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Anything you want to share that you don’t feel like warrants its own thread?
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Well, this is something small and irrelevant that I want to post. I made my first post on an imageboard in 6 years yesterday. For the longest while, I have been writing long and posts in a text editor only to end up never posting them. For some reason, I just simply struggled to make the post. A million thoughts kept racing through my mind. I kept worrying that the posts were not high quality enough. At the same time, I wanted to make good contributions to imageboards that I was fond of. It seems that I am finally able to break out of lurker-hood and begin contributing. I apologize if it is silly. That is just something I wanted to share.


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>My desire to renounce technology and retreat into the woods keeps growing
Just don't go full Kaczynski, friend!


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I got a nosebleed while taking a bath today. Nosebleeds are a common thing for me, so it wasn't anything of concern. It was interesting watching the drops of blood diffuse into the water. What I found strange was that sometimes a ring of blood would shoot off in it's own direction. The water started turning dark grey which was disgusting so I got out. When the water was almost gone, it took on a faint yellow color, I assume from the plasma in my blood. I'll have to take a shower in a bit. I'm probably more gross than I was before the bath.
I'm supposed to visit a friend tomorrow. It's been some months since I've hung out with anyone. It should be fun, but he's living with his girlfriend now. Might be annoying. In any case, it'll be good to get out of the house. He said he has expanded his collection a lot. I don't know what exactly he means by collection though. Either PS2 or 6th gen and earlier consoles. Either way, it'll be fun to play games with a friend.


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would /kind/ be down for me streaming some vidya?
not like i have much going on lately


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you should try doing it fren!

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What's a website you would want but does not exist?

The /kind/ Collective™ will band together and make your wish come true.
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Apparently I saved my copy back in late 2011. I hadn't opened it up in many years.


Heh thanks for the reply. I decided I didn't want to go there after all. :P


I think for giggles I'll make a site that acts as a newspaper for /kind/.
Time to make an editorial and allow members to bribe me for spotlight.


I'd like grimchan to not go offline anytime soon. It survived it's own expiration date and countdown (not sure if admin was just trolling with it)and i made a thread on their /b/ a few days ago. They seem to be nice people and hope there's a way to keep the site up.


mentioned the site because it's both existing and not existing… like…. Schrödinger's Chan.

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Dear friends,
as I am not sure if this thread has a future here on /kind/, I'll report myself and let kindmin/a janitor decide if it should be removed or not.

The idea is to share some of the habits/stories, friends developed/experienced during their NEET-times and how they cope with the situation of not being a part of the working class. This thread is not about bragging about how great and superior a NEET life is, it's meant more as a support group for friends to talk about their emotions and problems as well as the possibilities that come with living the NEET life.
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Maybe Videos are more effectively than walls of text. Godspeed, friend!


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>I'm not drinking much anymore. Probably a good thing because I've made too many horrible drunk posts as a neet.
Keep it up. Ethanol is the most destructive drug I ever used. And I was a heavy drinker to cope with depression… I mean like 3-4 liters chardonnay/day. Many horrible drunk posts. Oh yes. Glad I stopped and proud of you for stop drinking, man.


This is the last one, promise. Sorry for the video overkill.


Being a NEET for the past year has been a unique experience.
I mean, it's rather unconventional (at least my background) that led to this situation, but I don't mind that.
I suppose I make this post to share how strange it is, to engage in the act of sharing this experience.
It is as though trying to give a lecture while wearing a Sailor Moon costume, wand for a pointer.

It's unlikely you'll make any serious points with enough self-awareness of how absurd you appear to others; what could you say with such "unqualified" perspective?
And if you go to the NEET convention, more often than not there's a deaf-dumb-mute sense in the air.
A catatonic cultural ethos, only slightly fought against but with some tongue-in-cheek acceptance.
I don't have any friends because most relationships are oriented around economical pursuits, and other pursuits eventually require some money too.

Most interactions are in this framework that you are ejected out of. It's just not an option.
And most NEETs you could interact with are in that limbo where they're still thinking or kidding to themselves that they're a part of the framework.
And maybe they are.
Sometimes there's a desire to pose as a NEET even though you're in college or some PhD program, etc.
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Hooray, /kind/ is back! <3
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Has the daily GIF anon found this place? I've missed his thread for a long time.


It seems like people are still finding their way here.


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I may be a depressed blackpilled doomer, but I hope this board can give guys like me less reasons to mope and be cynical.

After all, deep down every misanthrope truly loves his fellow man.


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You're loved here and welcome, friend. <3 But pls be /kind/ when posting.


I bought some, but I'm still not a loli.
Think I got scammed…

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Whatever you learned, feel free to share here.

It can be something small.
Doesn't have to be groundbreaking.
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Well, I'm over doing any programming beyond that which makes me money.
Now I'm not sure what's next, but it's nice to at least see there's another page.


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Ganbatte kudasai Friend!


Since when do you work as a programmer?


I'm not sure I understand what you're asking.
Do you not work?


Do you not work?

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what's favorite food? i really like the taste of fruit cake… though, nobody else in my family really enjoys eating it. hmm…
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Pickled herring is pretty good. Americans seem to think it's some kind of joke food, but it has a perfectly soft, melt-in-your-mouth texture with a very strong sour hit from the pickling. You traditionally pickle it with onions, carrots, bayleaf, and pepper, but you can have other flavours. The best way to eat it is to make a sandwich with hard bread and aged cheese. Technically this is supposed to be an appetiser but I make a full meal out of it.


File: 1672926702700-0.jpg (184.43 KB, 860x380, sg.jpg)

File: 1672926702700-1.jpg (236.22 KB, 960x720, soulfood.jpg)

File: 1672926702700-2.jpg (179.62 KB, 1200x1200, IMG_20230105_112912_479.jpg)

Szegedin goulash with potatoes that my grandmother used to cook. She's no longer capable to, so… it's gone forever. Granny didn't write everything down to pass it on. The pictures are not of my grandma's goulash of course, just wanted to give you an idea. Good stuff! Miss her cakes too.


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File: 1673047775753-1.png (154.42 KB, 433x591, umai-.png)

Haven't had this for quite awhile. I was so lucky because the price was quite cheep too. I'm not sure if I would consider this as my favorite food because it's been so long I haven't eaten crispy coated bread crumbs chicken breast.


File: 1673067882634.png (1.1 MB, 923x1008, Screenshot_86.png)

>crispy coated bread crumbs chicken breast
In spanish they are called Milanesas


What do you partake Milanesas with in your region? Like mine that I had, they served black pepper gravy sauce and sweet & spicy ketchup. Everything were served saparately. Got to admit the way they made the gravy looks very simple but yet it was very good.

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im making a thread
thread is mine not yours to keep
now do admire me
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Nice one, OP!


File: 1672714241724.jpg (88.79 KB, 614x978, megu smile.jpg)

Congratulations on your thread


File: 1672714652266.png (312.58 KB, 402x463, asdasdasdasd.png)

congratulations not here


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Awesome thread and admirable OP.


File: 1672924174596.jpg (118.79 KB, 680x907, IMG_20230105_111606_418.jpg)

Now marry me, OP! I love you and this thread!

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This year is almost over /kind/. How has it been, looking back?
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>>335 (me)
forgot cute picture


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Some family and friends have been hurt or put out recently, so i feel for them and hope things improve soon. Typing this reminds me that being stuck in neutral is not only causing me to miss out on life in general but is also preventing me from really being there for others, so i'll have to use this as extra motivation to turn things around and stay disciplined.

On the upside, like the other anon, i too found /kind/ earlier this year. The atmosphere and pace is really nice here. I also found a new favorite arcade-style game in Adrena-Line, and its particular brand of intensity has clicked with me so it's been extremely rewarding to try to master it. Pause Ahead was fantastic as well, as i finally got around to playing some flash games that i'd missed. Good shows/movies, too, especially Tesagure, with improv sections that killed me. I should do better on other fronts, such as reading (finished the first part of The Once and Future King, which was a hoot, then put it down for months for no good reason), but overall it's been a great year for discoveries and entertainment, at least.


File: 1671629331053.jpg (86.3 KB, 850x1653, 1671342128.jpg)

Thank you, wish you best luck!




File: 1672579165558.jpg (67.11 KB, 540x304, ldar.jpg)

This year has been terrible, not as bad as last year, but if things don't radically change for the better in the next 12 months I will not put up with any more dissapointment and just pluck up the an-hero correctly this time.

I just hope to be able to go to sleep and never wake up.

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A bit late, but merii kurisumasu, anon-kun!


File: 1672526186924.jpg (48.29 KB, 500x543, 3f52618093ac6b7c1ec9e60de2….jpg)

It's almost midnight here…


File: 1672527621628.jpg (631.96 KB, 1584x2301, 2c2424bd99fc34f8b8b579a760….jpg)

Happy new year /kind/!


File: 1672564604017.jpg (125.4 KB, 1200x1200, photo_2022-12-31_15-53-25.jpg)

Happy new year!

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Why don't humans see that the world can be the paradise it was intended to be again, just by being /kind/? What's the worth of all those worldly stuff they fight over? In the end they just rot away on their piles of gold/crypto/cars. And the price was being selfish and not kind at all. I wonder if those people are able to die peacefully looking back on their lives. Greed makes me sick.
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"Don't immanentize the eschaton."

Even the bible says this world is given over to the princes of the world.
Money is just a standardized unit of time, and some people's time is vastly more valuable than others'. Every man has his price.


File: 1672188060946.jpg (Spoiler Image, 32.78 KB, 500x415, dd0fc4c94fcfd6a888ada77aed….jpg)

I swear to god I'll do it.


I think I want to follow you there.


Not sure what you mean by rising above polarity, but I'll get behind the rest of your point. Always good to use the occasion as an excuse for critical introspection and to seek to improve one's self. However, aside from coming across as dismissive, what you initially said could just as easily be used to justify all manner of awful things: not simply their abstract existence, but the active doing of such things. At the very least, i'd rather our cartoon villains have better writing.

As to our pedantry, the mere existence of some method of assessment, binary or not, does not necessarily color everything in those terms. In this case, there are many actions which are neither good nor bad (or whatever terms one wishes to use), but simply are (existing outside such an evaluation). One can simply -be- for most of one's daily life. Good deeds from intentional action would still be appreciable from the neutral/otherwise, even if everyone abstained form doing bad things (or even if bad didn't exist, if we could suppose that being possible with free will for the sake of argument). Further, and also to your original post, the degree of effort/sacrifice would still be noticeable. It'd remain noticeable if we took this a step further and envisioned a reality where somehow everyone had to choose a good option when available and the only choice was among levels of goodness. Notions like good, bad, and neutral/otherwise do not invalidate degrees. Lastly, even without choice, there'd be plenty of value in goodness: it'd just be entirely in its fruits. The supposed value in choosing to do good is in the choice itself, so we can just as well say that the ability to choose to read is what grants reading its value, but we clearly don't get the whole picture by omitting everything after the choice.

…I recognized the irony of using something binary as a parallel for something non-binary, but i wanted to be equally as pithy in reply and figured that'd suffice. So, my bad there.


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Forget Doctors/Reporters/Foobar etc without borders, If we focused more of friendship without borders one day we can live without borders, are you bored of borders? i'm bored of talking about borders. why do I keep saying borders then, i'm getting border with all this talk about borders.

*free super saiyan bearhug to the anon who posts below*

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