Goodbye, /kind/

Unfortunately (or fortunately), this incarnation of /kind/ is coming to an end. This was a total failure on my part, primarily due to a lack of free time and unwillingness to use heavy moderation to make the board what I, and for those who liked 2kind, wanted. With 2kind, I could focus on being a part of the site and steering it's culture in the direction that I had wanted. After I got a job so that I could pay for's hosting, I could no longer do that. I also lost motivation for the site early on with all the outsiders coming in early on from adjacent sites that went down, which as we all know got worse as time went on. As for the moderation issue, there have been occasional posts about old /kind/ and the board's culture. It really stumped me. I lost sight of /kind/ as it was back in the day and that made me unsure about what I was doing.

I've been considering shutting the board down for many months now, and after a brief conversation with an anon on another site and this recent thread, it finally gave me the push I needed. I apologize to the good posters that have stuck through it and any that have left. Thanks for making my brief period as kindmin something I will look back on as enjoyable.

A temporary board has been made on wapchan. It's a good site.

-formerly, kindmin