved how the 6 party members all interacted with each other and became older siblings for one of the party members.
Playing a lot of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Anomaly recently. Pretty fun and the modding experience has been a lot less annoying than the bethesda games I've tried to mod.

Open file (1.59 MB 1920x1080 1226647.jpg)
Friend 07/19/2021 (Mon) 22:25:04 No.1473 [Reply] [Last]
What do you wish for, /kind/?
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To be free.
>>1744 >Some ideas on how a sperg can connect with a girl. I either talk about computers too much or fail to keep the conversation alive with my lack of small talk abilities, and consequently don't even get past the first meeting/date. Imagine you are exploring to find a deeply buried option in a dialogue tree of an RPG, and your current quest requires finding that dialogue line but you are not told where it is so you must explore the dialogue tree thoroughly to finish the quest. Also have one small joke or pun prepared, without any worries if it's groan-worthy and awkward, because she'll appreciate the effort. Obviously, make sure to ask her opinions and views on whatever topics come up, so that she always gets slightly more time to talk about herself then you talked about yourself.
>>1744 >Some ideas on how a sperg can connect with a girl. I either talk about computers too much or fail to keep the conversation alive with my lack of small talk abilities, and consequently don't even get past the first meeting/date Find a fellow sperg girl. Odds are she'll be very into computers too, and almost as bad at small talk. It can be hard for autists to connect sometimes, but I think it's better to try finding someone who'll understand you than jumping into normiedating. Just my opinion though, I'm never dating normies again.
Open file (790.33 KB 620x620 pain of mind artwork.png)
Without getting political or navel gazing, a world where community still exists and people care about their environments.
I hope I end up enjoying the course I plan on taking in a couple of months. I really need a job. It's a cooking one Certificate III in Commercial Cookery for any Australians on here, I enjoy cooking and I feel like I left uni for too long and let my brain get too fried/atrophied for that to be a realistic option anymore.

Open file (9.40 KB 182x277 images.jpeg)
Lifes positivity Friend 07/07/2021 (Wed) 23:47:53 No.1234 [Reply]
Post something you did that was positive or kind. What you did today, things that you are passionate about, accomplishments. Anything positive. I am so sick of internet hostility and reading about the stuff that is affecting people around the world, I still feel for those people though and hope everyone makes it through their troubles,
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>>1435 For this reason, I let spiders chill in a porch room and if I find them inside the house, catch and release them there... unless my room mates notice and then I have to catch and release them outside before some panicked roomie smashes them.
>>1445 Spiders are gentle and they like to keep to themselves. Even venomous spiders are nice and have never hurt me. People try to kill all the spiders in their home and that is not right in my eyes. You are doing good thing by letting spiders make a home with you.
Open file (424.36 KB 971x1346 91450392_p0.jpg)
Open file (208.92 KB 999x1640 NNInXug.jpeg)
>OP here I didn't think anything was going to come out of this thread. I am glad to see people are still able to reflect on the good things in life! >>1445 Let the spiders stay, they are friends and I am noticing a lot of people are having a house fly issue this year. >>1437 Books increase your IQ while social media destroys it. >>1368 I sure hope you lead a better life post prison. Make sure you return that favor. >>1245 Gardening is an important skill, keep at it. >>1238 Spend that money wisely!

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

People occasionally tell me I'm doing good work with my game.

Friend 06/08/2021 (Tue) 23:12:15 No.29 [Reply] [Last]
It's nice to have /kind/ back!
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Is the admin for this version of kind the same as the previous one?
>>1688 I heard the last one got killed in a tragic camel stampede. Poor cunt.
>>1691 That's odd, my nephew got arrested for manslaughter when he started a camel stampede and someone got caught up in it.
Open file (137.47 KB 600x600 1608362885413.jpg)
>>62 This still seems to be a problem.
>>1702 >>62 I've been having the same issue on /comfy/ as well as here and pretty much every IB using Lynx.

Open file (458.40 KB 701x1144 alice.jpg)
Good Night Thread Friend 07/21/2021 (Wed) 21:48:13 No.1561 [Reply]
Good night, /kind/ I will try to post a good morning thread after i wake up.
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Open file (305.25 KB 800x774 chilling_with_boys.jpg)
Good night, /kind/
It is already late and i am playing games, i will probably pass out instead of falling asleep soo i might not be able to say good night before sleeping, Good night in advance, /kind/
I can't say good night, because I sleep during the day.
Night, /kind/

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