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What are some good way to destress? Work is starting to really get to me.


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Funny that you opened this thread today, kind friend. Just today I had a ugly argument with my boss. He gave me an order that I misunderstood, what I understood did make zero sense so I told him I won't be doing this. The problem is my boss is quite a bad boss, he is known for giving stupid tasks that make no sense or are doomed to fail. Now and then he is right though, but he is more wrong than right. Anyway, he got very angry, yelling at me stuff like I have to submit, I have no say in this matter, his word is the law and stuff like that. I already quit the job though, I only have a few weeks left to go, then I am free. So I told him I don't care and I am busy showing my successor the ropes. A few hours later we both calmed down and he phrased differently what he wants from me, then I understood I was wrong and he actually has a point for once. I apologized but he was still mad, accusing me of having no respect and manners. I just want to be done with stupid job and get out of there without some recommendation letter that says I am trash.


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If you're stressed it's because you have something on your mind, and to get it out you need to replace it with something else. Get a hobby, or find something that makes you focus.
I simply can't do passive things like reading manga when I'm heated. I move between pages and my eyes go over the words but I'm not really paying attention. I often have to go back and read large parts over because my mind was somewhere else, and I'm just as upset as I was before reading.
Racing games, playing guitar, and driving fast are what work best for me. The only reason I took my first rejection as well as I did was because I got drove home barely within the legal speed limit, and then played guitar for 5 hours straight afterwards. Whenever I'm doing one of those things I'm only ever thinking of the stuff directly in front of me, and not about whatever was bothering me before.


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My personal ways of de-stressing:
-Working out. Running outside especially helps remove stress. Hikes in nature also suffice.
-Camping. Like the last point said, nature helps. Although, this isn't something I can do frequently with my schedule.
-Listening to comfort music.
-Drawing while listening to comfort music or music that just makes me emote in general.
-Playing piano
-Reading or watching something I think is comfy.

De-stressing and preventing burnout according to my textbook (This is a significant part of the career I am heading into lol. Some of this might not be super useful since it's meant for emergency workers, but I tried to adapt it.):
-Minimize stressors as much as possible, including hostile or cynical people
-Make sure not to overwork yourself e.g. too much overtime at work.
-Talk about your feelings with someone you trust
-Don't Obsess over stressors/frustrating situations
-Expand your social support system to outside just your coworkers (I don't know how applicable this one it)
-Sustain friends and interests outside your job/stressors.
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No kind-board without its proper friendly gif thread
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I like to learn about things in my free time, does anyone else here do the same? Let's talk about what we are learning!

Discussion of non-free-time related studying is welcome too.
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I've been thinking about my education the past few days. I only graduated high school, though my ACT composite is a 33 which translates to a 1490 to 1510 SAT score.
I regret not going to college for robotics. Looking at it now, I realize robotics is what I was interested in all along. I really enjoyed learning about anatomy and mechanics.
I wish I was better at communicating things I needed back then. I really let myself down.


Well you know what they always say Friend.
>Today is the first day of the rest of your life
>No time like the present
>No use crying over spilt milk

Just grab the bull by the horns and wrestle that beyatch to the ground! Good luck. :)


>their true nature
it entirely depends upon both worldview as well as the spirit in question.
unlike some of the people i talk to, i don't have two sided conversations / feelings / nuances etc. with them, but I do get results of the evocation. Thus, this is entirely my own speculation, but I see them as not any different than a disembodied / existing-outside-of-time-space person. Haniel, angel of love? How different is being really big on love compared to a 30s housewife who really REALLY loves romance or drama shows?


I've been studying organic chem all semester… it would be fun if I wasn't burnt out on all the memorization. Once I get a break from that I want to learn some art skills and how to shoot.


File: 1685945923150.png (680.78 KB, 960x476, anki.png)

I do not know if you already use it, or if it could not be applied on the subject you are learning, but I can recommend Anki, an open-source program for Spaced Repetition System flashcards. In other words, a software to help you memorize things, which is optimized to make you recall things you have more difficulty with more often, and things you have less difficulty with less often.
It is what I used when I was learning Japanese.

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If you could pick, where would you have liked to have been born in?
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On Mars of course.

Lol. As a Burger-oriented company, with 85% of the """graduating""" class in HS (((now))) illiterate, I suppose they figured it was time to just remove any words at all?

Interesting progression from the past though.


Why Austria? I ask because I'm from there and can't see the appeal, though that has more to do with the people I grew up around probably.

Being born in rural Japan I could imagine being awesome, I agree with many customs and cultural aspects there compared to ours


>Why Austria? I ask because I'm from there and can't see the appeal, though that has more to do with the people I grew up around probably.
I don't know why, but I've found the scenery and Austro-Bavarian cultural aesthetics attractive for as long as I can remember. Maybe it also helps that a portion of my family had Cisleithanian origins, although I don't know if most would be considered proper Austrians today.

I don't think I'd get on there well politically, but that's pretty much a given anywhere across the modern West. I'd still like to visit that whole region if I ever have the chance.
>Being born in rural Japan I could imagine being awesome, I agree with many customs and cultural aspects there compared to ours
Japan does a lot of things right, but I don't think I could stomach the work culture over there. That and their history and culture don't appeal to me much either until they started interacting with outsiders. What I mainly find interesting (outside of certain cultural exports of theirs) is the way they combined their traditions with modern technology and Western influences.


Hello from your neighbour to the west, Switzerland. Looks like almost all German countries are here, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium.


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Very roughly.

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Do you drink? I don’t.
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Hope you're feeling better, friend.


Yes, I’m feeling better. Thanks for checking in on me. My tolerance is quite high, but I drank way too much too fast that night.


I still don't like it, but I grew an appreciation for it. I can't drink it as fast as other stuff so I don't end up accidentally overdoing it. Instead I just had that nice, barely noticeable buzz going on. I didn't throw up either.
The stuff I bought didn't have as strong of a taste as the whiskeys I've had before, which was nice.


Have you tried the different kinds of whiskey? Rye? Bourbon? Blends? Single Malt? Single Grain? Pure Malt? Moonshine? Peated? Seeing that you said the earlier ones had a too strong taste I would recommend Drambuie. The only one my mother can stand, exactly because it doesn't taste strong. The barely noticeable buzz accompanied with the warmth I mentioned is what makes it so beloved for me. Having that going on while watching a slice of life anime, playing some video game or listening to music makes it seem everything is alright.


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File: 1670794354749.png (2.1 MB, 800x7659, kind5.png)


It's not much, but I remembered that I took screenshots of a few 2kind threads over the summer and I will post them in the interest of historical preservation. I also have screenshots of the good deeds thread from the original board, but I will wait to post those until multiple images are allowed.
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Welcome back, kind friend. You have posted a beautiful picture, I have rarely seen something so soothing. It makes me feel welcome and gives me the urge to give a long and tight hug.


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Welcome home, friend.


Glad you've found the board again.


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wget -r –page-requisites –html-extension –convert-links https://kind.moe/

Share the Love with GNU and Free Software

Happy Hacking Anons.

Also try this if you have multiple machines over SSH running different Distros/OS and you want consitency, I don't even run Arch at all but I benefit from just typing sudo pacman -Syu and knowing that it will update no matter if i'm on Debian or FreeBSD.



>wget -r –page-requisites –html-extension –convert-links https://kind.moe/
Oh, this command worked. It archived the entire site in its current state, and only took ~15 minutes and ~1.5 GB of space.
I wonder if this command would work on other imageboards.

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sup /kind/
Does anyone have this file saved?
Seems like comfy.chat is dead you are the only chan that was promoted on their /frens/ page that's still alive.


Might be the same file under a different name, but if you open comfy on archive.org and check the yorha theme you get https://web.archive.org/web/20200305164113im_/https://www.comfy.chat/stylesheets/img/fade-graypink1.png
Might also not be what you're looking for, I don't know.


Thanks but sadly it's not it, that gradient had colors from Nier Automata.


I miss that theme, too.

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seeing funny faces makes me smile, so would you please post pictures of funny faces to make me and maybe other friends happy?
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File: 1683922789462-1.jpg (63.59 KB, 600x476, toit.jpg)

File: 1683922789462-2.gif (326.21 KB, 949x812, dango.gif)


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File: 1683999442794-1.png (223.84 KB, 402x472, 2.png)

File: 1683999442794-2.png (164.92 KB, 352x480, 3.png)

File: 1683999442794-3.png (148.98 KB, 480x480, 4.png)

Umineko had a loooot of them.


Great game.


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File: 1685243915142-1.jpg (20.71 KB, 479x358, fgsfds.jpg)

File: 1685243915142-2.jpg (85.92 KB, 600x742, parachute patrick.jpg)


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How do I stop being a bland person to talk to? Online, even.
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Make money.
It's all that's left


File: 1685252619534.jpg (214.62 KB, 1064x899, 7448339394.jpg)

I don't understand.
You know imageboards are overrun by neets and the asocial poor.
If you think money is essential to make people worth talking to, why don't you just go to TikTok or Facebook or Reddit and see rich kids, elites and capitalists being the funnest people in the world to talk to?
Are you torturing yourself here?


What makes you think you are a bland person to talk to? Did someone tell you that?


Because I have nothing to say to people past introductions and small talk lol


There's a distinction between making money and having money

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Do you wear glasses?!
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No, but I think I need one pretty soon. My left eye is normal but my right eye can't look far without it being blurry.


Only when driving.


only when using my pc


File: 1685187585067.jpg (384.51 KB, 3000x3000, 41353-0.jpg)

>Do you wear glasses?!
Of course i do. Safety first!


I used to. But then I shot a laser into my eyes and now have 20/20 vision

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